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10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks 2024: (200% ROI)

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Are you looking to put some sweet cash in your pocket? Push ads are the new trend in the affiliate world, and they are expected to grow even more. If you’re new to push ads, don’t worry!

I have all the information you need to get started. I’ve compiled a list of the best push ad networks that will help you run successful campaigns like a pro.

Get ready to take your ad game to the next level with my list of Top Push Ad Networks.

Why Push Traffic is Great:

Push ads work for almost any type of product or service. They are a fantastic way to communicate with users and have been used successfully by brands for a while now. To succeed in this game, you’ll need to be creative with eye-catching creatives, catchy titles, and descriptions.

1. Hot Tips for Success:

Try using emojis in your ads – it’s a must-try technique! Also, use powerful words to make your ads more engaging and interactive.

2. Easy to Use:

Push ads are incredibly easy to use. Affiliate dashboards allow you to run push ad campaigns.

3. Best Verticals for Push Ads:

Push ads are rocking it in verticals like dating, finance, sweepstakes, and mobile games. However, they can be successful with any other offers too. Just remember to be targeted in your approach since push ads are direct and personal.

4. The Future of Push Ads:

Push ads are here to stay, and with the increasing use of mobile devices, there will be even more opportunities for successful push ad campaigns.

5. Choosing the Right Network:

You have options when it comes to choosing a push ad network. You can go for a single push notification ad network or try an ad network aggregator (DSP) if you’re not sure where to start. Both options have their pros and cons, so choose the one that fits your needs best.

10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks in 2024

Here are the best push notification advertising networks for 2024.

1. PropellerAds

 PropellerAds is a reputable Ad tech company that offers two platforms – full and self-serve – to help me create and optimize my ad campaigns.

I really like their attractive targeting options, which allow me to reach a global audience of over 250 million real monthly users.

PropellerAds- Best Push Notification Ad Networks

One of the best things I appreciate about Propeller Ads is their built-in anti-fraud technology, ensuring that my ads are shown to real users. This gives me confidence in the authenticity and effectiveness of my campaigns.

With Propeller Ads, I have the freedom to choose from various targeting options, such as user activity, geographical location, operating system, device type, mobile carrier, browser, language, and more.

I can even control the frequency of my ads and optimize the campaign based on the results.

The pricing models they offer – CPC and CPM – are beneficial because I can pay less for my traffic if I manage to maintain a high click-through rate (CTR).

I love how their platform allows me to test different variations of my creatives, so I can display the most engaging ads to my audience and boost my campaign’s performance.

For me, Propeller Ads is a safe bet, especially as I’m just starting out in the affiliate marketing world.

However, I also like to try them alongside other traffic sources to see how different networks can influence my campaign stats. It’s a great way to keep learning and improving my ad strategies.

2. RichAds (RichPush)

Let me tell you about RichAds, one of the best converting and affiliate-friendly networks out there. They have a massive reach, with 5 billion daily impressions in 220 countries, which is really impressive!

What I love about RichAds is that they provide premium sources right from the start, and they assign personal account managers to every client.

RichAds (RichPush) Overview

These managers share valuable traffic insights, offer whitelists, create custom creatives, and even help with ad campaigns from scratch.

Statistically, RichAds is ticking all the right boxes. Their traffic is available at a low cost, starting from as little as $0.003 per click.

And they have a lot of traffic in key countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, and the US, making it easy to scale my campaigns and reach a large audience.

Another great thing is that the average cost per click (CPC) is lower than expected, and they focus on global traffic, giving me ample room to test my audiences and creatives.

One impressive feature is the unique views on my offers, which is a nice touch when comparing them with other push ad networks. This high-quality traffic has earned them a great reputation among affiliates.

RichAds is doing wonders for various verticals right now, such as Antiviruses, Utilities, Gambling, Betting, Crypto, Dating, and Nutra. So, if I have any offers in these verticals, I know their traffic is worth checking out.

Aside from offering neat optimization tools, they also make it easy to create and manage campaigns. With Target CPA, I can get a return of up to 300%!

Achieving success is easier with Automated rules, Multiformat, Optimizer, and Performance mode optimization.

The quick approval process is fantastic, as I don’t have to wait for days to start my campaign. RichAds is a powerful network with a unique traffic and a focus on push advertising, backed up by impressive performance stats.

3. AdMaven

I want to tell you about AdMaven, an established ad network with over 10 years of experience.

They specialize in Popunder and Push traffic and work with both publishers and advertisers. The best part is that they have over 2 billion daily impressions worldwide!

AdMaven Overview

AdMaven’s traffic is really effective for conversions in certain niches, and we’ve had some great success with Sweepstakes and Casino offers using their platform.

What makes their publisher network unique is that it includes file-sharing, sports, and video streaming sites.

