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BuddyBoss Pricing Plans 2024: How Much Does BuddyBoss Cost?

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Are you looking for Buddyboss Pricing Plans?

Great! You are in the right place.

Thinking of making an online community website? Already have a WordPress account and want to grow your online business? 

Have you tried BuddyBoss? If yes and if No, for both, I have the most amazing news as I bring to you the most viable BuddyBoss Pricing Offers, which will help you to increase and maximize your savings! 

Or have you struggled with creating a WordPress-based membership website? You will know all about the struggles and tedious work you did not see coming. 

Trust me, for those who are newbies to creating a website, designing a site is not as easy as it seems. 

BuddyBoss will be your best option. For a membership website, you will need various plugins and themes that sync well with your content. BuddyBoss brings it all under one umbrella. 

Want to know more about BuddyBoss then check out our BuddyBoss Review.

Connecting to a larger group and building a community, buck up your belt to start your online courses, monetize everything so efficiently and generate revenue in no time. 

Still, confused? Not to worry! Just keep on reading, by the time you will complete reading you will have all your doubts resolved.  



💰  Price

$228 Single Site

😍  Pros

WordPress integration

😩  Cons

The number of BuddyBoss features at your disposal may overwhelm you, at times.


If you want to create an online community with people all over the world, Buddyboss is the best choice for you! This is because the tools it provides makes everything easy and is the solution to producing your online community. Well, it is something no one has ever heard of which makes them especially unique in what they do!

Overall Rating 4.5/5

BuddyBoss Theme Overview: How Good Is It? 

You must have heard about the BuddyPress plugin. They are quite popular among the WordPress users 2 built by the same bunch of people they have completely different functions

BuddyBoss Overview

BBpress was made to create a social forum on WordPress whereas Buddypress was used to convert WordPress sites into social networking. 

But Buddyboss was different. It was a program created to provide the combined features of BBPress and BuddyPress.

It is open-source software that people use to develop amazing WordPress sites. Soon a lot of new features were added to it, to enhance its functionality.

In the next few minutes, if you continue reading, you will explore in detail why BuddyBoss is one of the most unique plugins out there.


What can you do with BuddyBoss?

You would be surprised to see how much it has to serve you!

1. Sell Online courses  

Has teaching been your passion always? Do you want to share and preach your talent to a bigger audience and grow online? Not being sure how to start it along with your work? 

BuddyBoss Online Courses

BuddyBoss takes your teaching experience to the next level. It provides you a structured training and micro-learning platform. You can also use it for making a social learning platform and even comply with it for gamification.

We all are thankful for buddy boss integration with AppBoss which helps you to get your own mobile application really comes in handy for your customers who can learn wherever and whenever they want with no difficulty whatsoever.  

2. Online Community

Ever wondered why people are so fussed about creating an online community? The online community really helps your followers and customers to connect to your brand or your services.

BuddyBoss Online Communities

They feel more engaged with your products and your firm, establishing a sense of loyalty within the customers and they can trust your brand for the required services.

Members are allowed to come and discuss and socialize with each other. This aids you to grow as they provide you essential feedback which creates room for rectification.

You can also create your app to let the community be connected and climb the ladder of success.

3. Create Membership Programs

Have you ever thought of employing the community and the gamification feature Buddyboss

This feature helps you to create a recurring and effective revenue system so that the members of your membership program feel more engaged.

BuddyBoss Membership Program

Here, you can provide insight into your new products or launches directly to your members before it is even public. 

Your members will have the advantage of learning from each other and sharing their reviews. This exponentially will be increasing your brand value along with potentially reducing your workload too.

4. Start Your Corporate Training  

It is no secret how big cooperative firms keep their employees connected. This simply enrolls its employees in a corporate training program.

BuddyBoss Corporate Training

These programs are the central hub for you to train your workforce and let them participate more. 

With BuddyPress, you can focus on the learning experiences of your employees and make it a wonderful experience for them rest assured.

Your employees will not feel bored with the sessions they will be attending. They have a tiered system that works perfectly. 

These training sessions help the employees to gain more knowledge on polish their skills.

