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11+ Best BuddyBoss Plugins To Try In 2024 (OUR TOP PICKS)

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Best Buddyboss Plugins!! A one-stop solution for all your online verbal and payment transactions. Want to know more?? Great!! Are you planning on creating a website that needs to be a centralized hub for a group of people?

Or Do you want a media platform like Facebook, Instagram but more professional and private? Or Finally, Do you want an online platform that needs to be interactive enough for conducting an online course for the kids or to run a training session for your employees? 

Don’t worry!! For all of these requirements, there is a single answer.

Buddyboss!!! It is an online platform with customizable options to create your own network for your community. Let’s see some of the cool features Buddyboss has to offer to improve your experience.

If you’re eager to know more about Buddyboss then check out our detailed BuddyBoss Review.

Before talking about their plugins, Let’s see some introduction about the BuddyPress.



💰  Price

$228/ 1 site

😍  Pros

The plugins are 100% customizable which gives you full access to the website.

😩  Cons

No free trial for their premium plugins.


Buddyboss plugins will be suitable for those who need a private platform for all of the basic interaction activities like discussion and blogging etc. These plugins will give you a very similar experience to that of leading companies on the platform.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

About Buddyboss:

BuddyBoss is an open-source platform where you will have 100% flexibility to fully customize your website based on your needs.

Buddyboss helps you to create your platforms for various applications like selling online courses, Conducting live online classes for students, or training your employees for additional skills, etc…

BuddyBoss- Overview

Buddyboss integrates with several platforms like Woocommerce, Zoom, Learndash to make it as interactive as possible and to give you the maximum benefit of their platform. 

 These are some of the applications Buddyboss provides an advanced portal and a wide variety of tools

  • Discussion boards

This feature provides you an open discussion panel to communicate with your team members or to interact with your higher officials.

  • Knowledge management

This feature helps you to manage all of your company’s information and resources in one place so that anyone with valid authentication can easily access it.

  • E-learning platforms

Even though there are several other platforms available for E-learning their integrated features like the discussion board and interactive gaming experience for kids make it more unique than several other e-learning platforms.

Like these, they provide portals for various kinds of online activities to give you an all in one experience for most of the activities.

What is a plug-in?

Plug-ins are additional functions that the websites can perform in addition to their basic features. By integrating with various companies a website can add additional plug-ins(functions) to their website to make it more versatile and to give a similar experience to the users who loved those applications.

Buddyboss Plugins Working:

To give you the best experience possible, Buddyboss offers several plug-ins to give you a similar experience you enjoyed on major social media platforms like Facebook, Zoom, etc.. Buddyboss charges individual prices for individual plugins and you can purchase as much as you want depending on your application.

BuddyBoss- Tutorials

These additional plug-ins work just like the basic features and you can add whatever features you want to your website by just clicking on it from the home website

It is as simple as that!!

In this article, I will give you a rundown on all the plug-ins offered by Buddyboss and you can decide and choose which one will be suitable for your application.

Before giving you a detailed overview of all of their plug-ins. Let’s see some of their key plugins and their functions first to give you a justification for your valuable time.

List of 9+ Best BuddyBoss Plugins in 2024

These are some of the most unique plugins Buddyboss has to offer

1. Buddyboss wall

This plugin will help you to post your thoughts by creating a wall exclusive for you and you can also comment on another person’s wall just like Facebook. In this way, you can interact easily with your team members.

BuddyBoss Wall Plugin

As you can see from this image, similar to Facebook you can like and comment on other people’s posts and you can get a newsfeed from all of your friends and also from your group’s wall. 

Wall privacy:

This is the major change you can see from a Facebook post to a Buddyboss post. Unlike Facebook, you can set privacy settings for each of your posts like

  • Visible to everyone
  • Visible only to your friends and your groups.
  • Individual visibility.

Like these, you can modify your privacy settings for each and every post.


This plugin will cost you around $29 and you can get a live demo before purchasing the plugin.

Basically, the Buddyboss wall is very similar to Facebook, except more professional and private!!!!

