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Are you interested in learning more about GeneratePress Pricing and knowing if there are any hidden charges? If so, you’ve come to just the right place.

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that gives its loyal customers exciting themes and support. I have also shared the GeneratePress Review in one of my posts. 

Today, I’m going to cover all the essential information you need to know about GeneratePress and the flexibility it has to offer. With this, you will be able to make your website flourish and reach new heights.

generatepress pricing

Try it yourself, as GeneratePress helped me avail of all GeneratePress’s benefits at a discounted rate and boost my site’s aesthetic.

Whether you are already acquainted with GeneratePress or are a beginner, this is your go-to guide for everything you need to know related to GeneratePress pricing plans.

About GeneratePress 

Generatepress wordpress themes- GP Lifetime plan

GeneratePress is a theme of WordPress that holds usability and speed as its core values. It offers this theme free of cost and also gives users a wide range of plugins that can be highly useful on any website.

This is a light freemium theme that ensures that the code behind the theme is secure and stable. This theme prides itself on being one of WordPress’s most lightweight and supportive themes.

generatepress pricing

The theme was launched about six years ago and has been meeting customers’ needs ever since. GeneratePress believes in customization and allows customers to bring their vision and turn it into a reality. With GeneratePress, the customer is truly the king.

The GeneratePress Free theme is available in the WordPress repository. You can check it out at However, you need to have technical knowledge about HTML/CSS to set up this theme.

In getting the GeneratePress premium theme, even a geek can set up their website theme with no coding skills required.

Key Features of GeneratePress: GeneratePress Pricing

  • Site Library
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • Custom Elements and Designs
  • 20+ languages supported
  • Showcase Library

generatepress pricing

  • Helpful documentation tutorials
  • SEO-Friendly and Mobile Friendly
  • 1- year unlimited updates
  • 1- year customer tech support

1. Lower Than 10kb

Size Of Generatepress

The size of your page has a significant impact on the speed of your site. The smaller the size of your page, the faster your site will load. GeneratePress only adds less than 10kb to your page size, ensuring that your sites begin with the smallest possible footprint.

2. Excellent Speeds

Generatepress Velocity

Another critical aspect of your website is its speed. Its small footprint and clean code ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible.

3. Optimized Search Engine

SEO Generatepress

GeneratePress validated HTML and built-in structured data, in addition to lightning-fast load times, are enough to give your site a head start with search engines.

4. Safe & Stable

Generatepress security and dependability

GeneratePress uses the most recent and stable coding standards, which have been reviewed by leaders in the WordPress community, to make your site secure and stable.

5. No Responsibilities

Generatepress has no dependencies.

Unnecessary files will not be loaded by GeneratePress. They, too, have abandoned jQuery in favor of plain vanilla javascript. So, good riddance to render-blocking issues!

Read more GeneratePress Features. 

GeneratePress Performance:

GeneratePress is among the themes that are the quickest and lightest in terms of its overall footprint.

Using a WordPress website that had recently been set up and was housed on shared hosting, we carried out a number of different speed tests.

This is the setting in which the vast majority of people will use it. If you employ managed hosting in conjunction with a virtual private server (VPS), you can anticipate even greater results.

Except for the GP Premium for GeneratePress plugin, there are no other plugins that are activated by default. We put the website through its paces using Pingdom Tools, with the testing server positioned in North America, the United States of America, and San Francisco.

First, here’s what the site looks like when GeneratePress and GP Premium are the only plugins that are active. There is no activation of any modules.

Do you require quick web hosting for your next project?

Given that you are interested in learning more about GeneratePress, it is reasonable to assume that you are also interested in obtaining blazing-fast web hosting for the next project you undertake.

Did you know that SiteGround offers specialized plugins for WordPress along with a wide variety of cutting-edge optimization strategies to help speed up the performance of your website?

However, this is not the only feature you should look for in a web hosting provider. You want your website to have a good reputation, and you want the cost to be reasonable.

