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Leadpages WordPress Plugin 2024: The Complete Overview

LeadPages Wordpress Plugin
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We all have heard about Leadpages! For those who don’t have imp of what it is, LeadPages help small businesses and startups grow online. It helps them to make a website and aid them in gaining more and more traffic, sales or leads every day.

With LeadPages to ally, you can create Landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and much more. 

LeadPages WordPress Plugin is an excellent drag and drops landing page creator which promptly makes delightful and remarkable landing pages.

This is the best WordPress plugin for your business, check our Leadpages review now.

I am sure you want to explore a bit more about these Leadpages Plugins, so I am going to walk you through it and all of its features. We will see how we can boost branding and profits through this easy to use new innovation!

Bottom Line Upfront: Every Leadpages account includes a LeadPages WordPress plugin which you can use to install and create your landing pages, pop-ups, long with alert bars on your WordPress site, and so on. If you’re looking to build stunning landing pages for your WordPress website, LeadPages WordPress plugins worths your try. Get Started With LeadPages here.

Keep reading to learn more about LeadPages WordPress plugin and it’s amazing features.

Leadpages WordPress Plugin Review: 

With LeadPages, you can enjoy an exciting feature called Leadpages Magnets. In simple words, when you have a visitor on your website, you provide him/her with an incentive to leave their email Id. These incentives can be free tutorials, demo videos, product layout, and many more.

Leadpage wordpress plugin

It could be one of the simplest methods to boost your email list and fills in the gap between you and your customers who might be interested in knowing what you can offer them.

But there was only one major drawback to this feature. It was only available for individual websites. To overcome this small complication, Leadpages coined the functionality of LeadPages WordPress Plugins.  

Generally, WordPress plugins are bits of programs that can be attached to expand and grow the usefulness of your WordPress website. 

If you still have doubts or you want to know more about the subject, do continue reading.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a piece of a computer program containing a bunch of capacities that can be included in a WordPress site. They can expand usefulness or include modern highlights to your WordPress websites.

A plugin generally has its particular set of functions but the paid plugins have proved to do a better job than the free plugins. WordPress plugins are composed within the PHP programming dialect and coordinated consistently with WordPress

What is a Leadpages WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a software attached to your WordPress site that helps in increasing the functions performed by it. It helps you achieve your target audience and helps you grow at a fast rate in a short span of time.

About LeadPages WordPress Plugin 

LeadPages helps you to design a destination page for your website with their connector plugin. Each Leadpages account incorporates a plugin you’ll be able to utilize to introduce your landing pages, pop-ups, and alarm bars on your WordPress site.

Plugins are made to make things easier and they provide amazing functions. Using its free version is the perfect way to test the great features lead pages word press offers to you and one can shift to the premium version anytime they like.

They provide you with unique features, templates, and the ability to manage your conversion toolset efficiently.

LeadPages also guide you through how you can use their website builder, manage your LeadPage account settings which might include billing, various LeadPages Domain, and resetting the password. 

Leadpages allow you to integrate, publish, and analyze easily with no to minimum effort. You publish according to your needs and can channel your focus on tracking third party data.

How to Install LeadPages WordPress Plugins

All lead pages accounts have plugins in them and they can be used to install the landing pages on your sites. They can even install pop-ups or alert bars if you need them. 

Adding your plugin to the WordPress site:

  • First, you have to download the plugin.
  • Then you have to upload the downloaded plugin to your hosted WordPress site and initiate/ activate it.
  • After this, you can start broadcasting pages, the pop-ups that you want, and alert bars according to your needs.

What you can Publish Using LeadPages 

You can post various landing pages using the Leadpages WordPress plugin. A list of options is listed below, it will help you understand the primary use of landing pages.

Leadpages page publish

Publishing sites:

one can publish their sites easily and quickly using LeadPages WordPress Plugin.

Publish Your Site

Publishing conversion tools: 

LeadPages offer various types of advance selections to post pop up.

Publishing landing pages:

We can use landing pages to publish overviews and to formulate Facebook and Instagram advertisements. LeadPages WordPress also offers you features to connect your domain. 

Publishing to WordPress:

One can easily publish landing pages on their WordPress sites and install the available WordPress plugins according to their plans.

One can also publish pop-ups to their WordPress site comfortably.

How to Publish Landing pages 

You can use a few simple steps to publish your landing pages:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘lead pages’ then select the ‘add new’ option.
  • Decide the category of landing page you require and select it.
  • Click publish and see the growth.

Why landings pages?

