OptimizePress vs Leadpages 2022: Which One Is Best? (#1 Reason)

OptimizePress vs Leadpages
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We will compare & contrast OptimizePress vs Leadpages so that you can choose the best of the lot.

Leadpages creates landing pages and popups to assist you in collecting email addresses. In other words, if you’re having trouble building an email list, Leadpages is a product you should look into. 

Leadpages creates landing pages and popups to assist you in collecting email addresses. In other words, if you’re having trouble building an email list, Leadpages is a product you should look into.



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Pricing $99/yr $25/mo
Best for

WordPress users with easy to use builder

Small Business who need a professional landing page builder tool.

  • You Own Your Pages
  • Newbie Friendly
  • 300 Pre-Formattted Templates
  • You Can Lose Your Pages On Cancellation
  • Newbie Friendly
  • 350 Pre-Formatted Templates
  • Comes with a membership plugin.
  • One of the cheapest landing page options available
  • Seamless one-click integration
  • Notification Window Boxes
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Collects Leads from Facebook
  • Outdated user interface & steeper learning curve.
  • Slow-moving plugin updates.
  • Limited trial period.
  • Outdated Customer Support
Ease of Use

Steep Learning Curve. Not recommended for beginners.

Simple Assistance and Drag and Drop Functionality with a great set of tools.

Value For Money

Most Affordable Yearly Pricing Options but tool works with only Wordpress.

Affordable Pricing plans for the small business and for the solopreneurs.

Customer Support

No Live chat but you can raise ticket and get FAQs and knowledgebase.

Customer support is limited to email in the lowest plan. Highest plans have phone support

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In this article, we have featured OptimizePress vs Leadpages, What is the number one reason that online ventures fail? You could have the best deals, perfect SEO optimization, and backlinks to every popular network to attract visitors to your website. All of the above can only get you so far.

But none of that will matter if your cyber visitors just won’t stay long enough to understand your ideas. Your website ranking will go lower as your bounce rates go through the roof. 

This is a nightmare scenario that no one wants to be in. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s probably because you have a terrible or no landing page. 

Landing pages are the glue that lets your visitor stick around to know more & possibly invest in your ideas.

They are the last piece of the puzzle to take your website from an unknown to a brand name. Here, we will look at two such tools, OptimizePress & Leadpages.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Leadpages is a reliable and popular WordPress landing page builder plugin that lets you build a stunning landing page builder without any hassles. Best page builder in my opinion. And i must say, some of the best customer service i have ever experienced.

The software is super easy to use and I love all the template options. I also really appreciate all the training and information opportunities that Leadpages offers!

On the other hand, OptimizePress gives tough competition to other WordPress landing page builders out there.

Clcik Here To Get Started With Leadpages 


OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Overview

OptimizePress and Leadpages are web tools that allow you to build enticing landing pages that will get the job done. The best thing is, that you don’t need to be a web developer to build a profitable landing page.

Save yourself the trouble of learning to code or looking for developers to brainstorm your ideal designs with.

Both OptimizePress & Leadpages will let you build a landing page in double the time at half the rate. They are a boon for non-techies trying to make it big in the digital world.  

OptimizePress Overview

Created a decade ago, OptimizePress is one of the oldest landing page builders out there. OptimizePress landing page builder is made exclusively for WordPress, which is fine since most of the websites now run on WordPress.

OptimizePress vs leadpages comparison Overview

Several integration opportunities can be used to further your reach & increase your revenue. Also, OptimizePress is one of the cheapest landing page builders available in the market today.

Leadpages Overview

Starting in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Leadpages quickly gained a reputation as one of the most effective landing page builders. Leadpages is an independent landing page creator that can build landing pages for any website.

Leadpages Overview

Their user-friendliness and huge selection of templates have made them a favorite among modern-day marketers.

They also provide a lot of unique features that set them apart from the competition.  We have featured an in-depth Leadpages review to help you get detailed insights into it.

Personal Experience On Leadpages vs OptimizePress


I have used both Leadpages and OptimizePress and I think Leadpages is the clear winner. Leadpages are much easier to use and you can create beautiful landing pages very quickly.

