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25 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2024

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It involves promoting other companies products or services and earning commissions when customers purchase them through your website or blog.

Successful affiliate marketing websites require careful planning, good content, and effective promotion strategies to stand out in the competitive market.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can build an effective affiliate marketing website that will generate profits for years to come.

Some of the Most Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

1. Globo surf:

Globo Surf Overview- Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Hikers and watersports fans visit Globo Surf. This affiliate marketing website helps campers, climbers, snowboarders, snorkelers, and scuba divers improve their abilities and choose gear.

“Best of” articles include product overviews, specifications, features, and a prominent CTA button that links to Amazon, where consumers may buy.

Site strategy includes internal linkage. Content silos boost domain authority by linking related articles. 

This strategy boosts user engagement and search engine ranking. The “Best Full Face Snorkel Masks in 2024” blog entry connects to scuba, freediving, and snorkel gear reviews.

Amazon affiliates Globo Surf. Promotes and links to eCommerce giant for commissions. Product endorsements and affiliate revenue fund the site.

  • Domain rating: 70
  • Niche: Outdoor sports

2. GearHungry:

GearHungry Overview

GearHungry reviews home items for internet customers. Smart doorbells, cordless lawnmowers, cleaning kits, coffee makers, and electronic toothbrushes.

This affiliate marketing company spends a lot of time researching and selecting the best daily items for visitors.

GearHungry prioritizes user experience. White space and a few banner adverts make the text easier to read.

The site also displays its six product review and suggestion categories. GearHungry also receives commissions from Rakuten, AvantLink, CJ, Kickbooster, and ShareASale, in addition to Amazon.

Advertising revenue is lower than affiliate revenue. To improve reading, the site shows fewer adverts.

  • Domain rating: 70
  • Niche: Consumer goods

3. Ryan Robinson:

Ryan Robinson Overview

Personal branding is shown through Ryan Robinson’s website address. Ryan established this site to educate individuals on how to grow lucrative blogs.

Ryan became a blogging guru. He started with audience research, content creation, and reader loyalty.

He then marketed the site in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. Exposure expanded Ryan’s audience and influence.

Ryan’s podcast features successful bloggers and company leaders. Over 400,000 podcast listeners drive site traffic.

Ryan’s recent income report revealed $35,000/month, with half coming from online class purchases.

Ryan made the remaining half by advertising website setup classes, business books, web hosting companies, and website builders as an affiliate.

  • Domain rating: 78
  • Niche: Blogging

4. Abby Organizes:


Abby Organizes Overview

Another example is Abby Organizes. Abby Lawson started her DIY decorating and home organizing blog because she was fed up with her messy house.

Abby’s experience gives the authority of the material. This site includes guidance and Abby’s challenges, which connect readers emotionally.

The affiliate site also gets traffic from Pinterest. Visual websites benefit from Pinterest marketing initiatives.

According to her previous report, Abby mostly generated money through affiliate marketing, primarily Amazon. Sponsored articles, eBook downloads, and course purchases generated cash.

  • Domain rating: 71
  • Niche: DIY home decor

5. WebsiteSetup:

Despite its competitiveness, “how to design a website” is a top search engine term. Any affiliate website, including WebsiteSetup, will get plenty of organic traffic by being on the top Google page for this term.

For bloggers and internet entrepreneurs, the site offers basic website creation guidance. Its simplicity may help the site succeed.

On the homepage, the affiliate site guides users through website creation in three stages. The lesson connects to affiliate partners and generates cash.

WebsiteSetup also publishes product evaluations and comparisons, blog pieces, and how-to tutorials. WebsiteSetup is an affiliate site without banner advertisements or sponsored material.

Web hosting schemes like Hostinger Affiliate pay 60% for each qualified sale to the site.

  • Domain rating: 83
  • Niche: Website creation

6. Adam Enfroy:

Adam Enfroy Overview

Adam Enfroy turned this software review blog into a successful affiliate business. The site examines the top business and marketing tools, including their features, cost, usability, and support.

Content length distinguishes this site. “How to Start a Blog” has almost 16,000 words. Long-form articles help Adam’s SEO approach by optimizing several keywords.