2. Buddypress member types:

This feature will help you to differentiate each and every one of the users into certain categories so that you can easily monitor all the information and the activities of a group of people at once.

As you can see, there are several member types available and you can differentiate your users during registration itself.

BuddyPress Member Types Plugin

This feature will collect the information on membership type in the registration form itself so that it will be easier to customize your information for each member type category.


No live demo is available for this plugin. This plugin will be available for $39.

3. Custom Plugin development:

In addition to these plugins, Buddyboss has some world-class developers who can develop a customized plugin specifically to your needs. These developers are pioneers in developing plugins for the following applications

Custom Plugin Development

  • Courses
  • Performance Hosting
  • Business directories etc…

Similar to this, you have to just fill out a contact form regarding all your business details and you can start working on the development of your customizable plugin from now on!!!

I hope you get interested in the plugins offered by Buddyboss and would like to know more??

If you want to know more,

How will I disappoint you?? So, here is a brief overview of each and every one of the plugins offered by Buddyboss.


This Custom plugin will cost you depending on the number of features you want for your application. 

4. Buddyboss Media:

This feature gives you the ability to upload photos or create albums on your walls and you can share them with your friends and groups just like social media. These plugins are compatible with all electronic devices and you can upload your photos from the mobile itself.

BuddyBoss Media

As you can see from the image, you can easily edit your albums after they have been created and you can see these photos just by swiping through them like a normal gallery app.

Exclusive settings:

Even though most of the settings of Buddyboss media looks like a regular photo app, it differentiates widely in their settings and their functions.

Even though you have created an entire album, you can still set privacy settings for each and every one of the images, So that you will be in full control of your image at all times.

Apart from that, you can upload images to bbpress, which is a forum for open discussion and you can upload all your work-related images to this bbpress to engage more interactive conversations between employees.


This plugin will be available for $39 and like most other plugins you can get a live demo before purchasing it.

5. Buddypress user blog:

This plugin will give you access to provide your users with their own blog so that they can record their experiences in the blog. This plugin will be useful for all kinds of applications whether you want to create a blogging platform or you just want to give your users a blogging experience to attain more interaction.


BuddyPress User Blog Plugin

Whatever be the application, this plugin will be suitable for all kinds of blogging-related activities.

Like this, you can create a blogging profile for each and every one of your members and it offers all the features you experience in top blogging platforms like Medium to give you a very similar experience.

Features in the user’s blog:

As I said it contains most of the options you can see in a professional blogging platform like

  • User-friendly Editor

This feature ensures easy access to all the editing tools you need for creating an article and the autosave options reduces the possibility of losing your article to 0%

  • Embed images and bookmarks

This feature helps you to add images and bookmarks to your articles to make your article more interactive and easily accessible as possible.


This plugin will cost around $49 and Buddyboss offers no live demo for this plugin.

6. Location Autocomplete:

This feature will help your users to easily add their address and their current location to their profile so that you can easily navigate to them without any complications.

BuddyPress Location Autocomplete Plugin

The address of the new members will be obtained in the registration form itself so that you don’t need to update it individually after you created the profile.

7. Group locations:

In addition to the location of individuals, you can also register the location of a group itself. This will help you to track your employees based on the groups and you don’t need to waste time searching individual users.

Like this image, you can add a group’s location to Buddyboss Global search data and it will help you to track each and every group’s location within seconds.

8. Customizable details:

In addition to obtaining basic information like City, State, Country during location entry, you will have total control to modify the forms to get as many details as possible.

You can add titles regarding your needs like street name, current postal code, permanent postal code, etc.

BuddyBoss Customize Details Plugin

Similar to these, you can add as many fields as you want to depend upon the application and the location accuracy you needed.


This is one of the cheap plugins Buddyboss has to offer and it costs only $19 for this plugin feature.

List of Free BuddyBoss Plugins In 2024

The plugins we have seen up to this have individual costs depending on the plugins you needed. But this is not all!!