Their templates are also very well designed and you can easily customize them to match your brand.

OptimizePress is a more powerful tool, but it’s a bit more difficult to use. The templates are not as well designed as Leadpages and it can be difficult to make them look good.

Overall, I would recommend Leadpages for anyone who wants to create beautiful landing pages quickly and easily.

1. Leadpages is more focused on creating landing pages, whereas OptimizePress also allows you to create other types of pages, such as blogs and sales pages.
2. Leadpages is easier to use and has a more user-friendly interface than OptimizePress.
3. Leadpages has a wider range of templates to choose from, while OptimizePress has a smaller selection.
4. Leadpages are more affordable than OptimizePress.

Leadpages vs OptimizePress: Popular Landing page creator tools

I’ll compare the two tools in a few key areas so that you can decide which one is the greatest fit for your particular scenario and needs.

Platform Only Works With WordPress Independent Landing Page Creator
Newbie Friendly No YES
Mobile Optimized YES YES
Pre-Formatted Templates 30 350+
Pricing One Time Payment Pay monthly or yearly
Mailing List Integration YES YES
A/B Split Testing YES YES
SEO Friendly YES YES
Usability Steep Learning Curve Ease of Use
Flexibility For Membership Sites For Multi-Platform
Ownership You Own Your Pages You Can Lose Your Pages if You Cancel Your Subscription

What I Love About LeadPage?

  • LeadPages is user-friendly and great for people who are just starting out. Probably the one with the smallest learning curve out of the three possibilities.
  • Constantly expanding collection of sample documents… You have a wide variety of options to pick from, including pages for capturing leads, pages for making sales, and pages for registering for webinars.
  • Simple designs have been shown to convert customers well… You can also sort by conversion rate to see what other LeadPages users are doing well on their pages.
  • Compatible with the industry’s most popular autoresponders, WebinarJam Studio, and GoToWebinar
    The web pages are stored on the company’s servers, which makes it possible for them to load considerably more quickly (in general) than if you were to host them yourself.
  • Allows for easy testing using split groups (at the higher package level)
  • Integrated analytics of a reasonable quality
  • There is no limit to the number of pages that you can produce.

What I Love About OptimizePress 2.0

  • To that end, you’re free to make as many pages as you like.
  • Unlimited potential for personalization… The entire thing can be tailored to your own needs and preferences.
  • The editor is a drag-and-drop interface, so you can move and resize elements on the page as needed.
  • The option to copy the design of any website you find online, complete with free guides on how to do it (I don’t advocate plagiarism, but I do enjoy getting ideas from other websites).
  • Allows you to accept payments from your site visitors without leaving the Stripe platform (requires an SSL certificate).

What Can These Tools Do?

The primary objective of Leadpages, OptimizePress, and ClickFunnels is to provide you with the tools necessary to build sales or landing pages that have a high conversion rate so that you can advertise offerings to your audience.

You can use the appropriate form of the landing page to advertise any offer you can think of, including tangible and digital goods and services, live events such as webinars, invitations to join your email list, and more.

Leadpages, OptimizePress, and ClickFunnels all provide templates that can be fully customized by the user, which can assist you in developing the ideal landing page for your project.

You can also perform A/B testing on your landing pages to see which layouts perform the best in relation to both your target demographic and the product that you are pushing.

All three of these tools, OptimizePress, Leadpages, and ClickFunnels, integrate with payment processors and auto-responders, which enables you to create a seamless user experience beginning with a prospect’s first visit to your page and continuing through the completion of a payment or subscription goal.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a powerful tool to improve your conversion rates, whether you’re promoting your own products, acting as an affiliate, or offering some other opportunity to your audience, Leadpages, OptimizePress, and ClickFunnels have been built specifically for this purpose.

Which Landing Page Creator Should You Choose?

Both creators have advantages. For the vast majority of instances, there is no clear winner. But, if you’re still unconvinced, consider the following:

If you’re using WordPress and don’t mind spending a bit more time on your landing pages, I recommend OptimizePress. It’s less expensive, has a similar selection of paid layouts, and you’ll own your landing pages in perpetuity.