This site’s authenticity is also important. Adam describes how he started a lucrative blog. Readers may relate to this heartfelt narrative.

Adam made almost $280,000 in June 2021 via affiliate earnings and online course purchases.

Years of blogging, guest posting, and backlinking helped Adam flourish. He included affiliate links to his posts after ranking on Google’s first page.

Since then, it has promoted 200+ SaaS businesses and established the Blog Growth Engine masterclass. Helping bloggers generate money and diversify income with the premium course is wonderful.

  • Domain rating: 79
  • Niche: Software and blog

7. Overview is a top ketogenic affiliate marketer. Keto is a trendy low-carb diet that helps people lose weight and live healthier.

To make the keto diet entertaining, the site shows how to create tasty, healthful meals. Its minimalistic UI lets users concentrate on the information.

Keto lovers may get diet, exercise, and recipe advice on The site also calculates carb and protein consumption depending on weight objectives.

Amazon affiliates All Recommended articles connect to the eCommerce behemoth, giving the site profit options.

The Keto Academy subscription generates big revenue. The app offers customized meal planning and professional advice for $3.11/week to help keto dieters succeed.

The Success section lists keto app users who lost weight. Social proof boosts’s reputation and encourage conversions.

  • Domain rating: 73
  • Niche: Keto diet

8. The Penny Hoarder:

One of the fastest-growing media firms, Penny Hoarder helps individuals make wise financial choices. This site draws viewers with money-making, saving, and management advice.

The Penny Hoarder Academy offers free advanced tools and services to assist users to develop credit, arrange a mortgage, budgeting, and find a job.

Users may ask questions, discuss experiences, and connect on this affiliate publisher’s forum. The forum helps The Penny Hoarder become the personal finance site of choice.

Affiliate marketing drives The Penny Hoarder’s earnings. When consumers join up for newsletters, apps, or services, the firm gets commissions.

Uber pays The Penny Hoarder when someone reads its “Getting a Side-Job as an Uber Driver” post, installs the app, and joins up. Branded content and social media advertising also generate revenue.

  • Domain rating: 78
  • Niche: Finance

9. HomeGrounds:

Home Grounds Overview

Since the outbreak, 70% of Americans now prepare coffee at home. This update mostly favors DIY coffee brewing sites like HomeGrounds.

HomeGrounds reviews beans and brewing devices to help people make great coffee at home. It includes how-to tutorials and creative coffee recipes.

HomeGrounds’ passionate crew researches each bean’s history and equipment’s key attributes. Informational material helps establish industry expertise.

HomeGrounds earns commissions from ShareASale and Amazon for coffee bean and equipment sales. Brands pay for sponsored material and mention on the site.

  • Domain rating: 71
  • Niche: Coffee

10. HelloGiggles:

Hello Giggles Homepage

HelloGiggles creates a good network for women. It discusses beauty, fashion, relationships, career, and entertainment trends. HelloGiggles calls itself a magazine while being an affiliate.

Lifestyle advice and celebrity news are available. Visitors may find terminology and resources by category using a basic structure.

Content marketing best practices provide HelloGiggles with millions of organic visitors. Marketing writes articles on industry trends. 

Thus, visitors are assured new, up-to-date information, boosting their likelihood of becoming devoted readers. HelloGiggles also draws visitors via social media.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have thousands of magazine followers. HelloGiggles relies on referral money.

HelloGiggles favors long-term partnerships with Ulta Beauty, Madewell, and Victoria’s Secret over Amazon Associates. Advertising and magazine subscriptions generate revenue.

  • Domain rating: 80
  • Niche: Women’s lifestyle

11. Dog Food Advisor:

Dog Food Advisor Overview

Dog Food Advisor shows why a specialty is better for a digital affiliate marketing website. It attracts like-minded individuals and builds a community.

Through thorough evaluations, Dog Food Advisor helps pet owners discover safe and healthful food.

This affiliate site simplifies navigation despite evaluating hundreds of items. The site displays The Best Dog Foods, A-Z brand reviews, and Dog Food Recalls.

