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Top 5 Free Tools to Manage Bandwidth 2024

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Having a ‘slow internet’? Then there must be an actual connectivity issue or it may be due to mismanagement of bandwidth.

So, while trying to download an attachment if it takes too much time, go to your task manager and check network performance. There may be many unnecessary sites that take the bulk of your bandwidth.

Here I list down some popular tools to manage bandwidth that can be downloaded for free.

Top 5 Free Tools to manage bandwidth

Top 5 Free Tools to manage bandwidth

1. Traffic Shaper XP

This is the IP-based bandwidth management solution for your network connections.

By the name itself you can judge that it provides network administrators with traffic shaping, flow control capabilities, including automated components for internet allocation and provision.

By using this software one can control each stream with the help of a combination of prioritization, guaranteed service levels, and speed limiting.

This system will allow full control over all the types of data such as games, video, VoIP, web, and e-mail.

traffic shapper

2. NetBalancer

A very simple utility to manage your bandwidth for Windows machine which supports operating system: XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.

After installing this tool you can check out which all processes are using bandwidth as well as you also come to know how much bandwidth they are using.

One of the main features of this tool is that it allows setting limit usage of bandwidth by simply right-clicking a particular application and setting priority to it and also you can define the numerical bandwidth of each application.


3. Networx

With the help of this tool, you can check and report bandwidth usage as well as you can also measure the speed of the internet or any other network connection.

Then, it becomes easy to find out possible sources of network problems and we can solve them easily. A good feature provided by this software is a system of highly customizable visual and sound alerts.

You can set an alert when your internet connection is down or when some suspicious activity is detected.


4. ISP Monitor

This tool will tell you the bandwidth usage of your machine; it shows details regarding the amount downloaded and uploaded information and the downstream/upstream speed.

In addition to network monitoring, the application features a disk monitor that offers real-time information on reading/write speed or used disk space.

This feature is useful when you have to download large files and decide their location. You can also set limits for download and uploads.

ips monitor

5. Network Meter

If you have more than one network adapter and you want to know that how much bandwidth is used up by each adapter then use this Network Meter tool.

Network Meter is a network information tool that monitors any installed adapter and provides traffic details.

The first user has to pick a network interface to monitor because Network Meter doesn’t start automatically.

Once Network Meter starts collecting statistics, you will know the current and the total download and upload rates, along with a simple graph to track quickly and easily.

network meter

All the above are free tools to manage bandwidth, use it and manage your bandwidth easily and quickly so that you can use your internet efficiently. After using let me know which tool is great as per your view via comments below!

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