WordPress Website Is Down 2024: 7 Best Ways To Check & Fix

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This article is dedicated to Checks To Carry Out When Your WordPress Website Is Down.

You may not be able to access your WordPress dashboard or login page. Or maybe your website isn’t performing as expected. It’s conceivable that your WordPress website is down if this is occurring.

There may be a simple solution to why your site isn’t up and running. Keeping a cool head while your WordPress website is down is made easier with this quick set of preliminary inspections.

Most importantly, you don’t have to rely on anybody else for assistance since you can do these tests alone.

WordPress Website Is Down: How To Check & fix?

We have tried and tested some different ways to fix it:

WordPress Website is Down

1. Discard False Links

First, ensure all your connections are in the appropriate sockets/ports. Ensure you’re online. You don’t want to think for two days just to discover a mistake.

2. You Only?

Often, the problem impacts numerous users. Others may be checking whether WordPress is down. Try Down for everyone or Just me to review. This program examines your website from different places, so you’ll know whether it’s your computer.

Enter any URL to see whether it’s down. Is This Site Down similar? If you can’t access your website, visit Whatsmydns.

A “Site not found” message suggests your DNS is out-of-date. If you’ve recently modified your site’s DNS, use this tool to find out. DNS updates take 6 to 72 hours.

If your DNS is up-to-date, refresh the page. Click Ctrl+F5 (or Cmd+R) on Windows. This lets you avoid cached pages and view your site straight from the server. View your site using proxy sites. Seeing your site this way indicates network troubles.

You may also continuously monitor your website’s uptime. Pingdom is one such tool. These tools ping your website from several places at regular intervals to detect outages.

3. Validate Domain

Your domain name has an expiration date. Miss a renewal notice? Many Registrars prolong validity for 30 days after expiration, however, larger expectations are unrealistic.

Many web servers provide domain registration. If not, verify your subscription. WhoIs your website’s URL? You’ll know whether your domain registration is active and other domain facts instantly.

4. Account Suspended

Unpaid hosting accounts are usually suspended. Usually, your host will alert you when a payment fails, so it may have slipped past. Update your billing data to prevent hosting suspension.

5. Server is down

During server downtime, you can’t access your website. While you may get a notice regarding server downtime, it’s easy to forget. Any server resource utilization that exceeds your bandwidth constraints might bring down your website.

If it’s transient, reloading the page should fix it. Next, assess if your hosting service/package is suited for your website. Cheap web hosting may not give enough support for 100% uptime.

Cheaper hosting without appropriate infrastructure might cause more significant downtime, and your only option is to wait it out or call your supplier.

You may move to Bluehost (WPExplorer readers get a 63% discount) or WP Engine for WordPress-managed hosting.

Bluehost notifies you of server disruptions, but you may also access cPanel. Again, set up an automated uptime monitor program and contact your hosting provider if downtime occurs.

6. Conflicting Theme/Plugins

Incompatible themes and plugins may potentially lock you out of WordPress. Buying themes and plugins from reputable markets might help.

Our list of Best WordPress Plugins is a wonderful resource. Many writers list known issues with other themes or plugins, so read them before installing. If in doubt, ask the developer.

7. Hacking

Website security is a constant process, as anybody who has operated a website knows. Stay ahead of the evil guys. Malicious bots often try to gain in and occasionally succeed (hence, the need for strong passwords and protecting your admin area).

Website Hacking

Your hosting provider should defend you from such assaults including DoS attacks. You must collaborate closely and provide them all available information. Sometimes bots or hackers take over websites.

Run a Sucuri site check to see whether your website was compromised. If your website isn’t infected with malware, read these FAQs on WordPress Codex to find out why it’s unavailable or acting strangely.

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Conclusion: WordPress Website is Down 2024

Being locked out may be terrifying. There are techniques to determine why your WordPress site is offline. You can fix problems yourself using this knowledge.

There are blogs available to solve every issue. If you can’t manage it, ask for assistance.


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