Instapage vs Leadpages 2022: Which One To Choose? (Our Pick)

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Wanting to know about Instapage vs Leadpages? Here, I give you the complete in-depth differences between both and you will be able to find the best one suitable for you according to your requirements. 


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Enterprise companies with massive advertising and conversion needs

Small Business who need a professional landing page builder tool.

  • Pre-hosted Landing Pages
  • Freeform Drag and Drop Editing
  • Freeform Drag and Drop Editing
  • Notification Window Boxes
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Collects Leads from Facebook
  • Free Templates
  • Free Templates
  • Over 200 editable templates
  • Easy Learning Guide
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Easy To use Landing page Tools
  • Highly Priced Plans
  • Data and Analytics can be confusing
Ease of Use

Super Easy To Use. Create well performing Landing Pages and AB-Test with ease and new features are added on a regular basis.

Simple Assistance and Drag and Drop Functionality with a great set of tools.

Value For Money

Highly Priced Plans with bells and whistles. Pricing is little more than the features

Affordable Pricing plans for the small business and for the solopreneurs.

Customer Support

No Live chat but you can raise ticket and get FAQs and knowledgebase.

Customer support is limited to email in the lowest plan. Highest plans have phone support

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Imagine having a website that is visually very impressive, has all the product/service information, the after-sales services information, and all the works.

Your website visitors are thoroughly convinced that this is the product or service they are looking for but they don’t make any purchases.

You would think why is this happening? You’ve virtually certainly heard of these two names Instapage vs. Leadpages. You can also, check out our detailed guide on Leadpages Review.

The reason is there is a huge ‘online’ market out there. Consumers have multiple options to choose from and it is very easy to jump between different websites to choose the best product. 

How would you convert this potential lead into a happy customer? The answer is very, very simple. By creating a Landing page on your website. A Landing page? What is that? Read the full article Instapage vs Leadpages to know the full details.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Instapages is also a drag and drop tool to create landing pages on the go. However, Instapages is a reliable solution for medium to large enterprises, so it gets difficult for small business owners to get started.

On the other hand, LeadPages is the robust WordPress landing page solution that is specifically built for small and medium business needs.

Also, LeadPages has a more user-friendly approach, that’s why it’s the one-stop solution for building landing pages on the go.

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In simple words, it is a page on your website which offers a reward or a free download or anything related to the specific product in exchange for the potential customer’s basic contact information. Yes, welcome to the new-age digital sales strategy.

As per Hubspot, a popular Marketing and Sales platform, Landing pages have the highest conversion rate (23%) compared to other sign-up forms. A landing page is more effective than a regular advertisement showing only a product.

This is because the customer is more likely to trust your services and your brand when they get offers or free interesting content in exchange for filling out the form.

Now, you would think how could I create a landing page for my website? There are numerous tools available for creating a landing page. The two most popular ones are:

  1. Leadpages
  2. Instapage

🚀Instapage vs Leadpages: Quick Expert Summary

Both Instapage and Leadpages are fairly easy to use, although Leadpages does have a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, however, Leadpages is fairly straightforward to use.

In general, Leadpages is probably better suited for those who are somewhat familiar with web design, while Instapage is probably better suited for those who are new to the world of landing pages.

When it comes to features, both Instapage and Leadpages offer a wide selection of templates, integrations, and customization options. However, Leadpages does have some unique features that set it apart from its competition.

For example, Leadpages offers A/B testing capabilities on all of its plans (including its free plan), while Instapage only offers A/B testing on its most expensive plan.

In addition, Leadpages’ higher-priced plans come with access to its team collaboration tool, which allows multiple users to edit a single landing page at the same time. If team collaboration is something that’s important to you, Leadpages may be the better option.

A quick comparison of the main features: Instapage vs Leadpages

Before I get into the more in-depth comparisons between Leadpages and Instapage, I want to start with a brief general

introduction of the features of each tool so that you know exactly what to anticipate when I get into the more hands-on aspects of the comparison. Instapage is a tool that allows you to create landing pages in less than a minute.

The fundamental aspects of Leadpages

Editing via a drag-and-drop interface and visual previews are both included in the process of building landing pages.

More than 130 free drag and drop templates are available here. You also receive hundreds of additional free and premium templates that are compatible with the legacy editor that is included with Leadpages. These free templates are only the beginning.

Integrations with the tools you use most frequently – Connect to the email marketing provider of your choice, as well as your preferred webinar tool, payment gateway, customer relationship management system, and a great deal more.

Landing pages that are hosted – Leadpages handles everything for you, including the hosting of your landing pages and lead magnets, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Easy A/B testing – Quickly generate fresh tests to optimize your landing pages using any of these two methods.

Detailed analytics—You can link to your preferred third-party analytics services or view the analytics directly within the dashboard.

Numerous website connectors in abundance – Publish your landing pages to your own website in a snap using HTML or a plugin designed specifically for WordPress.

Complete website development – The same drag-and-drop builder that you use to create landing pages can also be used to create complete websites (think Squarespace).

Notification bars – Create attention-grabbing notification bars to promote offers, grow your list, and do a variety of other things.

Other features: With Leadboxes, you can create two-step opt-ins that enhance conversions; with Lead links, you can sign up subscribers; and there are tons of other bonus features.