Landing pages give you an opportunity to get the reach you need for your business or your product. It is an exceptionally good option for startups that need a reach and audience in a very small amount of financial funds.

Leadpages Landing Pages

They will provide you with the best results. LeadPages is a promising platform and will never let it’s consumers feel that they are not receiving what they expected.

This platform will rise above your expectations and make your business prosper. 

They are also a very good option for YouTubers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to get their desired reach and have a vast audience.

PluginOps’s Landing Page Builder is available here.

With its drag-and-drop builder, the PluginOps Landing Page Builder plugin makes it simple to develop landing pages. You can measure your conversions and other metrics using the integrated analytics report, which also allows you to collect email addresses using the built-in subscribe form and collect email addresses.

Visual drag-and-drop page builder.

Templates that have both their SEO and their performance improved.

analytics that is integrated to track clicks, conversions, and other data.

A/B testing to identify the design that results in the highest number of lead conversions (only available with the premium edition), integrations with email marketing platforms, and Zapier connections.

The plugin is available on for free, but if you want additional features, you can pay for a premium license, which starts at $49 per year.

Then, Make Use of a Button to Acquire Additional Leads.

The conclusion is as follows: If you’re looking to develop landing pages for your website, hopefully, our list of the best WordPress landing page plugins provided you some good ideas about which one you’d like to use.

Benefits of Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Efficient drag-drop mechanism:

One of Leadpages’ main attractions is its drag and drop application. Free of code and straightforward to use, plenty of big brands and businesses quickly buy into its hassle-free interface. This very alluring feature has also been integrated into the WordPress plugin.

High conversion rate:

Leadpages’ very beguiling templates are designed by professionals to entice the audience into perusing further. It promises designs that are sure to bring invaluable leads and potential customers. Even without A/B testing, their impressive templates alone guarantee 30% leads. All this plugged in with WordPress will indeed spice up your website. 

Effortless integration with marketing apps:

Used a Leadpages’ design to build an exemplary landing page but worried about marketing? With Leadpages’ incredible integration with marketing apps such as Facebook, Stripe, and email marketing services,  you can easily create Facebook ads and reach a far more significant number of people. 


Different layouts for different corporate niches, Leadpages’ diverse array of over 150 template models for its WordPress plugin is an accessible way of creating professional landing or pop-up pages that are more likely to generate new leads. 

 Templates and websites


LeadPages provide various demo videos and slideshows for their new customers, first-timers, and even for the old generation making it easier to access and use this great platform very effortlessly and comfortably.

Highly Accessible:

Leadpages’ has already justified itself as a convenient choice. The plugin permits the use of Leadpages handy interface to construct elegant landing pages and then seamlessly integrate them into WordPress. 

No extra charge:

While you are a continuous consumer of Leadpages’, you do have no need to pay any additional fees for the plugin. It is integrated into your purchase plan, and you can access all your Leadpages’ features with it.

If you’re not budget-conscious, you can also avail of their paid premium plugin options.

Although not free, they tend to be inexpensive. If you see the advantages of using the free plugin, switching to paid ones for better features could be helpful. The plugin can demonstrate to be an asset for entrepreneurs and companies already using Leadpages. 

Customer Value:

Leadpages is a highly trusted platform. They genuinely value their customers and believe in providing as much information to consumers as possible. As such, customers are always on top of things because they’re generally aware of updates, update dates, last update, and reformed features.

They can also study the popularity of the plugin by assessing its installation count, which can be done through both Leadpages and WordPress plugin directory. As customers are always kept in the light, it makes it painless to get a handle on things and to trust the service better. It is a testimony of the value a customer holds.

Changing requirements:

Different customers have different requirements and so the interface is ever-changing. Leadpages try and incorporate all customer feedback and needs into their functioning. The developers try their best to improve the software and meet the needs of changing times.

Leadpages’ team always tries to keep its service relevant. They make sure that all updates are up to the point and updates are made regularly for the smooth functioning of the system. 

Built-in SEO: 

Leadpages optimizes its landing pages according to SEO so that it can come up frequently when searched for and thus accomplish more excellent sales and leads


Landing pages are designed to fit any device screen, so all its features are optimized for use in different devices. It allows you to use LeadPages even on mobile phones, they are compatible with all devices.

Multiple page types:

The plugin allows us to publish four types of pages based on our requirements. These pages are normal pages, homepage, welcome gate, 404 pages. You can publish countless normal pages that are used for most purposes.

