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Udemy vs Edx 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

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Udemy is a vast online learning platform offering courses on various subjects from programming to photography, accessible to learners worldwide.

EdX offers university-level courses from world-renowned institutions, emphasizing academic rigor.

  • Vast course selection
  • Self-paced learning
  • Practical skills focus
  • University-level courses
  • Accredited certifications
  • Global institution partnerships
  • Wide range of diverse course offerings
  • Learn at your own pace anytime
  • Focuses on practical skills and applications
  • Courses designed by top-tier universities
  • Offers accredited certificates for course completion
  • Engaging platforms with interactive learning tools
  • Slow at times.
  • Some courses are of low quality.
  • e-Platform need investment
  • No Course Trackers
Ease of Use

User-friendly, intuitive navigation, easy course access, hassle-free learning experience.

Streamlined, academic-focused interface with easy access to top-tier courses.

Value For Money

Affordable courses, frequent sales, lifetime access, great return on investment.

High-quality, university courses with accredited certificates, worth the investment.

Customer Support

Responsive support team, helpful FAQs, ensures satisfactory learning experience.

Dedicated support, extensive FAQs, academic and technical assistance provided.

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through online courses, trying to decide where to learn something new? I’ve been there, especially when it comes to choosing between Udemy and EdX.

Both platforms are great, but they’re kind of different. Udemy has a huge variety of courses on almost anything you can think of, from cooking to coding. It’s like a giant marketplace where anyone can share what they know.

On the other hand, EdX partners with top-notch universities to bring you courses that are more like what you’d find in college. So, if you’re trying to figure out which one is better for you, I get it.

It’s not just about finding a course; it’s about finding the right place to learn. Let’s dive into the Udemy vs EdX debate, based on what you’re looking to get out of your next online course.

Bottom Line Upfront:

After trying out both Udemy and EdX, I’ve got to say, both platforms have their strengths, but Udemy just slightly edges out for me.

Udemy’s vast selection of courses means I can always find something new to learn, whether it’s a hobby or a skill for work. The prices are super affordable, especially with the sales they often have, and once you buy a course, it’s yours for life.


This means you can learn at your own pace, which I absolutely love. EdX is fantastic, especially if you’re looking for something more academic or to add a prestigious certificate to your resume.

But for everyday learning and improving your skills, I highly recommend Udemy. It’s user-friendly, great value for money, and with the range of courses available, you’re bound to find something that matches your interests.


From my personal experience, Udemy is a bit more favorable for those looking to learn in a relaxed, self-paced environment.

Udemy vs Edx 2024: Overview

Udemy Overview

Udemy is an online platform. It permits the advisors so they can develop the best online courses on the topics that are preferred by Udemy.

Through this platform, Udemy uploads various things on the platform from which students will not only enjoy studying but again never want to go on long breaks.

Udemy - Online Course

They upload PowerPoint presentations on the platform with their PDF files or zip files. They also create life classes so that they can get interact with the students directly.

Various courses and their categories are there on this platform, namely:

  1. Business and entrepreneurship
  2. Technology
  3. Art and crafts
  4. Health sector and fitness
  5. Languages, etc.

All the courses are paid or free was decided by the advisors.

Edx Overview

Edx is also an online platform. It provides online courses to top-level institutions all over the world. This platform mainly consists of more than 2650 online catalogs which are created by the partners of Edx.

It has recorded sessions every week. They are available free throughout the week but at the end of the week, you will not be able to see those videos.


To see those videos you have to pay some charges for it. As with this, we come to know that this platform is free for all but a particular period.

They also upload the readings of the sessions so that students don’t need to waste their precious time in making notes and spend their whole day over there.

On this platform, students can get it involved choice in various activities like:

  1. Quizzes as per the sessions
  2. Exams
  3. Practice sessions
  4. Practice quizzes
  5. Assignments/ homework

On this platform, students can get involved in a large interactive session so that they can clear their doubts.

Key Features Udemy vs Edx 

Before going to look at their benefits let’s have a look at their features.

1. Course Offered


Udemy provides mainly 15 to 20 courses in every category. From academics to music and creativity to students’ interest every course is offered here.

Udemy - Course

It has multiple courses like management, technology, playing drums, flute, and saxophone or we can say well-trained musicians also teach here.


Edx mainly provides 2650 courses. Every course is provided here on this platform with well-educated teachers.

edX-Free-Online-Courses- Course

On this platform, no student will be there who will not be able to find his or her field of choice.


From my point of view, I think Edx has more number courses but if anyone doesn’t find his or her choice on Edx then they can move on to Udemy also.

2. Pre-qualification


There is no such requirement for the qualification. This platform just wants to spread education around all age groups and treat all age groups equally.

Udemy - Pre Qualification


Edx is one of the platforms where there is no pre-qualification required for the student who comes on this platform to study on his or her interest.

edX-Free-Online-Courses- Low Budget Course

A student can be any whether he or she is an academician or a freelancer. He or she can be a public administrator or any person who belongs to a non-profit institution. Here is no such requirement.


A very beautiful thing about this feature is that no age limit. As we all know there is no age limit to know anything.

So, I believe both the platforms have done this best but the main concern is the best. You can have your own choice here because you need to check the course that you like.

3. Internet Connection


Udemy wants You to get the best internet quality so that there will be no disadvantage for students are there would be no dis communication between anyone.

This connection is not only important for the students but also for the Teachers. So that students can view courses without any lags. There are highly portable desktops, tablets, and smartphones here.


Edx has the best quality of internet connection but it is not Edx only budgets educators and advisors also has been provided the best quality of internet connection so that the videos will be visible to all. Assignment upload action takes too much time but here Edx made this thing also very easy for their educators.


