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How to Check Page Rank in 2024?

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Page rank is a metric used by Google to measure the authority of websites. It’s important to check your page rank because it shows how well you stack up against other sites in your niche and industry.

To determine if your site has a high or low page rank, compare its PR score with those of competing sites in your niche. If you have a higher page rank than competitors, that means that people trust and value what you’re saying more than they do their own website. With this knowledge, try different strategies for increasing traffic to help improve rankings! 

Now that we’ve determined what PageRank is and why it matters, let’s talk about how we can check our own website’s PR score without having access to Google Search Console. [GSC]

What is Check Page Rank?

Page rank is a number that determines the presence of every web page on the internet. The number of any website found in search engines is its page rank. Those sites having higher ranks are listed on top while the ones with less ranks are usually down the list.

Search engines consider several factors before determining the page rank such as – originality of content, its relevance to the searched keywords, number of links pointing towards it, etc.

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A website with maximum backlinks is considered to have great page rank whereas the one having least number of links are judged as low-quality website.

Few points that separate high-ranking websites from the average ones are – Attractive design, originality in content and visitor engagement etc.

Every website owner wants to make their site popular on the internet and increase its rank in search engines. This is because the more visitors, the greater is the chance of generating revenue by means of advertisements. So, here are few tips for increasing page ranks –

1) Submit your website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

2) Submit your website to the search engines. This is a very important step for increasing page rank. You can submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing by joining their affiliate programs.

3) Don’t use too many keywords in a sentence because if a sentence contains a large number of keywords, it will be considered spam and search engines will block it.

4) You can use social media widgets to increase page rank of your website.   

Importance to Check Page Rank-

A website’s Google PageRank value determines where it will appear in search results. A webpage with a higher PR value gets ranked higher than other pages on the internet that have lower page rank values. With this fact, it is safe to say that PageRank plays an important role in how well your website will perform online.

The same way, The value of the page you are trying to access is PR 9. So, What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank Search Engine Optimization Factor

The Google PageRank appears on every search result. The closer the number gets to 10, the more important it means your website is. It’s actually a measure of how many other websites are linking to you.

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Google calculates this figure by looking at how many websites are linking to your page and where they are located. If you have many inbound links, the number is increased; if the links are coming from other important web pages, then that value will be slightly bigger.

Or maybe you can even ask How much PR my blog should have.

PageRank is an algorithm devised by Google which measures the importance of a page on the Internet. This value helps page rank decide where to place your web page in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher its PageRank, the more likely you are to appear near the top of search results for queries that contain your keywords.

PageRank is a way to measure Google’s opinion of your website relative to other pages on the web. In general, links from high PR sites are thought to be more valuable than links from low PR sites. So you should try and get links from high PR sites if possible.

In case if you want to acquire backlinks from high PR sites, website promotion service can be very useful for you.

“The value of the page you are trying to access is PR 9. It means that it will appear higher in search results than pages with lower PR values. A website’s Google PageRank value determines where it will appear in search results.”

How To Check Page Rank?

The Google Page Rank Tool is a very useful tool for Webmasters and Bloggers, who want to check their site rank in the search engine result page.

PageRank is an algorithm developed by Google Inc. which calculates the importance of a webpage on the internet. It is a measure of how important a web-page is and based on various factors. These factors are the number of quality incoming links to a webpage, linking page rank and how relevant they are.

There is also another algorithm called “doo-follow” which helps you check the indexing information of your web-page. That enables you to know whether Google is following all the outgoing links or not.

According to Search Engine Land, “Google has confirmed that it is no longer using the PR (page rank) of a link to help determine where it will rank in the search engine result.”

However, there are certain cases when Google still uses the page rank. For example if your site is not indexed or for some reason Google cannot access your homepage or any other page, then you can notice a “?” in place of the page rank.

For your website to get a high page rank, you must have an incoming link from a reputable site with a related anchor text. This helps Google understand what the content is going to be about and hence increases your chances of getting indexed faster.

To check Google Page Rank, you can use the Google page rank checker tool.


Advantages of Check Page Rank-

The release of Google Penguin has caused a lot of panic in the SEO community. If you’re not familiar with the update, it’s one that penalizes sites that are trying to game search rankings through unethical means.

Originally, link building was an extremely effective way to boost your rank for certain keywords. However, because there are so many people making use of this tactic, Google has had to create strategies in order to keep search results as relevant and useful as possible. One strategy they used was Penguin.

Penguin works by comparing the number of incoming links with the quality of incoming links for a certain website. This is what’s called ‘the social equity’ that all websites are capable of earning.

It was discovered that with good incoming links, websites can earn a certain social equity not just on Google’s search engine, but across the internet. This is what makes social media so powerful for businesses these days because earning recognition through your online community means being seen by millions of different people.

This also serves as an advantage to users who are checking the page rank of their favorite websites. If you want to search for something online, you can use a tool like PageRank Checker to find out the website’s current standing with Google. This way, you can be sure that you’re visiting sites that are safe, secure and offer quality content every time.

Disadvantages of Check Page Rank-

Out of all the possible ways to find web pages that you are looking for, checking the Page Rank is probably one of the most common because it’s easy. However, being able to check page rank doesn’t mean that it’s always the best option. Knowing what you’re doing when you search will make your experience much better.

The main advantage of checking page rank is that it’s fast and easy. People can do a quick search in a matter of seconds and know what the page rank is.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to doing this when you’re trying to find information on the web. If you’ve used Google before, then you’ll probably know what most of these disadvantages are:

First, when you check the page rank on the search engine, it will give you an idea of where your site ranks within the whole web.

With this knowledge alone, it doesn’t really help you that much unless you’re trying to compete with other sites in order to get more traffic and target audiences. On the other hand, this isn’t always the best thing to do.

Sometimes you may get an idea about which sites are more popular than yours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better or have information that would be useful for your needs.

Secondly, checking page rank is something that takes time. If you’re just trying to find information quickly, then this isn’t the best option. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, when you’re in a hurry to get to useful information on the web, sometimes using other search engines can be much more beneficial for you.

Lastly, because there are so many websites out there that have their own unique page rank, it can be time-consuming to check each of them. You may think that by checking the page rank, you’ll find some gems out there with extremely high-ranking sites. However, even though they exist, it’s better if you skip these because usually those websites are not useful for your needs.

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Conclusion- How to Check Page Rank 2024

Page rank is an important metric for analyzing the success of your website. You can find out how your site ranks by using a tool like Google Webmaster Tools, but there are other ways to check page rank as well.

Bloggers often mention their own rankings in posts–so if you want to know how many people have linked back to your blog, click on one or two recent posts and scroll down until you see the number next to “links from”. And don’t forget about social media! Social networks will give you insight into who’s been following what pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more so keep an eye on those numbers too!


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