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How to Get a Sneaker Bot? All You Need to Know in 2024!

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So, you are in a place, where you are having doubts related to getting a sneaker bot? If you seriously want to up your sneaker game and score those cool limited sneakers and be the talk of the town, then you’re in luck!

Getting those special sneakers is manually tough, so that’s where sneaker bots come in handy. And guess what? Lots of sneakerheads use them – no shame in that!

Now, some people argue about whether using bots is fair, but here’s the deal: bots have been ruling the shoe market for a while. Some folks don’t like them, while others think they’re awesome.

The truth is, bots are really good at getting shoes even when it’s hard. No matter what you think, if you want those particular shoes, using a bot is a smart move.

But let’s be real – getting sneakers isn’t easy. There are challenges, and you’ll face problems. Don’t worry, though. Read the article carefully till the end as I talk about the common issues and how to handle them:

Now, get ready because I will help you with the first step: getting a sneaker bot. I’ll tell you about different choices you can try. Your sneaker game is about to get even better!

What Is a Sneaker Bot?

If you’re confused about what a sneaker bot is and feel shy about asking, don’t worry. I’ll explain it simply. A sneaker bot is like a computer program. It follows instructions to buy shoes from a store.

How to Get a Sneaker Bot


People use sneaker bots for two main reasons. First, they’re super fast – way faster than humans. Second, they can buy many shoes quickly, like a real person.

So, in simple words, a sneaker bot is a computer program that can get you many special shoes quickly. If you want to know more, check out our sneaker bot guide.

The Sneaker Botting Guide

Buying a Bot

I bet you’re eager to get your first sneaker bot, just like I was. But honestly, my excitement turned into disappointment when I discovered it’s not as simple as some people say.

Let’s see what it’s really like to shop for sneaker bots.

Is It Possible to Get a Sneaker Bot at Retail Price?

In the past few years, the market for sneaker bots has grown a lot. Even though there are many sneaker bots available now, the best ones are usually sold out quickly.

Getting the most efficient sneaker bots can be as hard as getting the most popular shoes. Usually, they only have a limited number of licenses for sale and they don’t restock often.

Imagine if there were only 500 pairs of a popular sneaker released, but 5,000 people were using the same sneaker bot to try and buy them.

This would make it hard for those users to succeed because they’d be competing against each other. So, limiting the number of licenses helps keep the sneaker bot effective.

Because many people want these sneaker bots, they might consider buying ones that are always available. These are called “always-in-stock” bots.

They’re easy to get, inexpensive, and can work for popular shoes. But the reason they’re always available is that they’re not as good as top-tier sneaker bots like Wrath and Kodai.

However, don’t feel discouraged. Sometimes, there’s a small chance you can buy a sneaker bot from a retailer, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.

Here are some exclusive tips and tricks:

By following the steps and using these strategies, you can increase your chances of successfully purchasing a sneaker bot during restocks.

Remember that the sneaker bot market is competitive, and being well-prepared can make a significant difference in securing the bot you want.

1. Stay Updated on Social Media:

Being active on platforms like Twitter and Discord can help you stay informed about sneaker bot restocks. Follow your favorite bots and regularly check their feeds for announcements.


Tools like TweetDeck can save you time when accessing these updates. For example, if you’re following the “SneakerBotX” account on Twitter, you might see a tweet like “Restock alert! Limited quantities available now.”

2. Join a Cook Group:

Cook groups are communities of sneaker enthusiasts who share information and strategies. Many efficient cook groups have release monitors that track new tweets even faster than regular methods.

For instance, a cook group named “SneakerHeadsUnite” might have a dedicated channel to post instant restock alerts and provide insights on successful checkout techniques.

3. Get an Auto Fill:

An auto-fill tool is like a shortcut for purchasing. It helps you quickly input your payment and shipping details during a restock.

Imagine trying to buy a bot during a restock, and the auto-fill tool automatically fills in your credit card information, saving you precious seconds. This can make a big difference when bots sell out in seconds.

4. Explore Auto Clickers:

An auto clicker is a more advanced tool. When a restock link is shared on Twitter, the auto clicker software clicks the link for you immediately. However, using auto clickers on platforms like Discord can be risky, as they are against their terms of use.

For example, using an auto clicker to click a link to a “BotRestocks” tweet might help you secure a bot faster, but Discord could potentially ban your account for using such tools.

5. Join a Restock Group:

In addition, to cook groups, consider joining a specialized restock group. These groups focus on providing information about bot restocks and supply tips to secure retail-priced bots.

For instance, the “BotHunterCrew” restock group might have a channel dedicated to sharing direct links to bot restocks and advice on successfully purchasing them.