As a result of this, CollectiveRay strongly advises using SiteGround for hosting GP websites. We have been using SiteGround as our primary hosting provider for more than 5 years at this point, and we have no current plans to switch to a different provider anytime in the near future.

GeneratePress Pricing, Renewal & Hidden Charges:

GeneratePress mainly has two plans: Yearly and Lifetime. 

GeneratePress premium plan- Generatepress coupons

Yearly Plan

The Yearly plan for GeneratePress costs $59 and gives you access to premium modules and the theme’s library and features.

It also allows users to get their hands on all the updates and improvements GeneratePress makes for the period of one year. Additionally, it can be used on about 500 sites.

If you are dissatisfied with the way the theme functions and wish to switch, GeneratePress also offers a one-month moneyback guarantee offer. Earlier, GP used to offer renewal discounts for the expiring licenses which they might have discontinued now.

“Also, GeneratePress Doesn’t offer any discount or coupon you can see many blogs who are claiming to give GeneratePress Discount but they are totally fast.”

Lifetime Plan

This plan costs $249 and what makes it stand out is that this amount must be paid only once. Hence, the name, Lifetime Plan.

With this plan, you can avail of all the benefits available for the Yearly Plan users, but you can also get to use the updates of GeneratePress for a lifetime and get premium support forever as well.

generatepress pricing

Apart from this, as you have now got a sneak peek into the GeneratePress lifetime plan, you can get your hands on some exciting sales and avail of the same benefits, but at a cheaper cost.

GeneratePress New Pricing Changes & Lifetime Licenses: 

GeneratePress has come up with a lot of changes in the last 12 months. The new pricing model of GP has various hits and misses for the buyers and old users.

So, what’s inside?

New Annual Pricing: 

GeneratePress has increased its pricing from $49 to $59 per month offer. They have also removed the GP renewal discount for new purchases.

generatepress pricing

  • For the Affiliates, the affiliate commission is set up at 30%.
  • For the new purchases, the license key has capped 500 activations.

For Existing Customers:

There is no increase in pricing for the existing customers and users of GeneratePress premium. You will have to pay just $49/year which is a renewal of 40%.

generatepress pricing

You will not see any changes in renewals or activations for the existing customers. The $59/year license with no renewal discounts only applies to new purchases.

Upgrading To Lifetime: 

Users with an active subscription for the yearly plans can upgrade to the lifetime license at $249. If you wish to upgrade to a lifetime plan, you will get the plan at a lower price.

generatepress pricing

This means that you will get $49.95 OFF on purchasing a lifetime plan worth $249. For the existing customers, renewal is necessary if the license has expired.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

GereratePress theme has two vrsions:

  • One is totally free.
  • Another is GP Premium ($59).

So, let’s compare both editions and decide whether GP Premium is right for you.

There are a lot of customization possibilities in the basic WordPress Customizer, but the GeneratePress Premium plugin gives you access to premium modules that let you change practically everything.

Its 13 premium modules will save you a lot of time when developing your website, making GP Premium a must-have.

There are two variations of the GereratePress theme:

  • One is total without cost.
  • Another option is the GP Premium, which costs $59 per year.

In this section, we will compare and contrast the two editions so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you should get GP Premium.

The free version of GeneratePress makes use of the WordPress Customizer by default, which provides you with a respectable number of customization options. On the other hand, the GeneratePress Premium plugin grants you access to its premium modules, which enable you to customize virtually every aspect of your website.

Because its 13 various premium modules will help you save a significant amount of time while developing your website, GP Premium is an essential purchase that you should make.

Now, let’s take a quick tour of the premium modules that GeneratePress has to offer:

generate press premium modules

1. Background: Personalize the background of your website and make it consistent throughout all of your site parts.

2. The blog now has controls for featured images, columns and masonry, an infinite scroll, and more.

3. Colors: Choose from one of sixty various color palettes to customize your website.

4. Copyright: At the very bottom of your website, you should either add, amend, or remove the copyright message.

5. Disable Elements: With only one click, you can activate or deactivate a wide variety of theme elements on any region of the theme.

