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Buddypress Woocommerce Review 2024: Everything You Need to KNOW!

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Get the best out of it from this massive tech giants collaboration i.e. Buddypress Woocommerce

Buddypress Woocommerce!! One of the greatest integrations in the online platforms and if you are interested in this article means you want to know the full detail about this integration to get the maximum benefit for your company. 

Don’t worry!! I won’t disappoint you If I tell you, that you can integrate all your website’s user shopping data into their respective profile itself, means who wouldn’t get excited.

When other websites are struggling to have more visitors you can easily achieve your visitor target with this integration and I don’t have to tell you the trick to convert your visitors into customers.

So, Let’s get straight into the article to know more about this revolutionizing integration and how you can capitalize on it as much as possible.


Buddypress Woocommerce

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Customize your shopping account based on the products you need.

😩  Cons

It is complex to install compared to other plugins.


Buddyboss is an open-source online platform that provides you a private environment for all of your interactions with your community and it provides the platform as interactive as possible to get more engaged with the content of the website.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

BuddyPress Woocommerce Review 2024 

Even though the topic of this article is Buddypress I am going to talk about Buddyboss because Buddyboss is the updated version of Buddypress and is currently available to use. In case, if you’re looking to get detailed insights into BuddBoss, check our detailed BuddyBoss review here. 

Buddyboss is an open-source online platform that provides you a private environment for all of your interactions with your community and it provides the platform as interactive as possible to get more engaged with the content of the website. 

Buddypress Woocommerce Review


Buddyboss offers you various types of services with the help of their top of the class plugins like

  • Blogging experience
  • Individual walls to create and share posts.
  • Upload their photos and albums and much more

Even though there is an individual platform for all of these activities, Buddyboss will be an all-in-one environment for all of the interaction-related activities.

In addition to that unlike other platforms, the conversations, and the resources shared will be private and you(The owner) will have full access to all of the settings on the website.

Even though Buddyboss can be used for all applications

Buddyboss is most popular among users for these types of applications

  • Conducting online courses for kids
  • Training your employees for additional skills.
  • Selling Membership courses 

Apart from Woocommerce Buddyboss integrates with more than a hundred companies and software to give you the best feature possible and to make the interface as user-friendly as possible

As you can see from this image, you can obtain various features with Buddyboss alone.

Apart from Woocommerce, these are some of the features Buddyboss provides with the help of integration from other companies.

  • Automator Wp

This feature helps you to automate all your working processes so that you don’t need to work in a daily manner for your website. 

  • Ans press

 Buddyboss can provide one of the best discussion panels on the platform by integrating with this Ans press company. This helped Buddyboss in creating a user-friendly forum for all of its users so that they can have an engaging conversation with their community.

  • Autoptimize

This feature automatically optimizes your website performance without you having to frequently update your data and information on the website.

BuddyBoss & Woocommerce

Woocommerce is the second company in this integration and Let’s see a quick brief about this company. It is a selling platform available in the form of plugins so you can add it to your own buddy boss website and you can start gaining money by selling your products quickly by integrating with this shopping website.

Like Buddyboss, Woocommerce also integrates with several other companies to give you the best extensions for your websites and to cover a wide range of applications using their features.

Similar to this, you can create your own shopping image for any of your products with unique extensions and features to give you an advantage over the competitor’s website.

These are some of the features provided by Woocommerce other than their integration with Buddyboss

  • Easy integration with Woocommerce

Even though Woocommerce is a shopping platform it integrates with various other selling platforms like Etsy to give you all the possible sales features possible.

  • Affiliate Management

In addition to being a selling platform, Woocommerce also provides you with a good affiliate management site, to sell your products and maintain your affiliates on the same site.

  • Gift card preparation

This feature offered by Woocommerce will help you to create your own digital gift cards for your products to interact and impress your customers as much as possible.

Like this, there are several other features offered by Woocommerce which were developed by integrating with multiple companies.

Enough Introduction!! Let’s see specifically about this Buddyboss Woocommerce integrated plugin and how this works in the following article.

