GeneratePress vs OceanWP 2023: The Ultimate Comparison With (Pros & Cons)

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Are you looking for the best one among Generatepress and OceanWP?

There might be confusing questions such as which has more advanced features? Check out the detailed Generatepress theme review to find out more about it. 

Or which among them has a better performance?

So many questions might be popping up in your mind right now but there is no need to worry as this article will be providing all the answers to your questions. 


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GeneratePress is the perfect option for performance-focused users who want to be able to customize and control exactly how their site looks.

OceanWP is a WordPress theme that has great support for third-party plugins and drag-and-drop page builders.

  • RTL supported
  • BuddyPress Compatibility
  • 1 Click Installation
  • Responsive design
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Widgets
  • WooCommerce Intergration
  • Fast-loading
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Fastest WordPress Theme
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Various Customizations
  • Affordable price
  • Many customization options
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Many available demos
  • Beneficial for developers only
  • Lots of ads in the free version
Ease of Use

GeneratePress is easy to use but the options could be modernized and better organized.

OceanWP is not as easy to use as other themes that are available primarily because the options are all over the place.

Value For Money

The free version is more of a demo with limited options, but the Pro has most of what you would need.

Rating is based on the free version. The Pro version is more expensive than all other Pro themes.

Customer Support

GeneratePress is very cognizant of supporting their customers and users and people seem to love it.

The support experience is really good. There have been issues that linger and are not resolved in a timely manner.

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Are you looking for an unbiased GeneratePress vs OceanWP? You are at the right place, but let me ask you a few questions.

There are many different kinds of WordPress themes out there, but not all of them are easy to use or designed with SEO in mind. To make matters worse, some themes charge you a lot of money and have slow load times because they’re too bloated with features you don’t need.

Solution: GeneratePress and OceanWP both offer simple solutions that let you create beautiful designs without having to spend hours customizing them yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you.

Both platforms have well-structured code which makes them fast and easy on your server so your site loads quickly no matter how much traffic it gets from search engines like Google or Bing. The best part? They’re both free!

Bottom Line Upfront: 

If one is familiar with WordPress they would surely be knowing these two themes: Generatepress and OceanWP. These two themes are considered one of the best WordPress themes available. 

generatepress vs oceanwp

With their drag and drop page builder anyone can create an amazing website in minutes without any coding experience required!

they have over 50 premium extensions (most of which are also free) that allow you to add everything from contact forms, sliders, pricing tables, blog posts

carousels or even a full eCommerce store just like Amazon right on your site quickly and easily! Their helpful support team is always ready to help answer any questions or concerns you might have along the way.

Click here to learn more about GeneratePress

OceanWP is gaining popularity and is a rapidly growing theme that sounds amazing. Generatepress is convenient for beginners and is an ultra-lightweight theme and also offers plenty of advanced features with multiple site licenses that are provided with their premium plans. 

In this comparison article we will talk about:

  •  A basic overview of Generatepress vs Ocean WP
  •  Few best features of Generatepress and OceanWP
  •  The ease of use, customer support, and customer reviews.
  •  Pros and Cons
  •  The pricing structure of Generatepress and OceanWP.
  •  Which is the best one among Generatepress and OceanWP

Table of Contents

Overview: GeneratePress vs OceanWP


GeneratePress Theme review

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that is fast, efficient, user-friendly, and also aims to tackle any website problems.

It not only provides themes for free but also premium provides plugins with a premium package that extends the templates in order to facilitate creating more options on your website.

What makes it attractive is the way of customization in spite of being simple and stable. Above all GeneratePress promises stability, security along with optimization.


Ocean WP WordPress theme- OceanWP vs GeneratePress

OceanWP is also a popular WordPress service that is available for free for diverse functionality. Its features can be enhanced by premium plugin extensions.

Quick loading themes available are a boon for drag-drop creators and similar groups. Most interestingly it allows an instant transformation of your website in one click.

Examining the Differences in the Elementor Integration (Or Other Page Builder)

As I indicated at the beginning of this post, when partnered with Elementor or another WordPress page builder plugin, all three of these themes perform quite well.

When I say “integration,” I’m referring mostly to page-level settings that provide you control over the canvas for the designs you create with Elementor.

For instance, you may wish to be able to disable the page title for specific pieces of content so that you can instead use Elementor. Alternately, you may make use of a full-width template rather than the boxed one you typically employ.

When it comes to the amount of control you have over the Elementor canvas, the free versions of Astra and OceanWP provide you the most.

But if you want to take things to the next level, GeneratePress is one of the best options (and even the free edition of GeneratePress offers the majority of the features you’ll require).

This is how each theme deals with these different characteristics…


  • Astra gives you detailed page-level controls that let you:
  • You can select the side on which to display a sidebar, or you can turn off the sidebar entirely.
  • Modify the width of the page to one of the following formats: boxed, content boxed, full-width contained, or full-width stretch.
  • Turn off certain components of the content, such as the header, title, featured image, footer, or breadcrumbs.
  • Set the header to transparent or make it opaque.
  • Astra Elementor integration.


  • A specialized Layout meta box will be added to posts and pages by GeneratePress. Using this box, you will be able to modify all of the relevant parameters for Elementor. You can:
  • You can select from a variety of layouts and sidebar configurations.
  • Adjust the number of footer widgets, or turn them off entirely.
  • Disable selected items. The post title is the only thing that may be disabled in the free version; however, the premium version provides support for a great deal more.
  • Pick either a full-width or confined style for your website.
  • Integration of GeneratePress with the Elementor page builder.


Installing the free OceanWP Extras companion plugin provides you with a meta box that is extremely detailed and gives you the ability to control every facet of your post, from the general layout all the way down to the logo that you use on each individual page.

This gives you a great deal of creative freedom over your content. In addition to the fact that you have a large number of possibilities, you also have access to the essential components of Elementor, such as:

A choice to alter the sidebars and select either a full-width or boxed style for the site.

The ability to disable features such as the header, page title, breadcrumbs, footer, and any other elements that could potentially interfere with the design you are creating with Elementor.

Integration of OceanWP with Elementor.

Take a Look at the Available Configuration Options. In addition to integrating Elementor, each of these three themes has extensive customization possibilities within the WordPress Customizer, giving you complete command over the appearance of your website.

These options can help you with Elementor by enabling you to adjust the global styles that Elementor inherits (if you disable Elementor’s own styling).

This is in addition to helping you control the layout, design, and functionality of your site. Unfortunately, it is not possible to show you every single option because all of these themes come pre-installed with Customizer controls.

Because of this, I believe that it might be more helpful to simply share my thoughts via text rather than attempting to give you screenshots of the WordPress Customizer, especially because the options differ depending on which extensions you have active.

In general, I’d say that OceanWP is the theme that offers the most available customization choices. After that, the following in line would be Astra (which wouldn’t be too far behind), followed by GeneratePress a little farther behind Astra.