6. Elements allows you to create your post, page, and the complete site in a way that has never been possible before with its advanced hooks and custom theme layouts.

7. Add Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, a mobile header, and more with the Menu Plus extension.

8. Supplementary Nav: Once you have utilized it, you will have the ability to generate a secondary navigation menu.

9. Sections: You may now create articles and pages in sections, each of which comes with its own little page builder.

10. Site Library: More than 45 importable demonstration sites to get your upcoming project off to a running start.

11. Spacing: This feature allows you to adjust the sizes of widgets, menu items, the content area, the header, the navigation menu, and the footer, among other places.

12. Typography: You have complete control over the content on your site and can choose from more than 70 different fonts.

13. WooCommerce gives you additional options in terms of color, font, and layout for your online store, taking it to the next level.

How To Purchase GeneratePress Pricing Plan?

Im here to tell you more about how you can actually get the GeneratePress Pricing benefits and purchase them at the checkout. 

Step 1: Click Here To Check the GeneratePress Pricing Plan for 2023.

Step 2: After that, you will land on the official offer page for GeneratePress.

Step 3: You will be taken to the pricing page and choose the yearly/lifetime offer plan.

Step 4:Click on Add To Cart Button and proceed with payment.

Generatepress lifetime coupons

Step 5: On the checkout page, fill in all the relevant information and agree to terms and policies.

Step 6: You have successfully purchased the lifetime Generatepress access with all feature access.

Generatepress Key Features

  • With no jQuery reliance, it’s super light and speedy. It has a modular design that allows you to enable/disable functionalities that you don’t want to run. One of the main reasons I choose GeneratePress is because of this.
  • The site is fully responsive and looks fantastic on any device. Built with the flexible Flexbox Grid framework.
  • Built-in schema for improved SERP results.
  • The WordPress Customizer integration is fantastic. In the past, I wasn’t a fan of the customizer, but Tom handles it correctly.
  • Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, bbPress, and WPML are all compatible with this plugin. Excellent browser compatibility.
  • It’s compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder, two popular page builders.
    The translation is complete.
  • 100% accessible, which is an important feature that is frequently ignored.
    Elements are small pieces of code that you may place anywhere on your website.
    There are numerous hooks and filters, making it ideal for developers.
  • Outstanding help from a dedicated developer and a talented staff. Three updates every month on average. Tom will frequently respond to forum inquiries.
  • It’s a great match for Tom’s new GenerateBlocks plugin. This is a modest set of WordPress blocks that may be used to perform almost anything.

Generatepress Customer Support

GeneratePress provides a fantastic community where you may seek support. Premium users get access to premium help forums, while free users have access to a forum.

If you purchased the pro version, you can contact them through email for help and participate in forums just for paid users.

The premium version of GeneratePress costs $39.95. The package includes an unlimited usage license as well as one year of updates and support. Given that it includes a license for use on an infinite number of sites as well as lifetime access, the pricing is fairly reasonable.

Generatepress Alternatives

GeneratePress is an excellent theme, but we want to tell you about some other themes that might also be good for you. There are a few other themes that can match its performance and features. Here they are:


If you are not looking to spend any money, OceanWP is your best choice. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme, which means it can be used for many different purposes. It’s also compatible with Elementor – a page builder – and comes with tons of customization options – meaning you can make it look like whatever you want!


Astra is like GeneratePress and OceanWP. There are two versions: free and premium. Astra focuses on helping you build your site with page builders that work well with other sites like Beaver Builder, Elementor, Brizy (a new builder that we have heard about), and Gutenberg (the current default WP editor).

Astra is a website that people can use because it lets you design it. There are many free templates that you can use.

There are also many premium features, which you can get with the purchase of a premium version. Astra has more free templates than GeneratePress and comes with free plugins for even more extra things to do on your site.

Check out The in-depth compersion on GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Although GeneratePress is an exceptional theme and the one I use most often, it is by no means the only choice available when it comes to an approach that is both lightweight and versatile.