My Personal Experience On Instapage vs LeadPages

I have used LeadPages for a while and I am very happy with it. It is a great platform for creating landing pages and I have found it to be very user-friendly. The templates are easy to use and allow you to create a high-quality landing page quickly and easily.

Overall, I would recommend LeadPages to anyone looking to create a high-quality landing page quickly and easily.

1. LeadPages is easier to use for a first-time user, with more widgets and a more convenient interface.

2. Instapages are more responsive and customizable for different devices and tools.

3. LeadPages are better for selling products, while Instapages are better for delivering content.

Instapage vs LeadPages 2022: Overview

Both Leadpages and Instapage are very similar except for some minute differences. However, popular opinions suggest that Leadpages is an easy and simpler tool to operate and understand.

Instapage Overview:

Overview: Instapage vs Leadpages comparison

Instapage is also a software tool that creates landing pages. This software helps in your online marketing campaigns with features like A/B testing, easy page building, and multiple campaign management.

Instapage is a service that allows you to easily create landing pages for your online marketing and promotion campaigns. It includes features such as A/B testing, multiple campaign management, simple page creation, and much more!

Leadpages Overview:

Instapage vs Leadpages

This is one of the most popular and best software tools available in the market to create an optimum Website and Landing page. When you open the official website of Leadpages, the home page says “Turn Clicks into Customers”.

This says it all. It is a drag and drops software tool that can be used to set up landing pages, email sign-up forms, webinars, courses, alerts, pop-ups, and much more. 

Leadpages is a best-in-class website builder that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to easily publish web pages, generates leads with confidence, and converts clicks into customers on a consistent basis.

Leadpages help you get started and stay in business online, with everything from landing pages of websites.

Key Features: Leadpages vs Instapage: 

Instapage features- Best landing page builder

Instapage vs Leadpages: Marketing Automation Tools 

Leadpages and Instapage are highly aesthetic, well-regarded, and extremely popular landing pages. These online tools help you to enhance your subscribers. It facilitates small businesses to reach a wider audience.

These famous land page builders will help you to have access to the most splendid services resulting in, the building of pages for either promotion campaigning or designing a website into a more exquisite professional landing page.

It will further explain, which marketing automation online tools are better. , in whatever ways as compared.

One should be rational enough to understand the need for a more dedicated landing page tool for a more customized & adjustable landing page.

Let us dive into & have a closer look through all the characteristics & benefits from Lead pages to Instapage and help ourselves to choose a better option.

Instapage vs Leadpages: Analytics and Systems Tracking


Powerful analytics software to help you reap the maximum possible benefits from that of a landing page. The analytics and systems tracking in Leadpages is said to be second to none and has a very high conversion rate as compared to other similar software on the market. 


Instapage is also very advanced analytics software and does indeed provide you with increased leads and conversions. Yet, despite it being very advanced it is not at the same level as Leadpages.


Needless to say, although both Leadpages and Instapage have advanced Analytics and tracking, in this case, Leadpages is the clear winner. 

Instapage vs Leadpages: Motive and goals 

Drag and drop is the main and important option that helps you to construct the web page conveniently. Without the need for back-end development drag and drop, the option is the rapid technique to customize a web page.


It helps you to generate the web page or the whole WWW site and you can also create your destination page. It also combines you with the latest email retailing campaign.


It helps you to generate destination pages or say landing pages, but it doesn’t help with an entire web page, just like the land page it also combines you with the latest email retailing campaign. 

HTML widget (Hypertext Markup Language):

As previously stated, Leadpages do not necessitate the use of code. HTML widgets and CSS customizations are also available for more sophisticated developers who desire greater control over their page’s appearance.

Sections to copy and paste:

By copying and pasting chunks, you can save yourself a lot of time. This feature ensures a unified design while also saving time for the designer. Oh, and it saves data in real-time. Consequently, you never have to be concerned about losing your job.
The Wistia video link is provided for your convenience.


Instapage is just as simple to use as any other website builder. In fact, one of the most gratifying parts of the platform is how easy it is to navigate the interface. It has several user-friendly characteristics, including the following:

Drag-and-drop without the need for a grid: Simply plug and play your way to a gorgeous landing page. Instapage’s drag-and-drop interface is unlike any other, allowing for maximum customization (ideal for more advanced web designers).

In the end, both platforms provide a user-friendly environment across the entire app; no coding is required, and both platforms provide pre-designed content blocks to expedite the development process. Even the most technologically illiterate user will have no trouble using these tools. Your final decision is entirely dependent on your end goal.

With our grid style, Leadpages makes it simple to drag and drop pieces, enticing people who have limited knowledge or time to figure out the efficiency of conversion tools.

Additionally, with the Leadmeter, users can receive personalized conversion advice that will assist them in increasing conversions. And, after all, isn’t it what we all want?

Alternatively, Instapage offers a very unique grid-free drag and drop functionality that professional site designers, who may be more accustomed to advanced design software, may find more appealing than other options.

Although this structure provides designers with the greatest amount of flexibility, it may be overwhelming or time-consuming for individuals with little or no design experience.