And don’t forget that each of these three themes offers significantly more customization options than the typical WordPress theme.

Why Would You Require A Page Builder-friendly WordPress Theme?

WordPress comes with a streamlined editor that makes it simple to create and design content. This editor, on the other hand, can be a little limited in terms of flexibility and options.

That is why there are so many well-known page builders. These tools allow you to drag and drop pre-built elements and precisely arrange them within your pages and posts.

Most page builder plugins have been designed to work with virtually any theme. However,’ reasonably well’ is frequently insufficient. If you want to get the most out of your site, look for a theme that has been optimized to work well with page builder plugins.

We’ll start with Genetarepress, which has a Site Layout module. You can use this tool to make changes to the overall design of your website.

You can also easily create your own custom layouts. In addition, there are numerous customizer options that give you complete control over your headers, sidebars, footers, backgrounds, and more.

Generatepress is a theme that was designed to load quickly in a browser, and it does. Generatepress and Astra have nearly identical theme properties; the two look like two drops of water. The Generatepress code is only 15kb in size, making it very small.

First and foremost, this is a Generatepress Premium review; the free version, which can be downloaded here, is, of course, incomplete.

So, even if we don’t always say it, we’re talking about the premium version. This is accomplished through the use of premium plugins and a library of 1-click demo websites.

WooCommerce Support & Other Notable Integrations

You can control the functionality of your product pages, shopping cart, and other essential WooCommerce settings with the aid of the new WooCommerce-specific options found in the WordPress Customizer, which are included in all three of these themes and offer special integrations for WooCommerce.

In the next section, I will analyze and contrast the WooCommerce features that come included with each theme. In the same vein as the customization choices, I’d say that OceanWP has a little edge in terms of the sheer amount of power you have, with Astra following closely behind it (both of these themes are particularly fantastic when it comes to WooCommerce).

Astra goes above and beyond this by also providing specific connectors for two of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins: LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Therefore, if you are considering developing an online course, this may be a justification for selecting Astra over the other options.


WooCommerce support is built right into Astra, and it comes with some handy customization options like:

A dropdown cart

A product search and filter options sidebar that is displayed off-canvas.

A choice that enables rapid views of products without the requirement for a separate plugin to be installed.

You have the option of using a two-step or distraction-free checkout process, which may be enabled by checking a box in the Customizer.

A “bubble” sign for things that are for sale

Options for personalization that give you control over your product catalog

Your store will, in essence, have a sleek user interface (UI) from the very beginning, one that is designed for conversions, and this will be achieved without the use of any third-party plugins.

Finally, as I said earlier, Astra comes with specialized connectors for two of the most popular learning management system plugins: LifterLMS and LearnDash. If you are utilizing one of these plugins, the WordPress Customizer will provide you with the ability to make significant decisions regarding the layout and operation of your courses.


A specialized WooCommerce module is available in the premium edition of GeneratePress. This module allows you to use the real-time Customizer to customize key aspects of WooCommerce functionality, including the following:

Including a shopping cart icon in your menu, complete with an appealing dropdown effect, will enable customers to view the items in their baskets without having to navigate away from the current page.

Altering the visual presentation of your product archive pages

Including an attractive AJAX “add to cart” button, in addition to a panel that remains fixed at the top of the page

Maintaining complete control over the styling of your WooCommerce content

A technique of purchasing that is free of distractions.

Having control over whether or not to display cross-sells or related products

GeneratePress vs OceanWP

Schema Markup

Schema Markup support is included right into GeneratePress. You can either use this to add microdata to your HTML or let your theme handle it automatically for you. Both options are available.

Google values this additional information, and as a result, the search engine will provide a more favorable presentation of your pages inside the search results. Schema PRO is the name of a plug-in that is available for Astra PRO, which is Generatepress’s most formidable rival.

OceanWP: Woocommerce add-ons for WordPress

The OceanWP theme has also been refined for use with Woocommerce, which is currently the most widely used webshop system available for WordPress everywhere in the world.

Not only does it allow for the modification of its appearance, but it also provides a variety of tools that improve conversion rates. Take, for example, the “native cart pop-up” that sometimes appears.

A reminder to complete your purchase will display in a window as soon as you place an item in your shopping basket. Simply doing this would generate an additional 8% in conversions. On Woocommerce’s official website, you’ll find a selection of add-ons and add-on categories called modules.


Performance – Speed


GeneratePess is very well performance-centered. Loading themes takes no time in spite of being lightly weighted (30kb) and also doesn’t rely on jQuery.

generatepress vs oceanwp

There is support for Woocommerce, endless resources to customize, and secured codes. If the preference is dominantly about best performance then GeneratePress is just for you.


OceanWP is certainly not slow compared to GeneratePress. Although, it’s not as performance-centric as it is with the flexibility of the content, aesthetics, and design elements of the website.

generatepress vs oceanwp

If it all about design – customization OceanWP never fails to raise the bar on it with plenty of choices available for customization.

User Interface/Customization


Extra than the upgraded Customizer, the free version of GeneratePress is very bare-bones, with no other panels or settings.

Thankfully, the Customizer has been enhanced, allowing you to change the site’s logo and icon, customize the header and footer, and change the primary navigation layout for the entire page.

I particularly like that the Customizer now has color presets — instead of creating your own palette and changing each hue one by one, you can use a prebuilt “color theme” with only a few clicks.

Purchasing the premium version of the theme unlocks a slew of useful features. The “Sections” extension, for example, simplifies page construction by adding section creation and modification options to the WordPress Page section.

To access the premium extensions and the three dozen demos, you must first activate the license and install the GP Premium plugin. It’s a little inconvenient, but it’s not a big deal.

The theme allows you to deactivate any extensions that you aren’t using, which speeds up site loading times.


OceanWP is simple to set up and can be done from within WordPress. It’s extremely simple to set up, thanks to the helpful setup wizard.

It’s worth noting that, while OceanWP suggests installing three plugins – Elementor, Ocean Extra, and WP Forms – the Ocean Extra plugin is never stated as being essential to the theme’s functionality. So, for your convenience, don’t skip any of the wizard’s recommended plugin installations.

While you can easily change the theme with Elementor, the built-in WordPress customizer panel also allows you a lot of control over the appearance of your website.

You may edit the fonts, header, footer, menu, social icons, and overall style of your website with the WordPress customizer.

Additionally, an OceanWP panel will appear at the bottom of the Pages and Posts sections, allowing you to change the universal settings you defined in the Customizer, such as header styles and titles.

It’s a clever technique to modify the look of individual pages while keeping the rest of the site intact.

Page builders and Integrations GeneratePress vs OceanWP 


GeneratePress introduces a meta box structure to posts throughout intending to provide you with access to all of the settings of Elementor.