Neve is yet another powerful and versatile multipurpose theme that loads in a flash. Within the WordPress Customizer, you have access to a plethora of demo sites and settings, such as a header builder that allows you to drag and drop elements.

Kadence Theme

The Kadence Theme is a relatively new theme that is rapidly gaining market share due to the abundance of free customization choices it provides, the power of the features it integrates into its custom layouts, and the user-friendliness of its features, such as its drag-and-drop header builder. Although it does not enjoy the same level of popularity as GeneratePress, it is a fantastic alternative that is expanding at a rapid rate.

FAQs Related To GeneratePress Pricing:

✅ Is the GeneratePress theme Free or Paid?

GeneratePress free version, as well as the paid version, are available. GP free plan can be downloaded from the WordPress repository whereas GeneratePress Premium plans are available on the official site.

🔥Does GeneratePress Offer Money-Back Guarantee?

With GeneratePress, you can get a full refund with a 30-Day Money back guarantee.

🏆Does GeneratePress premium has a plan with a one-time payment for a license key?

GeneratePress has come up with a lifetime plan of $249 that comes with GP plugin with lifetime updates and features.

💥Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden fees. All GeneratePress pricing is available on their premium page.

⚡Is GeneratePress Lifetime Deal Legit?

GeneratePress Lifetime Deal is completely legit. It is available for $249 with a one-time payment and all access to themes and lifetime support.

Generatepress Real Customer Testimonials And Reviews (What Other Customers Say)?

Apart from my recommendation, you should also read the honest customer reviews about GeneratePress here.

Generatepress pricing

Final Thoughts About GeneratePress Pricing:   

If you’re looking for a brand new theme for your WordPress site, look no further; GeneratePress has just what you need. Irrespective of whether you have a business, entertainment, eCommerce, or sports site, GeneratePress is an all-inclusive theme that can be used across all niches.

GP theme is a free one and allows customers maximum freedom to choose what they want their site to look like. Right from header and footer to navigation tab and sidebar, you can customize it all.

Apart from this, GeneratePress also allows users to have complete control over each piece of content, whether it is format or color.

Generatepress pricing

Like any strong building requires a good foundation, when building a website, choosing a theme is key, as it acts as the foundation for a good website.

Opting for GeneratePress will surely be a great foundation for your site, as it prides itself on its fast loading time and lightweight technology. The theme weighs below 30 KB and is the lightest theme WordPress has to offer.

GeneratePress library is one of the unique features of this theme and it gives you access to a few pre-made sites that make it easier to design your site.  Grab the GeneratePress lifetime access for just $249 and start using the WordPress theme now. 

Honestly a great piece of theme. And no – this is not only for ‘experts’. You have to dig into it a bit, yes. But its top notch and far over every as stated ‘easy to use theme’ out there (especially those from ThemeForest). Its simply great – even better: Its easy to use, fast, lightweight and with a support of its own class, better than 99% of all supports ever encountered. Worth every penny and second you spend with it.
10 out of 10 for sure.

This theme has a lot of features and is fast. I definitely recommend using it with Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks (from the same developer).
With some code tweaks, it works like a charm and there is a reason even professional developers like it.

So happy I found GeneratePress. It’s been my framework for over a year, maybe 2 years. It gets better and better all the time. Loads of hooks and filters for dev work, and all the basics covered for the non-coders too.

GeneratePress has been the core of our website and e-commerce services for more than 5 years. We can build virtually anything with it knowing that our sites will be easy to maintain, fully compatible with any plugin we throw at it, and perfectly optimized both for performance and responsiveness.

Being a WordPress performance enthusiast, I require my sites to load as fast as possible. That means using the lightest, most powerful theme I have encountered: GeneratePress. Tom’s incredible support and rich features provide the best possible foundation for any WordPress project.

As someone who demands both performance and usability, GeneratePress has truly been a complete transformation of the way I develop and design my WordPress sites. From ecommerce to blogs, it’s one theme to rule them all!

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