ThemeIsle Review 2023: Is This WordPress Theme Good For Your Website?

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  • Regular Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • 300+ Product Documentations
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Mobile responsive themes
  • Large collection of free themes
  • 1-year premium support
  • Demo Version available


  • Pricing can be reduced
  • Less customization

ThemeIsle is one of the places where you can gain ample support and features in terms of themes and plugins. It provides the entire structure for your website, how it would be represented to the visitors and more.

Price:$ 89

Looking for a Themeisle Review? We have shared the detailed review of Themeisle WordPress theme along with the features, pros and cons.

If you want something that works well for your business or blog, it can be really hard to find one that fits your needs perfectly. It might take hours of searching the web only to end up with an expensive theme that doesn’t work as advertised—or worse, no theme at all!

What makes WordPress worthwhile is its easy-to-use plugins and themes; the reason why it powers 39.1% of the total websites on the Internet.


ThemeIsle is a website builder that provides beautiful design templates for users who are looking to create their own site. ThemeIsle’s goal is to be the best and easiest solution for building your website.

They offer free themes, which are updated weekly with new features and functionality to keep them fresh. Themes range in style from minimalist to complex.


ThemeIsle  is a company that specializes in website design, development and hosting. They offer a variety of services from simple templates to complex custom designs. Their team has over 25 years of combined experience in the industry which enables them to provide quality service for their customers.

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Have a look at some questions that I am going to answer for you today:

  • How do I install ThemeIsle on my site?
  • Where can I get ThemeIsle?
  • How much does ThemeIsle cost?
  • Do you need a WordPress account to use ThemeIsle?
  • What devices does it work on?

ThemeIsle Review 2023: Is This WordPress Theme Worth It?

ThemeIsle review

Started back in 2012, ThemeIsle is a premium WordPress theme shop that comes with elegant, easy to use and non-coded themes on WordPress.

ThemeIsle is one such WordPress theme provider that has already made a niche market of its own. It has been there in the industry for quite some time and today has become quite a familiar name in the community of WordPress users.

For users, it is necessary to have themes that are of high quality, responsive and fit the need and nature of your website. ThemeIsle will provide you with the basic structure, design, and color of the platform you are creating.

Hence it is quite necessary that you pick one that truly represents what you intend to create. Each theme represented by ThemeIsle has a different look and character.

If you want to open a blog that showcases food or travel then there are themes specifically related to the purpose. Hence the idea is to provide you with an underlying design structure that will represent your website design beautifully.

ThemeIsle free themes- themeisle review

ThemeIsle Features:

Representing themes is not the only forte that the provider presents. Special WordPress plugins are also available making it easier for you to choose amongst a large collection of features that are going to make our website a brilliant platform attracting more traffic and increasing recognition.

Following are a few of the reasons why ThemeIsle is really different from other theme providers:

  • Theme installation is extremely easy and can be done in a jiffy. There is no need for extra technical knowledge for activation of the theme to start working with it. Hence it is easy, user-friendly, and requires no additional expertise. With a simple user-friendly interface, exploring options is relatively effortless.
  • Considering that the focus is on the designs, each theme is pixel-perfect and spot-on for the kind of website you are opting for.
  • Updates are extremely important and WordPress is constantly changing. Keeping this in mind ThemeIsle guarantees that there is the regularity of updates and you are not apprehensive about your site crashing every time an update is being made.
  • If you have purchased a theme that is not free and comes with a price tag, then you have the promise of a money-back guarantee without any questions asked.
  • Constant support is provided from the customer service end so that you never have to face any barriers regarding the installation of the themes or getting around through them. Hence there is continuous assistance provided in order to fetch you the best service.
  • Webix is a great platform when it comes to an advanced and extensive online library of JavaScript and HTML5. Want to know if it is ideal for your use? Here’s a complete in-depth review of Webix that you should check out right now.

What does Themeisle include?

