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Top 10 Cloud Computing Courses For 2024 And Beyond

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Cloud computing is very important technology used today. You must be familiar with it in some capacity to get a job in a high profile company. What can be better is if you know more than the fair share of basics. Not only in your job, can you actually become an entrepreneur to make your wildest dreams come true. Yes, if you are an entrepreneur, go ahead and dive into new avenue.

The Best Cloud Computing Courses

You will enjoy the world of cloud computing with your creative drive and determined mind and you will find yourself becoming the best planner and administrator you ever want to be. For becoming the nest developer you can be, all you need to do is take a course and learn all about cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Concepts by Coursera

Cloud computing like any other skill should be done in serial order. The concepts should be first drilled in your brain before you can start to look for more extravagant ventures. You will learn how algorithms run many organizations’ cloud structures and other designing methods.

  • You will be learning concepts like clouds, key value/No SQL stores, trending areas, Map Reduce and many more.
  • A section for programming is also added so you can implement your learning in C++ language. So, yes you should know about C++ before.
  • You will be given homework in this five week course and therefore a firsthand experience of working in this domain.
  • Things are explained with the help of video lectures and a test is formed that is necessary to take before joining the course.

Cloud Computing by UMUC

Cloud computing now has become a part of many businesses and employees are accessed on various things based on this. The rate of cloud infrastructure increase also gives us a fair indication that the trend to move towards cloud computing is only going upwards.

  • The foundations of cloud computing are first taught before moving onto different types of cloud computing technologies.
  • The methods of managing a cloud computing adoption or migration are also taught. The understanding of designing a cloud service or infrastructure is also present in the course.
  • Deployment and configurations of cloud computing systems is also an important thing on which quite a lot of emphasis is given.
  • The knowledge of SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and laaS (as a Service) and other service platforms will also help you.

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Cloud Computing by IBM

If you want to start from the first step of cloud computing and its educational value, you are definitely choosing this course. Developed by IBM, this course will let you achieve your goal of learning cloud computing. Additionally, you will also learn about development process and terminology.

  • The concept of micro-services which is made up many smaller and independently deployed services, is a complex thing yet made easier to understand.
  • Application modernization and its challenges, benefits and uses are also a part of syllabus for the course.
  • Concepts of hybrid cloud which is mix of public as well as private services and multi-cloud with their cost measures and efficiency is explained with projects.
  • This course also works as a guide to explore Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and gives you an idea of offerings of private as well as public clouds.
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Google Cloud Fundamentals

If you want to learn from the best, you got your wish now. Google Incorporations themselves have started this initiative to make people more aware about the benefits and uses of cloud computing. This course will let you free for mining more knowledge about clouds and their uses.

  • You will have choice of on demand courses and training among other things. You also can schedule some classes according to your ease and timing.
  • The course will start with the concepts of application modernization and end to end services before moving towards infrastructure modernization.
  • Having seen real time data you will learn how to leverage it and make some fast innovations according to the need.
  • Other aspects of cloud computing like networking, security, machine learning and artificial intelligence are also added in the course to make it a complete learning experience.

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AWS Certification by Amazon

This certified training course will help in becoming a well-rounded individual with excellent cloud computing knowledge and skills. This course will help you massively if you want to increase your business with the help of Amazon Web Service but will also be quite useful in general on other platforms.

  • You will learn how to optimize, manage and predict the costs of the workloads on Amazon Web Service. Other concepts like design patterns and cost optimization strategies are also taught.
  • You can also add another skill of using the cloud platform on Windows-based operating systems and workloads.
  • You also learn how to access Amazon FSx which is mainly for Windows file servers and is very good and compatible with cloud architects, file server administrators, and storage engineers.
  • Other than all the benefits of learning new cloud computing techniques, you also get access to a blog full of updates and resources about AWS cloud.

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Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch

When you don’t even know a single thing about cloud computing, then you may have problem spotting a course to be able to teach you from scratch. Though you won’t need any cloud infrastructure knowledge, you still require some System Architecture learning to grasp this course.

  • This course will help you give an introduction to SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS concepts. A little concept of Linux systems is also snuck in the list.
  • Administrators and developers who want to put their toe in cloud computing and infrastructure would want to take this course as a stepping stone.
  • You also get to learn and have hands-on experience of many popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Service, Google Compute Engine, and Redhat open shift.
  • The course at last also includes Virtualization Technologies which helps you to use it in Infrastructure development.

Azure Introduction to Cloud Services

So if you are one of the persons who don’t know anything about cloud and services related to them, this course is for you. Not only can you understand the cloud, but you will also in particular learn about Microsoft Azure. You only need some basic computer skills to take this course.

  • You will learn about the various cloud services including Iaas, SaaS, and PaaS other than the services that are offered by Microsoft Azure.
  • Database administrators will find the knowledge provided in this course quite good. Other posts such as developers and administrators will also benefit.
  • The course will also act as a guide for you to learn how to manage Azure from the Classic and New Portal.
  • You will also have the skills after taking the course to authenticate Azure PowerShell.

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Introduction to Cloud Foundry & Cloud Native Software Architecture

Get your certificate in the most interesting aspects of cloud engineering. By taking this course you will make yourself into a better entrepreneur that have the working knowledge of cloud computing. You require no prior knowledge of cloud foundry for taking this course but should have some experience of deploying we based applications.

  • The know-how to use the command line interface will teach in detail. Moreover, how applications are deployed efficiently will also be covered.
  • You will learn the runtime, network, and security of the Cloud Foundry. The development of the framework is also added in the syllabus.
  • The technical instructions for making scalable and resilient design patterns in ‘The Twelve-Factor app’ are also listed in detail.
  • The best thing about this course is that it will end with the last segment full of techniques and examples of finding problems in distributed systems.

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Cloud Skills by Cloud Academy

With a lot of innovation in the cloud-related sectors over the last few years, it has been quite difficult to know the current status of the industry. But don’t worry; this problem is now put to rest by the courses provided by Cloud Academy. They know what the leading businesses need and they are happy to equip you with knowledge that will make you an expert in this field.

  • You will learn the theory and then get practical experience for working on cloud service providers like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • One big advantage you get when you join the Cloud Academy courses is that there are new video lessons every month to keep you up to date.
  • You will also get the training to select the cloud services you need and differentiate them. And other than that the solutions to deploy them is also taught.
  • As a student at Cloud Academy, you will also have access to various study materials. You will also have transcripts of video tutorials that can be accessed on any device of your choice.

Cloud Security for Government & the Military

Cloud computing and services are not only for the private as well as business sector but the official organizations can also benefit a lot from them. Now as the cloud computing is rising in the governments all over the world, so is the need for having the cybersecurity in case of hacks or cyber theft.

  • This course will have in exploring security considerations regarding clouds and other industry-specific problems, so that you can be ready for the challenges.
  • You will also get a detail analysis of topics including security breaches, cyber defense priorities, relevant security frameworks and other resource requirements.
  • You will get a regional breakdown and other security requirements for regions including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas, Africa and Oceania.
  • This course will benefit you in understanding the cloud services and infrastructure from a administrator point of view.

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Wrapping up

These are some of the courses that will have a positive effect on your professional life. You will get a whole lot of new knowledge and skills to get you ahead in your job. If you want to start your own business, these basic concepts can be of utmost importance to make you a successful entrepreneur. The best courses are cherry-picked here and will have you in your mission.


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