Working on this Plugin:

Before using this integrated plugin you need to have Buddyboss and Woocommerce separately installed on your device and after that, you can do these steps to get access to this plugin.

  • First, you have to download the plugin using the link mentioned on the website.
  • Then you have to extract the file and store it in a separate folder.
  • After that, you can add it to your site by clicking the upload plugin button.
  • Activate the plugin to get yourself the integrated Buddyboss Woocommerce plugin.

As you can see, all the steps are clearly documented on their homepages and the interface itself will guide you through most of the installation process.

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The Setting of the Plugin:

After installing you need to set up the plugin to customize it based on your needs and you can track all your and your member’s shopping data and you can list all of your products based on your choice using Woocommerce extensions. To get all of these benefits you need to set the plugin first

  • First, you have to integrate all your member’s profiles to this plugin.
  • You can easily do it by just clicking the sync button on the plugin page and giving your site credentials.
  • After you clicked the sync now button all the member’s profiles will be successfully integrated with your shopping plugin where they can track all of the shopping information using their work profile itself.

Key Features and Benefits:

Even though it just looks like the shopping website integrated with your company website there are some cool features to make it as unique and easy as possible.

Purchase history

You can find all your shopping purchase history using Woocommerce in your Buddyboss profile itself so that you can easily share the purchase details with all of your members.

Activity stream Integration

By integrating your member profile with Woocommerce pages you can see all the customer reviews about a product in the middle of your work itself so that you don’t have to waste time scouting for the reviews about a product.

Fallback settings

If a user doesn’t want to be a Buddyboss member but still wants to use this plugin then they can use it as their Woocommerce page and they can do all their shopping on this page just like a regular Woocommerce site.

These are some of the key features of this integration. In the following portion of the article, I will give you an overview of every feature available in this Buddy Commerce integration.

Basic Features offered by this Plugin

Woocommerce checkout

This feature allows you to check in and checks out your shopping cart using your member profile itself and you don’t need a Woocommerce account to do it.

Integration of multiple accounts

This feature helps you to integrate all your Woocommerce accounts or you can integrate specific accounts to your member profile depending on your wishes. 

It also integrates your payment accounts so that you can pay with the account you registered for your member account itself.

Reorder Tabs

This feature helps you to reorder tabs in the ways you want and you can reorder the product tabs in the Woocommerce depending upon your needs.

You can also select a specific tab as a default tab so that you will land on that tab every time you enter the site.

Notification management

You can get all the notifications of a new product based on your needs in your work profile itself so that you don’t need to search again for the updates of a product.

Real-time synchronization

This feature will synchronize all your data between Buddyboss and Woocommerce so that if you update anything on any of these websites the data will be synchronized automatically and the interface will update its response based on your recent data.

It will be helpful for you in various scenarios like updating your billing address will automatically get added to your location in your member profile so that you can track your location at all times.

Checkout Manager

This feature helps you to customize your check-out details so that you don’t have to enter particular information over and over again every time you shop some products.

Subscription services

Woocommerce offers several subscription services for its users which you can make use of from your member profile itself so that you don’t need to be a premium member in Woocommerce to get these subscriptions.

Track order tab

This feature gives you extreme accuracy in finding the current location of the product by using both the features from Buddyboss and Woocommerce. You can use the Buddyboss Global search system with as many additional details as you want and you get the location accuracy of your product depending on your details.

Purchase history

This feature helps you to track all the history of your product purchases in your member profile itself. So that you can share this image with your colleagues or with your boss anytime you need it.

Performance of the plugin

According to the customer reviews, the plugins are performing as intended and all the customization and synchronization features are doing their intended job as specified.

Even though some of the users got lost in the installation process of this plugin, the user guide is well documented to guide anyone through the installation process. 

Customer review

This is one of the latest integrations in their profiles and the customers who used it found it a user-friendly and time-saving feature to use compared to traditional shopping platforms the customization feature is much appreciated by new entrepreneurs who want something different regarding the functionality of their features.