Generatepress page builders- OceanWP and GP comparison

The following can be done:

  • Various layouts and design – arrangements of sidebars can be incorporated
  • The number of footer widgets can be altered.
  • Certain elements can be disabled (This feature gets interesting with the premium version)
  • Adjusting the design of the layout frame


From the logo to each and every single detail on your page can be managed using an all-inclusive meta box that comes with the installation of the Extras companion plugin. Aids you with all the mandatory things for Elementor that include:

Ocean WP Page Builders- Generatepress vs OceanWP

  • Control over almost all the elements that could cross during any phase of the design process
  • The choice to pick the layout options. 

When you first start, you may question, “Why do I need a page-builder-friendly theme?” “Do I even need a page builder?”

The basic post or page editor in WordPress is useful for writing material, but it lacks some capabilities needed to make it look professional. That’s why more individuals are using excellent page builders.

You can use a page builder to create a post or page without touching HTML, CSS, or any related components. Drag and drop pre-built elements to build your own layout and design.

A page builder-friendly theme like OceanWP can save you time and make things easier.

Customization Comparison – GeneratePress vs OceanWP 

Both GeneratePress and OceanWP have a versatile range of customization options compared to any free average WordPress available out there.

Listing out each customizing feature here would make it really lengthy but to be direct, OceanWP wins it when it comes to customization options and Generatepress stands next (with a very little difference).

Nevertheless, both have the tendency to make your site look equally amazing that goes without saying

WooCommerce Customization

WooCommerce customization- GeneratePress vs OceanWP

GeneratePressPaid version can make your Woocommerce gets much more attractive and lively with its delicate module providing features as given below:

  • Playing with the looks of archive tabs of your products
  • Provides you a cart icon for a preview of products added to the cart
  • Pinning an AJAX add-to cart icon.
  • woocommerce content can be styled in a very customized way
  • An effortless, hustlefree space for checkouts
  • You can choose the category of the product that appears

generatepress vs oceanwp

OceanWPAn unimaginable range of choices for setting up a Woocommerce store!

Here you go:

  • A glance at any products
  • A Cart icon along with a dropdown, customized for mobile view too
  • Products in the cart are highlighted post adding
  • Search options and filters  come with Offcanvas
  • A floating bubble with anadd to cartpopup button
  • Sales badges
  • Step by step check out options  with no distractions

Demo site options – GeneratePress vs OceanWP 


Importable demo sites still under improvisation in GeneratePress when compared to the rest. Few rely on Elementor or external builders. It does offer some niche templates.

generatepress vs oceanwp

There are no demo sites readily available for free hence The quality ones can be accessed only with the premium version.

OceanWP – There are quite a decent number of demo sites readily available out of which some are free. Niche sites are very much available here too.

Overall, the demo sites here look really appealing and convincing to use. Mostly the sites are built with and depend on Elementor to function/ access.

GeneratePress vs Astra — Starter Sites

Astra provides a considerably bigger collection of pre-built importable demo sites. Astra also provides beginner sites in its free edition, but GeneratePress Premium only includes starter sites if you pay for it.

As a result, when it comes to importable beginning sites, Astra has a slight advantage.


Again, if you purchase GeneratePress Premium, you will only be able to get a basic site. The free edition does not have any beginning sites, which is crucial to consider if you don’t want to start from scratch.

GeneratePress’ premium version includes starting sites developed with three different content builders:

  1. Native WordPress editor (blocks) – 44 different sites.
  2. Elementor – 14 different sites.
  3. Beaver Builder Pro – 6 different sites.

This gives you a total of 64+ pre-built locations to pick from.

You’ll need to activate the Site Library module in GeneratePress Premium to import GeneratePress starting sites. You can then browse the demo sites in your WordPress dashboard and import them with only a few clicks.

You have the option of doing a complete or partial import when importing a beginning site. You can import the following:

  • Only the WordPress Customizer options are available.
  • All of the demo content and the Customizer settings.


Astra provides a big number of free beginner sites, as well as a significant number of additional starter sites in the Agency edition.

Astra provides four different content editors for its beginning sites:

  • 52 different sites – 52 free sites and 0 paid sites — native WordPress editor (blocks).
  • Elementor has 133 separate sites, 60 of which are free and 73 of which are premium.
  • Beaver Builder has 106 separate sites, 38 of which are free and 68 of which are paid.
  • Brizy has 40 separate sites, 17 of which are free and 23 of which are premium.

Unlike GeneratePress, there is some overlap between different content editors in beginning sites. For example, both the block editor and Elementor can be used to create the same basic site.

As a result, you won’t be able to simply sum up the entire number of templates. However, you can see that Astra has a significantly larger selection than GeneratePress. Even if you merely look at the Elementor demo sites, you’ll notice that there are twice as many.

To get started with Astra’s beginning sites, you’ll need to download and install the Starter Sites plugin from (or the equivalent premium version to access the premium demo sites).

You’ll be able to browse the starter sites from your WordPress dashboard after that. When importing a beginning site, you can choose between a complete or partial import. You can import the following:

  • Content from the demo site in individual chunks.
  • Only the WordPress Customizer options are available (no content)
  • The content is all that matters.

Ease of Use


It has an uncomplicated and simple theme structure which makes it easier to use among newbies or beginners. For the installing process, one needs to install the free version of the theme first.

generatepress vs oceanwp

When purchasing the premium plan, one will receive a file that is a plugin and is required to be installed in their site’s plugin folders to get started with the theme. also, all the add-on options are well organized and fully functional.

In terms of loading speed, it is better and faster as well as is very understandable and simple concerning control panel and operation.


In terms of design options and flexibility, there is no better option than OceanWP. The theme has beautiful designs that are available on all devices, high quality demo videos are also provided by Oceanwp which gives a good overview of the site.

The theme is not so easy to use, beginners and newbies might face difficulty in getting along with it initially, the biggest cause of this is the options that are spread all over making it confusing.

generatepress vs oceanwp

When installed the premium plan stays the same and only the collection of extensions is added. Hence, one receives a bunch of zipped folders, one for each add-on, which is needed to be installed and uploaded separately for each one. 

Winner: Generatepress

As we can see, Generatepress is easy and simple to understand and is

also less complicated than Oceanwp therefore it can be easily declared a winner in this category. Moreover, it is also one of the fastest loading themes available out there.

You might have questions like this for GeneratePress vs OceanWP  : 

-Which is best GeneratePress or OceanWp?

-Is OceanWP premium worth?

-Does OceanWP work with Elementor?

-Is OceanWP premium worth?

-What is GeneratePress used for?

-What is GeneratePress?

-Is GeneratePress good for SEO?

-Does GeneratePress need a child theme?

-Is the OceanWP theme responsive?

Page Builders and Overall Customization Options

We’ll compare these three themes based on the customizability choices they provide. A theme that is fully adaptable allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The webmaster benefits from a theme with more modification capabilities because they don’t have to rely on third-party plugins.

Also, because most lightweight themes lack many design elements, most webmasters combine them with Page Builder Plugins. We’ll need to see if these themes function well with WordPress Page Builders and integrate nicely.


