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Buddyboss One Social Theme Review 2024: Is It The Best Theme?

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Are you a businessman looking for expansion of your business in the sense that you would want a constructive and healthy community?

Having a platform that has an all-in-one-kind theme with features and benefits of free plugin/extension is something that you would require to make that process easier in a cost-effective and timely manner. Buddyboss One Social Theme is your destination.

Get to know more about BuddyBoss by checking out our detailed BuddyBoss Review.

A platform that would help individuals who are new to the niche or startups that are running on a budget would want an easy-to-use user interface to build your own social networking community which is as close to the features of Facebook or Instagram would cost a ton in terms of money and time.

With this article, we would be talking in detail and describe all the necessary aspects of one of the leading brands which are Buddyboss One Social Theme that would provide integrated solutions to your business requirements of building a community that eventually leads to brand loyalty.



💰  Price

$99 Single Site

😍  Pros

Fully integrated platform for your social media requirements.

😩  Cons

Settings of the platform could be improved as it lacks organization.


Buddyboss or BuddyPress is a social theme and a free software package that you could use as a plugin, extension, or their own software/ website which could be plugged in for the purposes of WordPress so that you could create a great social networking website according to what suits your website.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Buddyboss One Social Theme: What is this?

Buddyboss or BuddyPress is a social theme and a free software package that you could use as a plugin, extension, or their own software/ website which could be plugged in for the purposes of WordPress so that you could create a great social networking website according to what suits your website. 

Buddyboss One Social Theme Review

Especially for newcomers and individuals who have recently entered the niche could consider this as a social networking website to expand your business alongside a complete package of extensive features that would support you with administration areas that would effectively help you manage the website.

With a hands-down experience in terms of features, advantages, and the benefits that you can easily tap into, Buddyboss is a platform that will help you with building a community that would be constantly engaged with long term brand loyalty for you.

How can this help you?

BuddyPress is a platform that would provide you with a great deal of help and support to expand your business and I would like you to take this opportunity to explain how it would help you in the simplest ways possible:

  • It is a software and an extension/plugin for WordPress which can be set up as a plugin with can be used alongside your WordPress landing page along with a lot of functionality and features that it supports to expand your page.
  • Along with its pricing plans and features, you could unlock multiple features depending on your business requirements and hence ensuring you have the right kind of features that would be beneficial to your business. However, the plugin that Buddyboss provides with the name BuddyPress, is free of cost as it is open-source software that invariably allows you to download and use its functions.
  • With one of the major and popular features- it’s a social networking system that has features closely similar to Facebook, users have the authority to create and update their profiles as per their convenience as well as send private messages, friend/unfriend individuals, etc.
  •  Buddyboss being one of the strongest content management systems is known for its conjunction with the WordPress engine known as BuddyPress that would help you with creating and updating relevant content on your website making it more attractive and easy to read.
  • The platform is known to be extensible in terms of their plugins which means that their functionality can be extended with the help and the use of plugins.
  • Buddyboss being a platform that is very easy to use, it is a platform that is designed using a combination of themes. In comparison to a WordPress website, you could change the aesthetics of your Buddyboss website which is as easy as activating a new theme that suits you. However, on BuddyPress, you would have options of choosing from free and premium themes to custom and design themes.
  • The platform helps in a way that you could connect to your community and individuals who regularly come back to your platform for your services and products that you put out from time to time. This is done in a way that is fun and engaging which is made in such a way that it is done in an interactive manner for customer retention.
  • Customizing your templates to ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing and personalized, you could also work on mobile applications to ensure your community is engaged from time to time. Alongside what is just established, the users can create blogs and articles which tap into the full potential of WordPress with integrated discussion forums to have a healthy conversation and feedback.
  • Lastly, the plugins are free of cost and can be installed to have a seamless experience to grow your business.

How to Use Buddyboss One Social Theme?

Whether you have experience with WordPress or have little experience in building websites before, it would be very easy for you to install one of the variants of Buddyboss which is BuddyPress in ease. You could follow the steps below for the same:

  1. Always select a secure web-hosting platform.
  2. Go ahead with installing WordPress which would be an easy click option to install if you have a web hosting platform that supports it.
  3. After WordPress is set up, you could install the BuddyPress plugin. This could be easily done in your Administration Section> Add new> search BuddyPress.
  4. Select the theme of your choice. You could either go with the preset theme or customize and create one according to what suits your business requirements at the point.
  5. You have already set up a basic setup, you could, however, customize and design the functionality of your BuddyPress site to help you grow the community you always wanted!

Buddyboss One Social Theme: Features

Buddyboss is a platform that comes in with a lot of features and functionalities that you may want to consider:

  • Buddyboss is a platform that is known for its features that are known for the growth of the community that you could build. This would promote customer engagement and retention which would get you going in terms of having valuable feedback if required.

BuddyBoss One Social Theme-Features

You can provide a platform to your users and customers to learn from each other through their experiences which would increase the brand value as well as reduce the workload.

  • You could monetize the platform by selling access and generating revenue and wealth.

This could be done through charging subscriptions or one-time payments over the services that you may want to provide to your customers like the community/groups, courses, digital downloads of materials, etc.

Membership plugin integrations can also be provided in terms of the charges that are paid by the customers.

  • E-learning is one major feature that is provided by the platform if you are a company that is just starting out in terms of launching your own online courses. With this feature, you could easily launch a large number of courses that you would want to provide under your brand at ease. 

Alongside the community feature, you could easily create an informative and healthy platform wherein your customers could also share their insights and communicate with each other on what they have an insight on.

  • One interesting feature that Buddyboss has which is quite distinctive is their Gamify feature that would help your users and customers to walk towards a common goal(s) that they might have set through an interesting and engaging manner like the badges, points, rewards, certificates, and achievements. 

