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LeadPages Affiliate Program Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

LeadPages Affiliate Program
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Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Are you thinking of earning some extra money to go on that long pending vacation? Or to save some money for a rainy day? Or just start the side business you always wanted to?

Passive income. That’s the goal.

Your answer is Affiliate marketing.

The idea behind this is very simple.

You need to promote other people’s products and if you manage to make a sale, then you get paid in the form of a commission. 

Today, most businesses and e-commerce websites offer affiliate programs to increase their sales revenue. This is also a form of revenue sharing. Affiliate marketing involves a lot of networking.  Check our detailed Leadpages review to get more detailed insights into it. 

If you have a large audience, it becomes very easy to promote a product and make sales. Most of the businesses offering affiliate partner programs provide software tools that make it very easy to understand and track your conversions.

Leadpages Affiliate Program 2024: Overview

Leadpages affiliate program is a marketing platform, allowing marketers to improve and enhance their business.

Members of such a program are allowed to access innumerable features and benefits, it provides them with the ability or permission to approach and unveil its best features & to market the Automation Tools which helped various customers who operated it.

Through the dashboard, we can view the insights of our analytics like the traffic, sales, commission, etc.

The program is full of creative attributes and assets which automatically leads to referral sales.

 The program helps us in earning commissions via market lead pages in blog posts, social media, hosting affiliate webinar with lead pages, attracting traffic through LeadPages blogs and tutorials, followed by exclusive & short time duration deals.

About Leadpages

Leadpages is a program that helps us to create destination pages or landing pages for your webinars, e-books, streams, and different services.

Leadpages can also be termed as a drag-and-drop program through which you can create these blueprints or templates. Besides, you can increase or build up your list quickly as it organizes your email sign-up forms.

Leadpages Overview

Leadpages help their users who are maintaining their small businesses to come in contact with the viewers, collecting guides, and close the sales. It also combines you with the brand new email commission campaign.

It is convenient to construct websites, landing pages, alert bars, and beyond and it fits inside the drag-and-drop builder and launches an executive destination page or internet site that’s plans to convert. read more on our guide on leadpages

Helping Small Businesses

Leadpages is a program that helps us to create destination pages or landing pages for your webinars, e-books, streams, and different services.

Leadpages can also be termed as a drag-and-drop program through which you can create these blueprints or templates. Besides, you can increase or build up your list quickly as it organizes your email sign-up forms.

Leadpages help their users who are maintaining their small businesses to come in contact with the viewers, collecting guides, and close the sales.

It also combines you with the brand new email commission campaign. It is convenient to construct websites, landing pages, alert bars, and beyond and it fits inside the drag-and-drop builder and launches an executive destination page or internet site that’s plans to convert. 

Great Features For Free

It helps small businesses get a reach and grow to prosper and build their businesses.

It is a very good platform for such businesses as many of its great features are available free of cost, so small businesses with fewer funds and budget issues can easily get a reach and grow their business.

Easy to Understand Affiliate Program

The process is very easy to understand and implement.

All you have to do is enroll yourself for an affiliate program and get started. You can now start promoting a business or product by posting links to their websites on your blog posts or writing reviews.

Lead pages provide demos for their new customers to help them understand the functioning of this LeadPages and it also makes it easier for people to operate it.

Leadpages affiliate program has an innumerable number of entrepreneurs promoting and enhancing their business online. This program gives you the best marketing tools. On this digital platform, affiliates even recommend valuable services to genuine buyers.

Is it suitable for all?

Leadpages affiliate program is mostly not suitable for the collabs as there is only a finite number of partnership devices but this program provides you various types of designs and templates as they are available for your referral and selection. 

As long as the referral remains a Leadpages user you can make almost 50% of the commission as a Leadpage affiliate.  Leadpages are budget-friendly and it offers you a scale of plans that are suitable for any budget and also for any starting business.

The users can renew or update the plan as a member and you can simultaneously earn too. Lead pages don’t always offer customers their programs accessible to everyone.

But provides an opportunity to all those clients who are genuinely keen on promoting their product .one has to be a pro member of such a lead page affiliate program. 