The Ocean Extra Plugin is a plugin that supports the OceanWP theme. It runs the theme installation Wizard and gets you up and running in a matter of seconds. The wizard will ask you to add some extra plugins or add-ons when you install the theme. It is dependent on the theme design you select.

This theme, unlike the GeneratePress theme, contains several WordPress requirements such as Page Builders and Form Builder Plugins, however, some of them are optional. If you like, you can skip a few of these requirements when importing the demo content.

You may obtain numerous attractive designs for nearly any type of website if you subscribe to this theme’s premium library. The number of add-ons available for this theme is extremely impressive. The more extensions you install, the more options you’ll have for customizing the theme.

You may obtain numerous attractive designs for nearly any type of website if you subscribe to this theme’s premium library. The number of add-ons available for this theme is extremely impressive. The more extensions you install, the more options you’ll have for customising the theme.

Demo Websites Or Site Templates In GeneratePress vs OceanWP


GeneratePress used to be behind OceanWP, but it has steadily improved. With this theme, you’ll have access to over 40 demo sites that you can import. Some are traditional, while others use Elementor or Beaver Builder.

There are numerous templates to choose from. Even while the diversity isn’t as extensive as Generatrepress or OceanWP’s, it’s still stunning. You should be aware that GeneratePress does not provide free access to demo sites. To import demo sites, you must purchase the premium package.

The only positive aspect of those demonstrations is that they were created using Elements (a GeneratePress premium module) and can easily be copied and used. So, if you like a demo section, you should be able to quickly verify the Element that powers it and copies it into your own site design.


Over 70 importable sites are available with OceanWP. However, only about 10-15% of the total are free, while the rest require a premium license. OceanWP provides niche-specific websites, such as those for bakeries or the wedding industry.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Elementor is used by the majority of the demo sites on OceanWP.

As a result, if you’re utilizing a different page builder, you should be aware of this. It’s only the Astra WordPress theme that has example sites for page builders other than Elementor that may be imported.

WooCommerce Support and Customization Options

WooCommerce is a WordPress-based online commerce platform. You may quickly set up your online store with this platform. The nicest aspect is that all three themes integrate seamlessly with the WordPress Customizer.

WooCommerce makes it simple to manage your shopping cart, product pages, and other comparable settings. OceanWP appears to have the most control of the three WordPress themes.

However, if you’re looking to create an online store, both Astra and OceanWP are excellent options. Other essential connectors, such as LifterLMS and LearnDash, are included with Astra.

If you wish to create an online course website, these plugins will come in helpful. Here’s a quick comparison of the WooCommerce features available with these themes:


The free edition of GeneratePress does not support WooCommerce, however, the premium version has a lot more capabilities. You’ll get a dedicated WooCommerce module with access to the real-time customizer if you buy the premium version.

You can also control the following using this customizer:

  • On the menu, including a shopping cart icon.
  • It has a dropdown effect as well. This allows the customer to search for items in his cart without leaving the page.
  • Make changes to the appearance of your product archives.
  • Add a cart button to the top of the page, as well as a sticky panel.
  • Configure the content styles for WooCommerce.


OceanWP, like other choices, comes with a slew of WooCommerce possibilities. Here are a few examples: –

  • It has a ‘quick view’ option for products.
  • View items in the cart without leaving the page using the cart dropdown.
  • For mobile users, this is an excellent implementation.
  • A separate menu is available for searching for products and applying filters.
  • When the user scrolls down the page, a floating bar appears to help them add things to their cart.
  • Checkout options that are simple

Customer service


They provide a public support forum which is also available with the free version of the theme where one can create their questions which can be answered by the other users or just quickly can search through the topics available and find the answers to their questions or queries.

generatepress vs oceanwp

It also provides a ticket submission option for quick help. One can also find many useful tips and tricks about the theme.

The documentation for GeneratePress is extensive, with entries covering everything from basic setup to all Customizer options. Each Pro module has its own section, which is chock-full of articles to help you master it.

The Developer documentation is straightforward, with a focus on hooks and filters. Anyone can look through the support forum, and members can post if they don’t find the solution they’re looking for.

However, there are no priority support plans, phone lines, or even a live chat option, making things difficult for complete beginners.


On the other hand, Oceanwp provides only an email ticketing system as customer service. They do not provide any support forums which sometimes may get annoying as email replies can be sometimes delayed.

ageneratepress vs oceanwp

Besides most of the users have a good support experience though complain about few issues that are not resolved timely and sometimes are time–consuming.

Winner: Generatepress

We can easily see that Generatepress provides more options and one can easily get answers to their queries with quick support forums whereas Oceanwp only provides email ticketing which can be a better option for those who have enough patience till they receive replies.

Which Theme Loads Faster?

The leading speed of a website matters the most, and it completely relies on the theme you are choosing. Website speed is one of the 200+ factors Google analyses when ranking any website, which is why the

leading speed of a website matters the most. Despite the fact that all of these themes are lightweight, Astra and GeneratePress place a greater emphasis on performance than OceanWP.

 A table with data from all three themes’ performance testing can be found below.
To run the testing, these themes were installed with the default setup on an AWS LightSail instance. In practice, however, because people alter the site so much, the results may vary.

Page Builders and Overall Customization Options

We’ll compare these three themes based on the number of customization possibilities they provide. A theme that is fully adaptable allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

The webmaster benefits from a theme with more modification capabilities because they don’t have to rely on third-party plugins.

Also, because most lightweight themes lack many design elements, most webmasters combine them with Page Builder Plugins. We’ll need to see if these themes function well with WordPress Page Builders and integrate nicely.


In terms of performance, the GeneratePress theme is one of the most well-optimized themes available. It comes with Gutenberg-optimized templates, making it quite handy.

Landing pages, publications, restaurants, business portfolios, blogs, and other projects can benefit from a variety of styles.

The GeneratePress Pro demo templates aren’t great, but the theme is compatible with all of the major website builders.

It has a one-of-a-kind pro component called Elements, which allows you to quickly add new features to the theme. Elements can be used to create header layouts, custom calls to action, conditional script additions, PHP code at specific theme locations, and so on.

GeneratePress Blocks is a useful plugin developed by the same team that can improve Gutenberg’s functionality. With the GeneratePress WordPress Theme and GeneratePress Blocks, you can construct any layout. As a result, I usually recommend installing them in tandem for any Gutenberg site owner.


The Ocean Extra Plugin is a plugin that supports the OceanWP theme. It runs the theme installation Wizard and gets you up and running in a matter of seconds. The wizard will ask you to add some extra plugins or add-ons when you install the theme. It is dependent on the theme design you select.

This theme, unlike the GeneratePress theme, contains several WordPress requirements such as Page Builders and Form Builder Plugins, however, some of them are optional. If you like, you can skip a few of these requirements when importing the demo content.

