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5+ Best Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress 2024: Which One Is Best For You?

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This article is dedicated to Best Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress. It’s up to you whether you want to utilize plugins or tweak your site’s chat settings to block WordPress spam.

This lesson covers both of these approaches. WordPress anti-spam plugins come with a slew of features, but a handful is very important. We’ll take a deeper look at each one.

Best Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress 2024

Here is the list of the Best Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress:

1. Akismet

Automattic’s Akismet anti-spam plugin is the most popular in the WordPress repository. The Akismet anti-spam plugin for WordPress is a must-have.

WordPress anti-spam plugin Akismet has 5 million installs and is the most widely used. To combat comment spam, this is an excellent strategy.

All WordPress sites have Akismet installed by default. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be connected in no time. Anti-spam software employs complex algorithms and regulations after it has been attached to your account.

Akismet - Spam Protection for WordPress

Akismet gets notified of new comments through this plugin, and it then processes them. Exactly how many anti-spam algorithms are used to filter out comments is unknown to us.

Spam comments are removed, but the ones that are correct remain shown. You may check the status of each remark to determine whether it was manually or automatically spammed.

FREE for non-profit and personal websites (view license terms). There is a monthly fee of $5 for Akismet on business websites. As an added benefit, premium memberships provide more comprehensive reporting and faster response times.

2. Anti-spam Bee

Anti-Spam Bee outperforms Akismet in this regard. Like Akismet, this free plugin does not need a subscription.

Anti-Spam Bee is free for both personal and commercial use, regardless of the size of your website. Spam comments and trackbacks are no match for Antispam Bee.

Anti-spam Bee - Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress

Intuitive anti-spam tool. With or without CAPTCHAs or third-party data, you can quickly stop spammers. There are a lot of wonderful features in the GDPR-compliant plugin.

For example, you may trust approved commentators and verify their IP addresses, block users from certain countries, eliminate spam comments directly, and more. Monthly spam stats are also provided by the plugin.

3. Hide my WordPress

The most popular security plugin for WordPress, Hide My WP, is available on CodeCanyon. Despite its name, Hide My WP protects against spam. Your website will be safe from spammers and hackers thanks to this comprehensive set of security features (watch the video above).

Hide my WordPress Plugin

Hide WordPress is hidden by WP. Using a spam filter will keep your site safe. Wp-login is protected and wp-admin is renamed to trick hackers. Hide To keep you safe, my WP detects SQL Injection threats.

Hide BuddyPress, bbPress, and other plugins work well with my WordPress site. It’s an anti-spam and security plugin for WordPress.

4. Spam Filtering with Cleantalk

WordPress anti-spam plugin Cleantalk Spam Protection is simple and effective. It does not overburden your website with unnecessary features in order to slow it down or stop spammers. Cleantalk costs $8 annually after the first 14-day free trial.

Spam registrations, comments, emails of contact, orders, bookings, subscriptions, surveys, widgets, and WooCommerce are all stopped by this plugin. WooCommerce is not affected. CleanTalks uses cloud servers to verify comments that have been submitted.

JavaScript has been deactivated, HTTP URLs have been restricted, and so on for this comment. In order to avoid spam, only the most relevant comments are allowed. Using Cleantalk, you may get rid of spam comments and people altogether.

All of the above, as well as BuddyPress, S2Member, and Mailpoet, are compatible with Cleantalk Spam Protection. There are no CAPTCHAs, puzzles, tests, or mathematical riddles, making it easy to use.

5. Protection and Anti-Spam

A WordPress security solution, not only a spam filter, is Titan Antispam & Security. A security scanner, firewalls, audits, real-time IP blacklisting, virus scanning, and damaged file restoration are all included in the plugin.

The user-friendly interface of Titan Antispam & Security makes spam avoidance simple. The plugin initially prevented spam.

Plugin security has just undergone a huge overhaul, making it a universal security solution for all WordPress websites.

No CAPTCHAs are required to use Titan Antispam & Security. You’re safe if you’re one among the almost 200k people using it.

6. Anti-Spam Software

For the sake of your readers, Spam Destroyer was designed to be completely undetectable. Use this easy plugin to prevent spam comments from appearing on your blog or website, even if it receives minimal traffic.

The simplicity of Spam Destroyer is one of its strongest points. To put it another way, the plugin is ready to use. When using Spam Destroyer, you won’t have to touch a single setting to put an end to spam that is generated automatically.

The WordPress admin dashboard does not show a new item after activation. It’s hard at work in the background.

7. Malware, Spam, and Virus Scanner from Cerber Security

Your WordPress site will be protected from spam and hackers with the Cerber Security plugin. Spam filtering is one of the features of the Cerber Security plugin. Spam may be minimized by including it on the contact, registration, and comment forms.

Additionally, IP filtering, custom login URLs and logs, user session management, and concealing wp-admin from visitors are just some of the additional features that make WP REST API Blocker a must-have for any WordPress site.

8. Spam-free WordPress

Having developed anti-spam plugins, I’m pleased to see the shift toward a no-CAPTCHA technique. Users no longer have to answer questions, complete CAPTCHAs, or solve puzzles as a result of this feature.

It also saves you the trouble of having to keep an eye out for spam. Using a WordPress Zero Spam plugin, you can easily remove spam from your site. Installing and activating WordPress Zero Spam is a simple process.

It takes control of your website and eliminates 99.9% of spam using server-side and client-side JavaScript key validation once activated. Comments can only be left if JavaScript is enabled.

With WordPress Zero Spam, you may use Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms as well as Ninja Forms to build your forms. What do you think? Spammy IP addresses may be unable to access your website.

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Conclusion: Best Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress 2024

The 8 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins listed above are only a sampling. People’s needs and wants differ, so make your selection based on that.

Please use the space provided below to share your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for your time.


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