Within their commercial plans, Instapage allows you to view your revision history, and on Leadpages, you can simply revert to a prior version of your published page by clicking on the Revert button.

Core Features of Instapage

The following is a list of some of the most fundamental elements that are included in Instapage.

  • Landing Pages That Are Already Hosted Instapage hosts your landing pages and makes them simple to use by providing a plugin that you can install on your own website.
  • Free Templates: Select from more than 200 available free templates, or purchase additional templates from Envato.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Sync your landing pages to customer relationship management systems, email marketing providers, and more.
  • Freeform Drag and Drop Editing: This framework allows you to create comprehensive landing pages by dragging and dropping elements in a grid-free environment.
  • Streamlined Split Testing is a feature that allows you to optimize the designs of your landing page in a much more effective manner. It is a quick and easy A/B testing option.
  • In-built Analytics: An integrated analytics feature not only gives useful data but also establishes connections with a variety of third-party services in order to get more advanced data, such as heatmaps.
  • Collaboration Tools: The availability of a wide variety of collaboration tools makes it simpler for teams to cooperate in the process of developing efficient landing pages.

Instapage vs Leadpages: Designs And Layouts (templates)

Designs and layouts are the most important features and it clarifies the website pages and their making or construction process. As they can be readily available and easy to use, As per your brand requirement you can use these layouts and templates, and can be further made to order.


130+ various types of designs and templates are available for your referral and selection. At liberty, you can get hundreds of premium templates and layouts that customize with Leadpages main working staff and editors.


150+ template designs are available on Instapage and through the scrap, you can construct your landing pages. For instance, you can even have a selection among these 150+ templates or pick up and buy another hundred templates via Envato. 

  •         Pictures
  •         Videos

Instapage vs Leadpages: Widgets


 leadpage recently consists of 18 widgets

  •         Headings
  •         Text
  •         Buttons/links
  •         Countdown
  •         Pictures
  •         Video
  •         Line
  •         Spacing
  •         Html
  •         Form
  •         Checkout
  •         Shares
  •         Comments
  •         Likes
  •         Progressing bar
  •         Icon
  •         Images + text
  •         Calendar + text

In comparison to Instapage, Leadpages consist of one unique widget named as checkout widget, this widget allows you to sell the fundamental digital products.

Leadpages incredibly function to maintain the delivery part of the process and you can conveniently sell your products like e-books, and webinar tickets directly.

Great landing page ideas

Using a landing page builder does not guarantee more leads or higher conversion rates. To get the most out of your landing page builder, you should:

Catchy headlines: Your landing page’s headline should never be confusing or vague. It should entice your viewers to keep scrolling. When I think about headlines, I think of one of my favorite business books,

Copy should make you a category leader. Even if your product isn’t a category leader, consider positioning yourself as one. Is it possible that you are the #1 SEO tool for fashion bloggers? Conquer a category with your headline copy.

Mobile: Mobile traffic accounts for 54.8% of total web traffic, thus optimizing your landing pages for mobile. The good news is that the finest landing page builders allow you to preview your page on both mobile and desktop before posting.

Humans like social proof. We are more likely to buy when we see brands and user reviews. Using press badges above the fold on my landing pages has increased conversion rates by 10%. Press badges give your product credibility and encourage users to read on. Likewise, client testimonials help users visualize using your product, increasing conversion rates.

Consider how often you read every word on a web page… Seldom. The Images keep consumers on your page and illustrate your product offering. When in doubt, use a stock photo with people in it.

A/B test: Especially if you pay for traffic to your landing page, A/B test. It makes financial sense. If you’re going to A/B test anything, start with your title. Because just 20% of people go past the headline copy, it’s the most significant spot for the A/B test.

Features of Instapage

Compare to Leadpages, Instapage consists of only 11 widgets namely:-

  •         Instablock
  •         Headline
  •         Paragraph
  •         Pictures
  •         Image
  •         Video
  •         Button/links
  •         Form
  •         Shapes
  •         Social shares
  •         Timer
  •         Html

Unlike Leadpage, Instaplan consists of only 11 pages and these are the widgets that are missing from Instaplan:-

  •         Checkout/sales module
  •         Comments
  •         Progress bar
  •         Icon

Leadpage Unique Features

Leadpages vs Instapages: landing page features

  • Lead boxes – it allows you to construct or build the popups utilizing the drag and drop method or editors. The best thing is you can easily use lead boxes on any random page.
  • Facebook Advertisements – to match up your destination pages you can easily create or build up your own Facebook advertisement.
  • Links – you can create a link that is used by the subscribers to sign in automatically by clicking on the link.
  • Alert bars – offers can be promoted by creating notification bars that can be used by users simply on any page.
  • Instagram unique features
  • Easy partnership – Instagram is suitable for the partnership and collaboration with the working party and also has good partnership tools and devices.
  • Audit log – in your own account you can track the changes and edits to landing pages.
  • Dynamic text substitution – you can easily substitute the text in any real-time for a better alignment.
  • Instablocks – this is one of the amazing features as it deals with saving an entire “block” and you can also reuse it on the other pages and it also reclaims your time.

Landing Page Builder

In just a few minutes, Leadpages allows you to construct easy landing pages. Its templates are tailored to specific needs, such as webinar registrations and email signups.