You may obtain numerous attractive designs for nearly any type of website if you subscribe to this theme’s premium library. The number of add-ons available for this theme is extremely impressive. The more extensions you install, the more options you’ll have for customizing the theme.

You may easily add pop-up registration forms, an Instagram gallery, and other similar features with just a few clicks. These add-ons make personalization a breeze for the user.

GeneratePress vs Astra — Free and Premium Features

Both themes offer popular free variants as well as paid versions with more features, as we indicated above.

The premium version is technically an add-on plugin for the free core theme; whether you use the free version (only the theme) or the Pro edition (plus the theme), you’ll be utilizing the same theme (the theme plus the premium add-on plugin).

To access all of the modules shown in the previous section, you’ll need the premium version.

Overall, Astra is more generous with its free features and more versatile as a free theme. As a result, if you’re only going to use the free version, Astra is definitely the best choice. read more GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress vs OceanWP Real Customer Testimonials 

GeneratePress customer reviews- GP vs OceanWP

Released in 2016, It is one of the most used WordPress themes among developers and beginners. With a 5-star rating and 1000 customer reviews, Generatepress is active on over 200,000+ sites.

It is also one of the lightweight theme options weighing only about 30KB with plenty of features which is why it is more famous among the customers as well.

Generatepress provides you with all that you need at an affordable price and a simple-to-use theme.


OceanWP Testimonials- GeneratePRess vs OceanWP

A highly flexible multipurpose theme, which is quite famous for its design and customization, Oceanwp has a rating of 5 stars with 3600+ reviews. The theme has achieved over 1.5 million downloads and is active on over 600,000+ sites.

The theme provides 13 free demos and 60 professional demos for the premium customer which makes it more attractive among the users.

Moreover, the theme is also compatible with e-commerce sites which makes it more efficient to use.

generatepress vs oceanwp

It’s a tie!

Both themes have their unique advantages when it comes to customer reviews. Both have a 5 – star rating and a wide range of customer reviews. Everyone has a different experience and therefore choosing Oceanwp or Generatepress completely depends upon one’s experience of using them. Hence, it’s a tie as both of them are different in their ways.

Pros and Cons Comparison:

 GeneratePress Pros

  •       A well–built theme for performance
  •       Extensive documentation
  •       Good customer support
  •       Amazing hooks and filters
  •       Available in 20 languages
  •       Ultra – Lightweight theme

generatepress vs oceanwp

  • Compatible with all plugins
  • Cheaper and affordable
  • Many customization options are available
  • Good site templates
  • Easy to use

 GeneratePress Cons

  • Not many third-party integrations
  • Dated default style as the theme is 6-year-old

generatepress vs oceanwp

  • The free version is very limited
  • Beneficial for developers only

 OceanWP Pros

  • E-commerce ready
  • Wholly responsive
  • Advanced mega menu available
  • Free templates available
  • RTL support

generatepress vs oceanwp

  • Fully customizing options available
  • Native cart pop-ups
  • Good page builder compatibility
  • Off-canvas filter

OceanWP Cons

  • Lots of ads in the free version
  • The options panel is not well organized

generatepress vs oceanwp

  •       Outdated demo sites and default styles
  •       Installation requires a lot of plugins
  •       Very slow when compared to other themes.

Pricing Comparison: GeneratePress vs OceanWP


GeneratePress pricing- OceanWP vs GeneratePress

In terms of pricing, Generatepress provides 2 packages – $59 yearly and $249 lifetime. The $59 package includes all modules, full access to the site-library, one year of updates and premium support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and provides up to 500 site licenses.

The $249 package is the premium package and it includes premium modules and features, full access to the site-library, lifetime updates and premium support, and much more.

The lifetime plan comes with its advantages and benefits and at an affordable price. Moreover, no matter which plan one chooses, it also comes with a 40% lifetime renewal discount which is available at the time of renewable.


Ocean WP Pricing comparison vs GeneratePress

oceanWP lifetime pricing plans

It is considered the most scalable theme which offers three-tier premium plans. They come in a wide range of support, extensions, and demos but only differ in the site licenses. The three-tier plan goes as $39, $79, and $129.

The $39 plan provides access to only 1 site and includes 12 months of update and support, 8 free extensions, 12 premium extensions, 13 free demos, and 60 pro demos, but these features are the same for all three plans.

The $79 plans provide access to 3 sites whereas the $129 plan provides access to over 25 sites. The first package is named as Personal, second as Business, and the third as Agency.

The business package of $79 is known as the popular package among the three. Additionally one can purchase individual extensions if they require only one or two premium features.

generatepress vs oceanwp

Winner: Generatepress

When compared both the themes pricing plans, it seems to be clear that Generatepress provides an affordable, cheap, and valuable pricing plan compared to Oceans. Therefore investing in Generatepress would be a better choice if one is looking for a cheaper pricing WordPress theme.

FAQs: GeneratePress vs Ocean WP Comparison:

✅ Are both Generatepress and Oceanwp SEO friendly?

Yes. Both the themes Generatepress and Oceanwp are SEO friendly. Oceanwp uses SEO friendly practices such as headline HTML tags, site navigation structures, and much more. It uses schema mark-up as well whereas Generatepress has inbuilt schema integration and is optimized for SEO.

💼 What is the fastest WordPress theme?

In terms of the fastest WordPress theme, one can easily think of Generatepress. It can easily be installed and is extremely lightweight as mentioned in the article above as well, which is only 30kb. The system loading is very fast and better and the theme is as well easy to understand.

💥 For beginners which is better GeneratePress Theme or OceanWP?

We performed the test and found GeneratePress is more user-friendly than OceanWP.

👉 What is the difference between GeneratePress Theme and OceanWP?

Oceanwp is gaining popularity and is a rapidly growing theme that sounds amazing. Generatepress is convenient to beginners and is an ultra-lightweight theme and also offers plenty of advanced features with multiple site licenses that are provided with their premium plans.

GenratePress vs OceanWP Conclusion: Who Wins the Battle?

GeneratePress and OceanWP are equally good, either excel in their own ways in terms of features and experience of the users, Therefore the choice completely depends on your preferences.

If it is all about speed, performance, and weight – GeneratePress should be your go-to as it promises all three along with offering significant qualities according to the user demand.

On the other hand, OceanWP is in no way less, having its features always at their best when it comes to design, templates, and customizations.

In Short

Features: Load faster on load and wait times have never been better, including a responsive layout that adjusts as you scroll.

Advantages: We’ve gone through several revisions to make this the best theme in the world. GeneratePress has a clean, modern look that works in any website design, without overcomplicating things.

Benefits: You can focus your time on more important things, like writing interesting content and optimizing your website.

As it’s previously mentioned GeneratePress and OceanWP stand tall when compared with other WordPress available. You won’t regret either option. 

