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1Win Affiliate Program Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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1Win Affiliate Program Review


The 1Win Affiliate Program is a unique approach in the online gambling world, blending fresh ideas with tried-and-true affiliate marketing tactics. This program stands out because it offers a wide range of options and truly values its partnerships.

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  • Revenue Potential: Opportunity to earn a commission from referrals.
  • Regular Payouts: Consistent commission payments.
  • Brand Recognition: Benefits from associating with a known brand.
  • Revenue Potential: Opportunity to earn a commission from referrals.


  • Market Competition: High competition among affiliates.


Price: $

If you’re always on the hunt for new ways to make money with your online presence, then I’ve got something exciting for you. The 1Win Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and website owners to make a really good income.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in affiliate marketing or if you’re just beginning – this program is easy to understand and can be very profitable. They also offer excellent support and resources to help you get off to a great start and keep growing.

Let’s dive into what 1Win has to offer and see how it could boost your earnings! 🌟🤑💻

1Win Affiliate Program Overview

The 1Win Affiliate Program is a unique approach in the online gambling world, blending fresh ideas with tried-and-true affiliate marketing tactics. This program stands out because it offers a wide range of options and truly values its partnerships.

1Win Affiliate Program Review

What really sets 1Win apart is its dedication to being honest and upfront. They focus on clear and beneficial affiliate marketing, leading the way in this industry with a program that’s both transparent and profitable.

The 1Win Partners program stands out for a few reasons:

Variety of Games and Betting Options: They have lots of different gaming choices, like live casino games and mobile betting, and they’re really good at working with affiliates.

Real Support for Affiliates: 1Win treats its affiliates as important members of their team. They give them the tools and help they need to do well.

Strong Commitment to Doing Things Right: They focus on following the law and promoting responsible gambling. This means they run their program in a way that’s honest and fair for everyone involved.

Payment Models

Joining the 1win Partners program gives you three different ways to earn money, so you can choose the one that fits you best:

1. CPA (Cost Per Action):

With this option, you can earn up to $250 for every person you refer who does something specific, like signing up. This plan is great because it covers both gambling and betting offers.

2. RevShare (Revenue Sharing):

This model starts you off with earning 50% of the profits from the people you refer. If you’re really successful, they might even increase your share to 60%. It’s a way to earn a continuous income based on how much profit your referrals generate for 1win.

3. Hybrid Model:

If you’re really good at getting people to sign up and help 1win make money, this model could be for you. It combines the best parts of CPA and RevShare. This means you’ll get paid for specific actions your referrals take, and you’ll also get a percentage of the profits they generate.

4. Custom Solutions:

1Win also offers personalized plans. This means they can create a compensation model that fits exactly what you need.

5. No Negative Carryover:

With this, any losses from one month won’t affect your earnings in the next month. You start each new month with a clean slate.

So, you have the flexibility to pick the method that works best for your style – whether that’s getting paid for actions, earning a share of ongoing profits, or a combination of both!

Who can join the 1Win Affiliate Program?

The 1Win Affiliate Program is for pretty much anyone who wants to join, whether you’re just starting or you’re already good at affiliate marketing. It’s great for helping people at all levels grow and do better. They offer chances to work with both their casino and sports betting services.

Here’s who can join:

People Excited About Learning: You don’t need to be an expert in affiliate marketing. If you’re eager to learn and get into it, 1Win is a good place to start. They’ll teach you about betting and how online casinos work.

Website or Blog Owners: If you already have a website or blog about things like online gambling or sports, you can fit right into the 1Win program. You can use their marketing tools to make more money from your site.

Influencers on Social Media: If you’re big on platforms like Instagram or YouTube and talk about gaming or betting, this program could help you earn extra.

Bloggers and Video Creators: People who create content about gaming, strategies, or reviews can benefit from joining 1Win.

Marketing Experts: Especially those who know about SEO and are interested in trying out affiliate marketing.

What are the Benefits of Joining 1Win Partners affiliate program?

