Benefits Of Homeschooling 2024

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If you are curious about the benefits of homeschooling, then this article is for you.

We have scoured the internet, read academic research, and spoken with homeschoolers in order to assemble, categorize, and order the numerous benefits of homeschooling.

So let’s examine an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling.

We’ve divided this page into the following sections to make it easier for you to locate the specific information you seek.

  • The top 10 benefits of homeschooling
  • The benefits of homeschooling over public schooling

Benefits Of Homeschooling

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The Top 10 Benefits of Homeschooling

There are numerous reasons why homeschooling is beneficial, and frequently superior to mainstream schooling.

We’ve chosen what we believe to be the top ten. Additionally, our decision takes into account the most often mentioned justifications for homeschooling in academic studies.

  1. Homeschooled children consistently outperform the national average for public school students, scoring between the 65th and 80th percentiles. (Ray, 2017) Even after adjusting for background circumstances, homeschooled pupils outperformed expectations. (Belfield, 2004)
  2. Provides flexibility and control over what, when, and how students are taught. Three-quarters of homeschooling parents cited unhappiness with academic instruction as their motivation for choosing to homeschool. In addition, homeschooling allows you to ensure that what you teach coincides with your values and beliefs.
  3. A notable study on the effect of student-teacher ratios on learning determined that the benefit to kids of being in classes of 15 was comparable to three additional months of schooling. Imagine the even greater advantages of homeschooling, where student-teacher ratios are even lower (Chingos et al, 2011)
  4. Encourages social and emotional growth. In the majority of research on social and emotional development, homeschooled adolescents had much better outcomes than their normal school counterparts. Over ninety percent of homeschoolers surveyed are satisfied with their education.
  5. When asked why they had chosen to homeschool, the majority of parents mentioned concerns about the school atmosphere (violence, drugs, etc). Among the numerous benefits of homeschooling is the ability to provide your child with a safe, secure, and supportive environment.
  6. Many learning hours are lost in public schools coping with low-level disruptions, travelling about school buildings, and waiting for others to complete their work. One of the primary advantages of homeschooling is the opportunity to have shorter, yet significantly more productive days.
  7. More pertinent and meaningful education. You are not required to “teach to the test.” You can be impromptu, extend your learning into the community, and adapt your curriculum to address difficulties as they occur.
  8. Special requirements can be met more effectively. Regardless of whether your child has special learning issues or is extraordinarily brilliant, they will not fall behind or be held back by the “teaching to the middle” that occurs in large classes.
  9. There are more opportunities for physical activity with homeschooling. Children in conventional schools spend the most of their day sitting. Homeschooling is advantageous since it enables your child to spend more time outdoors, playing, dancing, and engaging in sports.
  10. Can contribute to your further education. Even though it’s tenth on the list, definitely one of the major advantages of homeschooling for parents is the opportunity to participate as an equal in their child’s educational journey. You may study a new language, investigate an unknown historical era, or go to a new region for the first time with your child, all while growing with them.

Parents who opt to homeschool their children are mostly motivated by the academic advantages of homeschooling, as evidenced by the preceding list.

Nevertheless, it is also evident that homeschooling has many other benefits. In terms of social, emotional, and physical health, for instance.

Benefits of Homeschooling Over Public Schooling

The majority of work on homeschooling compares the outcomes of homeschooled and public school pupils. Although others also concentrate on private and religious schools.

Here is a comprehensive summary of statistics comparing homeschooling and public schools.

However, the data comparing homeschooled and public schooled children’s outcomes are mainly positive and indicate that:

Homeschooling produces:

  • Homeschooled children consistently outperform the national average for public school students, scoring between the 65th and 80th percentiles. (Ray, 2017) Even after adjusting for background circumstances, homeschooled pupils outperformed expectations. (Belfield, 2004)
  • Higher ACT/GPA Scores: A 2010 study comparing the outcomes of homeschooled and public schooled children revealed that homeschoolers had higher ACT and grade point average scores than public school pupils.
  • 66.7 percent of homeschooled kids graduate from college, compared to 57.5 percent of students enrolled in public schools. (NHERI, HSLDA)
  • Positive results beyond school: Eleven of sixteen studies measuring achievement through college and subsequently adulthood and college found that homeschooled students outperformed their normal school counterparts. (Ray, 2020)
  • And is as good, if not better, for Socialization: Numerous studies indicate that homeschooled students do as well as, and sometimes even better than, their public school counterparts with regard to socialization. (2017) (Carlson, 2020)


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