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GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2024: The Ultimate Comparison

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).



GeneratePress is an amazing Wordpress themes with robust designs for the affiliate sites like affiliate, tech, fashion etc. related sites. In our opinion, GP Free is a for the ones who don't need blog designs whereas GP premium is for those who need better blog designs. 

Out of 10


  • Multipurpose approach
  • Page-level controls
  • 80+ importable demo sites
  • Performance optimization and clean code
  • Flexible options in the real-time WordPress Customizer


  • GPT Free GeneratePress lacks pre-built demos.


Price: $ 59

Hey everyone! Today, I’m diving into a comparison that’s been on my mind for a while: GeneratePress Free vs Premium.

If you’re like me, picking the right tools for your website can feel like a big decision.

I’ve been there, scrolling through endless options, trying to figure out what’s best without breaking the bank.

GeneratePress caught my eye because it’s known for being super user-friendly and light, making your site run smoothly.

But here’s the question: Is it worth upgrading to the Premium version, or does the Free version have everything you need?

I’ve spent some time playing around with both to see what’s what. So, let’s break it down together and see if the extra features in Premium are the game-changer they promise to be or if the Free version holds its own.

You should also check the review of GeneratePress for a better understanding.

Bottom-Line Upfront:

The Premium version is totally worth it if you’re serious about customizing your website. Don’t get me wrong, the Free version is great for beginners .

It’s simple, fast, and gets the job done. But when I upgraded to Premium, the extra features blew me away.

generatepress free vs premium

GeneratePress is an amazing WordPress theme with a Free version as well as the Premium version. GP Free is for the ones who don’t need blog designs, whereas GP Premium is for those who need better blog designs.

You get so much more control over your site’s design, and honestly, it feels like you can make your site look exactly how you want it to.


From my experience, the ease of use and the flexibility to customize every little detail make the Premium version a game-changer. I highly recommend it. It’s like giving your website a supercharge while keeping things straightforward and easy to manage.

Click here to learn more about GeneratePress

Table of Contents

About GeneratePress Theme: GeneratePress Free vs Premium

When you own a company, you always want the site to look as beautiful as it would appeal to your customers. Right place, my friend.

GeneratePress is what you are looking for. Adaptable to any website shelf, GeneratePress is a WordPress theme founded by Tom Usborne.

GeneratePress Theme review

It is a lightweight theme, meaning that every Theme produced would offer swift performance and display what the customer asks for. 

GeneratePress lets you focus on the performance of your site. Construct any blog, business site, portfolio, eCommerce site, or whatever you wish.

You can use any theme for building more than 400 websites. You get sites translated fully into more than 30 languages. The sites you get also support right-to-left languages for your benefit.

GeneratePress offers you a free and premium version of their sites and a free trial of 30 days.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2024: Head-To-Head Comparison.

GeneratePress free is a lightweight WordPress parent theme. The free Theme is light blue.

The best part is that it is free. You can use and activate it for free. Simultaneously, this theme comes with lifetime pro features.

The free GeneratePress Theme is clean and appealing, unlike many other WordPress themes.

Mobile-Friendly: The free version is mobile-friendly.

  • 14 Pro Models: Customize your website quickly with 14 Pro models.
  • Reset options: It is designed with a one-click reset option.
  • Thousands of GeneratePress documentation and tutorials are available to help you set up and customize your website.
  • CSS Customization: This Theme’s CSS can be modified in any way.
  • Lightweight: This version is only 1MB, greatly decreasing site loading time.
  • The GeneratePress free theme offers over 100 free fonts and typography options.

GeneratePress Free Version:

There’s no charge to sign up for the free version of GeneratePress. It has some very amazing features, even less than the Premium version.

GeneratePress free version themes- GP Premium vs Free

Easier to use, and by easier, I mean that you wouldn’t have to spend an enormous amount of time to get used to the site.

Every feature promised in the free version is located where it should be – header and footer, sidebar, and much more.

Build anything you wish to, and anyhow, you could do it. The instant installation of GeneratePress is very simple, which gets complicated only after the installation of demo sites. 

generatepress free vs premium

GeneratePress never functions as a know-it-all. This leads the way to you being fully capable of customizing your site to look different from what you started with. The site you might come across can be contained or stretched across the window pane.