Each article provides nutritional and ingredient information to assist readers to pick a brand. Chewy Affiliates and Amazon Associates pay Dog Food Advisor referral money.

It also collaborates with pet food manufacturers. This site promises impartial suggestions by not showing adverts or endorsements.

  • Domain rating: 76
  • Niche: Dog food

12. SafeWise:

SafeWise Overview

SafeWise’s basic affiliate marketing website might inspire you. This home security portal emphasizes product recommendations with a simple layout.

Choose a home security category on the homepage. To safeguard homes and families, each area has safety advice, product evaluations, and brand comparisons.

SafeWise excels in research and community safety. It informs consumers if their area is safe and which security solution to purchase based on national crime and safety patterns.

OfferVault and Amazon affiliates pay SafeWise. It also works with Vivint and Frontpoint. Vivint pays $500 for every sale, making the partnership lucrative.

SafeWise also targets video viewers on YouTube and TikTok. Videos connect to affiliate partners.

  • Domain rating: 78
  • Niche: Home security

13. ThisIsWhyImBroke:

ThisIsWhyImBroke Homepage

Use this site to develop a distinctive affiliate marketing website. ThisIsWhyImBroke promotes unique, unusual items.

Targeting these items has two advantages. First, the specialty is less competitive. Second, distinctive items spark laughter, enhancing social media shares.

The site generates odd gifts for various events, categories, and recipients. Each article lists goods with brief descriptions, pricing, and CTA links.

ThisIsWhyImBroke makes money from affiliate networks, mostly Amazon Associates and Etsy Affiliates. The publisher says it lists the greatest items independent of monetization.

  • Domain rating: 70
  • Niche: Unique gifts

14. vpnMentor:

vpnMentor Homepage

vpnMentor is a top VPN affiliate site. Expert VPN ratings and tips help consumers secure their data. The homepage has the “10 Best VPNs in 2024” post, a smart content approach.

Each top VPN is described and linked to utilizing prominent CTA buttons. Users may preview the list of top VPNs without reading the whole article. To stay current, the affiliate site updates this major element.

vpnMentor also relies on link building. Free, sophisticated solutions like VPN speed test comparison, IP address leak tester, safe password generator, and Google location switcher get backlinks.

To improve readability, this affiliate marketing-only site has no banner advertisements.

Every subscriber generates cash for vpnMentor via affiliate links in product reviews and recommendations. It also gives VPN vouchers to convert first-time customers.

  • Domain rating: 78
  • Niche: VPN

15. PCPartPicker:

PCPartPicker Overview

PCPartPicker is another amazing internet tool. The site provides the tools to create a PC. PC Builder allows users to compare and pick computer components by price and use case.

CPU, cooler, motherboard, memory, storage, monitor, operating system, and peripherals are included.

Users get the projected cost and compatibility report after choosing components. Incompatibility warnings arise. Shared PC may inspire others.

Visitors may remark on each construction, fostering community interaction. PCPartPicker only generates money from affiliate programs, unlike other affiliate websites on this list.

Customer reviews provide social evidence to persuade customers.

  • Domain rating: 75
  • Niche: Computer parts

16. Trusted Reviews:

Trusted Review Homepage

The oldest tech affiliate site is Trusted Reviews. It offers impartial recommendations on smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, and cameras.

Product reviews, brand comparisons, tech news, and how-to tutorials help the site do this. Its audio player enables users to listen to articles instead of reading them.

Trusted Reviews creates a distinctive user experience by accommodating reader preferences. This site provides extensive reviews with crucial specs, features, and reasons to purchase. 

A banner contrasts eCommerce shop pricing after the evaluation. Select the lowest price, click the CTA button, and finish the purchase.

Trusted Reviews receives a commission upon purchase. Trusted Reviews generates money through display advertising, sponsored content, and brand partnerships.

The site may provide promo codes and earn rewards from reduced sales thanks to Upfeat.

  • Domain rating: 82
  • Niche: Technology

17. Fatherly:

Fatherly Homepage

This online magazine advises millennial fathers on parenting, work, health, beauty, and life. The affiliate site looks different.

