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Neil Tyson MasterClass Review 2024: Why You Should Join It?

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Neil Tyson MasterClass


Neil Tyson's MasterClass is a celestial journey into astrophysics, offering accessible insights and expert guidance. With clarity and passion, Tyson shares his unique perspective, making complex concepts understandable. Perfect for astronomy enthusiasts, this class transforms cosmic curiosity into a captivating exploration of the universe. A stellar experience with a master astrophysicist.

Out of 10


  • Tyson's engaging astrophysics insights.
  • Expert guidance for astronomy enthusiasts.
  • Unique perspective from renowned astrophysicist.
  • Valuable lessons for cosmic curiosity.
  • Learn astronomy from a master.


  • No practical instruction
  • Course is a bit lengthy


Price: $ 180

If you belong to the field of science, more particularly a scientific researcher, then many aspects in that field often hinder your progress when it comes to working with a hypothesis, developing

theories, evaluation, and re-evaluation of results, and communicating your research with the audience.

Many roadblocks can come in the way. For you to figure them out on your own can be a time-consuming task.

But you can now learn and master the art of how to think about aspects differently and communicate them to people more effectively;

then Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Masterclass for Scientific Thinking and Communication can be your perfect solution!

neil tyson masterclass review

Bottom Line Upfront:

Neil Tyson is a famous and well-known astrophysicist and author who has been working at the Hayden Planetarium of the Rose Center for Earth and Space as the Frederick P. Rose Director since 1996.

He is also known professionally for his skills as a and science communicator.

The Neil Tyson MasterClass is a go-to opportunity for every single one of you who is interested in scientific thinking and communication.

Try Out Neil Tyson MasterClass Now.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Masterclass Summary

Detail Description
🎓 Course Name Neil deGrasse Tyson Masterclass
👨‍🏫 Instructor(s) Neil deGrasse Tyson
⏱️ Class Length 13 video lessons (2 hours 14 minutes)
📚 Category Science & Tech, Business
🎯 Who is this Course for Science enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone interested in scientific thinking and communication
🕒 Time Duration 2 hours 14 minutes
Rating 8.5 out of 10
💰 Pricing $180 (Masterclass all-access pass)
📈 Overall Experience A comprehensive course offering insights into scientific thinking and communication, suitable for individuals from a science background and those interested in effective communication

Who Is Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous and well-known astrophysicist and author who has been working at the Hayden Planetarium of the Rose Center for Earth and Space as the Frederick P. Rose Director since 1996.

He is also known professionally for his skills as a science communicator.

Tyson founded the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History in 1997 and, since 2003, has been working in the department as a research associate.

Before embarking on his professional career, Tyson studied elite institutions like Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Texas at Austin.

neil tyson masterclass

He was also a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University from 1991 to 1994, after which he worked at the Hayden Planetarium as a staff scientist.

He worked simultaneously as a visiting research scientist and lecturer at Princeton faculty and became the director of the planetarium in 1996.

Welcome to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Masterclass!

For all those crazy science and astrophysics geeks out there, Neil deGrasse Tyson has come up with his own Masterclass to teach scientific thinking and communication!

Neil aims to help his students open up their minds and ask the right questions in an attempt to seek out objective truth. That is his primary course of action in this masterclass!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Masterclass

Throughout the masterclass, he keeps sharing the tools and methods he uses to understand what is exactly going on. Basically, the aim is to find objective truth!

He also continues to explain how to communicate to others the things you have learned more effectively.

He wants you to think for yourself and ask the right questions whenever and wherever you need to.

Neil Tyson MasterClass!

It’s absolutely okay to think that science is all about data and facts. Because that is actually true to a great extent. However, Tyson tries to explain to you that it is much more than just that!

The biggest breakthroughs in the history of science and technology have come when thinkers and inventors use that data to come up with theories.

They then develop a platform for exploring and understanding what most likely might have happened. In the process, they try to uncover further sets of data and facts.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Masterclass Review

Tyson then continues to talk about scientific thinking, which he claims to be all about asking the right questions! To do it the right way, you need to observe things properly and then ask yourself accordingly why that might be the case!

Then, carry on with your experiment and research to check if your hypothesis is correct. Reaching the right conclusion requires you to monitor the results so you can analyze things further.

Tyson also has his workbook that consists of additional information to aid the content he is explaining in his videos. In that, he shares interesting and easy-to-understand examples of how many of his principles really work.

Her methods are practical applications to help improve your scientific thinking, which can help you in your everyday life!

Turning the hypothesis into a theory – Examples!

If you understand the actual meaning of the term “Hypothesis,” then you should be aware that it is all imagination and possibilities. Turning these possibilities into theory is what Neil teaches in this section.

The best example he gives is of how scientists realized that when Newton´s Laws were not working as expected, there were planets that existed that they could not see.

Turning the hypothesis into a theory

When things don’t add up, re-evaluate!

The biggest challenge that head scientists often face is when things do not add up the way they were expecting. That is when they have to re-evaluate their theories.

The best way of doing this is by revisiting your facts and data, analyzing it, and questioning yourself if there is something wrong with it. Neil uses the example of Neptune to demonstrate how this should be done.

Taking account of your own bias!

Every single person is biased to a certain extent. It is thus very critical and tricky to realize and handle because it is also important to check your findings and conclusions in the context of your own prejudices.

This section was a little tricky to understand just through the video, so the workbook will come in to be really useful and help you understand the content of the video better. Neil is amazing at explaining most things in a very simplified manner.