Using text as a site title lets you use a text tagline to describe the purpose. You even get the option of activating the ‘back-to-top button on your page.

GeneratePress Premium Version:

You get a whole range of various features in the premium version. Once you’ve logged in to the website, install and activate the premium plugin.

You are supposed to do this by copying your license key and pasting it into the required space. Build a professional-looking blog and construct content likewise.

Generatepress premium vs free- GP

The premium plugin is also favorable to you if you wish to set up a WooCommerce store.

You get the following with the premium plugin – 

  • 1 year of support and regular update notifications
  • Yearly plans avail you of a 40% renewal discount 
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days of activation

You will know more about the premium plugin after you read its features, pros, and cons of the same.

Features of GeneratePress Free:

GeneratePress has many appealing features, such as header layouts, typography, and widgets, but it doesn’t have customization, etc. The free version of GeneratePress is a clean and lightweight theme in the marketplace.

GeneratePress free plan features- GP free vs premium

GeneratePress also has no code dependencies, which helps you avoid the render-blocking error that Google Pagespeed Insights often mentions.

Typography and Font Editing: GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Typography is the functionality of the type and style of the printed matter. This feature allows you to customize the font style, font family, and font size of any aspect of the Theme.

With GeneratePress’s free Theme, you can edit the blogs. It also allows you to change the heading sections of your site. The Typography area lets you control the font for every element on your site, including buttons.

Mobile friendly :

GeneratePress free is user- and mobile-friendly, and the whole theme is built, which mobile responds to. This entire GeneratePress free theme fits into any device that you are using.

And sometimes, it fits with minute issues. Any user can use it from any device.

Custom CCS :

You can design any part of the Theme using CSS codes. This design will be of your choice if you have some knowledge about

HTML  and CSS editing when using the GeneratePress free version are different in the case of the premium version.

You will also notice your website loading time drops instantly after installing the GeneratePress, even without any speed optimization plugin.

One-Click reset option :

The one-click reset option allows you to return your site to default settings whenever you want within no time.

generatepress free vs premium

It takes only a few seconds.

14 Pro Modules: A list of 14 pro modules, also known as “Site Library,” allows you to use the Theme’s functionality for free.

Typography and Font Editing: Typography is a feature that allows you to change the font family and font size of any aspect of the Theme. You can edit your site’s blog and heading sections with the GeneratePress free theme.

1-Click Reset Option: If you ever need to reset your site to its default settings, the 1-click reset option will do it in seconds.

Fourteen pro modules :

The site library lists fourteen pro modules that allow you to change the Theme’s functionality.GeneratePress free will give you many customization options in the WordPress Customizer than the other themes.  

Want to know all the details about GeneratePress Pricing? Check out the linked article.

Optimized Performance And Fast Page Load Times – GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Across all of its features, GeneratePress free focuses on excellent performance and clean code. The entire Theme is less than 30 kB, which is about as small as you will ever find for a WordPress theme. 

generatepress free vs premium

And some poorly coded themes can even exceed 1 MB!

Features of GeneratePress Premium:

With GeneratePress Premium, you can customize everything about your site. You can play around with page layouts and header layouts. If you go into the Layout area, you can select and configure detailed settings for your design:

Header – you can move your header around and change its styling

Navigation – GeneratePress premium gives you two different navigation options, including sticky menus

Sidebar layout – you can use one or two sidebars

Blog post layout – like featured image size, metadata, etc.

Footer layout – like how many widgets to include

WooCommerce: The WooCommerce module allows you to style and customize the visual aspects of your WooCommerce site.

Sections: If you want to insert a post or a page into a section, use this feature. To access it, click the “Use Section” button on the right of the post or page editor.

Elements: This is a collection of 14 GeneratePress premium theme elements. It allows you to activate and deactivate any part of the site, such as the navigation, menu, footer, background, site library, etc.

Hooks: This is yet another creative tool included with the GeneratePress premium version. You can use this feature to add PHP code to display the widget in a specific area of your website.