The top-right Menu bar hides the navigation panel. It displays Life, Health and Science, Play, Gear, Style, and Trending when clicked.

Sponsored posts, highlighted articles, and Fatherly Favorites—an affiliate goods catalog—are on the homepage. Scroll down for a never-ending list of articles.

This may boost resource clicks. Fatherly earns affiliate money from Gear reviews and comparisons, most of which include Amazon affiliate links. Display ads commercialize news, tutorials, and other material.

  • Domain rating: 80
  • Niche: Parenting for men

18. Minimalist Baker:

Minimalist Baker Homepage

Minimalist Baker first shared plant-based recipes for healthy diets. Meat, sweets, and baked items are added as the crew expands.

Minimalist Baker’s dishes are simple yet excellent. These dishes use one bowl, 10 ingredients, and 30 minutes.

This affiliate marketing website has a search bar with several filtering options for simple content access. Visitors may instantly locate seasonal, diet, and ingredient-specific recipes, product reviews, and culinary advice.

Minimalis Baker gets visitors through social media, email, and organic search. 2+ million Instagram followers, 147,000 YouTube subscribers, and roughly 500,000 Facebook followers.

Minimalist Baker uses numerous monetization tactics. First, advertising in recipe content generates cash. A 101-recipe vegan and gluten-free cookbook is available for download.

Minimalist Baker earns a lot from Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. The site earns referral fees by selling cooking, pantry, and photographic supplies online.

  • Domain rating: 82
  • Niche: Quick-prep food recipe

19. The Points Guy:

The Points Guy Homepage

Beginners might follow The Points Guy methodology by solving a particular challenge. The affiliate website helps readers earn points and miles for cheaper travel.

The Points Guy helps users maximize airline and credit card points with sophisticated tools and tips. The travel blog now has millions of monthly visitors and social media followers.

The Points Guy is a weekly podcast where influencers and industry professionals share travel hacks and advice to develop credibility. Travel and credit card affiliate programs pay The Points Guy.

Sponsored content converts travel-interested readers. Sign up for the site’s newsletter for travel trends. The Points Guy may engage with prospects and advertise affiliate links through its email list.

To attract more clients, the publisher will host travel events and gatherings.

  • Domain rating: 81
  • Niche: Travel

20. Gear Patrol:

Gear Patrol Homepage

Gear Patrol examines watches, shoes, motorcycles, and vehicles for guys online. The affiliate marketing site looks different from its rivals.

The navigation bar only has vital components, while the hamburger symbol hides product categories. Readers won’t be bombarded by alternatives, making navigating straightforward.

Today’s Greatest Deal helps locate the best deals. Each item has a brief description, product picture, price, and brand landing page link.

Affiliate connections to retailer sites provide revenue for the site. Sponsored content, physical magazine subscriptions, and display advertising are additional Gear Patrol income sources.

Gear Patrol Studio, the site’s video, and picture agency, enhances brand storytelling.

  • Domain rating: 80
  • Niche: Men’s products

21. Wirecutter:

WireCutter Homepage

Wirecutter is the NYT’s buying guide. In 2016, the newspaper firm bought Wirecutter for $30 million, making it one of the most reputable US review sites.

Customer-focused affiliate websites generate trust. Wirecutter writers provide impartial assessments without compensation.

The site compares and recommends consumer items using well-researched information. Electronics, appliances, automotive accessories, exercise gear, and kitchenware are included.

Its well-implemented information architecture makes finding product categories and highlighted articles easy.

The site features daily bargains on the top items. This area saves time and influences purchases. Before The New York Times bought Wirecutter, affiliate commissions were the main revenue source.

Each review connects to eCommerce sites or product manufacturers. Today, paywall subscriptions bring in money. Unlimited Wirecutter news and coverage is available for $5/month or $40/year.

  • Domain rating: 94
  • Niche: Consumer products

22. Skyscanner:

SkyScanner Homepage

Skyscanner has grown from a flight comparison site to a worldwide travel leader in 20 years. It targets non-English audiences in 30+ languages.