This combination works incredibly well for verticals like Coupons, Sweepstakes, Dating, Nutra, Betting, Casino, Extensions, Software, and Mobile Apps.

Their network’s performance is top-notch and lives up to its reputation. Advanced reporting tools, multiple targeting options,  API access, and even on-demand account management are provided.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced affiliate, AdMaven is a safe bet. It’s also a fantastic network to use with CPA offers.

If you’re running offers in the mentioned verticals, I highly recommend checking them out. With their expertise and track record, AdMaven can be a valuable partner in achieving successful campaigns and high conversions.

4. EvaDav

Let me tell you about EvaDav, a fantastic push network that can really take your push strategy to the next level. They offer cutting-edge ad tech solutions and provide high-converting traffic in every GEO.

What sets EvaDav apart is their use of predictive audience behavioral algorithms, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time.

EvaDav Overview

They deliver a whopping 10 billion push notification ads monthly, with a strong presence in the US, RU, IN, China, Europe, and other worldwide GEOs.

With over 60 million sites in their publisher network and a million new subscribers to push notifications being added each week, they have a massive reach.

EvaDav has already earned a great reputation among affiliate marketers for a good reason. Their traffic converts exceptionally well in all verticals, and they are very friendly to CPA marketers.

Plus, their user-friendly and intuitive interface makes campaign setup a breeze, ideal for testing multiple campaigns and targeting options.

You’ll find a wide range of targeting options to reach your audience effectively, and their intelligent optimization features will make any statistician leap with joy.

As an affiliate, you’ll love the ease of use, high-converting traffic, and impressive volume that EvaDav provides. They also offer various payment methods, and you only need a payout threshold of $25 with a minimum top-up of $100.

With all these benefits, EvaDav is a network you can’t afford to miss out on. Their proprietary tech, along with the ease of use and high-converting traffic, makes them an excellent choice for any affiliate marketer.

5. Adcash

Adcash is a fantastic self-serve DSP that offers amazing performance tools and advanced ad technology to boost your campaign results.

With 12 years of experience, Adcash is a well-established network with a global reach of 200 million unique visits every day. They are leaders in digital advertising and have powerful ad tech to elevate your performance.

Adcash Overview

With Adcash, you can optimize push ad campaigns through their platform and tools, which makes them different from other companies.

They offer various ad formats, including push notification ads, native, pop, interstitial, and banners, all accessible through one interface. You can create global campaigns and access over 200+ leading SSPs and Adcash’s exclusive publishers.

Adcash provides extensive targeting options, such as GEOs, user interests (a unique targeting option), keywords, website categories, connection types, zones, carriers, and ISPs.

You can also use their advanced macros to make your ads more relevant to your audience.

Setting up campaigns is super easy, and you can have everything running in under 3 minutes. CPA Target automates bid adjustments, white listings, and blacklists for advertisers, saving them time and effort.

Adcash is also known for its efforts against ad fraud. In 2018, they saved over $11.8M in advertisers’ budgets thanks to their anti-fraud technology.

Another great aspect of Adcash is their expert level of support and account management, available at no extra cost.

In my opinion, Adcash is well worth the investment for any advertiser looking to maximize their campaign performance and reach a global audience effectively.


Let me introduce you to MGID, a well-known native ad network that serious affiliates love for its unique push inventory.

Established in 2004, MGID has a proven track record and is a trustworthy network for reaching a large audience and boosting conversions.

MGID Overview

What sets MGID apart is its real-time push technology, allowing you to directly reach users on all their devices whenever you want.

Affiliates have found great success in popular verticals at MGID, including sweepstakes, vouchers & coupons, dating, gambling, finance, and health & beauty.

The best part is, MGID provides a dedicated account manager to assist you. With their help, you can often enjoy reduced CPL and higher conversion rates for your offers.

Even if you’re new to the affiliate space, MGID is perfect for you, as their account manager can guide you through setup, optimization, and targeting.

To get started, you’ll need at least $100 to fund your account. But with global targeting options, high-quality traffic, and excellent account manager support, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for serious affiliates like us.

7. Zeropark

Zeropark is a network known for its ability to deliver traffic that converts, making it a top choice for affiliates looking to make serious money.

What’s even better is that Zeropark is part of the same group that developed Voluum, a popular tracking platform, showing that they truly care about their affiliates’ success.

ZeroPark Overview

Their reputation for providing pop, in-app, and domain traffic has been well-established, and with the recent addition of push ads, it’s definitely worth giving them a try.

Setting up campaigns and utilizing advanced targeting options, conversion tracking, and stats analysis is seamless on the platform. Plus, integrating your postback URL with Voluum is a breeze.

With cool bidding tools and support for adult traffic (with some restrictions), Zeropark offers a range of features that can take your campaigns to the next level.

