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5 Best Assistant Pro Features For Designers And Developers 2024: [All Key Points]

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This whole post is dedicated to Assistant Pro Features for Designers and Developers. File-sharing within a web design team might be a pain.

The content might become unorganized and ambiguous, impeding project objectives. Fortunately, Assistant Pro is a simple solution.

Its cloud-based database lets you share page builder content throughout your whole corporation.

This article will cover Assistant Pro’s primary features and advantages. We’ll also look at how this tool might help you as a web developer or designer. Let’s begin!

What do You need to Know About Assistant Pro?

Our newest service, Assistant Pro, is a cloud-based application that organizes your creative work into shareable libraries.

It’s an expansion of our current Assistant plugin, which enables you to do administrative duties for your site outside of the WordPress control panel.

When it comes to optimizing your operations, the Assistant plugin is your best bet, no matter what kind of site you’re operating. However, the Assistant Pro plugin is designed with larger teams and businesses in mind.

The new app makes it simple to save and share your creative works in the cloud, such as page builder templates.

Overview Of Assistant Pro

It’s convenient since everything is kept in one location, and your team can share login credentials to enter the repository and download the items they need.

We recommend Assistant Pro highly to anybody working on a website. Without resorting to email or other programs, you may make your own templates & share them with others.

In addition, you may recycle previously created materials for repeat customers. As a result, you may find that you are more productive overall.

5 Best Assistant Pro Features For Designers And Developers 2024

So far, we’ve examined what Assistant Pro is and how it can be beneficial to your design team. Let’s dive in now and see out some of the tools that make it ideal for teamwork in website development.

Best Assistant Pro Features For Designers And Developers

1. Cloud Storage for Page Builder Content

Assistant Pro allows you to save page builder material such as:

  • Entire designs
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Modules

The plugin is cloud-based, so users may access material from anywhere using their login credentials. So it’s a competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive. Unlike other products, Assistant Pro has structured libraries and allows you to share access with others.

Your staff can quickly upload and download files, increasing overall productivity and speeding up the creation of client websites. Everything is in Assistant Pro, so your team won’t need to sign up for several apps.

2. Assistant Pro for Libraries and Teams

We have covered how to create distinct libraries. Create teams inside the platform using Assistant Pro. You may provide access to your library to these groups.

Having many websites or a big corporation might benefit from creating teams inside Assistant Pro.

You may have sub-groups that focus on on-site design, development, and digital marketing, among other things. In this manner, you may segregate your material based on who will use it and how.

3. Team Members Can Access Files From Anywhere

Assistant Pro is cloud-based, as stated. Thanks to remote servers, your staff may access material from anywhere. So it’s useful for companies with remote employees, freelancers, or many offices.

As remote work grows more frequently, this capability will become more critical. Collaboration might be difficult when using a local server or saving data to a single device.

Your options are endless with Assistant Pro. Access to the centralized database is available to team members in various time zones or nations.

The software may help you work together better. It eliminates the need to share various passwords among team members. Employees are less likely to misplace or forget passwords this way.

4. User-Friendly Interface

One of the finest advantages of Assistant Pro is its simplicity. Your material is accessible to your team members with a single click. The interface is very straightforward and easy to navigate.

Designers and developers are presumably familiar with code and complex interfaces. Others on your team may not. Non-developers, for example, may use a simple dashboard to access files.

Thus increasing total productivity. Your team will save time by not having to debug or coordinate difficulties. So you can all concentrate on the tasks at hand and do them more quickly.

You may browse and download public stuff here. You may also submit your own templates to make them accessible to others.

5. It Works with Popular Page Builders

Even a total newbie may use Beaver Builder to develop complicated WordPress pages. It uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to let you set components on the front end and see how people will perceive them.

Assistant Pro lets you share Beaver Builder templates and page builder components with your team. Assistant Pro also supports Beaver Builder file formats.

So sharing material across your team is simple, even if not all of them use Beaver Builder. Assistant Pro does not need Beaver Builder.

You may use a different page builder or utilize the platform to exchange material. The two plugins work nicely together but are not interdependent.

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Conclusion: Best Assistant Pro Features For Designers And Developers 2024

When you utilize Assistant Pro, you can upload and save your page builder material in a user-friendly database.

Web designers and developers have the option of storing and sharing their templates with the rest of the firm.

Is there anything you’d want to know about Assistant Pro’s capabilities or the plugin’s use? In the space provided, please share your thoughts.


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