Pricing: BuddyPress Woocommerce

This plugin is available for free and you can see a live demo of how to use it. But To use this plugin, you need to have Buddyboss and Woocommerce on your device. So, Let’s see how much both of this software these software costs cost


Buddyboss provides a free demo of their sites and they offer their plans based on the sites you want with all of their features.

If you want a single site with all of their features

BuddyBoss Pricing

It will cost around $228 a year and it comes with

  • Access to all of their premium plugins.
  • Free updates for up to one year etc…
  • Access to all of the Buddyboss themes.

For 5 sites

Buddyboss charges $288 a year and it provides

  • License for 5 sites.
  • Access to all of Buddyboss’s premium plugins.
  • Free updates of all of their plugins for up to 1 year.

For 10 sites

It will be $328 a year and you can get access to all of their features for all of your 10 sites along with

  • Free updates of all of their plugins for a year.
  • Access to all of their pro plugins.
  • Access to all of their exclusive Buddyboss themes.


WooCommerce provides a free plan with some of its features to all the users and if you want more features you can select from one of these plans.

For a free plan, these are the features available 

  • Unlimited website usage
  • Access to all of their features
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Customizable tabs and labels and much more. 
  • More than 200 styling options
  • Shortcode modification feature will help you to modify the source code of the feature.

For a personal plan, It will be $10 for one website and it comes with

  • Access to unlimited features
  • Fully customizable text or table
  • User-friendly Drag and drop editor
  • Fully customizable themes and much more

For a Business plan, It will be $15 for five websites Install and it comes with

  • All the personal plan features for all of your five websites.
  • Free updates and premium support for up to 6 months.
  • Separate icons for all your columns.
  • The theme with a 100% customizable option
  • Automated alignment of all of your texts.

For a Developer plan,

WooCommerce charges $20 and it provides

  • All of the Woocommerce features for all 5 websites
  • Free updates and premium support for 2 years.
  • Sorting of all your data using drag and drop.
  • More than 125 font styles for all your posts and articles.
  • Buddypress Woocommerce plugin

Pros & Cons


  • Easily maintain all your work and shopping data in one place.
  • Customize your shopping account based on the products you need.
  • Track all your purchased products from your member profile itself.
  • Syncing all your information results in saving so much time from regular updates of your information.
  • By installing this plugin you get access to some of the premium plugins from both the websites which include group location, Buddyboss wall, etc.


  • You have to preinstall Buddyboss and Woocommerce before using this plugin.
  • It is complex to install compared to other plugins.


👉 Can I get this plugin for free?

Yes, of course, If you have pre-installed Buddyboss and Woocommerce you can download this plugin for free. Also by installing these two software, you can get access to their numerous premium plugins which will improve the performance and interaction of your website as high as possible.

👉 How will this plugin save me time?

This plugin will synchronize all your data from the Buddyboss website so that you don’t have to update your information again for your shopping account. Also, some of the Buddyboss Integrations like Autoptimizer monitors your website performance constantly so that you don’t need to make changes to your website regularly.

👉 Can this plugin increase my visitor engagement?

Yes, of course by integrating your member profiles with shopping carts you can get more engagement for your website by the users who frequently purchase goods from Woocommerce. Also, Buddyboss has some gaming experience interactions which will surely gain interaction from the kids who are learning their online course from Buddyboss.

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Conclusion: Buddypress Woocommerce Review 2024

This integration of Buddyboss and woo commercial plugin will be beneficial for those who want regularly shop products for their companies and want to share the transaction and product location frequently with the companies.

Customizable features of all of their tabs and labels make it more unique to your application and you can easily access the required information by prioritizing your data.

Every user who has pre-installed Buddyboss and Woocommerce separately should definitely try this plugin. It will be most beneficial to your website and it is also free of cost.

Tracking and purchasing history features will give you a real-time application for this plugin and you can pinpoint the product location with laser accuracy using Buddyboss Global search features.

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