Joining the 1Win Partners affiliate program has lots of great benefits. It’s a good choice in the world of online gambling affiliates because it offers both money-making opportunities and strong support. Let’s look at what you get when you join:

Lifetime Commissions: You keep earning money from the players you refer, which can mean profits for a long time.

Good Money-Making Plans: They offer really competitive rates for how much you earn when you bring in players or conversions. This means you can make a good amount of money.

Help Whenever You Need It: There’s a team ready to help and guide you through your whole journey as an affiliate.

Tools for Marketing: You get access to lots of marketing materials, like banners and special web pages, which help you attract more people to 1Win.

Clear Reports: They give you up-to-date information on how you’re doing, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

How to join 1Win Affiliate Program?

Getting started with the 1Win Affiliate Program is pretty straightforward and user-friendly, which is great whether you’re new to this or have been doing affiliate marketing for a while.

Easy to Sign Up: The sign-up process is simple, so you can get going fast.

Helpful Introduction: If you’re new, they’ll guide you through how everything works.

Quick Access to Tools: Right after signing up, you can start using their marketing tools from your dashboard to kick off your campaigns.

Personal Help: Each new affiliate gets their own support person. This account manager helps you out and gives you tips on the best strategies to use.

Joining a Community: There are webinars, online forums, and community groups where you can meet other affiliates. This is a great way to learn from people who have been doing this for a while.

When you join the 1Win Affiliate Program, you’re joining a group that’s all about helping each other succeed. They make the whole process from signing up to starting your campaigns really smooth.

Plus, they’re open and honest about what you can expect, which helps in setting realistic goals and understanding how you can do well with 1Win.

My top tips to be successful in 1Win Affiliate Program

To really do well with the 1Win Affiliate Program and make more money, there are some key strategies you should be using along with the tools and support 1Win offers:

Make Content That Clicks with Your Audience: Write or create content that the people interested in 1Win will love. Focus on things like betting tips and casino game insights.

Get Good with SEO: Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. This means using the right keywords and strategies to show up higher in search results, which brings more people to your site.

Be Active on Social Media: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to talk about 1Win’s products. Engaging with your followers and driving traffic through social media is a great way to boost your affiliate efforts.

Always Be Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest in online gambling. Webinars and case studies are great for this.

Play by the Rules: Make sure you’re following the legal guidelines for online gambling in your area.

Mixing these strategies with the resources from 1Win can really help you stand out and succeed in the busy world of online gambling affiliate marketing.

Here are the main rules and things you need to remember if you’re part of the 1win Affiliate Program:

No Spamming: You can’t promote 1win using spam methods like unwanted emails, misleading ads, or using their brand name in a way that’s not allowed. If you do, they might suspend or even ban your affiliate account.

One Account Per Person: You’re only allowed to have one account in the affiliate program. You can’t sign up for multiple accounts or try to be a sub-partner under a different account. If they find out you have more than one account, they might close your account and stop working with you.

Tell Them About Multiple Accounts: If you really need to manage more than one account, you have to let 1win know and explain why.

Don’t Use Your Own Referral for Personal Gain: You’re not allowed to sign up for a gaming account with 1win using your own affiliate link or promo code.

Also, there should only be one account per person, family, IP address, device, email, and payment method. If they find you breaking this rule, they can close your affiliate and gaming accounts.

Keep Advertising or Your Rate May Drop: If you stop putting out ads, 1win might reduce your commission back to the starting rate of 50%. You can check your current rate in your affiliate account.

Basically, these rules are about playing fair and being honest in how you promote 1win. Stick to these guidelines, and you should be good to go with their affiliate program!

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Conclusion: 1Win Affiliate Program Review 2024

The 1Win Partner Program really shines in the world of online gambling affiliates, thanks to its combination of great earning chances and solid support.

It’s a well-rounded platform that provides all the tools and help needed, making it a great choice for both beginners and those who have been in affiliate marketing for a while.

Some of the standout features are its focus on responsible gambling, a variety of betting choices, and top-notch support for its affiliates.

This program is designed to help affiliates succeed in the ever-changing world of online gambling and affiliate marketing, offering opportunities for growth, good profits, and strong, lasting relationships.

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