Leadpages, on the other hand, is the best option if you require a tool that works with platforms other than WordPress or simply want the quickest way to produce stunning landing pages.

You’ll pay extra, but you’ll get the finest interface possible. If you upgrade to a more expensive plan, you’ll receive integrated A/B testing, which will help you boost your conversion rates even further.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Key Features & Benefits

OptimizePress Features

OptimizePress Features

Live Editor

The live editor function will allow users to customize templates in real time. Changes made will be reflected immediately without refreshing pages.

Membership portals

They have their own membership portals. This will save you from having to spend money on third-party membership portal tools.

WordPress theme & plugin format

They are perfect for WP websites as they are built exclusively for WordPress. They also provide a free WordPress theme along with the page builder.

Shopping cart

OptimizePress has an inbuilt shopping cart to allow customers to add your products to their cart. This is a boon if you have a decent selection of products & services to offer.

Content drip feeding

A powerful method to keep your visitors engaged in your content. This is done by giving out content little by little to add value to your matter.

Launch funnels

This allows you to build an email list around any exciting new offers to increase curiosity among your visitors. This is a proven tactic to turn your views into conversions.

OptimizePress integrations

OptimizePress Integrations vs Leadpages

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • Kissmetrics
  • Visual website optimizer
  • GetResponse
  • WishlistMemeber
  • Infusionsoft

Leadpages Features

Leadpages vs Optimizepress: Features


The automatic saving feature will save all your work instantly. This will prevent the loss of any changes made if a sudden failure happens.

Ability to duplicate

Do not waste time trying to produce the same high-quality landing pages, alert bars, or pop-ups. Utilize the duplicating option to edit & customize your content anywhere.

Page organization

Landing pages can be organized according to various campaigns or different clients by creating content groups. This will prevent any mix-up and is especially useful if you are building a lot of pages. 


They provide a lot of SEO-friendly templates & metadata edit options to increase organic traffic to your website.

Create pop-ups

You can build an unlimited number of pop-ups to help increase your conversion rates.

A/B testing

Create a high conversion rate by enabling landing pages using this feature. Utilize the trial & error method for the perfect landing page by running an unlimited number of A/B split tests. 

Countdown timers

Increase the excitement in a visitor with the help of countdown timers. Provide special offers for a limited time to increase your conversion rates.

404 page

Utilize the in-built 404 error page to communicate better with your website visitors.

Leadpages integrations

Leadpages vs optimize press: Integrations

  • Hotjar
  • JavaScript analytics platform
  • LionDesk
  • Pardot
  • BrightRoll
  • Taboola
  • SendOwl
  • BombBomb
  • Drip
  • Intercom
  • LiveChat


This is a hard-fought round. But Leadpages clinches this bout by providing more enticing features than OptimizePress. 

How do Leadpages and OptimizePress compare?

After providing you with some background information on each service, I will now contrast and contrast the two in the following five areas:

Usability – How straightforward is it to design and personalize landing pages using each service?

Templates – How do the different services’ listings of available templates compare?

The degree of each system’s adaptability is referred to as its flexibility. Is there a variety of page formats that can be created with it?

Price: If you want all of these features, how much are you going to spend on them?

When you cancel your subscription to the service, do you retain ownership of the landing pages you created?
Usability – Leadpages Wins (for ease of use)

As I mentioned before, drag-and-drop editors are included in both of the services. In addition, despite the fact that both are quite simple to use, I have to give the nod to Leadpages because of how quickly you can put up a landing page using their service.

You may easily have a stunning landing page ready to go with the help of Leadpages in a matter of minutes. The intuitive design of their user interface makes it simple to make changes to the text, images, and other components.

For instance, with the help of Leadpages, I was able to easily develop the following landing pages:

Using OptimizePress and its forty-plus features to make changes to landing pages is not only simple but also time-consuming.

Conclusion: Leadpages is the best option to consider if you want to set up gorgeous landing pages in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort imaginable. You will be satisfied with any option if you are willing to put in a little bit of extra effort to create the pages.

Leadpages Has a Slight Advantage Thanks to Their Templates (for more free templates)

If you examine the landing page for each provider, it may appear as though Leadpages is head and shoulders above the competition. However, the competition is actually quite tight.