Page-Level Settings Give You Detailed Control Over Each Piece Of Content: With most themes, each post and page will use the same settings for the most part. You might have some custom templates or formats.

generatepress premium features

GeneratePress changes by giving you a new Layout meta box for every single post and page that you can use this meta box to:

  • Change how many sidebars your site uses or the sidebar orientation (like changing the sidebar from right to left)
  • Choose how many footer widgets to use
  • Disable certain elements, like your header, navigation menu, post-featured image, post title, or footer
  • Create a special “container” for your page builder

The features available to you at the premium plugin are – 


You can edit the colors of your background elements that are visible to you.

generatepress free vs premium

Set images for your background, assign position sizes, and import the images you wish to fit.

You can choose from 60+ colors to add to the headers, navigation buttons, widgets, and many more.


What would your customers think if they saw a heading of a small font and the content of a larger font? It would not benefit your site. Having correct fonts is crucial for your site to be successful.

70+ fonts are available to you to alter the headers, menus, footers, and much more.

Enable and Disable elements

This essential module would help you add hooks, layouts, etc.

generatepress free vs premium

You can activate as well as deactivate whichever elements you wish to. 


Available only in the premium plugin, it is a mini-page builder. Create sections on the page you have. To activate the sections, toggle the “Use sections” button and add sections to the blog post. You get various actions to customize every section you create.

If you are using Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Elementor, Themify Builder, or any other builder, you need not use this section builder. You cannot use the sections option in the Gutenberg editor, but you can in the Classic Editor.

generatepress free vs premium

Examples from the Site Library

If you’re curious about the kinds of templates that GeneratePress provides, keep reading because we’ll give you a sneak peek at some of the most interesting ones that the site library offers.

There are a variety of writers responsible for the many templates, but the Theme’s creator gives final approval to each of them, so you can be certain that they are all of a high standard and are in keeping with the Theme.

1. Prime

The first one is a template designed by LH Consulting called Prime. It is visually quite reminiscent of Amazon. If you want to launch an online store, this is one of the most suitable template options.

This uses the following plugins: AJAX Search for WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, MailChimp for WordPress, Simple CSS, Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite, WooCommerce Blocks, and WooCommerce itself.

2. Straight Ahead

Head On by Flint Skin is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a powerful landing page. It includes a large header on the lens, and a bold font draws visitors’ attention immediately.

This uses a small number of plugins, making it incredibly lightweight: The Contact Form 7 plugin, the Lazy Load for Videos plugin, and the Lightweight Social Icons plugin are all included.

3. Volume

The next template is called Volume, and it was created once again by Flint Skin. It’s a model designed specifically with the people who make content in mind. Readability and tidiness are given a lot of weight in this publication.

This template only makes use of the premium version of GeneratePress. You’ll be able to view the live demo right here.

We have seen templates that use the basic GeneratePress functionality as their foundation, but what about ones that employ page builders instead?

In addition to the information you already have, the site library has templates for the core theme, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. Keeping this in mind, we will look at some of the templates created with the assistance of page builders.

Elementor is going to be used for the following set of templates. If you are unfamiliar with this page builder, you can read an in-depth evaluation of this plugin published on CollectiveRay here.

4. Vibe

Vibe by Flint Skin is a website template that allows you to create a beautiful presentation of your work and services. This makes it an ideal choice for freelancers, agencies, and studios who wish to display their portfolios of work online.

Although it was designed with Elementor, the template uses the free version of Elementor, so there is no need to worry about paying for an additional premium WordPress product to achieve this appearance. There is no need for any further plugins.

Pros and Cons of GeneratePress Free Version:

Pros – 

  1. 100% free lifelong term
  2. Lightweight theme site – less than 1 MB lets you load pages speedily
  3. You get more than 100 fonts to build your typography
  4. You can set up the page into default just by a click
  5. 14 modules are available for customization
  6. Mobile-friendly application
  7. Easy setup of blogs

Cons – 

  1. No technical support like the Premium plugin
  2. You require some knowledge about the coding technology used
  3. No removal of watermark “Powered by GeneratePress.”

