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Tai Lopez 5 Minute Mentor Review 2024: Is it Legit Or Not ?

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In this post, we have featured Tai Lopez‘s 5 Minute Mentor Review which includes detailed insights into the 5 Minute Mentorship program of Tai Lopez. So let’s dive in.

What Is The 5 Minute Mentor Program of Tai Lopez?

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program

Tai has started a 5-minute mentor program where he is going to give one 5 minutes valuable lesson every day via phone or email.

The lessons will be on creating wealth, branding, how to leverage social media, how to find mentors, and also have self-improvement videos, something that you should be taught in school.

He says how creating these videos is like talking to his younger 18-year-old self and mentoring him with these valuable lessons.

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program reviews online

Tai Lopez 5 Minute Mentor Review: In a Nutshell

He insists on seeing his video consistently for 28 days and taking some sort of action once you have watched that video so that the lesson is embedded inside you.

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program reviews


He compares taking lessons to his favorite martial arts form jiu-jitsu where once you have completed watching videos consistently for 28 days then you will be awarded a white belt and after a certain period with a yellow belt and so on till you get a grandmaster black belt if you continue it for a year.

Currently, this program has about 45 video lessons and in this review, we will just see in brief what they are all about. 

The first video is Simple but not Easy where Tai Lopez talks about how simple it is to make money but at the same time not easy.

He talks about the people you have to avoid taking advice for making money and how you need to be consistent and have a steady growth trajectory for making money. In the end, he gives an assignment for you to do.Tai-Lopez - Overview

The second video is about The Number One Skill for creating Wealth.

Tai Lopez gives out the most essential skills one requires to create wealth or make his company successful. He also gives examples of some famous people and what they do with this skill.

The third video is about to Elevate Your Social Circle. Tai talks about the importance of hitching yourself to the right wagon.

He talks about spending some time of your day or week with someone who earns more than you so you can be among the company of growth mindset people which will ultimately help your mindset about making money.

What You Will Learn In Tai Lopez 5 Minute Mentor?

At the same time, he doesn’t advise you to make friends only for money but get the right mentors or people who earn more than you which will help you in your money-making skillset.

He gives examples of famous entrepreneurs and their mentors or people they spend time with that can help them elevate their social circle.

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program review latest

The fourth video is about the Definition of Money where Tai defines money and the skills you need to make money.

He talks about finding out what you require that can help you out of the circumstances that you are in.

He defines it as scarce in-demand resources and explains this in detail and gives an assignment for people to list down the resources they have which are scarcely available and are in demand.

Tai-Lopez - Powerfull Mentor

The fifth video is about Building Military Mental Discipline where Tai talks about the importance of saving a fraction of the amount of money you earn every month and being disciplined about this habit.

He also gives you advice on how to start with this habit and stick to it. 

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program reviews scams

The sixth video becomes an Investor where Tai talks about adopting the Investor Mindset and making the money work for you instead of working for money your whole life.

He also gives you a few tips on certain fields that you can start as an investor and have the discipline to go through with it.

Tai lopez 5 minute mentor program reviews scams

The seventh video is about 3 Keys to Closing Deals where Tai begins with the last step of sales and that is how to close a deal.

tai lopez closing deals

The main important part of the business is making sales and no matter what we do we are always selling something or the other in our lives.

He talks about 3 key important things you need to keep in mind and act on so that you can be successful in closing the deals and understand the psychology of selling.

The eighth video is about becoming multidisciplinary where Tai talks about the importance of reading books to improve your skillset.

Tai lopes net worth

He talks about reading the books that specifically are meant for growth and not for leisure and also advises on optimum timings to read them.

One common thing that you will find among most millionaires and billionaires in the habit of reading books and owning a library. You can find Tai’s book list at

The ninth video is about Reading People where Tai talks in brief about the personality test that you can take or you can send to people around you to understand them which is completely free and available at to know about yourself.

Tai lopez reading people

The test has been scientifically compiled and he later talks about spotting 3 things when you ask people to take the quiz or when you see the results of that quiz and how to avoid them.

The tenth video is about Posting on Instagram.

Tai talks about the things most social agencies teach you when it comes to increasing your Instagram followers versus what is relevant according to him when it comes to increasing your Instagram engagement.

He shows his account as an example and the posts that did well engagement-wise for him.

tai lopez posting instagram

How Does The 5 Minute Mentor Work?

Let’s see the work of a 5-minute mentor working.

The eleventh video talks about Improving Your Networking Ability where Tai Lopez gives 3 main points to keep in mind when you are networking. To remember that your network is your net worth and gives his example of how he was able to network with Elon Musk.