So goodbye to all the worries about connecting your staff.

5. Integrate new WordPress plugins

We know you can’t actually do everything with just BuddyBoss. You might have other requirements regarding other plugins or features.

BuddyBoss Integration

Buddyboss understands this so they provide you the facility to integrate other WordPress plugins.

With these new plugins, you can bring in more members, enhance the User experience, post more about your content, and start with an exclusive website, and host numerous events.

BuddyBoss Solutions

So what is your need? Creative Marketplace or to start a blogging network? Or just share your knowledge with the online audience?. 

You know BuddyBoss is this solution as it is the one-stop destination for any kind of website you require. Let me introduce you to some BuddyBoss solutions that will help you to understand its functionality better.

1. MarketPlace

Social Marketplace Solution

Your quest for a powerful social Marketplace ends here. BuddyBoss empowers you to create a high functioning online Marketplace.

This is possible because of the joint ventures of WC vendors and MarketPlace, that combines its services with BuddyPress. 

2. Blogger  

Blogging is a new trend. Anyone who has a nag for writing and sharing skeptical knowledge will have a blogging page. In general, people find blogs more informative and fruitful. 

So why not create your own blogging platform and reach out to millions of readers worldwide?

3. Sensei

As it is already mentioned BuddyBoss helps you to fulfill your passion for teaching.  Sensei integrates with BuddyPress to provide you the best social learning platform.

You will be the teacher and impart your knowledge to all who seek it.

4. LearnDash

Learndash Solution

Why only teach? What if you want to learn? With Learndash you have the benefits to access the best teachers. You can acquire any skills with the leisure of not leaving your home.

Just get hold of a cup of coffee and start learning.

BuddyBoss Themes

Do you seem to face trouble with the creation of online communities? At some point, you might have wondered whether there would be any tools to aid you in the creation of these communities. 

After all, these networking platforms are the ones that bring together people across the world. In this digital era, Buddybossprovides an easy and advanced solution to construct online communities as well as the membership sites on WordPress.

You have found the perfect choice and with the below themes you are sure to ace the creations. Perfectionism isn’t far away!

1. Buddyboss Theme

Buddyboss Theme is one of the most strategic themes of Buddyboss. We aren’t bluffing. It can be integrated with about more than 100+ plugins.

Boss Theme Intro


That means you have got a flexible theme on your hands. With BuddyBoss Theme, you can easily customize to satiate your prerequisites. 

It is a powerful theme that is a simple fusion of professionalism and elegance. 

2. SweetDate

Dating has become quite common. Naturally, we need themes that can lure you into trying out this platform. SweetDate swiftly serves this purpose.

It’s a specific theme that has an excellent profile matching function. Now it’s very easy to find a date and sizzle up your lives!

3. Cardinal 

Cardinal is an all-rounder theme. It has everything you always wished for. Want to create social sites, online stores, or portfolios? Well here goes one of the boldest and powerful themes. 

Cardinal Theme- Overview

It’s quite responsive and adaptable. You can also use this theme in multiple languages making the reach widen to multi-site environments. 


BuddyBoss comes with a package of extensive and cool features to simplify the functionality of this platform. So let’s take a peek at them!

  • Member Profiles- You can create profiles and update them. What more? You definitely can use profile pictures. The parameters of user-profiles can be easily administered. 
  • Custom Profile Types- You can make quite a number of profiles to suit the different community guidelines. 
  • Custom Profile Fields- You can amass information that can also be shared with others.
  • You can also befriend others. The site owner has the exclusive rights to determine the abilities that friends possess mutually. Buddyboss is a great social networking platform where you can connect with various people across the world.
  • BuddyBoss possesses a rather robust messaging system that also happens to be private. As a user, you can decide whether you would like to receive notifications when you get a message. 
  • Collaborations are possible. Now users can come together and create groups. These communities help you to grow and expand your knowledge database. Each group has its own specifications and features. 
  • The activity streams that provide a brief overview of the activities taking place can also be followed. That way you can simply get the required activity details without having to dig through the forums.
  • Now, users can also create blogs. BuddyBoss provides a platform for the creation of blogs wherein you can share your insights and views with the world. 
  • Elearning is one of the most prominent features of BuddyBoss. With this exclusive feature, you can easily launch different kinds of courses under your brand name.

