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Online Surveys To Earn Money In India

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In this article we have featured Online Surveys To Earn Money In India, Earn Huge Money From Survey Sites” sounds like a scam, right? Still sounds like a scam, let’s delve into and find the truth.

Are you looking to earn extra in your free time? If yes, getting paid for the survey filled for GPT (get-paid-to) sites is one of the best options that you can opt for. Numerous opportunities are available which you can grab and make money for your thoughts and action.

Filling and sharing an online survey for money is very easy. The only thing you need to ensure is that the websites you are working for are authentic and genuine.

Many websites are indulged in fraudulent activities and you need to know how to spot a scam website. You can do this by getting acquainted with the legit paid survey sites that are reliable in terms of payment.

Legit Paid Survey Sites to Make Money in India

Survey Sites to Make Money

Before we move on to the list of best survey sites, let’s enlighten you about the ways through which you can earn money by filling up surveys on to these websites.

How Can Survey Sites be Beneficial for You to Make Money?

There are several ways that can help you earn decent money on survey sites. You should know these different ways as we do not want you to miss out on or overlook any of the money-making opportunities suitable for you.

Some websites do not offer you to make money by filling out surveys. Instead of this, they provide you with other opportunities to make money such as take online offers, watch videos, click ads, play games, download apps, share a video, etc. These websites are called GPT (get-paid-to) sites.

Apart from GPT, there are some other sites that offer certain tasks naming Figure Eight Tasks. These tasks were formerly called as CrowdFlower.

You might not earn a huge amount in the beginning, but if you keep on performing and delivering tasks timely and efficiently, the possibility for you to earn more increases significantly.

The income earned by you would broadly depend upon the number of factors including-

  • The number of survey sites you have joined and become a member of
  • Number of surveys you complete every month and the time you devote to these tasks

Your profile also plays a vital role in determining the income you are eligible to earn. Always make sure that you sign up creating a robust profile.

Best Online Surveys To Earn Money In India

This list of legit survey sites is made after comprehensive research and exhaustively reviewed responses of users from all over the country. We have collected the data, based on which we have prepared this list of top 30 reliable survey sites that will pay you responsively and are free to use.

Listed below are the 30 best paid online survey sites that pay their members timely:

1) ySense

ySense was earlier known as Clixsense, which hasa  become widely popular survey site. There are several ways through which you can make money including inviting friends, taking surveys, doing figure eight tasks, and getting the daily activity bonus. Another common way of earning money is promoting this website’s referral programs.

ySense has an affiliation with a bunch of widely-known survey panels, due to which you can expect ample surveys on this site. You also get an option to chose your ideal survey panel out of all the panels you get on your email which is sent by ySense. Once you visit the survey page, find the list of the survey panels and click on the surveys to ensure their availability.

There is a great potential for earning through this website that is up to Rs 60,000 per month. Ysense pays you through a couple of digital payment apps or websites including PayPal, Skrill or Reward Link India, Payoneer, and Amazon gift cards.

2) Toluna

Toluna website is very similar to a social networking website as it enables you to follow people, allow them to follow you back, and help you make connections by letting you posting the messages on their wall or in a personal chat.

You might be thinking how does this website help you earn money? This brings us to comprehend you by outlining the opportunities that help any of its members to make money:

  • Inviting a friend to sign up Toluna
  • Creating quality contents (polls and topic), where you can create content yourself and even vote for other people’s content
  • Participating in a profile survey or paid survey

It has proven out to be one of the most consistent and trustworthy sites in terms of payment and providing surveys to its members. The duration of this website’s survey ranges between 10 to 20 minutes in which you can grab 15 to 50000 points.

Toluna website pays you through PayPal, and Gift Vouchers including Amazon, Flipkart, Shopper Stop, and many others.

3) Opinion World

Opinion World will frequently send you emails, once you become a member of this magnificent website. It is a user-friendly website, which is not only genuine but also provides you with various surveys frequently.

The survey of this website is usually about consumer products, and services related to healthcare, education, etc. Opinion world provides you with 10 points as soon as you sign up with them, just by filling up a questionnaire.

One of the best things about it is that you can choose the number of survey emails you want to receive from them in a day.

The minimum payout done by this website to its member should be at least Rs 500. Moreover, this website pays you through multiple payment platforms including PayPal, or Gift Cards including Westside, Pizza Hut, Levis, etc.

4) Valued Opinions

This website is not only available in India but also in more than 20 countries in this world. The ratings of this website are excellent.

Valued Opinions invite all their members to participate in numerous online surveys sent on their email. The maximum amount you can earn per survey is Rs 150 but a very few surveys enable you to earn this much. Furthermore, the minimum payout should be Rs 400 if you want this website to release your payment.

The payment terms of this website are instantaneous but it does not pay you hard cash. It pays you by providing Amazon gift cards, Flipkart e-voucher or a coupon to donate for charity.

Conclusion: Online Surveys To Earn Money In India

Here at the end I also just want to mention a site that is not on the list above as I often get asked if Survey Junkie is available in India.

The reason it is not on the list even though it is a big and famous site is that it does NOT accept members from India – I just wanted to make that clear as many have asked me about this. But as you can see on the list above, you have plenty of other great options.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from joining the ones that sound relevant to you.


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