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List Of 12 Fastest E-commerce Themes You Need in 2024

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List Of Fastest E-commerce Themes:

1. Neve 

Fastest E-commerce Themes: Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet. 

  • Page size is 246.7 KB 
  • Performance grade is B 88
  • The loading time of the page is 732 ms
  • Requests: 44 
  • Mobile-first approach 
  • It is fast and lightweight 
  • One-click and ready to import starter sites for your business 
  • Custom designs of heading and footer 
  • SEO ready structure and translation and RTL ready 
  • Easily add all your blog pages 

neve-overview-Fastest E-commerce Themes

Neve Customer Review

Neve-review-Fastest E-commerce Themes

2. OceanWP 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • Requests: 52 
  • Loading time: 903 ms
  • Page size: 456 kB 
  • Performance grade: B 87 
  • Ready for WooCommerce 
  • Loads fast 
  • Built with SEO in mind 
  • Floating add to cart bar and native cart popup 
  • View options to see products without leaving the page 
  • Page builder friendly and numerous extensions 
  • A lot of ready to import demos 

Hence, Included in the list of Fastest E-commerce Themes.

oceanwp-overview-Fastest E-commerce Themes

OceanWP Customer Reviewoceanwp-review-Fastest E-commerce Themes

3. Astra 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • Loading time: 741 ms 
  • Requests: 46 
  • Page size: 311.5 kB 
  • Performance grade: B 84 
  • The ready theme for WooCommerce 
  • Infinite scrolling 
  • Off-canvas sidebars for better usage 
  • Grid settings 
  • Widget optimised 
  • Number of checkout options 
  • Sales bubble and drop and down cart 

Hence, Included in the list of Fastest E-commerce Themes.

astra-overview-Fastest E-commerce Themes

4. Storefront 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • Loading time is 828 ms 
  • Requests: 53 
  • Performance grade: B 85 
  • Page size: 451.4 kB 
  • Nestable and flexible grid system 
  • Perfectly integrated with WooCommerce 
  • The simple and clean customisable system 
  • Built with valid schema markup to have better SEO. 
  • Focuses on e-commerce 
  • Accessible 

storefront-overview-Fastest E-commerce Themes

5. AccessPress Store 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • The loading time of 765 ms 
  • Requests: 53 
  • Performance grade: B 86 
  • Page size: 506.9 kB 
  • Have a full package for building a modern online store 
  • Built-in customised 
  • Multiple category display 
  • Product and content search page 
  • Supports WooCommerce native settings 
  • Attractive product page 
  • Deep integration with WooCommerce 

Accesspress store-Fastest E-commerce Themes

6. ShopIsle 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • The loading time of 818 ms 
  • Request: 66 
  • Performance grade: B 84 
  • Page size: 728.9 kB 
  • Media and custom background
  • Fast loading and optimised source code
  • One min demo import 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Live customised and page builder friendly 
  • Translation and RTL ready 
  • Set up a store easily, and no coding will be needed 

shoplsle-Fastest E-commerce Themes

Shoplsle Customer Reviewshoplsle-review

7. ShoppingCart 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • The loading time of 666 ms 
  • Requests: 46 
  • Performance grade: B 87
  • Page size: 408.8 kB 
  • E-commerce and store theme that is ultra-responsive for shopping 
  • Faster loading time 
  • Multiple sections on the front page 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Social media friendly 
  • Colour options to match your logo 
  • Ad display options 

shopping cart

8. Shoptimizer

If you have to get one of the fastest woocommerce themes that specifically caters all your needs, then look no further from Shoptimizer. This theme is an all-rounder of sorts and is equally good in boosting speed as well as e-commerce conversions.

  • You can use the drag and drop editor while using Elementor in production of core pages.
  • The option to add trust badges and other similar options are also present in this theme.
  • An interesting feature of ‘requesting a call back’ is also present that you can add with important products.
  • Important information about the products will pe put at the top of page when the user is scrolling the site up or down.
  • This theme can be a bit too much for a beginner or a first timer as the abundance of options can lead to confusion.


9. E-commerce Gem 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • Page size: 353.5 kB 
  • The loading time of 688 ms 
  • Requests: 44
  • Performance grade: B 87 
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce
  • Featured and latest products selection only 
  • Product Search with category selection
  • Ad section and banners 
  • Drag and drop widgets for homepage 
  • Social link settings 
  • Top footer widget sections 


10. Easy Commerce 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • Page size: 512.9 kB 
  • Requests: 58 
  • Performance grade: B 86 
  • The loading time of 840 ms 
  • Footer widgets with customisation
  • Logo and title customisation
  • A responsive tool with a featured slider 
  • Responsive design with a fluid layout 
  • Sidebar layout options with optional sidebars 
  • Colour options with custom menu 
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 

easy commerce

11. GeneratePress 

Here are the features that make it one of the best themes on the internet.

  • The loading time of 815 ms 
  • Requests: 51 
  • Performance grade: B 86 
  • Page size: 343.7 kB 
  • Accessible ready 
  • SEO friendly
  • Clean vanilla JavaScript 
  • Validated HTML and built-in schema 
  • Lightweight and faster 
  • Page builder friendly and plugin compatible
  • Full layout control 


12. WoonderShop

WoonderShop is quite good option if you want your website to be all-round and have good responsiveness on portable devices and smartphones. This feature is very good in this theme due to the built-in conversion foundation. The theme is quite easy to use for beginners and can be customized by them. You can also choose between different skins while working.

  • You will get different filters for page reload from built-in AJAX button.
  • You will also get helpful user features like auto-complete product search.
  • You can customize the cart functions and also can also use AJAX button.
  • You will high performance for the page load speed and focus of the theme is on being consistent.
  • Widgets like cross selling of products is also built-in from the start, which is quite successful


WoonderShop Customer Review


These are some of the best themes which will not only help in the loading the speed of your e-commerce store but also help in optimizing your website.

Quick Links: 

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😍What is an example of a theme?

Love, Justice/Injustice, Family, Struggle, the American Dream, Wealth, Inhumanity Examples of Themes: People risk their own identity to find love; Power corrupts humanity; Without empathy, there can be no justice.

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👍Is WordPress free for ecommerce?

Do the installation and setup yourself. Use a free theme. Don't need any add-on functionality, such as additional payment gateways.

👉What WP theme is?

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👌 How do you identify a theme?

the idea the writer wishes to convey about the subject—the writer's view of the world or a revelation about human nature. To identify the theme, be sure that you've first identified the story's plot, the way the story uses characterization, and the primary conflict in the story.

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