Skyscanner’s successful metasearch engine. This site collects travel company pricing online. It then offers the cheapest choices, speeding up the purchase.

An airline, hotel, and vehicle rental search engine appears on the site. Popular location travel hacks and offers are below. 

Skyscanner’s affiliate partners—airlines, hotels, car rental firms, and travel agents—provide most of its income. When users click search listings, browse partners’ sites, or book; the firm gets a commission.

Skyscanner has an affiliate program. This method boosts conversions without ad expense. Skyscanner only pays commissions when associates sell.

  • Domain rating: 80
  • Niche: Travel

23. Business News Daily:

Business News Daily Homepage

One of the greatest business websites is Business News Daily. The simple interface utilizes white for the backdrop, blue for categories, and black for headings and content.

Business strategies, corporate growth, and personnel development are highlighted by the color scheme. It also highlights successful entrepreneurs to assist new company owners to avoid pitfalls and develop quicker.

These materials make Business News Daily one of the most authoritative business sites. It ranks second for “how to develop a company”.

Affiliate marketing funds Business News Daily. The platform connects B2B enterprises in different sectors with prospective clients and earns a fee for each transaction.

Sponsored articles, branded adverts, and lead generation comprise the partnership program.

  • Domain rating: 87
  • Niche: Business and marketing

24. Verywell Fit:

Verywell Fit Overview

Verywell Fit is a top health affiliate marketer. It helps individuals achieve fitness and dietary objectives. Registered dietitians, personal trainers, and doctors write high-quality material.

They provide useful tips, data, and fitness and diet trends. The affiliate marketing website provides tools to assist users to understand meal nutrition, BMI, body fat, and calories.

Free tools generate backlinks and improve SEO. Verywell Fit ranks top for “nutrition calculator” on Google.

Verywell Fit analyzes hundreds of fitness and nutrition goods in its What to Buy section, earning affiliate fees. Each article has Zappos, Walmart, or Amazon affiliate links.

  • Domain rating: 85
  • Niche: Health and fitness

25. NerdWallet:

Nerd Wallet Overview

NerdWallet earned $379.6 million in 2021, ranking among the top affiliate marketing websites.

It gives consumers the tools, knowledge, and insight they need to make smart financial choices. NerdWallet’s success relies on simple, effective design.

The portal lets users compare credit cards, student loans, mortgages, insurance, and savings accounts.

Product reviews, professional recommendations, and calculators are easily accessible from the top navigation bar. An on-site search engine speeds navigation.

Finance tools are another site highlight. Calculate income, spending, credit ratings, obligations, and loans. Free tools help users to enhance site rankings by attracting backlinks.

NerdWallet makes money by linking to Citibank, American Express, and Capital One. Signups earn the site a referral fee.

NerdWallet gets money from businesses for product reviews and affiliate marketing. It claims such endorsements won’t influence its suggestions’ quality.

  • Domain rating: 89
  • Niche: Finance


🤔 What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising where businesses reward affiliates for bringing in customers through their websites or blogs. The business pays the affiliate commission when a customer makes a purchase.

👩🏻‍💻 How do I create an effective affiliate marketing website?

To create an effective affiliate marketing website, you need to focus on content creation, SEO optimization, and building relationships with prospects through social media channels. You also need to consider promotion strategies such as PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns.

🧐 What are some tips for succeeding in affiliate marketing?

Some tips for succeeding in affiliate marketing include increasing your website’s visibility through SEO, building relationships with other businesses, creating content that is both useful and interesting to customers, engaging with prospects on social media platforms, and continuously analyzing customer data to optimize conversions. Additionally, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tools in affiliate marketing.

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Conclusion Some of Most Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites 2024

Creating a successful affiliate marketing website takes time and effort, but it can be done with the right approach.

By taking advantage of the power of SEO, creating interesting content, and engaging with prospects through social media channels, you can quickly grow your audience and start making money from affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind that it takes dedication and consistency to make your affiliate marketing website successful, but with the right planning and strategy, you can be well on your way to success.


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