This platform also can be used to raise awareness wherein customers can come together to share their profound insights, experiences, and knowledge. 

BuddyBoss: Pros and Cons

After seeing the detailed list of features offered by the Buddyboss platform, your head might be reeling from all the possibilities that you can uncover. Looking for a pros and cons list to make your final decision? I’ve got you covered!


  • Want to create a unique online community that is out of the world? With BuddyBoss’s easy-to-use customization features, you can do so in no time! 
  • Want WordPress integration, so that BuddyBoss’s tools can help you build a website there? No problem! BuddyBoss Solutions offer a seamless process of integration, through plug-ins.
  • No one wants to be left behind in the constantly changing digital world, isn’t it? Well, you won’t be, with BuddyBoss’s regular updates, which also keep your online business safe and secure from hackers.
  • Don’t know where to start? Let the platform’s tutorials lend you a helping hand and guide you through the process, through short and detailed videos. You’ll be an expert in installing and customizing BuddyBoss features, in no time! 
  • Want to get your business to the mobile platform? BuddyBoss lets you build beautiful mobile apps through BuddyBoss mobile solutions, so you can cater to your customers, right from their phones.
  • With BuddyBoss’s affordable pricing options and jam-packed features, you get your money’s worth! 
  • Great customer support and library to help you with any query that you may have.


  • The number of BuddyBoss features at your disposal may overwhelm you, at times.
  • There is a lack of customization choices for certain features. (eg: DarkMode)

BuddyBoss: Pricing 


Site 1- 

  • Priced at $228 per year, is best for beginners. 
  • If you want to launch your platform online, this pack is just right for you! 
  • You get the BuddyBoss theme! 
  • With that, you get the pro platform formed by this software. 
  • A 1 site license. 
  • The priority support lasts for a year, that is, as long as you have access to the package.  
  • The updates also last for the year until the pack expires. 

Site 5- 

  • This package is charged for $288 a year. 
  • It is the ideal choice for those who are looking for viable ways to grow their business. 
  • You get the BuddyBoss theme! 
  • With that, you get the pro platform formed by this software. 
  • A 5 site license. 
  • The priority support lasts for a year, that is, as long as you have access to the package.  
  • The updates also last for the year until the pack expires. 

Site 10-  

  • This plan is priced at $328 for each year.
  • It is a perfect plan for those who want to grow their agency business.
  • You get the BuddyBoss theme! 
  • With that, you get the pro platform formed by this software. 
  • A 10 site license. 
  • The priority support lasts for a year, that is, as long as you have access to the package.  
  • The updates also last for the year until the pack expires. 

Quick Link: 


👉 What are the types of communities one can create on BuddyBoss?

You can either use an open site for your community where any user can simply create a profile for themselves and start their usage of the platform or you can use a niche site for your community. In the platform, you can create a deep learning and understanding management site.

👉 What will happen if a subscription has been canceled?

You are provided with the option to cancel the subscription you chose at any given point after your subscription purchase. What happens after the cancellation of your package is the renewing of your license key is going to stop and is bound to expire a year from the date of your purchase. Once you've crossed the expiration date, you are bound to stop receiving any kind of messages like the updates regarding the security and the automatic updates, etc.

👉 Is WordPress really necessary for the working of BuddyBoss?

Absolutely! This BuddyBoss solution always has a part that is the platform plus a theme. You download them on your WordPress website. You require a WordPress installation for installing them.

Conclusion: BuddyBoss Pricing Plans 2024

If you want to create an online community with people all over the world, Buddyboss is the best choice for you! This is because the tools it provides make everything easy and are the solution to producing your online community. 

Well, it is something no one has ever heard of which makes them especially unique in what they do! 

The themes provided will be best to aid you! Yes, you would need a lot of bucks and time to create a custom buildup while BuddyBoss provides you with the tools neatly laid out for developing your featured and custom community site.  

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