Beaver Builder Slider Review 2023: How To Create Your Own Custom Slideshow?

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Have you ever wondered why plugins are used or how they help us?

To put it simply and conceptually, plugins are tools or tiny bits of software that will invariably help you with your WordPress website or platform in terms of saving you the time and effort of editing and writing codes by hand if you are not a coder, designer, developer, or even if you only have a passing familiarity with HTML.

One major idea behind purchasing a combination or bundle of plugins is that it will essentially assist you in creating a template or platform that will assist you in basic areas, such as having a lean, secure, yet creative, and functional WordPress platform.

In this article, you will have an insight into one of the most preferred and renowned platforms, the Beaver Builder Slider.

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Beaver Builder has a user-friendly interface and is often one of the most preferred builders by beginners, graphic designers, and website page builder alike.

Beaver Builder Slider Review

The Beaver Builder Slider plugin allows you to create sliders that can be used as a homepage slider or on any other page using the Beaver Builder framework. The plugin is easy to use and will only take a few minutes for your website builder to get started using it.

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Beaver Builder Slider Review 2023: Overview

Beaver Builder is doing well with the functionalities that it provides to users and has earned the title of being a leader.

Because of the user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface, they are undoubtedly one of the brands most preferred and chosen by most graphic designers and website builders beginners.

They are also often known to be one of the most preferred builders and a plugin/extension of the platform and one of its kind in terms of the plugin relating to WordPress that you would want to go ahead with to get the job done quickly and in a way that you would save yourself time.

Following this, you may want some positive takeaways on the platform that you can all agree on.

slider beaver builder

Beaver Builder is an excellent option to create unique content designs, short video clips, or templates for your WordPress website.

It is also one of the most potent premium versions in terms of the tools that they use.

Packed with beneficial features, benefits, and eye-catching advantages, there are a few areas where they would like to focus more attention, which can be accomplished with a specialist plugin that makes the tasks more accessible and more efficient.

Along with their previous and current Smart Slider and Beaver Builder versions, you could also create an attractive slideshow.

If you are a working professional or doing this as a side hustle, create it as a slide show over your website to put out information that can catch the eyes of your audience and ensure that they linger around for a longer time.

Furthermore, the premium version of the software includes four new modules that will serve you well:

  • Search module
  • List module
  • Login forum
  • Button group module

Ensuring that with these new modules that provide new and extensive features, you would also receive improvements in the existing modules where the platform has upgraded.

Features of Beaver Builder Slider

A very brief introduction of the platform that may have given you an idea about the services of the platform Beaver Builder.

Several aspects stand out about the platform that you would want to try the product once for a more significant aspect or understand before anything else.

beaver builder slider- select module

  • One prominent feature of one of the latest versions, which is the second version in the line of the platform, Beaver Builder, has completely ensured that all of their existing users, as well as the new customers who want to join their services, would get a better mix as a matter of fact with regards to its user interface creating the known hype of how easy it is to use the platform.
  • Access to various modules that can be customized and provided by the platform is one prominent feature that makes it stand out amongst its competitors. These include several features like buttons that function, pricing tables for the prices that you could see on one page, testimonials by the customers, and much more.
  • The fact that there are continuous updates for your workflow for the modules that you would be working on would be improved with constant updates.
  • There is a surprising and impressive library and bundles of designs that you can work on that match your aesthetics. The designs and templates that you want to work on can be edited with ease, which makes it user-friendly for beginners who are starting on their platform.
  • One of the commendable features is being able to drag and drop the elements that you are likely to choose around the page that you are working on.
  • You can initially start editing by clicking on the element of your choice. Due to this feature, Beaver Builder is constantly topping the charts for being one of the highly recommended content editors for the platform WordPress. 
  • The Beaver Builder slider options function even alongside third-party plugins.
  • With the affordable premium functionality of the Beaver Builder Slideshow, the provider with pre-built slideshows and templates for even eCommerce platforms
  • You can easily have an addition to an interactive product display with the pre-built templates or the slides that you would want to customize according to your requirements.
  • They have functionality. The platform supports self-hosted videos or exports them from YouTube, which makes it 10x more creative and helps you create your gallery of slideshows and videos.
  • If upgrading to a premium version, creating the videos and the user interface gets much easier and quicker, inevitably saving you time.
  • The customer support system is commendable and at your service with a prompt response.
  • With all of the features that have been mentioned above, there are several other features and functions that the platform provides in terms of areas like layouts, styles, Advanced builder techniques, troubleshooting, white-label agencies, etc.