You can get started with just a $200 deposit and access over 4.5 million monthly clicks, ensuring you have enough volume for your campaigns.

While Zeropark has a lot to offer, the key to its success lies in how effectively you use its tools and incorporate them into your campaign strategy. So, give it a shot and see how it performs for your campaigns.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra is a digital advertising network that has been around since 2013, offering smart and flexible solutions. Over 12,000 Direct Publishers collaborate with them and over 30 billion ads are served each month.

Setting up ad campaigns with Adsterra is quick and easy, thanks to their one-page intuitive setup.

Adsterra Overview

They also provide transparent and loyal moderation, ensuring your campaigns are protected from inappropriate traffic through their multistep system.

One of the highlights of Adsterra is the variety of ad formats they offer, including Popunders, Web Push, Banners, Native Ads, Direct Link, Vast (video), Social Bar, and Interstitials.

The Social Bar (Push Ads 3.0) is particularly revolutionary, offering fully customizable ad formats with higher CTR than Web Push.

They support a variety of cost models, such as CPMs, CPAs, CPIs (PPIs), CPCs, CPLs, CPOs, and RTBs.

A major advantage of Adsterra is its strict policy against malvertising. They prohibit malware, redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts, ensuring a safe and reliable advertising environment.

If you’re looking for stable traffic growth at reasonable rates and a network that values long-term relationships with publishers to maximize profits for advertisers, Adsterra is worth checking out.

In terms of best-performing verticals, their portfolio includes dating, gaming, utility, e-commerce, gambling, sweepstakes, binary and cryptocurrencies, pin submits, and sports betting.

9. Push.House

Let me tell you about Push.House, is a fresh and innovative push ad network that has everything you need to succeed.

When you first dive into their self-serve push ad platform, you’ll notice its clean and intuitive interface, making campaign setup a breeze.

Push.House- Best Push Notification Ad Networks

The best part? Over 180 countries will give you access to a massive global market with 31 billion daily impressions.

Using Push, iOS Push, and PWA ads, as well as your In-Page Push ads, you can increase your ROI by targeting unique visitors.

Push.House offers some powerful targeting options, allowing you to target high-quality traffic sources.

You’ll have the flexibility to target countries, cities, devices, OS versions, and even specific audience types. The possibilities are endless!

And if CPC pricing is your preference, they’ve got you covered. You can choose from various URL macros to help you find those profitable traffic sources in your tracker.

The level of control you get is impressive. You can select the uniqueness of your campaigns based on the ad, link, or domain, ensuring you have full control over the freshness of users.

Even if you’re into advertising adult-related content, no worries. Push.House allows for that too, with over 18+ options available.

Plus, they provide in-built feeds to help you narrow down your traffic sources effectively.

Don’t have your own creatives? No problem. They offer a variety of ready-to-use creatives in their ready sets, so you can easily test them with your offer and traffic feed.

And let’s talk about security. Push.House takes it seriously with features like two-factor authentication, ensuring your account is well protected.

Getting started is a breeze with several ways to fund your account, and you can start with as little as $50.

10. TwinRed

TwinRed, a popular self-serve ad network that’s got plenty of adult traffic. They used to go by the name DoublePimp, but they’ve recently rebranded and added some exciting new tools to the mix.

Our affiliates now have access to the same high-quality service and ad network that we are accustomed to but with the added bonus of Push notifications.

TwinRed- Best Push Notification Ad Networks

With TwinRed’s demand & supply RTB platform, regular advertisers can now use push ads.

Although there might be some limitations initially as they complete the full upgrade, it won’t be long before we can create full-fledged Push ad campaigns and take advantage of this powerful ad format.

Now, let’s talk about the juicy stuff! TwinRed boasts some popular high-converting verticals, including Cam, Dating, VOD, and Games. It’s the perfect opportunity to test multiple ad spots and see which ones work best for our offers.

We can experiment with various price models for Push ads and compare them to our previous experiences with pop ads. The options are limitless, and we’ll have fun exploring the possibilities.

And the best part? TwinRed has an experienced team available via Skype to support and guide us in managing and tracking our campaigns. Having a helping hand along the way is always reassuring.

To get started, all we need to do is deposit a minimum of $100 via Paxum to fund our account. Trust me; it’s worth it! The platform offers high-volume traffic that converts like magic for many verticals.

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Conclusion: Best Push Notification Ad Networks 2024

In conclusion, among the best push ad networks, my top choice would be Push.House.

With their innovative approach, global reach, and high-quality traffic, they offer great potential for boosting ad campaigns and maximizing profits.

Their user-friendly interface and unique ad formats like the Social Bar make it a top pick for affiliates like me.

So, if you want a dynamic push ad network with powerful targeting options, I highly recommend trying out Push.House for better ROI.

Push.House- Best Push Notification Ad Networks

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