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How To Know Which iPad Do I Have 2024? A Guide To Your Query

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In this blog, I have tried to answer your question ‘How to know which iPad do I have?’

iPad is an incredible device introduced by Apple and its other popular products like iPod, iPhone, and Mac book. While Apple’s competitors came up with Tab devices, which are pretty much the same about the functionalities, the iPad stands out for the sheer make and feel-good factor it gives to its users.

Every single thing in the iPad is made to perfection. When it was introduced, many people posted questions like  How to know which iPad do I have on various online forums.

Many of the users are unsure about the iPad model they are using. I met a person a few years ago on a train, and he asked me what generation is my iPad?

At first, I wondered how he bought an iPad even without knowing the basic details such as the model name or the version; however, later I realized that many people ask questions like what iPad do I have or what model is my iPad.

This is why I decided to write an article on how I know which iPad I have and solve these common queries for the people in need.


iPad Introduction

iPad is owned by millions of people across the globe. One of the best things about the iPad is that the battery will last for about 11 hours per charge and will last for a month in standby mode – this is an incredible feature.

You can do pretty much everything with an iPad that you do on your laptop or personal computer. While a computer takes a lot of space and consumes a lot of electricity, an iPad does almost all the functions of a computer, and it is still just a simple handheld device and does not require to be charged for more than an hour.

Of late, the iPad has attracted many customers across the globe. It has set itself up in the global markets, and a platform has been created in the visual media.

iPad has brought in the most up-to-date route to look at the technology world differently. It has opened new gateways for database integration. Since its introduction to the world, it has ruled the hearts of billions of fans across the globe.

One of the stunning features of this beautiful product is the high-resolution touch screen – the touch screen is so sensitive that you just need to give it a delicate touch to open the apps. There are some features like Quick Contacts, Connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi or data card depending on the model you choose and some pre-installed Apple apps.

Working on the iPad is a lot easier due to its screen resolution and user-friendliness. Just like any Apple device, an iPad can be used for many purposes; the app store offers millions of apps to users like the finance apps, gaming apps, business and social media apps, iBook – eBooks can be accessed and read, and other useful apps are also available.

The iPad comes with pre-loaded apps like Passbook – that can be used to book all the kinds of tickets online; then there is music and video, which Apple has always been well known for.

The clarity of video and music is beyond the word awesome. Many people also use the iPad to read eBooks as the screen is big and the device is light and can be carried anywhere with ease. Further, it has amazing battery life.

iPad also has an exclusive Apple app, which is called FaceTime – it is similar to Skype video conferencing, but it is only for Apple device users.

iPad is a trendsetter for its competitors. Now that many competitors are coming up with tablets, the number of people who used to work on personal computers is now moving to the iPad as it serves all their needs.

Just like any Apple device, there are many versions of iPads as well and obviously, with each new version, there is something better for the users. Despite its price, people still purchase iPad in huge numbers, and iPad sales have been really high over the recent year. This only goes on to convey the love people have for Apple products.

Now let’s get back to the main topic – how to tell which iPad you have. Researching more about the model or version of your iPad can help you in determining some of the features of your iPad, as well as the data capacity and other essential information.

On most iPad models, the model number will be displayed at the back of the device, and the software version can be looked up by navigating through the iPad menu.

How to Know Which iPad Do I Have?


There are 3 methods you can follow to find out the answer to the question what model iPad do I have?

How to Tell What iPad You Have?

Method -1

  • Go to the Home screen of your iPad device.
  • Tap on the “Settings” feature.
  • Then, go to “General.”
  • And go to “About”.The model of your iPad will be shown next to “Model”.

what_ipad model ipad settings

You can locate your model number in this list to find out the model of your iPad.

  1. A1432  (iPad mini)
  2. A1454  (iPad mini)
  3. A1489   (iPad mini Retina)
  4. A1455   (iPad mini)
  5. A1490  (iPad mini Retina)
  6. A1474  (iPad Air)
  7. A1475  (iPad Air) 

Method 2

  • Check the back case of your iPad.
  • Make a note of the model number shown in the lower-left corner next to “Model.”
  • You can locate your model number in this list to find out the model of your iPad:iPad back model number
  1. A1337 (iPad)
  2. A1395 (iPad 2)
  3. A1403 (iPad 3rd Generation)
  4. A1459 (iPad 4th Generation)
  5. A1416  (iPad 3rd Generation)
  6. A1460 (iPad 4th Generation)
  7. A1430 (iPad 3rd Generation)
  8. A1219 (iPad)
  9. A1397 (iPad 2)
  10. A1458 (iPad 4th Generation)

Method 3

  • Go to the Home screen on your iPad.
  • Tap on the “Settings” menu
  • Now go to “General.”
  • And when you tap on the “About”, the software version of your iPad will show up next to the “Version”.software version

We have compiled information to answer questions like  – which iPad do I have, in this article. If you would want to know more information or would love to share your inputs, please leave us your comments in the comments section below.

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