This would ensure that your customers have a sense of autonomy and progress as well as counting their achievements.

  • Buddyboss is a platform that ensures that you have all the features and tools that would enable you to customize the elements for your brand. 

One Social Customization

With solutions that will cater to any business using this functionality adopts the business requirements ensuring you have all the freedom and flexibility for your business/project requirements through demo data imports, theme layouts, custom header and footers, and many more.

  • With one basic growth of digitalization, we know that mobile phones always have an advantage as compared to desktops/laptops with regards to usage.

With the growth of mobile communications, Buddyboss has ensured that you have a mobile strategy to look at overall growth and success on the go. 

You can access your course materials, community, or your data anywhere in the world while you ensure community engagement and attend to your business whenever required.

  • Buddyboss is a platform where you could integrate your courses that you would want to launch as a part of your service portfolio with your social group/community.

One Social Theme- Social Login Integration

This is done in collaboration with LearnDash to make the learning experience one of a kind and very easy to navigate through.

With this feature, you can assign teachers and organizers to create a classroom type setting and connect more than one course if you would require to do so. 

One Social Theme Review- Multilingual Support

Buddyboss has ensured to upload a tutorial that would make it easy for you to know more about the feature and use it best to your knowledge and requirement.

This is one feature that is very easy to use and might be very effective in terms of customer retention and brand loyalty in the long run.

Buddyboss One Social Theme: Pricing

Alongside the pricing packages that you would receive, they ensure a 14-day money-back guarantee.

One Social Theme Pricing

Other Details

With a platform that is known to build and maintain scalable WordPress solutions for mobile phones as well as the web.

They are also known for online communities, memberships, and eLearning, they empower all kinds of businesses like NGOs, Startups, Social-Media Influencers as well as large organizations that are looking for affordable solutions for their WordPress websites that cater to a large audience. 

Alongside the features, advantages, and benefits that are provided by them, Buddyboss has integrated with Soccer Mindset Academy to have a better user experience in terms of mobile learning and custom solutions for the mobile app as per business requirements. This is powered by WordPress and WordDash.

The support that the platform provides in terms of handling customer queries is via one medium which is through submitting a ticket through their Help Desk which has a quick response.

You could also create Event Calenders to keep your community posted about the events and activities that you have planned for the month of the year. By keeping them in the loop may ensure the community feels important and creates brand loyalty in the long run which is a plugin option that you may want to consider.

Another plugin that you may want to consider with regards to plugins that Buddyboss provides is that you could integrate your platform with Job Posting Sections if you are looking to expand your team and want to make your hiring process through your community. 

Buddyboss One Social Theme: Pros and Cons

Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be in consideration if you are looking for a platform to work with to expand your business.


Some areas where the platform has done exceptionally well are:

  1. It is very easy to use which means that Buddyboss ensures all the elements on the platform has could be used by individuals who are new to the niche where they have little or no knowledge about the functionality.
  2. The community building system is commendable as it may be considered as Facebook that you own around the clock and hence is value for money.
  3. Event Calendar Pro features that are provided to all of the customers if you are looking at keeping track of the events that you would want to consider for your community which organizes the dates of your events. 
  4. An excellent support system that would resolve your queries and provide solutions that cater to your query.
  5. It is a fully integrated platform for your social media requirements.
  6. All the elements are managed on the front-end making the process of creation and personalization more transparent.


A few areas that they should be working on are:

  1. Pricing is slightly on the expensive side as compared to other WordPress themes.
  2. Settings of the platform could be improved as it lacks organization.
  3. Support is provided only by raising a ticket on the Help Desk which might be slightly disappointing for a few customers that are looking at instant solutions for their problems/ queries.

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👉 What is Buddyboss in a nutshell?

Buddyboss is a platform that would provide you with all the features and functionalities that you would require to customize your brand. They provide solutions that are designed to cater to your business requirements with all the flexibility to customize and create templates for your project and business requirements. They have plugins, extensions, and software to cater to your WordPress platform to ensure that you have all the features and functionalities to make an online community of your own which would create customer retention and an environment that would help you get feedback from your loyal customers on the key areas that you can grow in.

👉 How to install Buddyboss?

Step 1: Download WordPress> Install WordPress on your browser/system Step 2: Download Buddyboss software Step 3: Signup and login to your WordPress website> Admin Dashboard Step 4: Click on Plugin button> Add new Step 5: Click on Upload button> attach the zip file on Step 6: After uploading the file, click the Activate button

👉 Is Buddyboss paid or free?

Buddyboss is a free platform and a plugin that you could use to create your own online community on WordPress. As mentioned earlier, they have advanced plugins that would help you run your content as well as your community and hence are a free open source platform. However, they have pricing plans that you could have a look at if you are looking at unlocking advanced features.

Conclusion: Buddyboss One Social Theme Review 2024

With everything being established, Buddyboss is hands down a platform that ensures you have a seamless experience in terms of creating a WordPress website with features, advantages, and benefits that would help you with community building and eLearning businesses made easy. 

The platform ensures that the solutions and services are provided that caters to all kinds of businesses and individuals from startups, entrepreneur clients, influencers, and NGOs widen the horizons and ensure smooth growth of your businesses without having the hassle of handling your customers and products/services.

With all the features and benefits that they provide, they are a leading website and a platform that you would want to consider to create a customized social networking platform for your site for your business and project requirements.

With a plugin and extensions that are created by the website, you could easily unlock the extensive features and components over one platform without having to install multiple plugins for a different feature in the same niche. 

I hope with this article, you have had a brief insight that would help you in deciding whether Buddyboss is the platform you would want to grow your business with this being a platform with being easiest yet an advanced way of creating a social media site for your community landing page. 

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