You may pick from a variety of page categories in the page builder, such as author profiles, checkouts, and so on. You may also include page features like autoplay video, headings, and copy.

Instapage, on the other hand, includes all of these capabilities, as well as the ability to add JavaScript, CSS, and HTML components, as well as font modification.

Instapage, unlike Leadpages, allows you to add modal popup boxes. These appear on top of the currently displayed landing page.

Instapage gives you a Page Version History as an extra editing feature. This allows you to link the results of A/B testing to the page version in order to make particular changes to your pages.

In terms of useful features, Instapage is somewhat ahead of the competition. Leadpages, on the other hand, include templates that are tailored to individual campaigns, making it a more focused option.

Comparison of Instapage vs Leadpages Using Side-by-Side Charts

Both technologies approach their primary aim in ways that are comparable to one another; nevertheless, one tool is superior to the other with regard to one or more aspects of conversion optimization.

Let’s compare Instapage and Leadpages side by side in terms of their landing page builders, split testing, integrations, and their mobile versions so that you may have a better picture of the areas in which each product shines.

Landing Page Builder

You can construct straightforward landing pages with Leadpages in a matter of minutes. Its templates are created with certain functions in mind, such as signups for webinars and email subscriptions, for example.

You have access to a variety of page categories to select from when using the page builder, such as author bios, checkouts, and other options. You also have the option of including page features such as autoplay video, headlines, and content on your website.

On the other hand, Instapage offers all of these capabilities, in addition to the capability to add JavaScript, CSS, and HTML components, as well as the option to customize fonts, among other things.

In contrast to Leadpages, Instapage gives you the option to include modal popup boxes. These are displayed at the very top of the landing page that you are now on.

Instapage gives you a Page Version History as an additional editing perk for your convenience. This enables you to link the results of the A/B test with the version of the page so that you can make particular adjustments to your pages.

In this regard, we can observe that Instapage has a few more useful features than its competitor. Leadpages, on the other hand, include templates that can be tailored to the requirements of individual campaigns, giving it a more focused option.

A/B Split Testing

You can quickly conduct A/B testing with Instapage, and the platform will automatically divide your visitors between the two campaigns you choose.

The metrics that are highlighted include the overall number of conversions for each iteration of the campaign as well as highlight data such as unique visits, conversion rate, and areas of improvement.

On the other hand, Leadpages enables you to develop many versions for each campaign so that you may test them and determine which one results in a higher conversion rate. You are provided with an overview of data like as conversions and unique visitors in a certain period of time via the LeadPages user interface (UI).

Instapage and Leadpages both produce outcomes from testing that are comparable to one another. Leadpages, on the other hand, gives you a basic picture and is not as specific as Instapage does when it comes to the outcomes it delivers.

In the end, it will rely on the kind of data that you are seeking for as well as the level of specificity that you truly want in order to modify advertising efforts.


The following online services can be integrated with Instapage:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign

KISSmetrics, InfusionSoft, Facebook, and a number of other platforms were used.

Leadpages is compatible with the following services and may be integrated with them:

The list also includes HubSpot, 1ShoppingCart, ConstantContact, and InfusionSoft.

In addition to this, Leadpages bought Drip, a technology for automating email marketing that is analogous to MailChimp.

At first glance, it appears that Instapage offers a greater number of possible integrations. On the other hand, when substantially integrated, Leadpages provides a more streamlined experience and loads significantly quicker than Instapage.

Customer Service: Instapage vs LeadPages

Leadpages :

Leadpages has a very well-organized customer support system. You can get in touch with them through email and get a response within 24-48 hours.

The other options are through phone and their live chat support which are available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Also, they have the option of Contact Support which is the best way to contact them. You can just log in to your Leadpages account and get in touch with them through the navigation menu.

Instapage : 

Instapage has category-wise different pages dedicated to solving its customers’ queries. The help center categories are Dashboard, Landing pages, Analytics, and so on.

Also, they have articles for frequently asked queries that the customers can refer to. If you are still not satisfied, you can raise a ticket by submitting a request and the Instapage team will get back to you. 


Both the tools are equally customer friendly and give the best to their existing and new clients. However, Leadpages seems to be a step ahead as they give the option of contact through email and phone, which is by far the most preferred form of communication.

Instapage vs LeadPages: Pricing Plans

Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages has three plans on a monthly and annual basis. They’re subdivided into Standard, Pro, and Advanced. The rates are as follows:

Leadpages vs Instapage- Pricing

Standard Pro Advanced

Monthly $37 $79 $321

Annually $25 $48 $199

2-year plan (Paid every 2-years) $17 $42 $159

Plan 1: Standard

The Standard package for Leadpages has landing pages and pop-ups,  mobile-responsive templates, and supports unlimited traffic, and leads.

Since it is limited to one website, it has limited features and so A/B testing and other important conversion optimization tools are missing from it.

Also, it does not support online sales or payments. The lowest level does not offer split-testing but the next level has A/B testing.

In this plan, unlimited landing pages, and lead-generation pop-ups can be created. With a tool built to optimize conversions, this is a must.

The platform employs the usual A/B testing methodology. It enables you to test multiple versions of your landing page or popup to determine which one receives the most clicks.

