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Youtube Affiliate Marketing in 2024: Who Does It And Is It Worth It?

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

In recent years, many YouTubers have found success by incorporating affiliate marketing into their videos.

But what is affiliate marketing? How does it work? And is it worth it? Let’s take a look at the basics of affiliate marketing and explore how it can be used to make money on YouTube.

What exactly is Youtube affiliate marketing?

Before we discuss what YouTube affiliate marketing is, let me clarify what the YouTube Partnership Program is not.

Ads will often appear when you’re watching videos on YouTube from creators who have at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of legitimate public viewing in the previous year. They are undoubtedly profiting from this.

You may anticipate that it will take some time for you to achieve this degree of popularity.

You’re probably still not there. But don’t worry; affiliate marketing can help with that; even tiny company owners may profit greatly from this business strategy.

For affiliate marketers, YouTube is a very lucrative and handy medium.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing


James Charles, a well-known beauty expert, and YouTuber earns roughly $80k for every video and an estimated $20 million annually. And for the time being, that’s with 25.5 million members.

But let’s look at a more concrete, everyday example: Lawrence Systems. This channel, which was founded in 2014 and had 187k members, covers computers, IT business, open source, and other subjects.

Each month, the channel brings in roughly $2.5k. Less than James Charles, but unquestionably a more achievable objective.

Making videos and starting the YouTuber lifestyle may first seem intimidating, but once you get the feel of it, it really is easy.

If you don’t already have one, your YouTube channel might serve as your primary selling channel in addition to your affiliate marketing blog.

Types of YouTube affiliate marketing videos to promote

These well-known YouTube video formulae enable you to promote certain offerings in a more genuine and natural manner.

1. Gear list videos:

When you explain and demonstrate to viewers what to bring and how to pack it, you are creating a gear list video.

Making Gear list videos


However, you may create gear lists for climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, etc. These movies often cater to the outdoorsy niche.

2. Unboxing videos:

Unboxing videos are when you open up a certain object on film and essentially remark on every step of the process.

They are particularly well-liked among “influencers” or those who get promotional items given to them (anticipation, arrival, packaging, look & feel, turning it on, or getting it set up).

3. Reviews:

Make a series of reviews for movies, music, gadgets, adblockers, vitamins, linens, etc., especially if you have an account that is devoted to a certain specialty. You see what I mean.

4. Ranking videos:

List, assess, and defend your selection of the greatest Korean horror films, pizza toppings, or volleyball stars.

5. Best of:

Best-of-scenes collection of Tyra Banks urging models to smize or Gordon Ramsey ranting at baffled cooks.

6. How-to videos:

Demonstrate to viewers how to use makeup, cook an egg, put up a ceiling fan, or alter a wifi password. Whatever you can correctly prove is acceptable.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tips

When utilizing affiliate links on YouTube, there are a few techniques to boost your earnings; many of them include driving more visitors to your videos.

There are more possibilities for individuals to click on the affiliate links if there is more traffic to your videos.

1. Always Be Transparent:

The last piece of advice I offer for YouTube affiliate marketing is crucial: Always be open and honest about the affiliate links you post on YouTube.

You should only endorse items that you would use yourself and be honest with your audience when making product recommendations.

By doing this, you may gain the confidence of your audience and encourage them to return for more product suggestions.

Make sure your readers are aware that you will get a tiny commission if they click on and make a purchase from one of your links.

Put a notice in the description and mention in your video that the links are affiliate links. This will help support you and your work.

Additionally, you will gain their trust by showing your audience that you really care about them rather than “tricking” them into clicking on a link.

2. Share on Different Platforms:

You should cross-promote your videos on several platforms to increase traffic to them.

In order to get people to view your new YouTube video on your channel, post about it there if you already have a following on other social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Share on Different Platforms For Promotion


To increase the likelihood that your videos will be seen when you promote them, just be sure to maintain engagement with your audience and update often.

By embedding the videos on your website or blog, you may also draw more viewers to your YouTube channel and encourage them to click on your YouTube affiliate links.

Create a blog post with additional information and links on the subject you discuss in the video to provide value.

3. Try Out YouTube Shorts:

Today, practically all social media platforms have short films, which are growing in popularity.

In order to keep up, YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts, which enables content producers to submit little films or excerpts of their own work to their channel.

YouTube Shorts


You may employ YouTube Shorts as a component of your YouTube affiliate marketing plan as many individuals use them to make money.

Create short movies recommending products, or use clips from lengthier videos and upload them to YouTube Shorts along with a link to the merchandise.

4. Organize Playlists:

In order to increase your chances of making money from your YouTube affiliate links, you also need to increase traffic to the other videos on your channel.

Making a playlist of related videos is one method to do this; when someone is viewing one of your videos, it will automatically play a playlist of related videos that they may also find interesting.

Additionally, this helps when someone is looking for a certain video on YouTube since they can look at your playlist, which has related videos that will address their inquiry.

5. Add Chapters to Your Videos:

Use Chapters, one of YouTube’s most recent innovations, to increase viewer interest in your videos.

