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5 Memory Techniques to Learn Faster 2024

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The Roman philosopher Cicero once said,

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.”

Although Cicero is no longer with us, his advice on the value of memory is still valid and applicable today.

Importance – Memory is a vital component of who we are. We can both store and retrieve data thanks to it. We can function in the present and the future by using our memories to understand the past. We wouldn’t be able to learn or remember anything without memory; it is a necessary skill for survival.

Advantages – To improve and increase our memory, various memory tricks have been developed. For people who are self-educating, establishing a business, or who just want to read more while boosting their memory, we’ve put up a list of 5 efficient memorizing strategies in this post.

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5 Memory Techniques To Learn Faster

1. The Link Method

5 Memory Techniques to Learn Faster

One of the simplest methods for quickly memorizing information is this one. Make a basic correlation between the various items to help you remember a list of terms.

Imagine a radio playing an advertisement for apples, for instance, if your list includes radio, apples, perfume, and pillows. The bruised apples release a strong fragrance. You take the perfume off of a soft cushion.

In essence, you are building an image and connecting it to the following item before moving on to the next item on your list. As long as they connect, you can imagine the objects being thrown against, on top of, or next to one another.

2. The Peg System

peg system

Refer to previously taught material to help you make fresh memories. This memory approach uses a mental hook to which new information can be attached. You can always come back to this peg since it will always be there.

To connect thoughts, you can use letters or numbers. The digits 1 through 10 can be used in phrases like “one-fun,” “two-you,” “three-me,” “four-door,” etc. You might use the following as letters: A-day, B-knee, C-sea, D-dog, etc.

Although it can seem challenging, your brain can “hang” a lot of information on the same peg. You can memorize lists, words, definitions, and much more with its assistance.

3. Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic Devices

The majority of memory techniques include mnemonics or patterns that use concepts, letters, or associations to aid in recall. These cunning tricks typically take the form of a rhyme, melody, or string of letters that serve as a memory trigger. Mnemonics are frequently used by people with a remarkable memory.

Remember the color spectrum
One of the most frequently used mnemonic devices in school is:
ROY G. BIV. = (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)
or the colors of the spectrum.

Remember the planets
To remember the planets orbiting the sun in the order you could use:
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas
for Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (now, minus Pluto).

You will increase your memory and capacity to connect knowledge by using an existing tool or developing a new one. The more you think about the information, the stronger the neural connections in your brain create, improving your memory.

4. The Story or Journey Method

The Story or Journey Method

The Story Method ties together visuals to improve memory, much like the Link Memory Technique does. Instead of just making links between the items, you construct a compelling narrative to help people remember it.

Use the following short story to help you remember radio, apples, perfume, and pillows: An upbeat song was playing loudly on the radio, and the air was fragrant with apples. I looked up at the fluffy clouds.

By tying together different groupings of information, this technique helps with memory. To remember their function and significance when interacting with unrelated objects, conjure bizarre scenarios.

5. Recalling


There are numerous ways to implement the remembering memorizing technique. Take a look at the information you wish to retain, then file it away.

Put what you know in your own words as best you can. Your reading comprehension and skills will both improve as a result, as will your text comprehension.

Try to engage your mind with active reading as another way to enhance memory and comprehension. While reading, annotate the text to highlight key points, clarify confusing portions, or record any questions that come to mind. Why is this quote or excerpt significant? Which inquiries do I have?

Other approaches to active reading include reading the material aloud, composing a summary in your own words, writing down the text physically (rather than on a computer), and having someone else read the material to you.

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