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Tony Hawk Masterclass Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Tony Hawk Masterclass


I took the Tony Hawk Masterclass and it's incredible! Tony's lessons are easy to follow and really fun. He teaches everything from basic moves to advanced tricks. As a beginner, I felt super comfortable and learned a lot. It's a great mix of inspiration and practical tips. Highly recommend it!

Out of 10


  • Amazing graphics pinpointing specific body movements
  • On-ramp footage of all the skills mentioned
  • Expert tips from Tony Hawk himself.
  • Beginner-friendly lessons.
  • Advanced tricks explained simply.


  • Lacks safety information
  • Hard to follow at parts


Price: $ 180

Have you ever watched Tony Hawk, the skateboard legend, and thought, “Wow, I wish I could skate like that”?

Well, I recently checked out the Tony Hawk Masterclass, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for skateboarding enthusiasts like me. This course isn’t just some basic tutorial; it’s like having Tony Hawk himself as your personal coach!

He covers everything from fundamental moves to those mind-blowing tricks that made him famous. And the best part? You don’t need to be a pro to start.

Tony’s teaching style is super approachable, making complex moves seem doable. Whether you’re a beginner or have been skating for years, this review of Tony Hawk’s Masterclass will give you a sneak peek into what this amazing course has in store.

Get ready to kickflip your skateboarding skills to a whole new level!

tony hawk masterclass review

Bottom Line Upfront:

If you’re into skateboarding, the Tony Hawk Masterclass is a must-try. I highly recommend it! Tony, a skateboarding legend, makes learning fun and easy, even for beginners.

He teaches cool tricks and basic moves in a way that’s really easy to follow. You’ll feel like Tony’s right there with you, coaching you step by step.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review -Testimonials

This class isn’t just about skating; it’s about getting inspired and pushing your limits. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been skateboarding for a while, this Masterclass is totally worth it.

Don’t wait – give it a try now and take your skateboarding to the next level!

Try Out Tony Hawk Now.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Summary

Aspect Details
Course Name 🏷️ Tony Hawk Masterclass
Instructor(s) 👨‍🏫 Tony Hawk
Class Length ⏰ 16 video lessons (1 hour 41 minutes)
Category 🎮 Sports & Gaming
Who is this Course for 🤔 Skateboarding enthusiasts, beginners to advanced learners
Time Duration ⌛ 1 hour 41 minutes total
Rating 🌟 8.5 out of 10
Pricing 💰 $180
Overall Experience 🎉 The Tony Hawk Masterclass is excellent, offering easy-to-follow skateboarding lessons from Tony himself. It’s engaging and suitable for all levels, providing great value.

About Tony Hawk

As you all know, Tony Hawk is one of the most recognizable sports entities around the world. He has taken skateboarding from being a casual pastime to being a full profession for elite skateboarders.

Tony Hawk

His aura and dominance are widely acknowledged around the skateboarding world. I personally think she is the greatest skateboarder to have graced the ground.

The number of years he spent mastering and creating new skills is just insane. Tony Hawk is the epitome of the skateboarding world, hands down.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Course

Hear me out, guys; even if you have never tried skateboarding and just want to do it for fun or you are trying to take it to a competitive level, this course is for you.

It covers everything from basics like hopping on the board and pushing it all the way to the advanced skills you see being performed in Xgames.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

With an in-depth analysis of nearly 50 moves, you can surely learn and improve no matter where you are from a professional point of view.

With the masterclass providing enough resources for you to excel in skateboarding, itis a must-watch.

Tony Hawk Masterclass: Course Overview

Segment: 1

Session – 1

The first session is divided into sub-parts solely dedicated to the basics of skateboarding.

How exciting it is to learn your very first steps in the skateboarding world from the legend himself?

Tony guides you through the very first move of jumping on your board and sliding it.


With great camerawork in this masterclass, you can easily see a wide view of all the motions and learn easily.

Tony then gradually teaches us about stopping the board with different techniques.

It’s all up to the hard work you guys put in to perfect it.

Session – 2

The next session deals with Tony Hawk teaching us the art of landing a perfect ollie. An ollie is the core skill to learn and is the basis of every other skill.

Once you perfect this skill, you will lay down a fundamental epicenter for every other skill.


Tony shows us how to tip the tail perfectly and everything related to the proper footwork.