Internet connection is a big issue nowadays. As if you have to give your best with the platform then you should choose Udemy. Udemy is the platform that helps you with all your concerns but the rest depends on you.

4. Free or low Paid Courses


Udemy offers its students 10% free courses on the platform. Rest courses are generally priced under $200.

Udemy - Low Budget Course


Udemy also has some exceptions with its paid courses. Some courses cost $1000 but they are very rare.


Usually, the courses which are paid are between 50 US dollars and 300 US dollars. It also carries upgraded verified tracking. It has no free trials. It only has a one-time purchasing licensing system available.

Paid or Verified tracker: While paying the course fee you can get activation to your verified trackers so that you can access your course with all the materials like assignments, tests, etc.

Free or audit tracker: This is the tracker by which you can access your videos without paying any charges. You will get access to the free content for only 3 weeks. After these three weeks, it will not be visible to you. It will vanish from your site.

By the side if you have access to paid or verified trackers you can have access to them and still have your access to the course.


If I will talk here about the paid courses then I will go with Udemy because it has some fixed price amount but Edx’s amount will keep on negotiating.

Compare Udemy vs Edx

  1. Udemy and Edx both have low prices on their paid versions.
  2. Educators over the platform are student-friendly.
  3. Both platforms have the best technology options.
  4. Both platforms can overview the pricing control.
  5. Both are very angry using platforms as the discussions are from basic to a high level. There are various options to clear their doubts as it can be through live chat options, video conferencing, or also through webinars.
  6. Both have a basic facility for online connection classes.

But both can’t be the choice of everyone. Everyone will not be able to afford both platforms. So, one platform that we have to choose here also as per their facilities.

Which one could be the best? As per my vision, Udemy will be one of the best quality services given to everyone but Edx is also not bad as it can also achieve some new techniques so that more students can get attracted to them.

Security Udemy vs Edx 


Udemy is highly protective regarding its security. It has a cybersecurity network so that cybercrime can be avoided. It also has an anti-virus system to protect its data from viruses.

Udemy - Security


Edx is having security at a high level. As Edx is having anti- Spammer so that no one can get spammed. It also has antivirus to protect its systems. It is also having IP blockers with strong passwords that are not easily accessible to all.

edX-Free-Online-Courses- Security

Pricing Udemy Vs Edx

Pricing Udemy

Udemy - Pricing

Pros & Cons Udemy vs Edx

Udemy Pros

1. Udemy provides you the multiple options within a topic so that you can make a difference in every part before buying the course.

2. You can get your course registered within $10.

3. As it is not too expensive you can go for two courses also. Only when it is affordable for you.

4. There is also a policy of refund. We can take an example as you purchase some course but you don’t like it or for some other reason your purchase gets wrong then you can take your money back or can purchase other courses which you were willing to buy.

5. This platform will give you the unique advantage that access to the course that you will buy will remain with you for your remaining life.

Edx Pros

1. This platform is accessible to all age groups.

2. Free online courses are also available on this platform with high content quality.

3. Here the learners can choose their educators according to their choice.

4. There is an additional advantage that easy navigation is available with the course so that you can access the videos and test easily.

5. There is not only one subject on this platform rather there are many subjects with wide varieties.

6. Many of the courses are free and cheap so that everyone can get easy access to every video.

Udemy Cons

1. The certificate may not have an approved validity in your professional circle. So you should take the courses only for knowledge,

2. Some courses may not be able to give you everything that you want.

Edx Cons

1. Edx doesn’t show its course fees immediately on its page. If you want to know the fees then you need to register yourself first.

2. On this platform all courses are not audit trackers.

3. Everyone has its pros and cons but here the main point is to earn revenue from teaching courses only. That is the biggest con of this platform.

4. The teaching on E-platform needs investments too which is not fair for the future of the students and the teachers also.

These websites let you create and. Once you register, you will get your dedicated tutor dashboard, which you can use to create, upload, sell, and manage your online courses. In return, you will pay a percentage cut to the platform from the sales you make.

Testimonials: Udemy vs Edx

Customer Review Of Udemy  

Udemy - Testimonials

Customer Review Of edx

edx customer reviews edx user reviews

Udemy vs Edx Reddit:

byu/Reemma2004 from discussion

byu/Reemma2004 from discussion

byu/214speaking from discussion

Quick Links:


👉 What do the Udemy courses include?

Udemy creates its own courses and then they are managed by their instructors. The main foundation of Udemy is its courses, including lectures, videos, pdfs, etc. Advisors can add practice activities in the portal of every student. Every feature can be reviewed here on this platform.

🙆‍♀️ Edx course can be started before paying?

Yes, you can start the course as in the audit track, and later you can get an upgrade it with a verified tracker. As you need to upgrade the tracker if you have to submit your assignment. Without up-gradation, the system will not take your assignment.

💁‍♂️ Can you tell me which tracker is a better-verified tracker or audit tracker?

As Edx features differ with the course of every institution but with the paid courses that are verified tracker you can get access to various advantages of solving assignments or different and unique tests.

Conclusion: Udemy vs Edx 2024

After reading all the features and advantages of both platforms we can reach the conclusion that every platform is unique in itself. We can get to know their advantages and disadvantages but no platform can be filled with only pros.

We just have to make adjustments according to us. Udemy is the best online platform which can not only provide you the best strategy to work on those subjects but can also guide you while learning.

Not many but it has such a couple of advantages that every student wants in its only educator but also the platform.

Everything will be accessible to you throughout your life which is the most unexpected thing that any institution would provide to students. So, while making these points in your mind get up now and choose the platform for your best and bright future.

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