There is a huge collection of high-end themes available to make your website one of a kind. Available ones include categories like blog themes, free themes, business themes, portfolio themes, one-page themes, photography themes, magazine themes, responsive themes, minimal themes, and e-commerce themes as well.

So there is a variety of themes that you can choose from. The best part is that you can either go for the free themes or purchase the pro and advanced ones.

No matter which type you go for, ThemeIsle always keeps its themes updated, even the free ones. Therefore there is nothing that you have to worry about. Since WordPress is constantly being updated, your themes are also going to be compatible because of the consistent updates being made.

One of the most important features that actually make these themes one of a kind is the special customization systems.

There are so many ways to modify them according to your preference that you may not even have to purchase plugins separately in order to make or introduce changes to your content design.

Now amongst the themes, you can go for Zerif Lite, Parallax One, Bookrev, ShopIsle Pro, Woga, and more. These offer some of the most comprehensive features that you can use in order to create an extensive background for your website.

Themeisle Neve Theme

How are Themeisle Plugins?

Plugins are extremely necessary if you actually have to integrate and extend some features or customize them according to your needs. There are free plugins as well and for the other, you need to make a purchase.

There are several kinds of plugins that you can make use of and it includes examples like review old post-pro-add on, WP product review, custom login customizer, pirate forms, and more.

Therefore if you wish to integrate something new within the theme you are working on, then these extra plugins are going to do the work for you. You can get the plugins priced at $39 and $75 as well.

Therefore depending upon the type of additions you want, you need to select the plugin and then start using it.

Themeisle Plugins

ThemeIsle Price & Cost Structure

As per the price and plans are concerned there are three kinds available.

Themeisle Pricing

  • With the help of the Essential plan, one can get access to 2+ Pro WordPress themes, new themes, video tutorials, basic support, and 2 domain license along with a year of updates and support, this one costs $89 a year.


  • The Business plan similarly includes features of the previous plan along with additional priority support, 1 year of updates and support, and a domain of 3 licenses for $129. With this plan, you also get 4+ PRO WordPress themes and plugins instead of  2.


  • Lastly, the VIP plan comes at a price tag of $199 with access to 4+ PRO WordPress themes and plugins, video tutorials, upto 5 domains license, 1 year of updates and support and live chat support. So you have a number of options to choose from.

Is ThemeIsle Worth It?

ThemeIsle is one of the places where you can gain ample support and features in terms of themes and plugins.

So if you are about to start a WordPress-supported blog or website for travel, food, e-commerce, or any other thing sector then themes are absolutely essential. It provides the entire structure for your website, how it would be represented to the visitors, and more.

So with proper support and updates from ThemeIsle, you can get through the website with ease. Considering that it needs to be responsive, you do not even have to make separate customizations.

So the ball is in your court. Since there are too many varieties available, there is no way you have to head over to some other destination.

The free themes and plugins are can be sufficiently used with no restrictions. Moreover, the price of the premium ones is also within your budget and with larger needs, you can always go for the yearly plans. Hence it is a world of themes at your disposal.


Quick Links:

FAQ’s | ThemeIsle Review

Does ThemeIsle offer refund policy?

Yes. ThemeIsle offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Does ThemeIsle guide in customizing your website?

ThemeIsle offers various documentaions and 200 custom codes that help customize your website.

Do you get regular upates on ThemeIsle?

Yes. ThemeIsle gives lifetime updates on lifetime subscription.

Conclusion: Is ThemeIsle Worth It?

As a WordPress user, you know how important it is to have themes that are of high quality and responsive. ThemeIsle has been providing these for quite some time now and if you’re looking for one in particular, they’ve got what you need! With such an expansive selection, there’s bound to be at least something on the site that will fit your needs exactly.

ThemeIsle has a long history in the WordPress industry, and it’s one of the most trusted providers to date. It has been around for years but continues to grow with new features added on an ongoing basis.

After a lot of in-depth research into ThemIsle’s pros and cons, we can say that it is indeed worth it!

If you’re looking for a theme provider that is reliable and up-to-date, then Themeisle will be the perfect choice for your needs!

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