Buddyboss has several Free plugins for you to use in your application. 

So, Let’s see an overview of all the Free plugins Buddyboss has to offer!!

9. Buddypress Global search:

This feature will give you a unified search for all of the components you are using from Buddyboss so that the entire community of yours will be on the same page.

 This feature will be extremely helpful to you if you run a multinational corporation and you can get a private search engine exclusive to your company with unified results from all of the Buddyboss components for all of your buddies throughout the world.

BuddyPress Global Search

Like this, you can search your members in this Global search engine and you can interact with them wherever you are in the world(As long as you are at the same company as them with a Global search plugin installed!!!)

10. Buddypress edit activity:

This feature will help all of your Buddyboss users to easily edit all their posts and blogs with exclusive control to you regarding their activities.

BuddyPress Edit Activity It also gives you access to exclusive settings like setting a time limit for your user’s editing activity once the article gets published and much more to give you full access to their posts.

11, Buddypress Reorder tabs:

This feature will give you full access to modify all of the individual and group tabs available on the website and you can make any profile as your default profile so that you get to decide on which profile will the user see at first once they enter the website.

BuddyPress Recorder Tabs

Like this, you can modify all the display settings of all your profiles so that you get to decide which profile will be the first and which one will be the last to appear.

12. Buddypress AutoGroup join:

This feature will give you the ability to join any existing individual or group profile you want. You can select the group to join depending on the member type or display settings. This AutoGroup join will help you to join any group of any member type within seconds from search.

BuddyPress Auto Group Join Plugin

BuddyBoss Premium Plugins Pricing:

As you can see above BuddyBoss provides two types of plugins to the users, 

  • Premium plugins
  • Free plugins

The cost of the premium plugins will be different for different plugins and regarding free plugins you have to have a Buddyboss website in order to use these free plugins.

BuddyBoss Pricing

These are the plans offered by Buddyboss for their websites

For 1 Buddyboss site

It will cost around $228 and it comes with the following features

  • All themes available in Buddyboss
  • Access to all of the premium Buddyboss plugins
  • Free updates of their products for up to 1 year.

For 5 sites

Buddyboss charges $288 along with these features

  • All 1 site features for all 5 sites.

For 10 sites

It will be around $328 and it comes with

  • Access to all of their features for all of the 10 sites.

Buddyboss Plugins Pros & Cons


  • The interface of most of their plugins is more user-friendly and it gives a similar experience to the dedicated individual platforms.
  • The plugins are 100% customizable which gives you full access to the website.
  • Buddyboss’s custom plugin development feature will give the users a unique experience from most of your competitors.


  • No free trial for their premium plugins.
  • Buddyboss’s Free plugins are so basic and it is not as unique as their premium plugins.
  • The price for their sites is not affordable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

FAQ On Best BuddyBoss Plugins

👉Do Buddyboss plugins available for free?

Yes, Buddyboss offers some of their plugins for free, but you need to have a Buddyboss website first to access their free plugins.

👉Why do I have to use their premium plugins when the same feature is available for free on other platforms?

Unlike other platforms, all the conversations and discussions will be private and you will have full access to all the settings of your website.

👉How much these websites will give me uniqueness compared to my competitor’s work website?

All of the plugins offered by Buddyboss are 100% customizable and you can even create your own plugin using the developer team from Buddyboss. So It will certainly differentiate your website from your competitors.

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Conclusion: Best BuddyBoss Plugins In 2024

Buddyboss plugins will be suitable for those who need a private platform for all of the basic interaction activities like discussion and blogging etc. 

These plugins will give you a very similar experience to that of leading companies on the platform. 

These plugins will be suitable for those who want to make their website more versatile and want all of their conversations to be in private and in a controlled manner.

Buddyboss’s premium plugins will give you an edge over most of your competitor’s websites regarding uniqueness and user-friendliness.

Buddyboss also offers some free plugins which will be suitable for those who want to see a sample of the Buddyboss interface and customer support. It will give you a clear idea about their interface before your investment.

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