Plan 2: Pro

The Pro package supports three websites. It contains all the features of the standard plan along with unlimited A/B split testing, 10 opt-in text campaigns, and email trigger links as well.

Plan 3: Advanced

The Advanced package has a lot more features in addition to those of the standard and pro package. There are integrations to tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot, and Marketo. It supports up to 50 websites and also gives the option of a personal Quick Start call with a specialist to help you set up the account and make optimum use of Leadpages.

Instapage Pricing Plans

Instapage or Leadpages comparison

Instapage has 2 plans: Business Plan, Enterprise Plan

Plan 1: Business Plan

The Business Plan starts at a monthly $199 and also offers a 33% discount if the amount is paid in a lump sum. The discount amounts to a monthly $149.  A free trial for 14 days is also offered without credit card sign-up. Features include customizable templates, heatmaps, custom code editing, etc.

Plan 2: Enterprise Plan

An enterprise plan involves customized pricing for your needs. Several features are included for building up to 50 landing pages. A personal account manager is offered and also there are migration services for people who use other alternatives to Instapage.

For other features, a call with the salesperson is necessary to decide on the customizations you need.

Rest assured, the features can improve advertising operations and also give an optimum return on investment.


Leadpages is a cheaper option as compared to Instapage.

Pros and Cons: Instapage vs LeadPages 



  • It has a built-in analytics tool
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Really good designs and templates
  • It can be integrated with many software
  • It does not have any traffic limitations
  • There is dynamic text replacement for PPC campaigns
  • Many templates to choose from
  • It has direct integration to WordPress


  • The basic plan does not allow A/B testing
  • The number of built-in images and icons is fewer so images need to be uploaded from Google.
  • comparatively expensive



  • Good drag and drop templates
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No need for HTML knowledge to add video or audio to your pages. Easy embed code
  • Professional results in minimal time
  • Customizable features
  • The highest number of landing page templates
  • Lowest plans at $25 per month
  • has a lot of app connections
  • Easy set-up


  • Difficult to incorporate custom fonts
  • No option to start without a template

Leadpages Customer Review

Leadpages user review

Leadpages customer review

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Instapage Customer Review

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Instapage Customer Review

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Leadpages On Facebook

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Instapage On Facebook

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Quick Links: 

FAQs Related to LeadPages vs InstaPage

🤞 What Leadpages can do ?

Leadpages helps small businesses gain recognition, helps them to connect with a wider audience, builds exquisite websites, pop-ups etc.

👉 How can I obtain subscriptions for Leadpages?

Customers should continue using their account for the next 14days, after a few days one becomes a paid subscriber to the same Leadpages plan which once you registered for free .

🤙 When to start Leadpages for business?

As Leadpages are quite convenient & affordable as compared to Instapage, whenever one joins the team, he/she will want something to promote. It makes it extremely easy & quick to promote business online which is well equipped with required conversion tools followed by other help .

Final Verdict: Instapage vs Leadpages 2022

This the toughest was part that we had to choose among one of these amazing quality products, they both are equally good and give us a good output but here are some points which must be noted down:-

Leadpages are budget-friendly as its cheapest plan starts at just $25 per month whereas $149per month is the cheapest plan of Instaplan.

Instapages are more convenient and flexible for responsive designs as it gives us a good responsive pages cover look than that in Leadpages and in Instapages you can also have your separate edits for different tools and devices.

Leadpages has a greater selection of widgets, one of the major drawbacks of Instapage is that it doesn’t contain sales modules or say checkout widget which allows you to sell the fundamental digital product and it incredibly functions to maintain the delivery part of the process.

Leadpages contain more convenient features than Instapage.

Both do have their own important features but Leadpages are budget-friendly and have a good delivery tool with analytics and systematic tracking ways these two are the main and important things that users need the most, which essentially made Leadpages the winner!

Leadpages On Youtube

Instapage On Youtube

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  1. I’ve been using Leadpages since quite a few time and I’d say it’s the best out there!
    Leadpages is a landing page platform that provides a way to convert leads into paying customers. The platform has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years because it’s an easy-to-use, effective option for marketers.

  2. Instapage is a web-based drag and drop landing page builder that allows you to create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, and lead capture pages from scratch in minutes.You can create a beautiful landing page with Instapage. Choose from over 100 templates and design your page to convert your visitors into leads.

  3. It’s very simple to utilize. It assists us with making admirably performing presentation pages and AB-Test effortlessly and new highlights are added consistently. It offers great service at a very affordable price.

    Leadpages is the perfect tool to use for generating leads, and it does it in a professional way that doesn’t feel pushy. It helped me generate 3 leads on the first day I started using it for which I was struggling from 3 months

  4. Leadpages is a website that allows you to create your own landing pages without the need of any coding knowledge. It’s easy to use and it can be used for personal or business use. So if you’re looking for a way to get more leads, this is something worth checking out.

  5. LeadPages is a powerful tool that I recommend for every blogger who wants to grow their subscriber list. When you sign up with LeadPages, they’ll give you the necessary tools for running successful marketing campaigns and converting more of your visitors into subscribers.
    LeadPages offers templates in several different categories: Blog Post Templates, Email Opt-In Templates, Sales Page Templates, Landing Page Templates, and much more.