As we previously discussed, a lot of people use YouTube as a search engine, thus, they need quick results.

If you make it simple for viewers to locate, they are more likely to watch your video and click on your affiliate link. Some viewers will watch your movie solely to get the solution they need.

Chapters have a role in this. Create chapters for your videos so that viewers can easily follow along while you discuss various topics.

You may add a chapter for each camera you discuss, for instance, if you’re compiling a list of the finest cameras for video makers.

In this manner, someone seeking a certain camera will be able to skip to that section.

If your video is successful in persuading viewers to purchase an item or service you endorse, they will immediately look in the description for the link to it.

Even better, include the time stamps and relevant YouTube affiliate links for each chapter in the description.

6. Create Thumbnails That Get Clicks:

If you’ve ever clicked on a video without even reading the title, the thumbnail undoubtedly had something to do with it.

More viewers will click on your video if the thumbnails you provide are appealing and attract their attention.

It depends on the specialty and how to create a decent thumbnail. Some will have larger fonts, greater color, or a photograph as the main emphasis.

Using the same colors, fonts, and styling to produce consistent thumbnails is another smart move. People will instantly recognize your video if you do this when they view it on the website.

7. Make Your Videos Keyword-Optimized:

Selecting the appropriate keywords is another technique to increase the number of visitors who see your videos.

Focusing on what people are looking for can draw them to your videos since many people use YouTube as a search engine to discover solutions to their problems.

You may utilize resources like Google Trends, Ahrefs, and Keywords Everywhere to discover what people are looking for in and around your field.

Use those keywords to inform your content and include them in your video titles and descriptions to optimize your videos.

This will increase the likelihood that your video will appear at the top of searches for certain keywords.

8. Create Engaging Content:

Create intriguing material if you want to attract the correct audience to your videos.

Plan and produce high-quality videos that will entice viewers to see and engage with them. They are more likely to click on your links if they find your material to be interesting.

Find your specialty and the current trends in it to get started. Look into popular themes that are trending, popular video formats, and what your audience is most interested in.

Create Engaging Content On YouTube


You may accomplish so by looking at other content producers’ posts, researching what’s hot on YouTube, or even soliciting input from your present audience.

Then, begin creating high-caliber movies using the appropriate tools, and make genuine recommendations for pertinent goods and services.

Ask your viewers to participate in the video by leaving comments and enjoying it. At the conclusion, provide a call to action to persuade viewers to subscribe or visit the links in the description.

9. Affiliate video ideas to try on YouTube

The most challenging aspect of producing affiliate content for most producers is presenting their sponsored suggestions in a manner that their audience will find interesting.

After all, 28% of customers claim that if they find an influencer’s material boring, they will unfollow them. If the author publishes too much-paid material, another 14% will follow suit.

When advertising affiliate items on YouTube, try these five well-liked video types:


When compared to someone who is just idly viewing a popular video, those who watch tutorials are farther along in the sales process.

Walk them through how to utilize the product to attract them and earn a commission on their purchase.

Make a video of yourself adjusting the chair’s height, slope, and matching footrest if you’re an associate for an ergonomic desk chair, for instance.

Product review videos:

A review was viewed by over 90% of consumers before they made a purchase. Make product review films for those who learn best visually.

Describe the positive and negative aspects of a product you are paid to advertise. Make it persuasive so you can profit when the audience is prepared to purchase.

Round-up videos:

Your chances of influencing a sale increase with the diversity of your YouTube material, even if the viewer isn’t actively trying to make a purchase.

Use compilation movies like “monthly favorites” that include affiliate product links to promote impulsive purchases.

Unboxing videos:

Because viewers can see themselves as the star of the performance, these videos are popular on YouTube.

On Estella of Study to Success, her Youtube channel for instance unboxes iPad Pro accessories. Affiliate links are included in the video description so that viewers may buy the same things.

Trending videos:

The YouTube community develops its own fads, such as the early 2010s “what’s in my bag?” craze.

Keep an eye on the platform’s trends and create your own spin-off, complete with affiliate-recommended items.

Why should affiliates use YouTube?

YouTube can support affiliate marketers in maximizing their revenue and brand visibility.

That’s what they say about all social media platforms; you may be thinking [eye-roll emoji here].

We understand that it might be challenging to decide where to focus your attention as an affiliate marketer.

However, there are four distinctive qualities of YouTube that stand out:

To begin using YouTube affiliate marketing, you don’t need a thousand subscribers:

Many aspiring YouTubers concentrate on using the Partner Program to monetize their channels.

However, you may really start making money using YouTube affiliate marketing far in advance of being eligible for YouTube ad monetization.

To achieve your initial few thousand video views from your target demographic, use SEO for YouTube, keyword techniques, and plain old networking.

Consider Cathrin Manning, a content producer, and YouTuber located in the US who has almost 500,000 followers and who documents her experience building an internet company.

You may create new videos using the material from your blog posts:

You may cross-promote material on YouTube in a variety of ways.