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Who is Beaver Builder Slider better suited for?

In the real sense, using the platform and its latest versions is for individuals and users who want to use the platform or a template that does not glitch.

As a result, the price charged by the platform is an indefinite charge for the platform’s creativity, efficiency, quality, and dependability of the customizable templates.

beaver builder slider- add plugin

As a result, in this segment, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the possible target audience and the benefits that can be derived from the platform if the right people use it.

With that being said,  I believe several users and individuals can benefit from the platform:

  • Individuals who have blogs or who have always been managing the web pages of their sites and platforms could derive maximum benefit through it and want to revamp their space.
  • As discussed earlier, it would also be highly beneficial for designers and website developers who are looking to build sites and pages for their clients could have benefits as well.

However, it is essential to also mention that the platform Beaver Builder is a platform that is entirely user-friendly and ensures that even beginners who are starting could use the platform to ensure that they have a beautiful page that their audience can visit time and again.

Their intuitive page ensures that they have front-end editing, which enables you to enjoy editing, building, and managing your website.

How Does Beaver Builder interact with your Website Theme?

This platform is well-known for offering a diverse and high-quality selection of themes, slides, and other features.

These aid in creating your one-of-a-kind website; they ensure that you select a theme that meets your needs, and they ensure that you can select or create a theme that works flawlessly with Beaver Builder.

You would have complete control and maximum benefits and get the most out of Beaver Builder’s functionality.

smart slider


This is a method that would also ensure that, as an individual, you get the best option of themes and get to choose if the theme is working well for you or not. 

With the _content() tag of templates, you can replace almost any element over the website and overhaul almost everything on the website that you are creating.

Why Should Sliders Be Used?

After a brief discussion over the platform of Beaver Builder, they specifically have a variant that deals with one of the products named Beaver Builder Slider.

This allows you to create your variety and variant of custom sliders as well as slideshows that you would want to make with your creativity.

This would give easy access to multiple templates that will help you in creating the design that would give you the power to glide through your creative process and have the slides as per your requirements.

The Sliders are a new feature enabling you to put interactive product displays and several other aspects like custom page designs on your website.

This feature is aimed at providing you with an all-around page that will get you more results as compared to a standard page with graphics or pictures.

What Addons Provide the Best Sliders?

Additional functionality that can be considered one of the best add-ons with Beaver Builder Slider is creating video carousels, slideshows, and short clips.

This is provided with full support for the short clips/slideshows or video carousels that you can export from YouTube.

This functionality and an add-on that the sliders provide you with will enable you to make your page according to your requirements and to create a full-fledged video gallery.

smart slider 3 addon

One nice feature is that you can upload and insert multimedia or video files from your gallery on your device for your presentation, giving your page a personal touch.

If you use the Beaver Builder plugin, you will have access to custom page designs that are part of the Beaver Builder Sliders gallery, as well as multiple-layer animations to create effects for your slideshows and presentations.

One additional feature and a catch here is that you will be given the option to choose between the free version and the paid versions.

This will give you experience selecting your templates based on your needs, whereas the paid version will include premium designs and user interface improvements.

How to Create Sliders with Beaver Builder?

1. For starters, the free Beaver Builder Slider version is one of the best options if you are a beginner looking for personalization and customization in upgrading your WordPress webpage or those designers on a budget.

