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How to Set and Edit WordPress Homepage 2024? Ultimate Guide

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How to Set and Edit WordPress Homepage? Looking for the best answer to this question? Then, Read here to know about this.

Got a problem with WordPress’ homepage editor? You may have purchased a WordPress theme, installed it, and then questioned why it didn’t look precisely like the preview.

It’s also possible that you’d wish to remove your blog from the homepage entirely.

Conversions are heavily influenced by the design of a website’s main page. Email newsletter signups, sales, and client leads are all examples of this.

In order to get it just right, setting up your WordPress site requires a little elbow work. WordPress site setup and modification are one of the most straightforward chores you’ll experience.

Then, after you’ve mastered the process, you’ll be able to repeat it on every subsequent website. And now that we know how to modify your WordPress homepage, let’s get started!

How to Set and edit WordPress Homepage?

As previously mentioned, you have the option of not having your blog appear on the front page of your website.

If, on the other hand, you want to make your homepage more of a landing page or add a slider or product gallery, you’ll need to switch to a static homepage.

WordPress Home Page - How to Set and edit WordPress Homepage

The great majority of premium themes will need you to switch to a static homepage as soon as you buy them.

  • Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Settings > Reading. To customize your homepage, click on the Reading tab.
  • Find the section under “Your Homepage Displays” to view what your website presently displays on the homepage of your domain. The Latest Posts option is most likely the default setting. You may change your homepage by using the Static Page radio option.
  • WordPress presents you with two additional options once you’ve made your pick. A front-page option and a posts page option are both included in these two options. If you already have a lot of pages on your website, you may simply scroll down to discover the pages you want.

It’s up to you whether you want to use a page named “Blog” or “Posts” or anything different.

Go to your website’s frontend and notice how that static page has become your homepage once you’ve saved your changes.

How to Make Your Blog the Homepage?

Some people just want to show off their blog. Blogging, of course, is where you’re most likely to see this.

There are two types of websites: those that focus entirely on written content and those that focus on general business information.

You may check to see whether you have Your Latest Posts highlighted in Settings > Reading. The Front Page and Posts Page options are already set. Those details will be omitted.

However, if you want your blog to seem a certain way, you may make a few changes. The Blog Pages Show first comes to mind. This is the number of posts that appear on each page.

Five to ten of your latest blog pieces may be sufficient for your homepage. On the other hand, several blogs restrict the number of entries that appear on their main pages.

As long as there are more posts than you want to be shown, your blog will produce new pages for them regardless of what you choose (this is called pagination).

This means that your blog will be divided into three separate post pages if you have 25 posts and opt to show 10 posts on each page. WPExplorer has 75 pages.

The Syndication Feeds Show the Most Recent count is the next item on the list. This is for RSS feeds and can be the same amount of pages as your blog, but it’s completely up to you.

As a last consideration, you must decide how your posts will look. Full Text and Summary are your options. WPExplorer uses a summary because it allows users to view more content with only a few scrolls of the mouse.

It is, however, possible to read the whole message in its entirety. As a result, in order to see the second post, a visitor must read the first post in its entirety. The complete text may be found in several places, but the summary is what I’d suggest.

How to Create a WordPress Menu?

Your WordPress theme may not have a clear menu. You may never see one.

  • Go to Appearance > Menus.
  • Edit a menu from the dropdown or click Create a New Menu. While your theme may offer default menus in sample data, you may create a new one.
  • Once you build or discover your menu, you may change its structure. Menu items include pages, posts, categories, tags, and custom post kinds. Add a menu item with a custom link. You might relocate the Blog tab to the front of the menu to make it more visible. Click and drag menu items to reorganize or nest them, and utilize the left column to add new pages, articles, categories, and custom links.
  • After organizing your menu, choose Display and save. Or, click Manage Locations. Most themes feature the Main Menu and a Footer Menu.
  • Use the dropdown to pick each location’s menu. I want my Main menu in Primary.

Keep in mind that the same menu might be accessed from several places.

How to Create a Menu in the Live Customizer?

Another alternative is to use the WordPress live Customizer to configure and change your homepage.

  1. Before you can accomplish this, you’ll need to go to the Appearance > Customize section of the app.
  2. From this point on, go to the menu bar.
  3. Once you’ve made your selection, you may either change an existing menu or create a new one.
  4. Custom post kinds and custom link choices are accessible under Appearance > Menus by clicking the +Add Items button on this page.
  5. When you’re finished, just make sure to pick your Menu Locations and press Publish.
  6. Make sure to preserve your customizable app appearance menus in the Appearance > Menus section and the Appearance > Customizer section.

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Conclusion: How to Set and Edit WordPress Homepage?

You may get the impression that something is wrong with your website or that you are doing something incorrectly, but in reality, this is the situation.

You will often discover that the solution lies in making a simple modification to the appearance of the home page.

It is my hope that you have found this information on the configuration and modification of your WordPress homepage to be useful.

If you have any queries regarding customizing the homepage of your WordPress installation, please let us know in the comments.


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