How To Display GeneratePress Related Posts?

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If you are wondering How To Display GeneratePress Related Posts?, then you are at the perfect place. In this tutorial, we will examine how to display related posts in GeneratePress with and without plugins.

If you still hesitate about utilizing premium generatepress theme then please read this generatepress review that will assist you make a decision.

On BloggingIdol, we are using GeneratePress WordPress premium edition and are really delighted with the theme. If you are using the GeneratePress free theme, you will manually need to enter Related Posts code into the WordPress single.php file.

Having said that, I appreciate that everyone is coding savvy, and beginners might not even know how to get around the WordPress PHP files.

Therefore, it is best advised to acquire GeneratePress premium plugin. Moreover, you will be amazed looking at all the possibilities you may achieve utilizing the GENERATEPRESS ELEMENTS module, in GeneratePress theme.

3 Ways To Display GeneratePress Related Posts

GeneratePress Related Posts

  • Directly use Plugins from WordPress Repository.
  • Manually put Related Posts Code into WordPress PHP files [Can be used on GeneratePress Free version].
  • Use Plugin and Code for optimal results.

On our website, I have utilized the 3rd way to display similar posts, right after the primary material, on every single blog entries.

Method number 3 is a STEP-BY-STEP demonstration to display GeneratePress related posts using WP Show Post Plugin, PHP Code for establishing a Hook and CSS Code for Styling Related Posts.

How To Display GeneratePress Related Posts?

  • To accomplish this action you will first need to install and activate WP Show Posts plugin.
  • Later, some initial setup has to be done in order to get everything up and running.
  • Install, Activate & Basic Setup of WP Show Posts Plugin

WP Show Posts plugin is a free plugin available in the WordPress source. It is made by the same developer that has created the GeneratePress theme, Tom Usborne.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard, browse for Plugins, and select Add New.
  2. Type WP Show Posts in the Search Bar.
  3. Install and Activate it.

Once active, in your WordPress Dashboard, look for WP Show Posts and select Add New List.

Give your list a name, I have provided WPrelated (this is case sensitive, and will be used in the hook) (this is case sensitive, and will be used in the hook).

Under the Post tab, select Post type as Post and Taxonomy as Category. In other words, this is a strategy to show content by category in WordPress.

You do not need to check mark your categories. I have utilized 3 Posts per Page. The choice of number of postings each page is fully up to you. Currently with this setting, it will show related posts in same category.

Then click on the columns tab, select 3 Columns, and apply Column Gutter of 2em.

On the Images Tab, check mark Images and set the width and height.

Several Different Methods for Displaying Related Posts in the GeneratPress Theme

Using the related posts plugin, which may be found in the directory at

Utilizing customized code in the functions.php file of the child theme.

With Code + Plugin Techniques.

In this article on related posts in the GeneratePress Theme, we are going to use the third stage to accomplish the goal of having related posts appear underneath a single article.

This is a mechanism that I have implemented on my own blog in order to show related posts. It is located at the end of the content in the individual post.

Related Post GeneratePress Hook

  • You will require you to develop GeneratePress Hook Elements.
  • After finishing the basic configuration of WP Show Posts plugin, you will need to develop a Hook that applies the proper function for loading the Related Post section under every single blog article of your website.
  • For developing a hook you will need to have the GeneratePress Premium version

Conclusion: How To Display GeneratePress Related Posts?

I trust this article has given you an insightful information on how to display similar posts in GeneratePress theme.

If you still have any queries, or want to know various ways of achieving this, then do let me know in the comments area.

We shall go through other examples similarly to show you the greatest results.

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