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How to Link Skype With Facebook 2024?

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Facebook is the largest Social Media on the planet, no doubts. Well, Skype on the other hand is the VOIP dominating monarch is it not?

That’s the reason I’m covering How to link Skype with Facebook right in this piece.

I mean yeah there are quite a number of products for both Social media, and video calls, for eg. Twitter or Google Plus when it comes to the former, and Google Hangouts, Fame when it comes to the latter, but these two tech giants just don’t seem to give a shit, huh?

Ever wondered something that even distantly relates to “Can I reach my Facebook friends using Skype?” or maybe “How to Connect Your Facebook Account to Skype

Well, then you’re in for luck! That’s the exact kind of thing I’m covering in this piece!

Can I Videochat on Facebook Without Skype?

facebook vc

Yup, a totally legit question I’d say, why would you even want to know How To Connect Your Skype Account With Your Facebook, right?

I mean if you could just video chat on Facebook without connecting it to skype?

Yeah, you can. But well there are some ups and downs over there, probably that’s the reason both the companies invented this feature, for good.

Well in order to video chat on Facebook, you just have to hit the video call button at the top of the chatboxes to initiate the process!

Now the point is, with Facebook you have access to all the friends in your chat list, right?

That kind of clutters thing, you might not want to video chat with all of them huh?

I mean text is fine, but Video? It gets a bit more personal and not everyone’s worth it.

While on Skype, you get to choose the friends you want to video chat with!

You can just add those specific friends whom you want to, and get in touch with them.

Also, another point is, I’ve always found Skype’s video call quality is a bit better compared to Facebook’s.

So well yeah if “quality” is one of your concerns too, in that case, you’d want to know How to link Skype with Facebook.

Difference Between Facebook and Skype Video Calls:-

skype facebook video call difference

To be honest, I want this piece to rank for a certain keyword, that’s about how to connect Facebook and skype, but the point is I can’t rank it if it’s not long enough.

100% I’m going to show you how to connect skype to Facebook, but let me take the liberty of explaining to you what’s the difference between a Facebook and Skype Video call anyway.

  • Group Conferencing:- This is something that you can’t do with Facebook video calls. Facebook video calls are one-to-one calls.
  • No Client Installation:- Well one happy feature of FAcebook video chats is that you don’t need to install skype, in order to communicate with your Facebook friend over Skype.

So yeah those were the two major differences between Facebook and Skype Video calls!

Why was I telling you that? Cause you’re just going to link those two services, you should know what’s better and what’s not, right?

What Can I Do With Skype’s VideoCall?


So once you get your friends imported to your Skype (I’ll explain how) it’s time to take it out for a spin huh?  Technically you can do everything which you normally can do without the Facebook connect thing.

  • Instant Messages:- Of course if it lets you Live-Video-Chat, it’s mandatory for it to let you “instant message” your guys right? Yeah, that happens!
  • Schedule a call! Well yeah, you can schedule it and then be right on time!
  • Video Calls:- Of course I don’t need to explain this, right?
  • Video “messages”:- Yeah this is something that you can’t do over Facebook. You can’t send Facebook Messages (yet!), right? That you can do with Skype!
  • And lot’s more

So yeah enough reasons to let you connect Skype to Facebook huh?

How To Link Skype With Facebook:-

Okay, so we are down to the “Exciting” part! And guess what, it’s also the “short” part! I mean the whole process roughly takes a minute or two max! So don’t worry it’s not like the time-beast is gonna catch up with you or something.

  • Sign in to your Skype Account.
  • Click on Contacts > Contact list > Facebook.
  • A popup would come up asking for connecting permissions. Just allow it.
  • Well, you’re all done! Yeah, your Facebook contacts would just show up on the contacts list. Which you can filter by choosing which contacts you want to display!

Initiating a Live Video Chat with Facebook Contact on Skype:-

If your guys are online on Facebook, and you want to hit them up on Skype, that you can do by clicking on their name.

It’d be showing “Facebook” if they’re on Facebook, if they’re online their status would be shown too and well you just have to click on the video call button to initiate it!

Over to You:-

So yeah that was it guys, on How to link Skype with Facebook!

I tried my best to cover some of the common questions associated with this topic, in order to better help you decide if you want to go with it, or not!

But in case your answer was a yes, I’m pretty sure this guide would have helped, right?

Or got better options or tweaks to make this thing happen? I’m open to suggestions!

Make use of the comment box.

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