Again, guys, it is up to the amount of effort and dedication you put into perfecting these simple moves. It’s crucial to master these beginning moves to move further to complex skill combinations.

Session – 3

The next session takes us back to a time when Tony recalls his childhood days.

He explains how he found his solace in skateboarding and the vibe related to it in those times.

He feels that skateboarding has truly given him back the time and effort he put into practice.

From his initial days, Tony only wanted to skateboard and never really focused on the business side of things.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review-Skating

He is still surprised how things have taken a turn for the better.

Skateboarding has helped him buy a house, pay his dues, and meet incredible people he never knew existed.

Session – 4

The last session of this segment has Tony talk about trials and tribulations regarding skateboarding.

Skateboarding, according to him, requires practice just like any other sport.

One must be determined to excel when attempting a certain move or trying out in different competitions.

He explains how he lost everything at the peak of his career, but his determination and love for the sport helped him rebuild from the ground up.

Skateboarding is an injury-prone sport; you mustn’t quit after getting injured. Also, wear the required protective gear at all times.

Segment – 2

Session – 1

As we move on to the next segment of this masterclass, it’s all about grasping the key elements of skateboarding.

Starting with his skills, Tony Hawk teaches and shows us some basic moves that can be done on the street.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

Since he considers himself more of a vert-type skateboarder, after a few tricks, he hands down the masterclass to his son and an expert street skateboarder, Riley Hawk.

Street skills are fun to do simple tricks, yet equally important to build your arsenal upon.

If the core of your skateboarding skill set is weak, you are bound to run into trouble when you try to improve your game. 

Session – 2

This next session is all about skills, so put your gear on, and let’s dive into it. Riley Hawk walks us through some intermediate skills and a few advanced ones.

This great session is packed with skills like the kickflip, heelflip, and backside ollie, just to name a few.

The amount of work and graphics put into this session just to make it understandable is insane.

You can easily combine two or more skills once you become familiar with the technology behind them.

With so many skills to learn, I felt like I had come to skateboarding heaven. As they say, like father like son, Riley leaves no stone unturned when it comes to educating us on street skills.

Tony Hawk steps back in and teaches us two really crucial movement techniques in park-style skateboarding. Carving and dropping in are two such techniques that give thrust to your body for skills to be performed.

According to Tony, these two skills make or break your routine while training as a skateboarder.

A complete grasp of these topics is a must in order to excel at performing skills. Carving and dropping in is all about having control over the momentum of your body. Overdoing these skills may cause failure and, in the worst cases, some serious injuries.

Session – 3

In this next session, we are introduced to yet another entity, Lizzie Armando.

A well-known face in the world of skateboarding, Lizzie defines the upcoming female domination in skateboarding.

Tony handed over the masterclass to Lizzie, where she taught us some quality park tricks.

The skills gradually increase in difficulty, and personally, I would like you to learn and practice them in sequence.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

You will learn how to nail a backside ollie, the frontside 5-0 grind, and so much more.

It is eye-opening yet pleasing to see that women have taken over another aspect of sports only related to men.

Lizzie has some exceptional knowledge to give about perfecting every skill.

I personally found her backside 5-0 grind the best skill I have seen in a long time.

Session – 4

With vert ramps becoming extinct in the modern world, this session deals with Tony giving us the fundamentals of skateboarding on the vert.

Arguably one of the best on the vert ramp, Tony guides us through with lessons on how to pump on the vert ramp.

I found this session very exciting because here, he talks about and teaches us how to do his signature move, the Madonna.

Tony Hawk Masterclass lessons

Numerous vert skills are included in this highly informative session.

Do you think that was it? Think again.

Tony blows our minds by giving us valuable lessons on vert ramp advanced tricks.

Once you are familiar and confident in the basics of vert ramp skills, you can proceed to learn some amazing advanced skills like the blacksmith grind and the famous 560 mc twist.

As the name suggests, it involves rotating 560 degrees in the air with the board. Tony says how he always looks to find the ramp mid-air so that he can perfect his landing.

The landing is usually where most stunts go stray for many skateboarders.

Session – 5

As we progress towards the last session of this masterclass, Tony decodes his thought process. He reacts to him performing the infamous 900 back in 1999.

Playback The 900

He says that it is important for a skateboarder to know how to adjust to newer tricks in a given amount of time.

So was his story of landing a perfect 900 after 5 to 6 failed attempts at the competition.

