7 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared 2022 (Our Pick)

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When a thought emerges in your mind to make money online then you may look forward to building a website. There were many options available in the markets like affiliate marketing and ad display.

The most successful approach among all the bloggers and marketers do is to launch a membership site. In this post, we are going to discuss Best WordPress Membership Plugins to create a membership site in WordPress.

“In membership site, you may restrict some of your contents to different levels through this you can charge a subscription fee for every level”

If your desire is to launch your own membership site, then you should go and choose the WordPress platform to get started with an amazing and easy-to-use platform. When you will be doing that then you will have to choose from many WordPress membership plugins.

List of Best WordPress Membership Plugins To Create A Membership Site 2022

1) Restrict Content Pro:


It is one of the best plugins and it is also flexible plugins by Pippin’s plugin. You will be amazed that behind this EASY DIGITAL PLUGIN IS THERE.

It is one of the best, full-featured, and strong membership solutions for WordPress. If you expect more then you have to restrict content pro offers. You will all get the core features you need to launch the membership site with WordPress.


  • Unlimited subscription level
  • Premium membership package
  • Drip content on a specific with add-on
  • Unlimited discount codes
  • A member management dashboard
  • Reports to see your sites earning and membership growth
  • Pro rated payments if you upgrade 

It has a reputation for creating products built on clean with well-documented code. If you are a developer then you should go for this.

Restrict content pro plans start with $99/year and $499 for lifetime access.

2) MemberPress 

 This is another popular and respected WordPress membership plugin. Like the restrict content pro, it also gives all in one it also full fill all the needs of your membership site.



  • Unlimited subscription levels
  • Restrict access to pages, child pages, posts, etc.
  • Detailed coupon creation
  • Drip content and content access expiration
  • Built-in an affiliate program
  • You may need to pay for another plugin to get this
  • bbPress integration
  • easy payment gateway integration 

It is considered best among Restrict Content Pro as one of the best WordPress membership plugins. It is also one of the affordable prices, its range starts at $199.

3) Paid Membership Pro:

Paid Membership Pro

It is one of the most complete membership solutions for your WordPress site. It is an absolutely free plugin that offers 64 premium add-on for extending its functionality. In starting you have to buy some premium add-on to get the profit of accessing its all content.


  • unlimited subscription level
  • custom trail period
  • custom member dashboard
  • drip content and expiration dates. 

One of the main plus points is that it comes with its own theme Memberlite.

It has a great deal and feature of paid membership that you will have the option to take a free expert restricted content to non-members. You will have to make a purchase so that you can get access to good features and you have to pay only $297.

4) MemberMouse:

It is one of the powerful turnkey membership platforms that will be set up in less than a minute. It comes with every feature that a membership site needs.

It provides more flexibility than most of the other plugins do. It comes at a significant cost.  It may let you restrict content in two distinct ways:


Through this, you can also create automated upsells and downsells. You will also get coupons and trial offers.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins - MemberMouse:


  • Built-in split testing feature
  • Most flexible plugin
  • Provides bundles and membership levels

 But there are two cons associated with this:

  1. MemberMouse isn’t GPL
  2. it operates on monthly SaaS-style billing. 

If you want to be a premium member then it starts with $19.95/month.

5) WP-Members:


It is also absolutely free plugins that are listed at wordpress.org. do get excited too much because you will not get all the functions and easy to use by going through this free option. But, if you want a light membership then it should be the better option.


  • restrict almost all of your content to registered members
  • add in-line registration forms
  • set up custom dialog, error message, and emails

You will miss some of the high-powered membership sites. It also provides filter hooks for developers to increase the plugin functionality.

You can purchase the membership at RocketGeek for accessing all the premium support.

6) Magic Members:

Magic Members:

If you are tired of using all those complex membership software then you should at least give it a try. It is launched in 2009. it is the oldest plugin membership at WordPress. Its members receive regular updates.


  • unlimited subscription level
  • can sell multiple membership levels to the same person
  • a download manager
  • prevent unauthorized file access
  • drip content
  • unlimited coupons
  • pay per post access
  • sales report 

It is a solid and easy-to-use option. Its pricing range starts from $97 for a single site license. It is the most affordable membership plugin.

7) WooCommerce Membership:

Best WordPress Membership Plugins - WooCommerce Membership

You can get this extension as apart of the bundle. It has a slightly different approach from all the different plugins on the list. It does not work for a standalone solution as it is cleared from its name because it integrates into woocommerce.

You can not restrict content, but you can also restrict the eCommerce store so that you can create a private purchasing club.


  • restrict access to e-commerce contents
  • gives access to membership as a part of purchasing
  • restrict product viewing
  • gives members specials discount on their product purchase
  • restricted posts, pages.
  • Drip content.


It‘s starting price is $149, its subscription starts at $149.

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👉 What is the best membership plugin for WordPress?

If you are talking about what is the best membership plug-in then it totally depends upon you and your needs. But I recommend the Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress membership plugin which provides what you needed.

🙌 How do I use WordPress membership plugins?

Membership plugin is very easy to set up in a few steps. The Membership plugin automatically sets up all things that the user requires like, login, account, pricing, and thank you pages. If you want to add membership plans then it is also very easy.

👍 How do I create a membership site on WordPress?

If you want to create a membership site on WordPress then you all need to follow some simple steps:-

1- Set Up the Membership Plugin by installing and activating

2- Click on the Payment tab in your membership options area to set up your payment method.

3- Now you need to create a Membership Level for visitors to purchase. For that go to your membership and then click on the Add New button.

4- Now you need to set up Access Rules and for that go to your plugin area then click on Rules and then click Add New.

5- To create a Pricing Page you need to go into your plugin then click Groups, and then click on the Add New button.

6- Last step is Add Sign up Login Forms and for that go to Appearance click on Widgets and drag into the widgets area.

Over To You: Which is your Favorite WordPress Membership Plugins

You can now choose the best WordPress Membership Plugins from the above list. The most reliable will be the best two RESTRICT CONTENT PRO & MemberPress.

It provides features membership sites need with the most affordable needs. Hurry go now and choose one.

Desire to launch your own membership site and want to choose wordpress platform then go with Restrict Content Pro. It is the best and reliable with full-featured, and strong membership solutions for WordPress.

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