  6. After using leadpages for quite a few time i found some cons to it like:
    •No enterprise option
    •Lack of customisation
    •Sluggish drag-and-drop builder
    •Limited A/B testing on Standard plan
    •Limited form options
    These are some downsides I found and they should really work on it.

  7. Leadpages helps me in every possible way. I would surely recommend you all trying it and you will not regret it!
    Leadpages aids in multi-channel linking to ensure that each product has an extended reach so that it reaches out as many people as possible. It aids in publishing end number of domains and landing pages.
    Plus it does not require any additional fees for gathering any traffic. It has always provided me with technical support and coaching whenever needed!

  8. Leadpage is a lead generation program that offers a great way to make suggestions and sell products. They have some fantastic pros too, but we’re more interested in the cons. It’s not possible to use custom fonts on their templates and there aren’t any options to start without one either. This is very important for us because we know that our live chat widget text needs flexibility over font-style and size among other things. But it also can be confusing when you don’t put anything in on your landing page template….so its kind of confusing and creates mess every single time i use !!

  9. Leadpages primarily function is that it is a landing page builder. Essentially, you choose your template, add your content and you’re pretty much good to go. Leadpages has a huge library of templates to choose from as well.
    It provides with exit intent pop ups. The idea is to capture leads from traffic that would otherwise slip through your fingers.
    Leadpages make these incredibly easy to set up and you won’t need to write any code.

  10. Okay let me tell you that When I got my first leadpage, I was really psyched. Having just started a new agency last year, this was the perfect way to kick off our marketing strategy. But as soon as you start using it and realize how difficult it is to incorporate custom fonts or if you need to edit the text on the fly, your excitement gets lost in leadpages cons….so this was my thing !!

  11. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful landing page software, go with Leadpages. They have a great conversion rate and give you the opportunity to track your results. You don’t need to worry about missing out on something when it comes to Leadpages analytics system because its second to none!!

  12. So i found Leadpage Pros is the best app I’ve ever had! It has a lot of different connections and allows you to make an easy set-up like never before. I love this app- give it a try soon!

  13. If i have to count the boons then i will say that it has :
    Easy set up, low monthly plans with low fees.
    No need to have a developer on site! Leadpage is the simplest way to grow your revenue and customer base by getting more leads with low minimums and no technical knowledge needed…..!!!

  14. So the LeadPage offers the best-priced monthly pricing for any of their services. They can easily connect with all your favorite apps like WordPress, ClickFunnels, and more. No hiccups or hook-ups required! when it comes to Set up then it is easy as one, two three – LeadPage sets you up in minutes without any hassle on end!

  15. As per me and my work , i would like to say that Instapage is the easy way for businesses to create eye-catching, engaging, high converting webpages through their all in one platform. It’s fast, powerful and beautifully designed! The basic plan allows users to take advantage of A/B testing for unlimited variations to test with different audiences…..!!

  16. My personal experience with this will say that Leadpages is an analytics software that helps to power the landing pages that are essential for most marketing campaigns. It has a high conversion rate and provides insight on conversions and helps you know what works and what doesn’t work with lead generation….!!

  17. As we know that finding a great PPC Managing Tool seems to be a challenge. Fortunately, Instapages is here with us back…. The creators have been developing the design and function of this user-friendly product from scratch, to ensure that the customers come first and always get their money’s worth. Now you can find everything you need here!!! in one go !!!!

  18. I’m not a fan of Leadpage. As a user, it can be difficult to incorporate custom fonts and there’s no option to start without a template. I also found that the typefaces were basic, mimicking back-in-the day newspaper layouts with lots of clashing colors used as well. I would use their competitors instead if given the chance again…..!!!This is basically my opinion on this !

  19. Yes!! Instapages is the number one drag and drop website building tool for marketers anywhere. Built with loads of features to help you get ahead in your online presence….. Instapages will have you coming up with ideas in record time without feeling restricted by templates onlyyyy!!

  20. Instapages is simple to use and overall it is cheaper than Leadpages. With the amazing landing page templates that are available for you, your vision will come to life before you know it… makes thing easy for us !!

  21. According to me Instapages is an all in one solution for professional web designers. You can have the system which is super fast and easy to use with built-in analytics that are professionally designed. The interface is very user friendly with features that allow ease of use when designing your own site….! Every web designer must give it a shot !

  22. Yes!!!! Leadpages is great for all mobile marketers. You can easily integrate this with your existing apps to build the most customized landing pages…!!!

  23. As an old user of Instapage , i would like to say that it has all the features needed to create high converting landing pages with A/B testing, easy page building, and multiple campaign management….

  24. As the best in class in landing page analytics software, Leadpages is at the top in terms of conversion rates…..though instapages still cant beat leadpages in few aspects!

  25. My experience with this will surely say that Instapage helps startups with their marketing campaigns so quickly create the pages they need to generate more leads. With features like A/B testing, fast page building, and easy campaign management these landing pages are sure to turn your online presence into your new empire…!!!

  26. I got a bundle of advantages by using this as If you need a landing page for a professional project, then look no further. Instapage is the ideal tool to get going with marketing instantly. Setting up a landing page that would be perfect for hosting your contests, build, manage and analyze data today!!