Never forget, guys, that determination and adjusting are key skills to perfect any art form.

I can watch the video of him performing the 900 all my life. It is so mesmerizing.

Session – 6

Tony Hawk carries the same thought process when he reacts to him doing the mctwist in this session.

He glances back at his youth, where he and his skateboarding group would go around town skateboarding and having fun.


He still believes that the amount of support and motivation given to others by fellow skateboarders is very enriching.

His move, the kickflip mctwist, was a result of such support from his group. He also gives us a tutorial for the same. 

Session – 7

Now that we have the skills all accounted for, we move into this next session.  Here, Tony describes his winning mentality.

Tony Hawk Masterclass chapters

Really, guys, listening to the legend speak about his trade is very motivating.  Tony tells us that the life of the skateboarder is full of challenges, and one must keep on adapting to newer phases in life as well as the sporting world.

Being #1 doesn’t matter if you can’t keep the level up for the future.

Hence, challenging yourself and pushing yourself to do better will keep you at the top for sure.

Session – 8

I remember when I first bought my PlayStation, I was always hyped to play tony hawk’s Pro Skater.

It remains one of the best skateboarding games of all time.

This next session deals with Tony talking about how he got himself the game deal at that time.

He thinks bringing this new skateboarding game to gamers was game-changing( pun intended).

He was shocked about the money he earned from just this single game.

With this game being played all around the world, it changed how people looked at skateboarding, with many new teenagers picking up the board.

Session – 9

As all things come to an end, so does this masterclass.

The last session had Tony make his prediction about the future of skateboarding.

He seems confident that it is in safe hands and emphasizes how skateboarding can soon be included in the Olympics.

He believes that just as the love for the sport and the right amount of training and practice changed his life, it can change your life, too.

He encourages you to pick up the board and try out tricks. I am definitely going skateboarding after this, are you?


As I mentioned earlier, guys, no matter what kind of expertise you possess over that skateboard.

This masterclass is for everyone willing to spend their time improving their skateboarding arsenal.

Being taught by the best in the business, nobody should miss this masterclass.

This masterclass would serve a beginner and an expert equally on the basis of the knowledge it gives out.

With Riley and Lizzie giving us different perspectives on different types of skills and Tony focusing on the basics of skateboarding, anyone putting in the work after this masterclass is bound to become an exceptional skateboarder. 

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review Pricing

The Tony Hawk Masterclass All-Access Pass is billed at $180 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Grab this deal with Masterclass Promo Code.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review-pricing

When you subscribe, you can enjoy all 80+ MasterClass courses. This means you get the best deal when you take several classes.

For instance, if you find 4-6 classes you’re interested in, you’re essentially paying $30-$45 per course. Just divide the subscription cost ($180) by the number of classes you like, and that gives you the price per course.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Customer Review

 Tony Hawk having a Masterclass is like 80% of a reason for me to sign up. Can you teach me how to not break a hip? 😆

MasterClass has been life changing for me. My social skills have improved from Chris Voss’s class. I got some business ideas from Sara Blakely’s class. My girlfriend and I were inspired by Tony Hawk’s class.

– davidktian 

Tony Hawk Masterclass Reddit

byu/StressedOperator from discussion

byu/doctormorbiusfan from discussion

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FAQs | Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

👤Who is Tony Hawk ?

Tony Hawk is one of the most recognizable sports entities around the world. He has taken skateboarding from being a casual pastime to being a full profession for elite skateboarders. His aura and dominance are widely acknowledged around the skateboarding world.

💁What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 100+ of the world’s best.

📺Where can I watch?

With MasterClass, you can learn and be inspired anytime, anywhere, including your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players. You can even download your favorite lessons and watch on the plane or listen during your commute in audio-only mode

🛹Who should take this course ?

Anyone interested to learn skateboarding.

🤑What is the pricing of masterclass ?

Masterclass All-Access Pass is billed at $180 and comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Conclusion: Tony Hawk Masterclass Review 2024

I found this masterclass highly motivating.  The detail in explaining every move and the quality of knowledge shared is an A grade.

There is not one point in this whole masterclass where I felt bored or confused.  This masterclass is a one-of-a-kind tutorial for everything related to skateboarding. 

Also, I highly recommend the Skateboarding Masterclass course by Tony Hawk, and if you wish to pursue this, please go ahead without a doubt.

Also, if you really like this review, then please like and share the review with your social media network.

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