Places to Realistically Buy a Shoe Bot

Alright, if you’re not even willing to try the retail market, or if you’re already lost your patience trying, let’s discuss where else you can buy a bot. The scarcity in the retail market has driven users to buy and resell bots on the secondary market, also known as the aftermarket.

My exclusive tip: When a sneaker bot restock happens, every second counts. To boost your chances of snagging a bot, have your payment and shipping details ready in advance.

This means having your credit card information, shipping address, and other necessary details readily available. By being swift and well-prepared, you’ll have a better shot at checking out before the limited bots sell out again. This exclusive tip could mean the difference between securing a bot and missing out on it.

Here are some of the most popular aftermarket places:

Secure Bot Purchase: Protect Yourself from Scammers

In the world of sneaker bots, scams are unfortunately common. To ensure a safe bot purchase, especially if you’re considering individual sellers, take these precautions:

1. Use a Middleman: Consider a middleman as a trusted intermediary. When buying a bot, the seller transfers it to the middleman. The middleman verifies the bot’s legitimacy before transferring it to you after payment confirmation. This adds a layer of security against scammers.

For example, if you’re buying the Tidal bot from an individual, you can request a middleman service. This prevents scammers from disappearing after receiving your payment without providing the bot.

2. Ask for a Discord Account: When purchasing a bot, it typically comes with a license key tied to your Discord account. This connection ensures you can use the bot and manage it effectively. However, scammers can exploit this by revoking access to the bot after receiving payment.

To protect yourself, ask the seller to provide a Discord account and the bot. This way, you maintain control over the bot and its license key, preventing scammers from cutting off your access.

For instance, if you’re buying the Tidal bot through an individual seller, ensure they provide a Discord account for the license key. This way, you’re assured of your access even after the purchase.

How Much Does Buying a Sneaker Bot Cost?

Bot Prices: Retail vs Aftermarket

Securing a sneaker bot is no easy feat due to its scarcity and varying costs. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges you might encounter:

1. Retail Prices: Bot retail prices can range from $100 to $500, depending on the bot’s features and capabilities. These prices provide access to the bot and its functions for a specified duration.

For instance, the Nike Shoe Bot offers an always-in-stock option at $499 annually. This means you can consistently use the bot for a fixed yearly fee.

2. Unpredictable Aftermarket: Aftermarket prices for bots can be extremely volatile. Following a successful “cook,” where the bot secures sought-after sneakers, the bot’s value can skyrocket. In some cases, a bot’s aftermarket price can even surge by 10 times its original retail price.

Consider these examples:


Retail Price: $350 + $50 renewal fee every 3 months.

Aftermarket Price: A staggering $5,800 on platforms like BotBroker.


Retail Price: $220, with options for $60 renewal every 6 months or $360 for a year.

Aftermarket Price: A lifetime copy can reach up to $1,300 on BotBroker.


Retail Price: £100 for a 3-month license.

Aftermarket Price: Currently at $2,300 on BotBroker.

These examples illustrate the significant price fluctuations that bots experience in the aftermarket. Understanding these dynamics can help you navigate the complex world of sneaker bots and make informed decisions about when and how to invest in one.

The Best Sneaker Bots to Get

With many powerful bots at your fingertips, the world of sneaker copping is about to get exciting. After thorough research and the creation of a tool to gauge bot success rates, we’ve compiled a list of the crème de la crème in the bot game:

1. Wrath AIO Bot

Wrath AIO Bot Overview

Your all-in-one solution for conquering retailers’ websites. This bot’s prowess is second to none, making it a must-have for serious sneakerheads.

2. Prism AIO

Prism AIO Overview

If Shopify is your battleground of choice, Prism AIO has got your back. Designed to excel on Shopify platforms, it’s your go-to for securing those sought-after releases.

3. Kodai AIO

Kodai AIO Bot- Best Sneaker Bots

When Footsites are your target, Kodai AIO steps up to the plate. Its specialty in dominating Footsites makes it an indispensable asset for your collection.

4. MEKPreme

MEKpreme- Best Sneaker Bots

For Supreme enthusiasts, MEKPreme reigns supreme. With a focus on conquering Supreme drops, it’s your ultimate partner in securing those coveted releases.

5. Balkobot

Balkobot Overview

This bot earns its reputation as one of the most consistent performers. Count on Balkobot to consistently deliver results, ensuring you stay ahead.

6. Ganesh Bot

Ganesh Bot Overview

When EU stores are on your radar, Ganesh Bot shines. It’s tailored to excel in European markets, making it your ideal choice for navigating those regional releases.

7. Nike Shoe Bot

NikeShoeBot- Best Sneaker Bots

Beginners, rejoice! Nike Shoe Bot welcomes you with open arms. With its user-friendly interface and an “always available” approach, it’s the perfect starting point for your bot journey.