For instance, creating a YouTube video from an existing blog would be simple.

To make the blog article more dynamic, you could then include the video; you wouldn’t even need to think of a new content subject for it.

It’s simple to begin:

Keep things simple when beginning a YouTube channel, as the iconic design principle advises.

You don’t need to be an expert videographer as long as you have useful knowledge to give.

Consider some of your favorite YouTubers: many of them begin by providing useful information while relaxing in a modest setting.

The second-most-popular website on the planet is this one:

YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world behind Google.

Over 30 billion hits every month, 21% of which originate in the US, provide a sizable potential market for aspiring YouTubers.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Pros

Through subscriptions, you have the chance to amass a devoted following. Even alerts for when you upload a new video may be set up.

Your chances of generating more clicks, conversions, and commissions increase with how committed and engaged your audience is.

There is a ton of FREE traffic on YouTube. Their platform is renowned for keeping users glued to movies for lengthy periods of time.

Additionally, this venue doesn’t face as much rivalry as blogs and web pages do.

Vlogging may be considerably more inventive than blogging if you like making videos overwriting.

As you gain skill, you have access to a lot more formats, animations, and effects to experiment with.

Additionally, innovative techniques often do higher in the algorithm. You may pretty much choose any vertical as well (except adult and gambling).

Even the whole YouTube Creators Academy offers free classes that are presented in part by well-known YouTube stars. With expert, simple-to-follow videos, they cover a lot of ground.

With Youtube, getting started is quite simple. Although you may need to invest in some recording equipment, YouTube is a free platform with ready-made technologies.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Cons

Your ability to connect to your offer is limited on YouTube; the description field can only include a specific amount of characters, and if you have many affiliate links, it may get congested.

Although this is likewise restricted, you may also show links while watching the video.

Since this isn’t your platform, your channel may be totally removed from YouTube or even banned.

It would be best if you exercise caution, but as long as you stick to safer subjects, there shouldn’t be any issues.

If it happens, though, it might be detrimental if you’ve already gained a following.

The learning curve for vlogging might vary depending on how much prior experience you have in video production.

Making compelling films may take some time if you’re a complete beginner since, as I’ve already said, there are many technical considerations to keep in mind. (However, everything great involves work, so don’t let this scam discourage you.)

Is Youtube Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

The answer to this question depends largely on your goals as a YouTuber.

If your goal is only to make money off your videos, then yes, it can be worth it—especially if you choose high-quality products that your audience will appreciate and trust.

However, if your goal is more focused on creating meaningful content for your viewers, then using affiliates may detract from that goal because viewers may think that you are just trying to sell them something rather than providing them with valuable information or entertainment.

Ultimately, whether or not affiliate marketing is worth it depends entirely on what kind of content creator you want to be and what kind of results you hope to achieve with your videos.

FAQs About Youtube Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

Affiliate marketing on YouTube involves promoting products or services of another company on your own YouTube channel and receiving a commission for each successful sale. This can include using videos to introduce the product, creating tutorials related to the product, displaying banners or links in your video descriptions, and more.

Who does affiliate marketing on YouTube?

Anyone with a YouTube channel that has an audience can engage in affiliate marketing. Popular YouTubers often take advantage of this type of promotion as it can be extremely lucrative. It’s important to note that there are strict rules about disclosure when using affiliate links; you must make sure that viewers know if you are using affiliate links in your videos.

Is it worth doing affiliate marketing on YouTube?

Yes, it can be very worthwhile to do affiliate marketing on YouTube. If you have an engaged audience that trusts and follows the content you produce, you can earn a significant commission through sales made via your channel. Additionally, many companies offer higher commissions for successful referrals or encourage sales with promotions and exclusive discounts. That said, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with this type of promotion; if done incorrectly, you could damage your reputation and relationships with viewers.

What are some tips for successful affiliate marketing on YouTube?

The key to successful affiliate marketing on YouTube is authenticity. It is important to be transparent about the fact that you are using affiliate links in your videos when necessary and not try to mislead your viewers. Additionally, it’s beneficial to ensure that your content resonates with your target audience; create content that truly adds value and showcases why they should purchase the product or service you’re promoting. Finally, make sure to track sales closely so you can adjust your promotional strategy as needed.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid when doing affiliate marketing on YouTube?

One of the most important things to avoid is spammy or deceiving advertising. If viewers feel like they are being misled, they will be less likely to trust your content in the future. Additionally, it’s important not to overuse affiliate links as this can come across as desperate and be off-putting for viewers. Finally, make sure that you are engaging with your audience; answer questions, ask for feedback, and build relationships with viewers to ensure a successful campaign.

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Conclusion: Youtube Affiliate Marketing 2024

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular among YouTubers in recent years as an easy way to make some extra money off of their videos.

Before deciding whether or not this route is right for you, take some time to consider exactly what kind of content creator you want to be—are you more interested in making money off your videos or providing meaningful content for your viewers?

Once you have answered this question, then you can determine whether affiliate marketing is right for you and start exploring which companies might fit best with your channel’s specific niche!


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