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Google Translate Is Not Working in Chrome and Android 2024: How To Fix?

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Google Translate is an excellent resource for converting text between different languages. It’s possible that it won’t function as expected when you try to use it.

This is a frustrating problem, but there are steps you can do to resolve it. If Google Translate isn’t working for you, don’t worry! We have some good solutions for that here in this article.

Google Translate Is Not Working: First, what is Google Translate?

Developed by Google, Google Translate is a neural machine translation service that can translate between a number of different languages.

It is used to translate whole passages of text, documents, or even entire websites. It’s browser-based (it has both the Google Translate page and extension). This app is available for both iOS and Android.

At times, this device may not function as expected. A message like “This page could not be translated” is an example of an error message.

About Google Translate

And either you can’t get the tool to translate what you input or what you import, or it translates neither. There are, of course, further clues that demonstrate Google Translate’s ineffectiveness.

Do you know what to do if Google Translate stops functioning in Chrome or if the Google Translate app on your Android phone crashes? Several helpful strategies are outlined in this article.

Problems with Google Translate on Chrome? Here’s What to Do

If Google Translate isn’t functioning with Chrome, there are a number of things you may do. You may test several ones until you discover the right one.

Google Translate Is Not Working

How to Fix Google Translate in Chrome If It Stops Working?

1. Please update to the newest version of Google Chrome.

2. Turn off Chrome’s Add-ons

3. If you want to remain anonymous, go to private browsing mode.

4. Purge your browser’s cache and cookies.

5. Bring Chrome back to its factory defaults

6. A Google Translate add-on may help you communicate with the world.

7. Please switch to a different web browser.

8. Take advantage of DETECT LANGUAGE

FIX: 1 Get the latest version of Google Chrome

To access Chrome, click here.

Navigate to Settings > About Chrome by clicking the menu’s three dots.

Starting now, Chrome will look for updates and, if it finds any, will download and install them automatically.

Fix 2: Disabling Chrome’s add-ons

It’s possible that Google Translate won’t work with the Chrome extensions you just downloaded. If you have installed an extension and Google Translate has stopped functioning, you may try deactivating the extension to see if the problem goes away.

The extension in question should not be used if it is the root of the problem. If the problem still exists after that, try the next option.

Fix 3: Use the Private Browsing Mode

Users report having luck with Google Translate while using the anonymous mode. This strategy is open to you as an option as well.

The Chrome menu may be accessed by clicking the three dots and selecting the New incognito window. Once you’ve done that, go over to Google Translate to see whether it’s functioning regularly again.

Fix 4: Clear your browser’s cache and cookie files

Chrome’s cookies and cached files may get damaged, causing Google Translate to malfunction. Removing these files should fix the problem.

1. Chrome’s menu may be accessed through the three dots ().

2. Choose Privacy & Security > Settings.

3. Go to Cookies and Other Site Data.

4. Select Cookies and other site data as well as Cached pictures and files on the pop-up screen.

5. Select the button labeled “Clear data”

Fix 5: Revert Chrome to its factory defaults.

Use Chrome’s three-dot menu.

You may reset and clean your device by selecting Settings > Advanced > Reset and clean > The defaults should be reinstated.

The option to reset the settings will appear in a new window.

Fix 6: Get the Google Translate add-on.

Rather than using the Google Translate website, you may utilize the add-on if the main site is down. Using this add-on, you can quickly translate any page you happen to be on.

Get it and put it to use in the ways described below:

1. Open Chrome and look for the Google Translate add-on (usually it is the first result). Google Chrome may be downloaded directly at

2. Select Add to Chrome on the new page.

3.  a mini-interface will appear; from there, choose Add extension to Chrome.

4. The Google Translate extension may be pinned to the toolbar by clicking the Extensions icon and then the pin mark next to Google Translate if it isn’t already there.

5. To translate the current page’s content, just choose the text you wish to translate and use the Google Translate extension in your browser’s toolbar.

When it happens, our app will translate it for you. All of the page’s content may be translated with a single click of the TRANSLATE THIS PAGE button (the whole page will be replaced by the translated content).

Fix 7:  Switch browsers

Google Translate is compatible with a wide variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and more. As a result, you may test it out in several browsers.

Fix 8: Make use of the DETECT LANGUAGE option

Use the DETECT LANGUAGE feature if the target and source texts are identical or if the source text comprises more than one language. This allows the program to automatically and accurately determine the text’s language and translate it.

How to Resolve Google Translate Issues on Android?

Also, the Google Translate app for Android devices is prone to errors. In this section, we’ll go through two potential solutions to the problem.

How to Fix Google Translate for Android If It Stops Working?

1.  delete all Google Translate app history and data.

2. Replace Google Translate with a fresh copy

Fix 1: Delete Google Translate’s temporary files and history

Having cached files that are corrupted might stop the Translate app from functioning. You may solve the problem by erasing them. You can see your storage utilization and how much space you’re using for apps by going to Settings > App management > App list > translate. After that, you may get rid of them by selecting Clear data and Clear cache.

Fix 2: Reinstall Google Translation

The preceding solution may not work for you, however, reinstalling the Google Translate software is always an option.

After repeatedly tapping the app, a drop-down menu will appear. Then, choose Uninstall to permanently remove the program from your Android device. Once you’ve found it, go over to the Play Store to get it installed on your Android device.

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Conclusion: Google Translate Is Not Working 2024

If you’re having trouble using Google Translate on Chrome or Android, this page has some solutions.

If you’re looking for an answer, we really hope you’ll find one here.

You may tell us in the comment section if there are any other problems that need fixing that is linked to this one.


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