The twelfth video is about Improving Your Credit Score where Tai draws a pie chart of 5 aspects to take care to keep your credit score high.

He mentions a few websites that are specially for people in the USA where they can visit and learn more about their credit scores and credit cards and also lists down what types of credit cards can only apply at different stages.

He has another program called Credit Mentor Program where he explains this in detail.

The thirteenth video is about learning the wolf of wall street ninja trick where he primarily teaches you how to create “certainty” in sales he gives his example of working as a salesperson for a health insurance company

Tai-Lopez - 5 Minute Daily Lesson

The fourteenth video is about Branding where Tai talks about 3 key elements to keep in mind when you do branding either for yourself or your products as branding is an essential factor that can determine the volume of your sales or the success of your product.

The fifteenth video is about Email Marketing where Tai talks about the pros and cons of email marketing calling it a hybrid form of the social media marketing that is extremely powerful, underrated, and extremely profitable, and how to utilize it for your benefit.

The sixteenth video is about Price Testing. Tai recommends a book that talks about how it is important to optimize pricing if you want to generate good revenue. Tai also explains a concept called price split testing to find out the optimum selling price for your products.

The seventeenth video is about Twitter and the pros and cons of this platform.

He also talks about how twitter even being low in monetized is a great platform to build your branding and engage with your followers

The eighteenth video is about Emotional Control Tai talks about maintaining the mental baseline with neither being highly anxious nor being over-optimistic when you are confronted with stress in your life.

He gives 3 steps to maintain the mental baseline in this five-minute video lesson.

The nineteenth video is about Life Insurance where Tai talks about the importance of getting a life insurance policy before you need it.

Tai himself was a certified financial planner for 9 years where he advocates for people to get their life insurance policy of 20 or 30 years. He also gives out a ratio between your income and the amount you put in your policy.

The twentieth video is about Travelling the World.

Tai lists down 3 reasons why you must take some time out to travel and see the world to gain more ideas, and experience and to increase your networking ability which will also ultimately help you in making more money.

He also gives examples of brands like Nike and red bull and how their founders got the idea to start the aforementioned brand when they were traveling.

The twenty-first video is about Seasonality of Life where Tai talks about the four seasons that we face in life and what we need to do during those four seasons and how it is going to keep repeating in cycles.

The twenty-second video is about Using Twitter to Test.

Tai advises using Twitter to test your initial content before putting it on Instagram or youtube. He gives 5 steps about how to use Twitter for testing your audience as it allows you to post often and use Twitter polls to get the opinion of your followers on your product. 

The twenty-third video is about Starting a Youtube Channel where Tai appeals the beginners to start a YouTube channel, record videos and put them up, and keep it private the start to get rid of I am not good enough fear first.

He gives tips on how to run the channel and how videos are going to be a much more prominent form of marketing in the future.

The twenty-fourth video is about Work-Life Balance where he presents two extremes of either too much grind and hustle or too little and then talks about his opinion on the number of hours that are optimum according to him to work in a day to achieve the work-life balance.

The twenty-fifth video is about a Personal Assistant. Here Tai talks about how as your workload increases you need to hire someone who is an extension of you.

According to him, your first hire should be either a salesperson or your assistant who can help you make more money. 

He gives out 3 pointers to keep in mind while hiring a personal assistant to make sure you have hired the correct person.

The twenty-sixth video is about Learning from Mistakes where Tai talks about making mistakes and learning from them. He suggests you watch a video of a certain billionaire’s discussion on youtube.

He talks about his take on making mistakes and learning from them and also from learning mistakes that are not made by you but of those around you.

The twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth videos are two-part 5-minute programs about How to Increase Your Wealth where Tai Lopez in the first video talks about how the frailty of life and not taking up opportunities due to some irrational fear and goes on to talk about how to increase your wealth step by step instead of taking a high jump in his second video.

The twenty-ninth video is about Controlling Your Mind where Tai gives an example of a war veteran who survived a plane crash for 42 days in the middle of the sea with nothing much going for him by controlling his mind.

He talks about why controlling your mind is essential for an entrepreneur to be successful in his venture.

Is 5 Mentor Legit or Scam? (TRUTH EXPLAINED)

The thirteenth video is about Pace of Success where Tai talks about the plateau phase that should come right after the growth phase and why too much of any phase is detrimental to your business.

The thirty-first video is about Mindset of Discipline where Tai talks against making any extreme changes in your routine as the success rate of maintaining that change is very low since your body works against any extreme changes.