Neil Tyson MasterClass Reviews

However, there are certain places where he fails to provide sufficient information and evidence to satisfy viewers with his concepts.

Those are the places where his workbook provides that additional bit of information needed.

Through his video and workbook, you will get to learn about six different ways human beings tend to be biased.

  • Assuming that something is happening simply because you are special
  • Cognitive bias
  • Confirmation bias
  • Tuning in to things that are most important for you

Managing your cultural bias!

Beware of Cultural Bias

There are times when people often tend to believe that their culture is superior to that of others.

Having such kind of thinking can have a huge impact on how you think and what you do. Moreover,

it greatly affects how you treat others! Thinking yourself to be culturally superior can be a very dangerous way of thinking. That’s why Neil urges you to be very aware of this.

He further urges you to learn to think around your bias!

Never be blinded by politics!


Neil understands the fact that people often tend to get brainwashed very easily. He explains that one should always be wary of being told the same things to them again and again without proof.

This is something that the majority of people, including politicians and dictators, have done successfully throughout centuries.

Neil talks about the scientific method!

Neil explains that the scientific method is no rocket science involving complicated formulas or data. It simply involves you doing whatever it takes to reach wherever you want to go.

Scientific Measurement Calculating the Incalculable

He firmly states that there is no guidebook for doing this! You need to work it out yourself as to what experiments are needed. When it comes to science, your experiments must allow nature to show you the way.

You will understand this concept more easily once you see the excellent examples Neil provides in his video.

How To Communicate Difficult Concepts To Others!

What is the point of making discoveries that you can’t explain to anyone else? All your hard work and efforts go to waste if you end up in this situation.

Neil Tyson is an accomplished Science communicator, and he uses those very skills to teach you how to become a good communicator yourself.

This is something that Neil has done over the many years and has become very good at.

He shares some important tips in this section of the course to teach you how to improve your ability to communicate tricky and difficult concepts to others.

Know Your Audience!

It is very important to know your audience and understand how they think so that you can communicate with them effectively! Neil Tyson states that this is a very important aspect of your preparation.

Preparing for Your Audience

You will always need to analyze the demographics of the people you are speaking to, that is, your audience. This will help you understand their level of understanding of the subject you will present to them.

If you do this the right way, then you will be able to figure out important parameters you can work around, including identifying the language to communicate in.

Furthermore, you will also be able to come up with examples to explain your work in a way that your audience can relate to. This will surely make it much easier and quicker for them to understand what you are trying to present to them.

Communication tactics that always work

Communication tactics that always work

Communication is the medium that will take your thoughts to your audience. So, it is very important to employ the right communication tactics that are easy to apply and also effective. These include:

  • Using humor
  • Energizing your delivery
  • Creating curiosity
  • Creating and using soundbites

Generating curiosity in your audience!

This is one of the most interesting parts of the course, where Neil Tyson explains how you generate curiosity in your audience!

He, as a presenter, always likes to take the audience on a journey by stimulating their curiosity! He does so by gradually walking them through various levels of information.

You will be able to have a clear understanding of this by watching Neil’s video, where he elaborates his views through a very good example.

Masterclass All-access Pass

There is so much to learn through the Masterclass platform that, at one point, you would want to take more than just one course.

Well, you certainly can! But honestly, buying individual courses at a time will be quite expensive for you. Instead, you can purchase the Masterclass all-access pass, which will cost you $180.


This pass will allow you to access over 70 available masterclass courses.

I recommend you buy the all-access pass because it is a great value-for-money deal. You will have to shell out something around $180 anyway if you would buy just two courses.

So, as you see, you are getting access to all the courses at the same price, without any extra charges! You will be able to explore courses that cover subjects like filmmaking, music, athletics, writing, storytelling, cooking, and a lot more.

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FAQs | Neil Tyson MasterClass Review

👨🏻‍🔬 Who is Neil Tyson ?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous and well-known astrophysicist and author who has been working at the Hayden Planetarium of the Rose Center for Earth and Space as the Frederick P. Rose Director since 1996.

🤔 Does Neil Tyson MasterClass Provide Workbook?

Tyson also has his workbook that consists of additional information to aid the content he is explaining in his videos. In that, he shares interesting and easy-to-understand examples of how many of his principles really work.

💯 What is Masterclass all-access pass ?

This pass will allow you to access over 70 available masterclass courses. I recommend you buy the all-access pass because it is a great value-for-money deal. You will have to shell out something around $180 anyway if you would buy just two courses.

👨‍🏫 How many video lectures are available in Neil Tyson MasterClass ?

There are 13 videos with the duration of total 2 hrs 15 min

💁What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 100+ of the world’s best.

📺 Where can I watch Neil Tyson MasterClass?

With MasterClass, you can learn and be inspired anytime, anywhere, including your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players. You can even download your favorite lessons and watch on the plane or listen during your commute in audio-only mode

Conclusion: Neil Tyson MasterClass Review 2024

This masterclass covers a unique subject that won’t please everyone.

It will be a great learning experience for anyone who is from a science background and wants to learn the principles involved in uncovering information, creating theories, and communicating complicated subjects to people.

There are, however, some sections in the course that other people can benefit from as well, particularly learning how to take your audience on a journey.

If you want to master the art of effective communication, then you are also very likely to benefit from this masterclass.

All in all, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Scientific Thinking and Communication Masterclass is certainly a pleasant learning ground for many people!

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