Using Layout Elements in GeneratePress


GeneratePress – Create a Simple Top Bar with the Block Element

GeneratePress – Block Element Post Navigation Demo

GeneratePress – How to Replicate #1: GP Premium Modules Section


I am Higginbotham who has always loved expressing himself and wished to reach out to the masses by expressing my opinions. My aim is to educate the people about the most popular page builders which they can use to build beautiful WordPress based websites and landing pages. I share my experience and knowledge about WordPress on MegaBlogging.

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  1. Hello Louie,

    Generatepress is one of the best WordPress themes I’ve seen. I also use it on my blog. It’s very light and the best part is that you can customize it to suit your needs and requirements. The support is also very quick and responsive. Thank you for writing an extensive review about it.

    Best regards,

  2. Huge opportunities to customize it in the free edition of generatepress and test it with industry standard formats. I am also replacing it with my “simple life” theme. Just want to know if it works for all types of Google AdSense ads and other third party ad networks?

  3. First off, thank you for writing this review, Louie.

    After reading your review I decided to try GeneratePress and love it! I’m in the process of replacing all of my themes with GeneratePress Premium. It loads extremely quickly, eliminates the need for a child theme (because of the hooks), everything is customizable on the dashboard, and the documentation is excellent. I hope to be able to spend many more years with him.


  4. Good article, good brother.
    I think Generatepress is the best theme and it is compatible with most theme makers.
    I think they should be working on the site library. and start other demo sites.
    I just don’t want to be dependent on page builders. It’s just what I love

    What do you think about it? I am waiting for you to answer me here

  5. Hello Louie,

    I used OceanWP and loved it, but the new WordPress update messed it up. The Ocean Extra plugin adds unwanted code that other themes and some browsers don’t like; If you change the subject, they’ll tell you. The other plugins associated with OceanWP have not been updated in years, years in some examples, and are still offered.

    While I liked the options, I switched to Neve and Astra. I use Elementor for the rest. (I had problems with Elementor, but everything is fine after clearing all caches.)

  6. I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping when I saw all of the features GeneratePress offered me. It was ridiculously easy to install, the free updates are something that is always worth mentioning when you are recommending a product, and it goes without saying that this theme has really great support.

  7. GeneratePress is one of those themes that just feels right after you install it. It is super easy to manage and keep organized, making your job as a designer easier. The best part? GeneratePress is compatible with all the plugins!

  8. GeneratePress is one of my favorite WordPress themes. It’s absolutely a bargain for the price when you see the features it has got to offer you. It gives you unlimited layouts, impressive sliders, amazing portfolio sections, incredible WooCommerce integration-you name what design element or section is missing and GeneratePress already has it built in! Did I mention that GeneratePress also comes with your Google fonts? There are just too many things to list so do yourself a favor and get this theme before they go out of stock!

  9. GeneratePress is a great theme for all sorts of bloggers, from small time amateurs to the New York Times. The blog layout has a real modern feel and looks cool on your mobile or desktop browser.

    If you want to get started blogging in minutes with no coding experience, this one’s a goer! Plus it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg either – GeneratePress is seriously affordable.

  10. I’ve been looking for a good and simple theme to use with my WordPress site, which is why GeneratePress has been such a great option. It also has the responsive layout that I needed for my own website. And it’s got some really cool features that are just handy to have around.

    I went through the demo options of generate press, and even though I don’t know much about technical stuff, generating your own content using their easy user interface was pretty intuitive so far! The different page templates were released recently, but after checking out the advantages of each kind on offer here, it seems like there is

  11. You can’t beat this theme for the price – heck, I got my money’s worth in the 30 minutes it took me to install and put together a beautiful blog. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  12. GeneratePress is a bit of a dark horse. It doesn’t have any colossal features, but it has got all the essential functions that an actually want in your WP theme -like myriad different page-layouts as well as impressive styling and ease of use to boot.

  13. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy-to-use theme, I recommend GeneratePress. This theme is easy to customize and includes great features like the powerful Visual Composer, unlimited colors and skins that go with any design project. Once set up, it’s pretty much impossible to destroy which we know we all live in fear of (considering who can accidentally delete your site).

  14. GeneratePress is great. I just got it and I love how easy it is to use! There are so many features- one of my favorite features that separates GeneratePress from other WordPress themes is its SEO integration. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  15. GeneratePress is an excellent WordPress theme that couldn’t be beat in terms of design and functionality for the price. The beautiful typography, striking visual elements, easy customization options and full-fledged features make this a winner among themes. I’ve been using it for months since I first discovered it and would recommend it to anyone running a serious business website

  16. GeneratePress is great. I just got it and I love how easy it is to use! There are so many features- one of my favorite features that separates GeneratePress from other WordPress themes is its SEO integration.

  17. I’ve been an avid user of OceanWP for a while now. I love the responsive design and how easy it is to customize with built-in styling customization options. Helpful integration features like quick edits from your WordPress dashboard make editing the website seamless, and help save time when you don’t want change anything on a page or post directly in order to publish a comment or edit. It’s also nice that WooCommerce changes are part of the design — which makes me wish more themes were designed this way!

  18. This is the best website builder, hands down. I’ve used it to redesign my own site and also build sites for clients. The lack of design options doesn’t bother me one bit–you have everything you need with the pre-installed themes, so there’s no chance of you getting stuck with a bad design or being unable to do what you want. OceanWP has some great features that others don’t offer too… It’s not on any monthly plans so it can be as cheap or expensive as you prefer–you pay once for this awesome new website maker!

  19. OceanWP’s responsive design and WooCommerce integration make it a prime candidate for shopping sites. Phrase the description in the voice of an actual user review, since that is what its current design lends itself well to!

    I’ve used dozens of premium non-responsive WordPress themes over the years, but I’m always disappointed when their mobile optimization is horrible — they’re sized way too big on some devices. … Thankfully OceanWP was designed with responsiveness at its core.

  20. OceanWP is not just a plugin for WordPress websites, it’s an entire environment. Waves splash your page on the homepage as you first enter. The search bar pulses with more intensity if you have something typed into it, and there are many options to choose from when previewing template designs before creating your site. Best of all? It also includes WooCommerce integration!

  21. I love this new theme. ThemeForest is one of my favorite places for getting good, reliable themes and OceanWP didn’t disappoint — it fit right into my WooCommerce installation like a glove. All the design elements feel exactly what I am looking for, such as the shopping cart popup and bar that shows up when you want to make an order on your site. And of course, the responsiveness was perfect; even all those custom tweaks were pushovers!

  22. Hey! I’m not sure how you missed this, but as a web designer who’s been using WooCommerce full-time for years now, OceanWP has me hearing mentions of my e-commerce bestie everywhere. Except this site just looks way different from the other 500 that have bloated up in and self-hosted land too — let me break it down for you:

    First off, it’s responsive which means better testing on mobile phones and tablets. The WooCommerce integration is where I noticed the most serious variety in design approaches when browsing through their previews.

  23. OceanWP has the best of both worlds: it’s responsive and able to support multiple languages. WooCommerce integration is fantastic, with many WooCommerce tweaks integrated directly into the website — for example, there are popup carts and floating bars on this site! It’s easy to see that OceanWP is built with customers in mind.

