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How To Block Facebook Bots? : Complete Guide 2024

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“In this blog post, I will give you a few tips and tricks on how to block Facebook bots so that you can get back to living your life. We all know the feeling of having our social media feeds constantly filled with spam messages from bots.

It’s really hard not to click them and eventually, we do, but we never know what kind of links they are going to lead us to.” 

This is just an example. You would want to use your own words for the intro paragraph as well as the rest of the blog post.

Bot attacks are a common problem for online marketers. Many bots have been created to automatically follow and unfollow people on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

In this article, I will show you how to block Facebook bots that follow you in order to protect your account from being spammed with unwanted followers. 

This blog post is an introduction to blocking Facebook bots which can be a nuisance when they’re following you because of the spam it creates in your feed. The article includes tips and tricks about how to block these pesky bots from following you in the future.

I have been a victim of Facebook bots for years. I started my blog to share with the world what I did to block these pesky things from ever reaching me again. 

The details of this post will show you how to get rid of them, so that you may never be bothered by one again!  I hope that after reading this, your life will be free from annoying and often fake messages or comments on your profile page.

These are usually sent by robots who do not even know what they’re talking about. It’s time to take back control and stop letting the bots ruin our social media experience.

Many people with Facebook accounts want to know how to block facebook bots. This is because these bots are mindless robots that are programmed by some evil minds to spam your wall, send you messages and do other bad things.

They can even put malware on your computer if you click on their links.

What are Facebook Bots? How do they work?

image credit- Pixabay

Facebook bots are just like any other software program which is required for the smooth functioning of any given system. They follow a set of instructions that are programmed in them by their developers and perform various tasks smoothly without even requiring intervention from a human being.

Facebook bots are required for a number of tasks in Facebook’s system. They help in bringing down the cost of labour in performing a number of duties in Facebook.

They perform a number of tasks in a very efficient manner without any human intervention. there is no room for errors or delays or any other related inconveniences involved while doing these jobs manually.

Steps to Block Facebook Bots-

1.) Log into your Facebook account and click on the gear (top right) to go to Options. Then scroll down until you see Blocking. Click it.


2.) Type in the domain of the person you are blocking. For example, if you want to block , type in . Then click on Block .

3.) The program will check if that person is blocked or not. If they are already blocked, then it says Blocked . Otherwise, it says Unblocked .

That’s it! You have successfully blocked facebook bots. If you want to unblock them, just go back to Blocking and click on Unblock next to their name.

Tricks to block the facebook bots-

1 – Go to your profile <click here>  and open settings, then click privacy.

2 – Scroll down and find “Block apps and websites” section and enter these:

apps and websites



3 – Click save changes and you are done!  Please note that these settings will not block all bots, but it helps when you get random friend requests or messages from strangers.

What Measures should be taken to stay away from Facebook Bots?

With the advent of the internet, social media with its various websites have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which has billions of users worldwide who are supposed to upload pictures, videos, and messages over it. It’s not wrong to say that many people rely on Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family living in other countries.

But, the question is how many of you are familiar with Facebook Bots? Facebook bots were introduced by Mark Zuckerberg to improvise the functionality of the Facebook platform even more than before.

It goes without saying that Bots can perform various tasks more efficiently than humans which include identifying spam links, auto-tagging photos, sending birthday wishes to friends etc.

How do they help in Increasing Revenue?

Increasing Revenue
image credit- Pixabay

They increase revenues in Facebook in two ways:

1) They perform large amounts of data processing at higher speeds. This helps the advertisers when it needs to be done on an urgent basis. The fast paced nature of work these bots perform provides this advantage over their manual counterparts.

2) They can do a number of functions without any reduction in quality levels. Hence, Advertisers are provided with high quality services within a very short span of time.

The Facebook bots perform a number of functions which make life easier for its users as well as advertisers to provide them better and customized services from the platform.                

Because of the presence of bots in Facebook , it is one of the most successful social media sites globally.