When you ao want to change some habits start with baby steps like changing only 10% of your current habit and try to maintain it before you can change again thereby giving the body some time to adjust to the new routine.

The thirty-second video is about how to create new habits.

Here Tai talks about how often we spend the majority of our day doing things that we shouldn’t be doing and only a few mins in doing what we should. He talks about how to create new habits which is more like a rehash of the previous video lesson.

The thirty-third video is about finding your product where Tai Lopez gives an example of Steve Jobs building the Apple brand since he knew what product he wanted to make and sell to his customers.

Here Tai talks about knowing yourself first before finding the right product fit that can help you become an investor-entrepreneur.

The thirty-fourth video is about Why Strategies are Important where Tai talks about how people fail in doing something simply because their choices are not integrated with the bigger part of the picture.

He gives an example of people working out in the gym and why even after years of doing so they never really have any progress. 


The thirty-fifth video is about What You Want vs What Customers Want where Tai talks about how most entrepreneurs fail in their ventures because they fail to check whether the product they seem to want in the market is something that even a million other customers would also want.

He talks about the difference between Twitter and Facebook and how Twitter’s founder had got his instincts correct when he started with the platform that other people also would be interested in. Though it is a five-minute video I do feel it ended on an abrupt note.

The thirty-sixth video is about Studying the Minds and Habits of Others where Tai talks about his takeaways from reading Elon Musk’s book and learning about Elon Musk from his known acquaintances and how it helps him in his development.

tai lopez reading habits

The thirty-seventh video is about Two Rules to going Viral where Tai talks about the dos and don’ts of posting on social media and how to make your account and content attract others’ attention.

The thirty-eighth video is about Reward Bias which Tai says is the most powerful of 25 cognitive biases as humans are emotional people and it is important when pitching for a product or point it is important to show the other person what is their reward instead of what you gain out of it.

tai lopez going viral

The thirty-ninth and fortieth video are two parts of the How to Optimize Your Day lesson where Tai talks about what’s the best way to schedule your day, the best time to work, he weighs his opinion on whether to be an early riser or to be a night owl when working and how does he balance his schedule to be the most productive throughout the day.

Tai-Lopez - Author

The forty-first video is about Life is like Chess where Tai talks about how to deal with difficult circumstances, how to adapt to the present circumstances, and how to navigate your way out of those circumstances and compares it with the game of chess.

The forty-second video is about How to Find Your Niche where Tai talks about how you need to understand your personality before taking up the niche so that it is in alignment with who you are and you don’t end up doing a wrong job.

He also emphasizes getting to know your strengths from an enemy instead of your friends and family since they are biased in their opinions and you will not know where you stand exactly.

The forty-third video is about Master Psychology where Tai talks about how to use the present pandemic times to take time out and learn psychology and how to read people as the great businessmen are proficient in reading people and hence are successful in making their business deals.

He talks about his routine of taking out an hour a day to read different terminologies in Wikipedia and update his knowledge as the more you learn the more you can earn.

The forty-fourth video is about How to Close a Client in a Recession and this is the smallest video by far of the 5-minute mentor program as it is almost 3 minutes long where Tai talks about choosing the right client base during the pandemic times to close in a deal and which businesses can you go after to find the clients and gives a pointer to approach them.

The forty-fifth video which is the last video by the time I am writing this review is about Why It’s Always Important to be Prepared where Tai talks about the history of the USA in regards to the recessions and how it is important not to have all your eggs in one basket and you need to have a diversified source of income so that you are better prepared when the recession hits and impacts your income. 

tai lopez cardio style

Pros & Cons of Tai Lopez 5 Minute Mentorship Program

Pros of this Course:

  • Every video is for 5 minutes approx and hence do not take much time or effort on your part to do this course.
  • These videos act like small little nuggets of information that you can access in one place to create a positive mindset that can help you in creating wealth.
  • He claims it is a money mentor program but most of the videos talk about personality development and a positive mindset than the actual money-making tips.

Cons of this Course:

  • Though he talks about doing this course for a year the available videos currently at the time this review is written are only 45 videos.
  • Some of the video lessons were repetitive to the previous ones.

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Conclusion: Tai Lopez 5 Minute Mentor Review 2024

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses and also has been voted as the number one social media influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In this course, he talks about the learnings he has learned through his journey of entrepreneurship, his takeaways from his mentors, and being on the social media scene for too long.

You can take this course if you don’t have too much time to learn everything in detail but get a gist of what requires you to make more money. I hope you like my review of the 5-minute mentor program. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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