Pros & Cons of GeneratePress Premium Plugin


  1. 100% accessible to you
  2. Mobile-friendly and easy-loading
  3. Lightweight theme site and is best for search engine optimization
  4. More than 33 demo sites for your use
  5. More than 100 customization options
  6. Child-theme accessibility
  7. Less than 30kb plugin size for the premium plugin
  8. Site-library can be used well
  9. Customer support is available 24/7 by experts
  10. Money-back guarantee within 30 days of account access
  11. Premium modules are available

Cons – 

Can you believe that nothing is wrong with this Theme? Even I couldn’t. But it is true to itself. 


With its documentation page, GeneratePress premium made it easier for beginners to personalize their WordPress sites.

This resource will assist you in adding, removing, or customizing your GeneratePress Theme to meet your website or blog design requirements.

Even on WP Blogging 101, I’ve done a lot of customizing by following the manual guidelines.

Bonus: GeneratePress Affiliate Program

I recommend that you sign up for the GeneratePress affiliate program if you are already engaged in affiliate marketing or are considering beginning a WordPress site to advertise WordPress-related items.

It is free, and you will receive a fixed commission of thirty percent on every successful sale created through your affiliate link.

Using this strategy, I was able to bring in many thousand dollars. Since January 2019, the following represents my profits as an affiliate for advertising the GeneratePress Theme.

What to Choose Between GeneratePress Free vs Premium?

Did you realize that we have covered almost every topic about both versions of the WordPress theme? Now that we have done that, let us see what would make you upgrade to the premium version.

generatepress free vs premium

If you choose the free version, you’ll have to deal with every feature, pros, and cons discussed. It depends on what you do, eventually leading to you using any of the two.

You’ll find it easy with the free Theme if you –

  1. Have some knowledge of the coding skills of CSS and HTML required to access the customization process.
  2. Created a niche website to earn with Google AdSense
  3. Already possess page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others

You’ll find the premium plugin more accessible if you – 

generatepress free vs premium

  1. Wish to construct a professional WordPress blog having the best content
  2. Want to build a WooCommerce store website
  3. Have to use this site with lifelong access
  4. Have to access the premium modules of the plugin
  5. Are you looking for easy-loading and SEO-building pages
  6. Want a mobile-friendly site with lightweight themes

GeneratePress Premium Pricing and Renewal Cost:

GeneratePress premium pricing plans- GP Premium vs free

In the GeneratePress Theme, you get the paid premium version of the theme site at:

  • $59 for the first year of membership
  • $249 for a lifetime membership

What is the difference – it’s that you’d not have to pay again and again for the lifetime membership to avail of the features assigned. Get lifetime access to and support from GeneratePress.

While you would not have to pay every month for the lifetime membership, you get a 40% discount when you renew your yearly subscription. You could use the yearly license for the unlimited websites you construct.

generatepress free vs premium

If you are dissatisfied with your site purchase, you are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee (from the day your subscription starts).

GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress Premium is a paid plugin that works with the GeneratePress Theme. You can use the premium version to activate modules and additional features.

generatepress free vs premium

You can access the following modules: Backgrounds, Blogs, colors, Copyright, Disable Elements, Elements, Menu Plus, Secondary Navigation, Sections, Sections, Site Library, Spacing, and Typography.

The colors module, for example, allows you to change the colors of all elements on your site.

You can change the look of your headers, footers, backgrounds, widgets, links, and anything else you can think of. The Typography module provides over 70 options for managing content across your entire website.

Elements are, without a doubt, the most impressive module. It consists of the following options:

Header: The header element can be used to create a site header. You can change the background color, add or remove text and images, style it, and do much more. In this element, CSS and HTML are used to create Page Hero.

Hook: The hook element is one of the most impressive features of GeneratePress’s premium version. This element enables you to insert content into the site hook. Due to this, it is no longer necessary to create child themes. You can also use it to improve the customization of a blog.

Layout: You can use this element to change the layout of the entire site or just the archives or specific categories, pages, or posts—an advanced form aids in styling the site exactly how you want it to appear.

Block: The most sophisticated GeneratePress element module. Instead of using HTML, Block Element allows for advanced customization using the Block Editor. You can use the GenerateBlocks plugin and the Block element to create custom left and right sidebars, site headers, and footers.