As a pro member, one is blessed with additional features like using custom templates, accessing the program, email support, etc. The lead pages Affiliate program provides

The recurring commission, & also helps in the up-gradation, with the assurance of customer service.

What is Leadpages Affiliate Program?

Leadpages is a software that assists you in converting your leads into sales. How does it do that? Very simple. With the help of the Leadpages drag and drop tool, you can create a landing page with forms, email signups where the website visitor has to fill in his basic details.

Leadpages Affiliates Program Overview

This will help you in getting back to a potential customer. This is a very reliable and efficient tool that generates profitable results. Isn’t this godsend for businesses and e-commerce websites?

Today, it is essential for every business to have a website to get software like Leadpages for faster and increased conversions.

Now, imagine the demand for this tool in the marketing industry? Every business which thrives on its sales would want to install this right away.

Would you want to be a part of a program that promotes this product online?

What’s more, you can earn commissions when you are an active member of this program? Let me give you a quick insight into this.

Why join the Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program?

Leadpages Affiliate Program is an incentive-based setup where you receive commissions on every sale of the Leadpages tool to your viewers. The commissions are recurring and start from 10% up to 50% depending on the new customer each month.

The only criteria being your customers are retained for a longer period, renew their subscriptions regularly, and also upgrade their Leadpages plan. Hence, you repeatedly get your incentive each time your customer renews or upgrades his plan.                    

Benefits of Leadpages Affiliate Program

Benefits of Leadpages Affiliates Program

  1. It allows you to create endless landing pages.
  2. It is integrated with all leading email service providers
  3. It offers you automatic redirection from your old landing pages to the new ones.
  4. A widespread library of amazing templates available.
  5. It helps one create landing pages that are compatible and responsive with mobile phones and Facebook.
  6. LeadPages have a built-in split testing ability which helps you monitor which opt-in LeadPage would work best for you.
  7. They have a very responsive and quick customer service. They give customers a priority and make sure they don’t face any trouble.

Joining The Leadpages Affiliate Program 

This is a simple and easy way of earning some extra cash! To join this program, you just need to click on the link Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program on their website and fill in the form with the requirements.

The application is reviewed and approved within 1 working day.

How to Join Leadpages Affiliates Program

That’s it! You are all set to become an Affiliate Partner at Leadpages. For your better understanding, their website has a video which trains you on how to operate your affiliate account.

Here is a link to the training video:

Now that you have become an affiliate, how do you advocate Leadpages? As soon as you enroll yourself for the program, you will be provided with a referral link that can be used to promote Leadpages.

There are many ways by which you can be a better affiliate partner:

  • Create your unique link and drive traffic to Leadpages through blogs, videos, pricing, and podcasts.
  • Promote the Leadpages webinar to your audiences.
  • Use Leadpages latest updates and launches in your promotions.
  • Once you have achieved sales with a certain number of customers, Leadpages allows you to offer their exclusive discounts and deals on your website.

Leadpages Pricing

The pricing plans of Leadpages have a range between $25 to $199. Various discounts are available in case of yearly subscriptions. In comparison to other similar tools, Leadpages offers better pricing.

Leadpages Pricing

They offer a basic trial for 14 days which is free. Later the plans can be categorized into monthly and annual ones. In both cases, there are further bifurcations into Standard, Pro, and Advanced options. They are as follows: 

Plan 1 – Monthly 

Standard – $37/month

Pro – $79/month

Advanced – $321/month

Features change according to the pricing. The Standard Plan has basic features that go increasing as you upgrade through Pro and Advanced Plans.

Plan 2 – Annual

Standard – $25

Pro – $48

Advanced – $199

The Annual Plan has more advantages to choose from because it provides a discount of 39% as well as an extra domain free of cost.

In both the plans, for all three bifurcations, some features are common. Some of them are Landing pages, notification bars, default custom domains that are free of cost, a prime consideration in customer support services, and templates that can be operated through cell phones.

 However, other features are specific to the categories such as the Standard Plan offers only 1 site whereas Pro Plan offers 3 sites and Advanced Plan offers up to 50 sites. Sub-accounts are only offered in the Advanced Plan and not in the other two.