  27. The name says it all! Instapage is a software tool that lets you build landing pages. And not just any new landing page, one that will help your online marketing campaigns with features like A/B testing, easy page building and multiple campaign management…..!! though according to me it is the best idea to grab it and work with this !

  28. If you listen to me then i will suggest that Instapage is the goto landing page building platform for your online marketing campaign. With A/B testing easy page customization, and multiple campaign management tools you’ll be up and running in no time!! it is user friendly as anyone can use this without any obstacle in learning !!

  29. Lead pages has a lot to offer in that they have extremely sophisticated and advanced analytics just not at the same calibre as that of Instapage….This is my words after working with both the features!

  30. Leadpages is an okay tool to use. I personally find it fairly easy to navigate, but the downside is that if you don’t think before you click on anything then all your work will be for nothing. It can take time just getting used to navigating the screen, much less trying to remember what buttons are where so this may not be considered user-friendly. The nice thing about Leadpages software though is that many of the templates are customizable which saves a lot of time in preparation for landing page marketing campaigns or various interactive content promoting advertising products…..All about my time with leadpages!

  31. I have used leadpages to create tons of landing pages. I love how easy it is to use and that I can work with the features for free all the way up until I hit my limit.

  32. According to my experience i will say that LeadPages is an easy to use online web page maker that helps you generate the web page or the whole www site and could also create your destination page. It would even combine you with the latest email marketing campaign so you can keep getting in contact with all of them without needing to rebuild anything…..though everyone should give it a try!

  33. I don’t know how it happened, but my lead pages were deleted and I couldn’t get them back. I was totally upset because this data has been really expensive to collect/manage ….don’t get me wrong; Leadpages is great!

  34. Leadpages allows you to create a lead capture landing page in minutes! Simply input your email list, offer and publish it. Instant results guaranteed or your money back!! It is as easy as a blink !

  35. Leadpages is everything you could ever want in a landing page. With their easy to use tools, you can create easily customized pages with just one click of the mouse. As if that weren’t enough, they also provide affordable pricing plans and lead generation potential for any budget!! i particularly get impressed with things that save my time as now a days it is the most precious thing!

  36. LeadPages is the world’s best conversion-optimized squeeze page builder. It feels like if you are painting your web page with one of the most user-friendly tools in existence–so go ahead, make it yours!!! This is all i feel after using leadpages from past 3 years !

  37. I used leadpages before and I saw the service as a way to make my landing page look more professional. But now it’s been priced too high and the tool set is not intuitive at all. If you’re looking for a well-made website, then choose something else. That’s what happened to me!!!!

  38. I’ve installed instapage nd it’s difficult to use. It costs so much money, I’m thinking I should just be glad I changed my mind about getting it…..!!!

  39. Leadpages has been a great help to my small business. From creating lead magnets to setting up landing pages, this app is so easy and straight forward. Having the ability to have all of your emails campaign under one roof was very beneficial as I could quickly change out what an email looked like which helped me save time and money….my experience was very nice with this !

  40. When i started ….i got to know that With Instapage, anyone can build a professional-looking landing page in minutes. The user interface is foolproof and easy to navigate. New features include mobile responsiveness and A/B testing on mobile devices. Plus, with Google Ads integration an individual can get an instant estimate of how much you could be spending with your campaign! I will surely recommend this to everyone!

  41. When i started with this and found a great solutions to our marketing needs with Instapage. Now we don’t need to be a web developer or designer to create stunning landing pages that will grow our audience and boost our conversion rates….Instapge made it way too easy for us to handle everything!

  42. If i have to pen down my thoughts then i will rather say that Leadpages is a lead generation website that you can use to create the whole site as well as generate leads. One of its great features is that it eases email marketing campaigns which makes things easier for us !

  43. I can’t speak for anyone else but I really love this tool…. its quick and easy to get a customized website up , It’s been crucial in my business because of how effortlessly it allows me to generate unique web pages on the fly!

  44. And I thought it would be easy, but after all that headache I was left empty handed. Leadpages made me regret ever signing up for this faulty app to begin with. To make matters worse, there’s no contact information anywhere! It’s like they don’t want their user critiques heard…

  45. I will say that Instead of spending hours of time building out your next landing page, you can create one with Instapage in only minutes. Not only is this for businesses who want an easy shortcut, but it’s also perfect if you’re new to marketing and need a polished page up fast.
    All the tasks like adding content or images are simplified due to its simple interface that makes using the tool very straightforward. What’s more is that there are tons of templates available, so creating high-converting pages has never been easier!! And this we all want , right ?

  46. Instapage makes it easy to build, publish and optimize landing pages.It allows us to Discover the magic of creating a simple page that is optimized for conversion without any much trouble like others !

  47. Let me tell you that Leadpages customers give it an average review of 2.6 stars, and its customer satisfaction score is 49%. Customers find Leadpages just too expensive for what it the choice is yours…

  48. You just can’t believe that now everything comes with a leadpages logo. They’re all over the internet, now they’re coming to your computer.The days of searching for intuitive website development tools are long gone, replaced by this monstrosity called Leadpages which sucks every last ounce out of your creativity and smashes it into bits under its clunky iron boot heel… I started hating this though!