You must always adhere to the Display Rules when using the Element feature. Elements must be assigned before they can be displayed in different categories. You can create links between categories, pages, posts, and websites.

Generatepress Real Customer Testimonials And Reviews 

generatepress free vs premium

generatepress free vs premium

generatepress free vs premium

generatepress free vs premium

generatepress free vs premium

Installing GP Premium: GeneratePress Free VS Pro

GeneratePress should be installed.

The first step is to download and install GeneratePress. GeneratePress is a free theme that must be installed and activated before you can use GP Premium (plugin).

GP Premium is available for download.

Go to your account to see your download links.

Save the file to your computer by clicking or right-clicking the download button (control + click for Mac users). The name of the file should be

  • The “Save link as…” option in Firefox or Chrome is the one you want to select.
  • It’s “Download linked file as…” in Safari.
  • It’s “Save target as…” in Internet Explorer.

Note for Safari users: If your download displays as a regular folder rather than a zip file, go to “Safari Preferences > General” and deselect “Open’safe’ files after downloading.” The download will, after that, remain a zip file that you will not unzip.

Add GP Premium to your website.

From your Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

At the top of the page, click Upload Plugin, then go to and choose the file.

Set your modules to active.

Now go to “Appearance > GeneratePress” and turn on the modules you want to utilize on your website.

Please note that before using GP’s WooCommerce module, you must install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.


Top 5 Plugins List for GeneratePress

1. LuckyWP Table of Contents

It is an excellent plugin that allows you to create a table of contents for any blog post. Furthermore, it helps to improve your ranking in search engines, including Google.

2. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math enhances your ranking in the Google search engine and includes multiple features that will help you organize all your SEO works seamlessly.

3. Elementor

It is a page builder plugin facilitating the creation of headers, footers, and blocks for any niche website.

4. WP Rocket

This plugin significantly improves the performance of your website. It isn’t easy to provide an excellent user experience to visitors without this plugin.

5. Social Snap

Are you thinking of creating social icons for your blog post? Social Snap is here to help you with this.

The top WordPress social sharing plugin has great features that help you drive more traffic and increase customer engagement by leveraging social media’s power. Great, isn’t it?

GeneratePress Support

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or an expert; at some point, we will all require assistance, right?

When you want to purchase a theme for the next project you are working on, you should seek a theme that assists you when you truly require it.

If I’m going to comment on my interactions with their support team, I have to mention that those people are simply incredible.

I was hoping you could take a look at the graphic you can find below; it demonstrates a few of the questions I posed to the GeneratePress support team.

Have you witnessed the event?

I received responses to every one of the questions that I posed to them.

In this context, I also want to call attention to their help being incredibly prompt and intuitive to utilize.

In addition to their help forum, you will find a sizable knowledge library consisting of over 100 articles that include both video and written lessons that walk you through the process step by step.

GeneratePress Reddit:

byu/karrolhk from discussion

byu/Bholenaught from discussion

FAQs On GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Can I get GeneratePress for free?

Yes, you can get the free version of GeneratePress for a lifetime. Download it at

Is Generatepress compatible with page builders?

GeneratePress is compatible with most page builders like Elementor, Beaver builders and others.

Is Generatepress Premium worth it?

Yes. If you want a premium design for your blog. Without compromising the performance and speed of your website, then the Generatepress premium is worth going after.

How much does GeneratePress Premium cost?

GeneratePress is only $59 for a year, but it also provides lifetime deals, which are only $249 for a one-time fee and allow for 500 websites, with a yearly limit of 50 websites.

How many sites can I use GP Premium on?

You can use your license on up to 500 websites for yourself or your clients.

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Conclusion: GeneratePress Free vs Premium | Which One To Choose?

GeneratePress is an amazing WordPress theme with robust designs for affiliate sites like affiliate, tech, fashion, and other related sites. Hence, I recommend this to anyone who has just started.

While comparing the GeneratePress free vs Premium, I considered various factors.

In my opinion, the GeneratePress free version is a choice if the design doesn’t bother you much.

GP Premium version if the blog design is major for you to understand how it attracts the user’s attention.

The confusion about the GeneratePress Free vs Premium version has been cleared out now.

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