8. Project Enigma:

SNKRS enthusiasts look no further. Project Enigma is here to tackle those elusive SNKRS drops, giving you a strategic advantage.

Sneaker Bot Rental

Here’s a lesser-known secret for newcomers in the sneaker game: you can rent almost any bot you desire. And guess what? It’s not just convenient, it’s cost-effective too.

Renting a bot is like borrowing a friend’s superpower for a limited time. While you won’t have it forever, the price is certainly right.

So, when’s the prime time to give this a shot? When there aren’t any hyped releases in sight. That’s when bot rental prices take a nosedive.

You might be wondering, why rent when there’s no frenzy? Well, think of it as a test drive before making a big investment. Instead of splurging on a potential $5,000 purchase, renting lets you take it for a spin at a fraction of the cost.

Sure, renting during a significant release might be pricier and trickier, but the experience and insights gained are truly valuable.

So, whether you’re gearing up for the quiet moments or diving into the excitement, renting a bot could be the savvy move that elevates your sneaker game.

Places to Rent a Sneaker Bot

Here’s where you can start with  bot rentals:

Whop: This platform offers a range of bots for rent, allowing you to experience different capabilities without a total commitment.

BotMart: A bustling marketplace for sneaker bots, where you can find various options for rent. It’s like a bot buffet!

Splashstation: Another solid choice, Splashstation can connect you with a selection of bots to rent and help you stay ahead in the game.

Reddit, Twitter, Discord (cook groups): Yes, social media and online communities are more than just memes and discussions. They’re also hotspots for finding bot rental opportunities. Watch for posts, discussions, and groups dedicated to sneaker bot rentals.

How Much Does Renting a Bot Cost?

The cost of renting a sneaker bot is like a rollercoaster ride, with prices going up and down based on the drop schedule. Here’s the deal:

Low-Drop Days: When there’s no frenzy of hyped releases, renting a sneaker bot can be quite budget-friendly. You might only need to part with a few bucks for the experience.

Release Days: Hold onto your wallet! On the days when everyone’s gunning for the latest releases, rental prices can shoot through the roof faster than you can say “sneakerhead.”

For instance, let’s take a peek at some January 2022 prices on Whop:

Wrath Bot: Prices dance in the range of $7 to $99.80, depending on the day.

Mek AIO: The cost for this bot varies from $5 to $39.40 within the same month.

Balkobot and Kodai: These are tagged at $7 for each day in January, adding a bit of predictability to your budget.

MEKpreme: The popular Supreme bot comes in at $5, inviting you to try your luck.

What You Need to Know About Renting Sneaker Bots?

Just like when you’re in the market to buy a bot, some golden rules should guide you when renting one. Here’s the lowdown:

Trustworthy Service: Stick with a reliable rental service to ensure a smooth experience. The ones I mentioned earlier have earned their stripes among the sneakerhead community, having been put through their paces by many.

Individual Reseller Rentals: If you’re eyeing a bot available only through an individual reseller, stay vigilant. Checking references is a smart move. And even if everything seems fine, it’s a wise choice to involve a middleman for added security.

Discord Details: Brace yourself, as when you’re renting, you might not be handed access to the bot’s associated Discord server. You might not get the perks of engaging in community discussions and updates.

Remember, whether buying or renting, playing it safe and informed is key to getting the most out of your sneaker bot journey.

What Else Do I Need for Sneaker Botting?

Here are some more sneaker bot tips that can help you clear bottlenecks.

Join the Sneaker Club:

Think of cook groups like secret clubs on Discord. They’re your inside source for early news, links to releases, and more. They keep you in the know and boost your chances.

Virtual Credit Cards:

Want to score more than one pair? You’ll run many bot tasks, but using the same card looks odd. Virtual credit cards make your tries seem like they’re from different folks. Look into Venmo, Cashapp, Privacy, and Revolut (if in the EU).

Powerful Virtual Helper:

Sneaker servers are like virtual supercomputers you control online. Use them when your bot and your device aren’t pals, or when you want things faster.

Easy CAPTCHA Saver:

CAPTCHAs can be tricky, but some bots have CAPTCHA helpers. For easier ones, you need special Gmail accounts. They act like different people online, fooling systems. You can buy these accounts, and they’re pretty helpful.

Sneaky Proxy Friends:

Think of proxies as secret disguises for your connection. They make you look like different people in stores, so you avoid being caught as a bot. Residential proxies are your best buddies here.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: How to Get a Sneaker Bot?

In the sneaker world, using a bot is just the start. By having other helpful tools like cook groups, virtual credit cards, sneaker servers, CAPTCHA helpers, and proxies, you’ll be all set to succeed.

Just remember, each tool is important for getting those cool sneakers. So get prepared, stay in the know, and step confidently toward sneaker success!

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