You can also choose to display a landing page as your homepage using only one at a time. Welcome gate pages are for what customers see on arrival to your website. They count for an excellent conversion ratio.

The error page shows up when a customer clicks on a dysfunctional link. 


Lead pages word press plugin offers you a variety of free options and allows anybody to use them absolutely free of cost.

Leadpages Pricing

They also provide amazing premium pricing plans.

Paid plans:

  • At $25.00 one can get a single site.
  • At $48.00 one can get 3 sites.
  • At $199.00 one can get 50 sites.

There are more than 300 premium templates available at lead pages word press. 

If you have budget issues you can use the exceptional services of lead pages word press plugin. Lead pages word press plugin has a very flexible pricing system and you can change and discontinue plans according to your own needs.

Free Things!

You can also try the free plans first and see how you can trust this great platform and once you know that you can rely on lead pages word press plugin you can start with the paid premium plans, they will give you much more options and better functions in the paid premium plans. 

Lead pages word press plugin also offers a 14 days free trial, which allows you to try the amazing features for a time which is perfect to judge the quality of lead pages word press plugin and decide if you want to continue with it and buy the premium paid plan which suits your needs.

Demo Videos and Slideshows

Lead pages also provide their customers with amazing demo videos and slideshows to help their customers understand and learn how to operate LeadPages and use it to the full extent and take out the best results from it. These demos make it very easy to access the LeadPages WordPress Plugin for the older generations, the first-timers, and the new customers. 

These demos show how customer-friendly this platform is and how much their customer’s ease means to LeadPages WordPress. 

Pros and Cons


Like most software, Leadpages WordPress plugin also comes with multiple advantages that are definitely worth your interest.

  • This software can be used free which is of some major advantage to students who you WordPress as it is easy and therefore more accessible to the public.
  • The LeadPages WordPress plugin provides quick updates each time their customers change their requirements.
  • Regardless of how well versed, you are with technology, with help of LeadPages support system your queries and difficulties will be quickly resolved 
  • The templates for this software has been developed in such a way that it is acceptable by the latest generation while still being easy for users to other older generations, therefore, making this software very user friendly.
  • The software experts working behind this venture keep on updating the Leadpages WordPress plugin with respect to the upcoming generations and their liking in order to make sure that this software never goes out of style.
  • It is a great platform for YouTubers,  bloggers, influencers, and people who want to get an enormous reach as it has the ability to get a huge amount of audience and their attention.
  • The demo videos and slideshows that they provide are an exceptional way to teach everybody how to use this platform correctly.


Even if the LeadPages WordPress Plugin has some unfavorable aspects, it aims in bringing the best results, so it will ensure that all issues are solved.

  • Although this page offers the option of drag and drop, it doesn’t have the option to change fonts and designs.
  • Lead pages word press plugin gives very easy access to its platforms but does not allow the user to modify the layout of the landing pages according to our liking and needs.

Leadpages WordPress Customer Review

Leadpages user review


Leadpages customer review


Leadpages Testimonial

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Quick Links:

FAQs On LeadPages WordPress Plugins:

✅ Does Leadpages work with WordPress?

LeadPages work with WordPress as a plugin that can be used to build landing pages, alert pop-ups, and bars.

💥 Why doesn’t my landing page have the menu and look of my other word press pages?

The landing pages would not show up normally on the theme you choose because they are published as custom post types. The most effective landing pages don't allow people to navigate away from them.

💼 I updated my landing page, but my changes aren’t showing up in WordPress. What can I do?

If you are using the caching plugin you can either clear its cache or deactivate if it is necessary. If the caching plugin is not the issue it is a possibility that the cache from your browser is preventing you from accessing the update, one can easily clear the cache in the browser.

Conclusion: Leadpages WordPress Plugin 2024

Lead pages word press plugin is an exceptional platform that provides everybody an amazing and easily accessible landing site builder. It helps you create landing pages and pop-ups that help you collect emails and get many leads.

 It opens a great reach for small businesses and individuals who are promoting their products. It is also an excellent option for entrepreneurs to reach an audience. Even YouTubers, bloggers, and influencers can achieve an enormous amount of audience in a very small time span easily. 

It also gives advantages to people with a lack of financing as many of its high-quality features are free of cost so it is a really good option for small businesses with fewer fundings. 

Lead pages word press plugin has a very flexible pricing system, one can use the premium plans and before that, they also get an advantage of a free trial of 14 days.

It is a very trustworthy and reliable platform, lead pages word press plugin will not let their customers feel down at any moment.

Leadpages On Youtube

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