However, based on customer feedback, it is recommended that you opt for the premium version, which provides you with a broader range of options rather than having to work with the free version’s limited module section.

beaver builder slider- create slider

2. If you choose to upgrade, you can create the basic version of slideshows, sliders, and posts, with the additional step of dragging down slider modules on your page to design.

You could define your display properties here if you want properties relating to how the final output should look.

beaver builder slider- row settings

3. There will be a setting option where you can create your content sliders that can combine photographs, videos, and text fonts to customize the message to your audience.

4. Mobile control is an addition that allows you to easily control whether the slider elements are hidden or visible on the devices that are viewing it.

Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder

There are a few advantages and disadvantages that should be considered while working with the platform Beaver Builder.


  • Custom-built posts and pages could be made through the platform. This added advantage is one of a kind that is to be considered, which is as efficient and easy as having to drag and drop the elements you like on the canvas.
  • Knowledge of coding or even HTML is not required to work over the platform.
  • The results of the work are simple and delivered faster to the user as compared to what their competitors provide.
  • You do not have to change your WordPress theme while working over the platform, hence allowing you to work over the current theme you are working on.
  • User-friendly for people who have no experience in the niche and yet want a creative and extravagant-looking theme.
  • Works well with other plugins as well and can be used an unlimited number of times regardless of the plan that you choose.


  • Compared to its competitors, it is comparatively the expensive end.
  • A free trial is not a part of the plan
  • They are more suited for developers and designers who make websites/templates for their clients
  • You would not find an undo option with them, which means you would have to recreate your template if you want an edit over it.
  • You wouldn’t be able to find support on minor issues like creating a full-width page, which may be a priority for some users.

With a platform that provides you with the advantage and power of having complete control over the content of the website you are creating, there may be a slight disadvantage in terms of the theme that you receive.

As a disadvantage, I would say that even if you have complete control of the website, there may be limitations to the number of themes or diversification of themes that you can get.

Pricing Plans of Beaver Builder

With the table above-mentioned table, the pricing chart is as follows:

  • Standard: $99 annual subscription
  • Pro: $199 annual subscription
  • Agency: $399 annual subscription
  • Ultimate: $546 annual subscription

Pricing Plans of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Customer Reviews

child theme customer review

customer reviews

Beaver Builder Testimonial Beaver Builder User Review

FAQs On Beaver Builder Slider Review 

With that stated, there are some FAQs from current and new users regarding the platform that they want to know more about, so I’ll address a few of them:

What is the use of Beaver Builder Slider?

Beaver Builder Slider gives you the ability to create your own variety and variant of custom sliders as well as slideshows that you would want to make with your own creativity and customization.

Are shortcodes supported by Beaver Builder?

Yes! This page builder supports shortcodes. Shortcodes help you to access Beaver Builder along with your other favorite plugins without any issues.

Is Beaver Builder Right For You?

It is. It is an excellent page builder with several unique quirks and features geared toward experienced web developers. It has a slick UI and a respectable template collection, but it falls short when it comes to price.

Is Beaver Builder fast?

It certainly is. It is a drag-and-drop application based on the Bootstrap framework that promises to be quick and lightweight.

Is Beaver Builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. You may certainly construct an SEO-friendly website using Beaver Builder provided that the other components used to make the website complement each other and are also SEO-friendly.

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Conclusion: Beaver Builder Slider Review 2023

I hope that by writing this article, I was able to provide you with a brief overview of the platform and the services it offers.

Overall, I wanted to shed some light on this very beautiful platform if, in general, an individual or an experienced professional is interested in creating an aesthetic and a creatively custom page that includes unique, creative, yet advanced slideshows.

Having to use the platform Beaver Builder as well as Smart Slider together may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Installing or considering installing their free version alongside the premium version while building your unique and handsome WordPress website.

Choosing this platform would be an innovative and efficient way to upgrade your content and website in just a few clicks and minutes regarding your time and energy.


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