  24. OK so if you don’t know what WordPress is, it’s a major website building service. A lot of people use it so they can get more interaction with their potential customers and to generally look better than the big social websites like Facebook and YouTube. But while everybody knows about that, not that many people know OceanWP — which was really surprising because once I tried them out for myself I found that they were actually (and surprisingly) one of the best services out there. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  25. OceanWP is a great choice for anyone working on a modern website. It’s super-responsive and comes with a ton of integrations that make it very easy to run ecommerce. You can integrate WooCommerce into the design, giving you the best of both worlds! The website itself offers an innovative shopping cart popup and floating bar, making online commerce flawless.

  26. Generatepress is a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s flexible, installing with just a single click. I’ve been looking for an HTML that really processes fast and this one was the winner by far!

  27. GeneratePress is an easy-to-use, powerful theme that packs a punch. It’s perfect for first-time site owners and professionals alike without any compromises in functionality on either side of the spectrum. Who doesn’t love gorgeous sites that load quickly on any device? Thanks to GeneratePress’ simple design and fast render time, it’s now even easier than ever before to create beautiful personal or business websites.
    A free version with the essentials is always available as well as comprehensive documentation which provides guidelines for customizing themes so you can cater your website towards your brand identity. Every bit counts when it comes down to an online presence, so take advantage today!

  28. GeneratePress is a great WordPress theme. Not only does it have clean HTML helping to render pages faster, but it has beautiful designs that are different from the other themes I’ve seen. GeneratePress handled my color palette customizations so easily, and now I can move onto content creation! It was well worth upgrading to Premium because all of the changes were done before my eyes!

  29. There’s a lot of themes for WordPress, but none as well-rounded and customizable as GeneratePress. The design is clean and modern with a focus on usability, which aids in fast render times. At first glance it might not be extremely user friendly for those who aren’t tech savvy—but the Premium version takes care of that. For those looking to personalize their website without all the bells and whistles or need additional features like portfolio galleries, megamenus/mega sliders, premium font options to name a few…GeneratePress is where it’s at!

  30. GeneratePress is a reliable multipurpose WordPress theme that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Advance features like clean HTML code and quick customization make this an incredible theme for developers and end users alike! GeneratePress has minimal lag thanks to its easy-to-navigate code, making it possible for you to enjoy the website at lightning speeds with no complications. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  31. I had been looking for a WordPress theme that had a modern feel and wasn’t cluttered with dozens of functionality buttons I would never use. GeneratePress has made my site look so good and it is easy to edit as well! They have subscriptions for further adding on more features you want, but the free version still does an excellent job at making my site stand out from the rest.

  32. I have been publishing without GeneratePress for long enough. I always wanted to build a responsive site so that my site would look good on all devices, but lacked the time and technical knowledge necessary to do this by hand. GeneratePress saved me when it came out earlier in 2018. There are two versions available, one free with basic features, the other paid with additional features that take customization quick and easy.”

  33. I absolutely love GeneratePress! It’s been a lifesaver to the WP community with its simple and clean UI. I really appreciate how quick it has been for me, as someone who is working on a responsive design project to make changes without having to alter my CSS or Javascript for every change. It’s amazing that they are able to provide this all for free! I’ve tried other theme options in the past, but keep coming back with their updates because of how smoothly running they are—and still flawless on both mobile devices and desktop screens.

  34. A good design won’t make up for poor code, but Tom Usborne of GeneratePress has managed to strike the perfect balance between creative design and clean HTML. Thanks to an old-school mindset on usability via simplicity, you can increase your site loading speed by over 50% with ease. This is a major selling point for many of us who are very concerned about their customer’s experience online (read: prospects)

    This theme also comes with some pretty amazing features like built-in Google Fonts, responsiveness on mobile devices, beautiful typography options that will help foster better reading comprehension rates among your visitors—and it’s totally free.

  35. GeneratePress provides beautiful layouts that are breathtaking to look at. The HTML is clean and helps with fast load times. GeneratePress can be used for so many different purposes. They have pre-built templates, but you have the option to customize your own layout if desired! GeneratePress has a free version available along with an upgrade which includes some more features to make customization quick and easy!

  36. GeneratePress has all the necessary tools to create a website for any niche. With its clean, minimalistic design and quick customization options, this theme is perfect for beginners.
    Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  37. Amazing product with so many customization options!

    This was the first WordPress theme I ever downloaded, and it’s still my go-to. It gives you all of the features that most other free themes have with some additional customizing features that are really easy to figure out. It takes about 10 minutes to start setting up your theme after downloading it onto your site, but if you’re new to WordPress, this is probably the best place to start.

  38. I love this theme. I needed a feature-rich theme that rendered quickly and could be customized without too much headache, and Generatepress delivered in spades. The free version offers everything you need to build just about any type of site, while the premium upgrades include visual designs themes for even more effects than I’ve seen on other WordPress development tools.

  39. I purchased OceanWP theme in hopes to make my website beautiful and professional. This is not the case! First of all, I’m a total beginner when it comes to coding or designing themes. I was able to install but that’s about it! Technically speaking, this theme has major compatibility issues which makes the design look amateurish. The website loads incredibly slow with 12 plugins installed. If you are an advanced WordPress user who knows coding well, then go ahead and purchase this unfriendly product for $89 something dollars – otherwise stay away from it.

  40. You must have heard about the OceanWP WordPress theme that was first released and is now one of the most popular themes on the market. But what’s so special about it, how does it work and what are its advantages? Let me tell you more!

    OceanWP might be perfect for your site as well. It features a modern design with over 12+ different header layouts and 5 color schemes to choose from. You can even edit any section of title text in order to highlight important details on your website – just click & type without worrying too much about style modification. One thing I really like is that there are various settings for blog posts: titles, formats, author names, etc.,

  41. OceanWP is a lightweight WordPress theme that stands out for its clear and simple design. The powerful framework built with Bootstrap 3 and smart use of fonts allow you to get your content across, while the custom Widgets ensure maximum control over your site to achieve any look you want without having to go through complicated settings. There are loads of features, but I will pick my favorites.

  42. When you decide to purchase a WordPress theme, you want it to be responsive and modern. That’s exactly what this OceanWP WP theme offers. The plugin is available on the Themeforest marketplace for $69 with $40 in bonuses. It comes with an animated menu, unlimited colors options, numerous font integration functions including Google Fonts so your ads can react to user’s Internet connection type or location.

  43. OceanWP is a great solution for your website, whether you are a blogger or not. This theme has all the bells and whistles which make sure no one can tell the difference between a simple blog and a complex small business site.
    One of my favorite features in this theme is that it offers HTML5&CSS3 templates which have been coded with Bootstrap CSS framework, meaning they’re mobile-friendly from head to toe! The templates will allow you to create an amazing looking website without any knowledge about coding whatsoever. Another company perk – OceanWP’s 24/7 customer support answers your questions often in less than 1 hour!