LeadPages Affiliate Program: Pros, Cons and Features.


  • The communication and connection have a user-friendly way in leadpages, initiators can easily train themselves through the webinars.
  • The multimedia programs can be easily planted with simple insert code. HTML knowledge is not much needed for the process to bring videos, audios on the internet site.
  • Making executive destination pages in a limited time, it saves a lot of time for the user. 
  • The Leadpages affiliate program has excellent drop-and-drag designs which makes work more uncomplicated and convenient. 
  • To collect the guides, users can easily and rapidly make up a goal conversion tested in landing pages. 
  • Leadpages affiliate program provides you a good knowledge about marketing, sales, and funnels. 
  • With the assistance of various domains, leadpages programs can make it less difficult to combine with destination pages. 
  • Leadpages can provide you the possible audience for online broadcast, online teachings, tutorials, and many more. 
  • It provides you with all the information related to commissions and all your analytics.


  • In the lead pages affiliate program, it is extremely arduous to assimilate custom fonts.
  •  In such a program, paying monthly can be extremely burdensome, but still, alternative solutions have been seen promoting one-time payment. Yet, lead pages are extremely remarkable in the short run, but in the long term, it costs heavily as it takes it from our profits.
  • It should make sure to promote certain tutorials or to have e guide books to help their customers with certain issues.


Leadpages Affiliates Features

  • It allows you to generate affiliate links that point to the product, also known as deep linking.
  • The resources for blogs are commendable and information graphs, as well as banners, enable them to add features to the blog.
  • There is a free trial for 14 days, increasing the chances for a referral.
  • The plan can be renewed or upgraded along with a commission of 30%.
  • On the main domain of Leadpages, they offer to host for free.
  • You can sign-up with just a single click which has a trigger link connection with your email.
  • For customers taking the Pro Plan, A/B Split is an advantage.
  • Customizable templates are available for various purposes according to the needs of your blog.
  • As a Pro Plan member, you are also eligible for a priority in terms of Customer Support and Service.
  • Pro plan and Advanced plan offers options for online payouts.
  • It allows the movement of widgets by dragging and dropping them easily. No knowledge of writing codes in CSS is required. Layouts are already given and all you have to do is to choose the desired one from the assorted themes.
  • It offers creative virtues to assist with boosting the sales of referrals.
  • All members partnering with Leadpages Affiliates are entitled to a commission of 10% both including the previous as well as the current ones. 
  • Conversions are tracked through your affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software, Impact.
  • Manage your affiliate account by logging in to Impact.
  • As an affiliate to the Leadpages Program, you’re entitled to a certain amount each time someone subscribes either monthly or annually. 
  • It provides a chance to earn repetitive commission up to 50% as long as people you refer to stay with Leadpages.

Quick Links: 

FAQs Related To LeadPages Affiliate Program: 

✅ How do I login into Leadpages affiliate program account?

Create an account on Leadpages Affiliate Program. Enter your username and password to log in.

💥 What are the best ways to promote Leadpages?

Customers can promote Leadpages using the affiliate program. Once the customer will click on the link and purchase a product, you will earn a commission.

🎉 How much can you earn?

Using the LeadPages Affiliate Program, you will earn $1000 by just sales. You will get the commission until you keep renewing the plan.

💼 Can I can create a custom affiliate link?

Under the Affiliate dashboard, you will see the Create a Link option on the right sidebar. Just click on this option to create the custom affiliate link.

🥇 Can I buy from my own referral link?

No, Affiliates cannot buy subscriptions using their own affiliate link.


Leadpages Affiliates Program Testimonials

Conclusion: Leadpages Affiliate Program 2024

Leadpages affiliate programs can assure you that it connects you with gross good earnings. If you want to tie up with the retailing, bloggers, w.w.w sites, getting licensed is the best idea on the internet to make your business go at high rates.

The designs and templates available in the Leadpages affiliate program is the best tool which supports you to design your landing pages.

One must accept the fact that we can not be successful in the retailing market unless and until we have some experience with it. Leadpages affiliate program supports you for reaching the marketing strategy and also supports quality over quantity. 

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