  49. According to me Leadpage makes it easy to create a landing page in mere minutes, and looks like you spent hours on it. With this unbelievably simple interface and professional-looking templates with no HTML knowledge required, the leadpage pros offers up an effective, efficient way to get anyone’s attention..!!!! and this is what matters a lot to every single person who is a web designer !

  50. I love Leadpage. I was super intimidated and struggling with html and using my word processor to do any sort of web design, so I started looking for drag and drop site builders. What looked like a simple task turned out to be complicated with all the options found in most sites- hundreds of templates that are often too similar or busy, heavy interface that looks counterintuitive once you start playing around on the different screens, confusing video/audio editing tools that are really hard without help from someone who is already proficient at it which covers most people even if they have some experience designing for the web. As much as I hated paying more money than I wanted to, this was worth it! Seriously easy drag & drop features make this site builder fun!!!

  51. So …Leadpage is an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that will help you quickly create professional landing pages with video or audio; all without knowing HTML. With Leadpage, visitors don’t ever need to leave the site which increases conversion rates by up to 61%! You can enhance your marketing campaign significantly with this class leading software…it have a load of facilities & features which anyone want to grab and use !!

  52. Though Instapage has been around for a while and it’s easy to see why. It offers templates and designs with beautiful, striking imagery and layouts that provide crisp images and publications on tablets and mobile devices. This app is particularly great for those who do not know how to code or don’t have the time to create their own visual content….!! This saves time and hence give us appropriate results too !

  53. Instapages is just another one of the many landing page creators available on the market. Yes, they do have some fancy features but I’ve found them to all be useless in my business. Clearly this company’s only goal is to drain your money and provide you with nothing in return. I suggest choosing leadpages since it has proven results with far less risk than what you’ll find here!! Now the choice is yours!

  54. “Let me tell you about the best email service on the internet. I use it for my company, and it’s nothing but pure joy! My boss loves how swiftly replies happen after he sends an email with Leadpage Pro.”

  55. If i have to describe than i will probably say that It’s low cost, with accessible connections. The set-up was super easy and I can customize everything with no hassle….!!

  56. My personal data and work with this feature says that With more than 5 years of experience, Leadpages is one of the most respected Internet Marketing brands on the planet. their powerful analytics software is second to none and has a very high conversion rate as compared to other similar software on the market. Instapage is also very advanced but not at the same level as Leadpages which boasts over 5000 paying clients with an 90% recurring customer rate ……

  57. I sloely got to know that Leadpages offers tons of templates for your marketing needs with tons of features to help you turn visitor into subscribers or buyers. It’s powerful, but not the most user-friendly program out there. And, unfortunately they’re limited when it comes to custom fonts and setting up pages without using their template CSS….

  58. I basically owe to leadpages that has saved my life on more than one occasion. No more do I need to know how to create professional-looking landing pages without hiring someone, or seeking some formal training. LeadPage is the only “doer” that provides me with everything I need for a successful campaigns!!

  59. If you are looking for the best analytics software out there, then leadpages is what you want. It has proven to be an unbeatable product with excellent conversion rates and expertise in the area of landing page development. Get all your marketing needs taken care of with this great software that lets you see for yourself whether or not your clicks are working hard enough!
    My work with leadpages was far better than instapages!

  60. Hot mess…. I think Instapage was created by some really poor developers because it has so many bugs, glitches, and marketing-sponsored ads littering the webpage it makes for a terrible experience when trying to use the app. And don’t get me started on its security…they can barely handle basic password protection! The customer service team seems clueless too…they answer “no” every time I’ve asked them anything that wasn’t their little stock response about help or error messages. Great hardware, lousy software.”

  61. Listening to a user of both the features may help you so :
    Leadpages has a stronger track record with amazing results. Instapage is a less effective alternative to the main player in the market.
    Instapage just doesn’t cut it when compared on analytics and conversion rates. You can’t go wrong by picking Leadpages this season!
    This was just a short conclusion of my work !!

  62. Let me tell you my story After my free trial, I quickly saw why Leadpage is becoming popular with content marketers and digital agencies.and found that This program has everything you need to make engaging landing pages in a super intuitive user interface ….it catches customer super quickly nd its super easy too to handle !!

  63. If i have to write my views then i must say that Leadpages is the leading landing page software that helps marketers generate leads. Conversion rates are higher than average with this tool. No more guesswork……it’s time to make an informed decision about which platform you use for your lead generation efforts, and Leadpages comes out on top more often than any other service on the market. It also has incredible analytics features, making organization easy and information straightforward, giving you all of the data you need to succeed online with one amazing package of tools.

  64. Leadpages

    The comparison between Leadpages and Instapage is about as close to similar as can be. While they are alike in many ways, the creators of both knew what was needed in their field best . With this knowledge they created a software that would provide them with increased leads and conversions. Leadpages provides you with second-to-none analytics tools while also being very cost effective. Instalmage on the other hand has some great features it doesn’t have, but still has a lower conversion rate than that of its competitor. The choice depends entirely on what your needs might happen to be for your business’s competitive edge….sometimes its difficult to choose that which one will go best with our need!

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