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5 Best WordPress Mapping Plugins 2024: Which Is The Best One?

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In this post, we’ll talk about the best WordPress Mapping Plugins.

Is there a way for visitors to go around your site? If you have a contact page, including a map is an excellent idea. You may make it simpler for others to locate your favourite Chinese restaurants by pinning them to a map.

Having the ability to show your readers where you’ve gone makes writing a travel blog more enjoyable. Many reasons exist for including maps on your WordPress site, and adding them should be simple.

Here are the greatest mapping plugins. Free and paid plugins are available to help you plan. Use a plugin to begin creating WordPress maps. It’s easy to add maps to your website with a few clicks.

WordPress Mapping Plugins 2024

Let’s dive into the post to know about the best WordPress Mapping Plugins:

1. Maps Marker Pro is used

This plugin makes it simple to include maps on your WordPress website. These include Open Street, Bing and HERE maps as well as TomTom.

To further customise your experience, you may even contribute your own maps (great for mall maps, hotel maps, wedding seating maps, etc.). It is simple to update your website using Maps Marker Pro.

More than 600 front-end and back-end options make it easy to develop maps. Marker clusters, advanced map filtering, real-time updates, QR codes, and more are all part of the package.

Gutenberg-compatible articles and pages may include maps (or use shortcodes if you prefer the Classic Editor). Maps Marker Pro’s functionality has been improved.

Maps Marker Pro - WordPress Mapping Plugins

It’s possible to include your GPX Tracks in a blog post so that readers may see your route, speed, or elevation. Polyline may be used to highlight traffic zones or a garden on your maps.

Because you can see where you are on a map while you walk in Spartan races, geolocation is a valuable tool. Unbounded! Maps Marker is a tool for creating custom maps.

There are no third-party APIs used by Maps Marker Pro. It’s best to use Google Maps or TomTom or Algolia Places for directions. There is a manual for this plugin.

Features like custom pins and layer marker explanations and keyboard navigation are fantastic additions to the app (for accessibility).

WPML/Polylang, as well as 46 additional languages and dialects, are supported by the Pro edition of Maps Marker It is possible to use RTL with UTF8 to communicate in a broad variety of languages.

To construct new applications or combine them with other services, developers may utilise the plugin’s APIs.

2. MapSVG Interactive Vector, Google & Image Maps

The MapSVG WordPress plugin is one of the finest in the business for making maps. With this online mapping tool, you can create vector maps, Google maps, and picture maps.

Custom event handlers (click, mouse over), form creation, custom CSS, and more are all possible with this plugin. Customizable metrics may be added to choropleth maps for demographic and meteorological mapping.

Allows you to make and observe changes as you work on your project through a built-in control panel live preview. Using this search engine, you may look for anything in the text, location, proximity, or a custom field.

The MapsSVG plugin is a lot more than a map plugin.

MapSVG Interactive Vector

In order to use this plugin, users can overlay Google maps with custom vector images (great for displaying floor plans at events such as conferences or outdoor concerts), insert map objects (such as personnel lists or images or statistics), or use shortcodes from third-party plugins (like contact forms!) in selected areas.

Over a hundred country/world maps are also included, as are a slew of map layouts and options, as well as custom colours and regional connections (text, date, radio, checkbox, WordPress post, image, status, regions, marker).

As a third-party add-on, MapSVG is not included. Using this gallery, lightboxes and sliders may be added to maps. Check out MapSVG’s live demo to learn more about it.

3. Open the map of the current user

For the most part, our maps enable site administrators to construct their own maps and add places What can people do to help you improve your maps in the future?

Open User Map may be used to add a location input form to your WordPress site. Open User Map’s “Add Location” form design feature allows for custom fields, media uploads (images or sounds), marker types, and location data.

Optionally, you have the option of receiving email alerts or limiting access to just logged-in individuals. When a user submits a new location, you have the option of editing, accepting, or rejecting it (unless auto-publish is enabled).

In addition, the plugin allows you to alter the appearance of the map and markers, as well as upload new markers and clusters of markers, and create symbologies for marker categories.

Because Leaflet.js is used, no API or tokens are required to see this map. The Open User Map plugin may be downloaded for free from

4. Interactive maps of geospatial data

All of these elements may be added to your maps to make them even more useful. It is possible to utilise interactive geo maps. More than 250 maps are available, as well as a variety of construction tools for generating custom maps.

Whether you’re a travel writer, a multinational firm, or an estate agent advertising a neighbourhood, maps may help your website.

Interactive Geo Maps - WordPress Mapping Plugins

Additionally, Interactive Geo Maps may be used to assist with The Pro edition of the programme offers configurable colour zones and markets, as well as tooltips and more than a dozen different map projections.

Starting a company is an easy task. Once the plugin is installed, you can quickly add maps to your website by utilising a shortcode or a Gutenberg block.

5. Maps are part of the Toolset supplied

With Toolset Maps, creating custom WordPress maps is a cinch. Toolset makes it easy to create new post types and fields in WordPress. As with the other two maps, Toolset Maps are strong.

With this plugin, you don’t need to know anything about PHP or programming in order to generate unique maps for your website.

It’s possible to show a map in many languages or to display results for a certain category of content (like real estate listings) using geolocation (WPML-compatible). The built-in features of Toolset Maps make creating maps simple.

A custom map may be created by combining your organization’s data with custom map markers, zoom levels, map types, street view, and conditional filters (including distance).

Toolset Maps supports both Google and Azure. Why don’t you give Toolset Maps a shot? Almost all popular WordPress themes are supported.

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Conclusion: WordPress Mapping Plugins 2024

The use of WordPress plugins for mapping enables you to share your workplaces, your favourite spots, and other relevant information with others.

Please tell us if you’ve tried any of the aforementioned plugins. Is there anything we can do better? Please share your thoughts.

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