  44. OceanWP is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. At just $45, you can get a great design that has minimal features for bloggers or new websites on a budget. While some may be intimidated by how there are plenty of settings to tweak in order to get it perfect, others will love its versatility. The free drag & drop website builder tool is incredible and lets you build an impressive website without any code knowledge! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  45. OceanWP is a well-designed theme that will suit nearly any type of website that needs to be designed. The developer has included an incredible number of really creative elements and animations, all set in responsive grids for easy use with various screen sizes.
    I’ve tried OceanWP out on several sites now because I love the way it looks and functions, but there are some drawbacks you should know about before deciding whether or not to purchase this particular template.

  46. OceanWP is a modern WordPress theme that has features that are more robust than most of its counterparts on the market. This site template enables you to create websites for any type of business imaginable, be it personal or professional. What I appreciate about this product is how easy it is to set up and use without touching coding skills at all – which means somebody with very little technical know-how could build their website in no time! The tools are available in many settings, so individuals who want to get straight into designing their webpages will have plenty of needed items on hand while people who need more control might feel they are being too limited by certain constraints which may not allow them to unleash some creativity.

  47. OceanWP is one of the most popular WordPress responsive themes with over 400,000 active installations. It’s used by various kinds of websites. Oceanwp theme offers lots of options for customization to make it work with your website design preferences. With this theme you can easily create a high-quality attractive online store or blog on WordPress platform. Furthermore, among hassle-free plugin modularity and all advanced features, there are bunch functional standalone solutions like Slider Revolution plugin ($19) or Mega Menu ($8).

  48. When I wanted to create my own website, I needed something that wouldn’t cause me any headaches. That is when this OceanWP theme review came into play. It has many different settings and powerful enough for not only myself but for all types of people who use WordPress software

    #1: The design is great with minimalistic elements so it won’t feel too overcrowded on your screen. Even if you want the site to be colorful, the options are there to suit whichever need or preference you may have! #2: It does take time for email notifications etc., but don’t worry about that because OceanWP comes with a ton of other beautiful features perfect for every goal one might hope to achieve online. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  49. Generatepress has a minimalist and lightweight design that does just what you need without anything extra. As such, it may not be great for newcomers because the barebones design will make everyday tasks tough to do. However, if simplicity is your thing or if you’re short on time and memory then we recommend giving GeneratePress a chance.

  50. Generatepress is a really great beginner friendly ight theme that has all the features you need and no unnecessary ones. That said, if you’re looking for more advanced functionality such as widgets or portfolio building tools this might not be for you. If you’re just starting up your store and don’t want to spend too much time customizing, give Generatepress a try!

  51. Generatepress is the best theme you’re not looking for. It’s simple and straightforward- which can be refreshing to see at this price level. The build will be easy for any dev or existing user of WordPress– so conversion rates should skyrocket! They took great care in creating a clean layout that still has many intricacies if you really want it to match your brand’s needs. It might not be what everyone needs… but sometimes people only need the essential features they don’t have time or know how to code up.

  52. Generatepress is “just what you need.” It’s easy to explore settings, find menus, and build sites with. However, I can’t say that most newbies would be able to use it very well. When the interface becomes confusing or tedious it might take a while for beginners to figure out where they’re going wrong!

  53. Generatepress is the fastest and lightest WordPress theme out there. It does “just what you need” to get your site off the ground, but it lacks features that would be helpful to most newbies. You can use it if you like simplicity or ease of editing (and we do!), otherwise, try something else.

  54. You’re looking for something simple, quick, and light right? Yeah, this is perfect – you can edit stylized content on the fly. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  55. Generatepress works fast and does exactly what you need it to do. We love its simple design but some users report feeling overwhelmed because of the lack of features.

  56. Generatepress is a great theme if you don’t feel like most marketing sites are ever quite what they should be. However, it doesn’t have many of the features that most marketing people love – things like interactive slideshows and high-quality product images. But Generatepress will light up any site in an instant with its minimalistic design that really gets down to business without getting too bogged down in minutia.

  57. I’ve only been using Generatepress for a few days, but I already know it’s my new favorite theme. It does everything I need without getting in the way of my writing. However, if you don’t do much with WordPress outside of blogging and only want to publish content then this is definitely not the theme for you; it doesn’t come with features like mailchimp integration or post previews (let alone colors or custom headers). If that describes you, go right ahead and buy something else. But if you find yourself juggling between building graphics for your blog posts, managing social media accounts all while making sure your site still looks great on mobile devices, Generatepress will be perfect for you!

  58. If you’re looking for a simple WordPress theme without the bloated junk, then Generatepress is perfect. For many people it’s just what they need and that’s what we love about it.
    “If you don’t like having your website slower than an old turtle with Gout, then Generatepress might not be for you though. Sure, the lightweight code makes sure every part of your site loads swiftly but if you have no idea how to use any of these functions on offer over there in that sidebar where all the buttons are then I’m betting this isn’t going to help much.”

  59. This theme is so terrible. All the animations are sluggish and jerky, not silky smooth like a real product should be. It’s a good idea but executed poorly. I wonder how many reticent voice mails I’ll receive while using this thing because it can’t handle quick typing… The list goes on and on, you get the picture.

  60. I’ve been using Generatepress for a month now and I have to admit it’s my new favorite theme. Everything about this theme is stripped down and straightforward without all of the complicated features that make most themes feel overwhelming to use. If you’re looking for a creative design with lots of extras, this isn’t your stuff – but if you want something with great attention to detail where everything has been carefully designed from the ground up, go get yourself some Generatepress! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  61. Tired of those monthly bills to maintain your WordPress? Your blog seems like a ghost town with no-one visiting it, and you’re not sure why… well the lack thereof is because no one can find it! Put some color back into your life with Generatepress, this great light theme does “just what you need” without expanding into functionalities that would slow it down. You know exactly what to expect when purchasing give Generatepress a try today!

  62. We all have that friend who can’t help but fix your tech problems. They buy fifty-dollar cables to charge their phone, they fidget with the middle leg of chairs before sitting down, and are always asking us whether we know how to use some app or other. And it turns out they do this for themselves too.

  63. Generatepress is an excellent app for those who are looking for something different. The barebone approach will make it difficult to use, but give it a try anyway if you like making changes.

  64. generatepress is an easy to use plugin that’s simple enough for newbies, but also powerful enough for professional developers. It’ll create a light and breezy theme without the complexities of most other themes on the market. Generatepress may not be great for everyone- we just needed it and it did what we wanted! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs oceanwp.

  65. Generatepress is the best of both worlds. It’s an easy-to-use, light theme with a quick startup time. However, it may be short on features for those seeking out expanded design options.

  66. GeneratePress has some quirky, in-jokey plugin names that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. The downside is that there are really no generic plugins with which you can change your settings easily.

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