These Bots are often used to flood websites or get them banned.

But how can Spam be Prevented? 

The major aim for developing these bots was to help users manage their pages and other accounts on this site without any form of human assistance. But, since the time of their launch, a number of factors have been attributed to them which makes use of Facebook bots harmful for your accounts too.

In order to avoid such risks from harming your account on Facebook, it is very important that you take the necessary steps to ensure proper security and safety measures are adopted by yourself when using these bots.   

It is very vital that you take all possible steps to ensure the safety of your account on Facebook.

How To Block Facebook Bots

What are the Preventive Measures?

It is advised that whenever you use these bots, it should only be for legitimate purposes and not compromise on the security of your profile. Always remember that any illegal activity performed with the use of these bots can get you suspended from Facebook.

It is advised that whenever you use these bots, it should only be for legitimate purposes and not compromise on the security of your profile. Always remember that any illegal activity performed with the use of these bots can get you suspended from Facebook.

Always look for ways which can help in preventing the harmful effects of these bots on your profile.


Are Facebook Bots Dangerous?

The recent Facebook bot attacks have made headlines all around the world. It has been reported that hundreds of thousands of websites were compromised by malicious Facebook bots.

These said ‘bots’ are what I will be discussing here today. What they are, why they exist and the danger that they pose to both users and website owners alike.

For those who are new to the topic, bots are simply software applications that run automated tasks. These tasks can be anything from searching for specific information online, navigating websites or even posting messages on social media accounts.

However, it is the Facebook bots that I will focus on today.

Let me start by clearing one thing up…

Yes, Facebook bots CAN be used for malicious purposes. In fact, there are a number of Facebook bots that have been designed to live on hijacked websites and use them for malicious activities.

The key words here being “can be” and “have been”. If you want to stay protected from these malicious ‘bots’, all you need to do is keep yourself updated with the latest threats in the cyber world and understand what you’re up against. 

There are 2 types of Facebook bots:

  1. Those created for ethical reasons (such as the “Good Morning” bot, which simply posts a positive message to your feed every morning).
  2. Bots created for malicious purposes (either designed by cyber criminals with malicious intent or hijacked after they were created by their creators). 

What Damage can Facebook Bots do?

  1. Publishing content on your wall (which could be anything from spam links to even ransomware – one case of the latter would be the infamous Cryptowall)
  2. Posting updates on your wall when you are not online (which usually consists of scam links, which when clicked will either take you to a site filled with ad-ware or in some cases lead directly to an exploit kit – which is a site that tries to infect your computer with a virus)
  3. Posting messages on your friends’ walls when they are not online (usually the same type of spam links as above, however they might also target random users in order to hide their tracks and create confusion among Facebook users).
  4. Notifying all your friends when you add a new friend (usually a scam website that promises to give users popular passwords for free).
  5. Creating groups and posting content in the group when you are offline (again, usually spam links to sites filled with ad-ware or exploit kits).
  6. Posting random posts on your profile (again, usually spam links and/or ransomware).
  7. Sending all your friends a message when you add a new friend (again, usually the same scam links and/or ransomware).

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Conclusion- How To Block Facebook Bots 2024 

Facebook bots are a major pain point for many businesses. Bots can ruin your marketing strategy and lead funnel by clogging up your social media feeds with spam, or even worse, stealing data about you and your customers.

To avoid these types of problems, there are some simple tactics that any business owner can use to block facebook bots from getting into their accounts in the first place. Check out our blog post on how to stop Facebook bots today.

The use of bots to exploit our data is a problem. And while we may not be able to eliminate the issue entirely, there are things you can do about them and their effectiveness. For example, blocking Facebook bots will prevent this from happening in your account.

You might also want to consider implementing two-factor authentication on all social media accounts or using ad blockers for any browser that supports it.

All of these measures contribute towards making sure people’s private information stays safe online by reducing the amount they have available for harvesting by malicious individuals with bad intentions. 


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