Leadpages promotes the availability of more than 350 different templates, which may be organized into categories such as sales, opt-in, webinar, upsell, thank you, launch, and pre-cart. However, only about 100 of these templates are made available to you as part of your subscription; the remaining templates normally cost between $10 and $15 each.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Security | Which Is More Secure?

There is a lot of data being transferred & stored in landing page builders. Hence, it becomes crucial to ensure data security. The valuable data provided by you is of paramount importance & any loss or theft could be disastrous for your business. The various data stored by landing page builders are:

  • Communication data – includes emails, texts, social media messages
  • Customer data – Billing address, phone number, credit card details, etc.
  • User data – This includes data from websites or other online services usage.
  • Technical data – This consists of IP address, browser details, duration of website visits, time zones, etc.
  • Marketing data – This includes all the market data about how you prefer advertisements or other marketing content. 


OptimizePress complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) policies to keep all your data confidential.

The data which are entered into OptimizePress has been stored on their servers. These are the measures taken by OptimizePress to keep your valuable data secure:

  • New cookie policy to offer complete transparency of data storage.
  • Sharing of data is allowed only between trusted third-party software. 
  • All points of connectivity in the OptimizePress network are protected by firewalls.
  • Any potential loopholes in network systems are fixed instantly.
  • Any suspected breach of personal data will be brought to your attention immediately. 


Leadpages complies with GDPR & CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) to keep all your data secure and confidential. The measures taken by Leadpages to keep your data safe & secure are listed:

  • Leadpages will never sell your data to anyone.
  • All pages in their servers are secured with SSL & HTTPS protocols. 
  • All data security features will be extended to your customers as well.
  • Cookie consent from visitors is mandatory for storing their information.
  • They minimize security risks through regular testing & thorough risk assessment. 


Not much to choose from here. Both OptimizePress & Leadpages are neck and neck when it comes to providing data security.  

Split Testing- OptimizePress vs Leadpages

You may do A/B testing for your pages using another OptimizePress Experiments plug-in. This comes with a Live-Editor tool that allows you to make adjustments in real-time as the conversions change.

You can keep track of how many people visit your page, how many variants are being tested, conversion rates, and unique visitors.

Split testing is another feature of Leadpages that allows you to determine your audience’s preferences. A split test compares variants of one component, such as a headline, to a traditional split test.

Multivariate tests, in which a lot of distinct variables are compared at the same time, are possible using Leadpages. A design, an image, or even text can be used.


You may use OptimizePress to add tracking scripts to any page. These websites might be social networking sites such as Facebook or advertising platforms such as Google Adwords.

These scripts may also be used to collect data on visits and conversions on your own websites and blog posts.

When you create a page using Leadpages, analytics are conducted automatically. Your page visits, purchases, and departures will be monitored and shown in a graphical format for your convenience.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Ease-of-use


OptimizePress is not the most user-friendly tool in the world. It offers a lot of options which can be quite confusing to beginners. But you shouldn’t have a problem with it if you are used to WordPress.

Setting up pages is easy with their drag and drop option. They also provide a free video demo to show you the basics.

Apart from that, they also contain plenty of documentation in their blog to help you get started. Listed below are some of the areas which are described in detail in the OptimizePress blog:

  • Installing the OptimizePress dashboard plugin
  • Adding header & footer to your landing pages
  • Initiating license key
  • Selecting templates
  • Optimizing dashboard plugin
  • Building your first page
  • Integrating with various tools

 And many more.


Leadpages, while providing a whole bunch of features, remains easy to use. They have a very user-friendly interface that will make creating landing pages feel so effortless.

Leadpages also provides you with detailed articles on their blog on how to get started. Apart from blog posts, they also contain detailed videos & podcasts to help you get started.

And you can always contact their support staff if you get stuck somewhere. Listed below are some of the areas which are described in detail in the Leadpages blog:

  • Template selection
  • Editing page contents
  • Adding & editing widgets
  • Setting up an opt-in form
  • Publishing the final page
  • Developing an attractive campaign


Both landing page builders are a joy to work with. But Leadpages wins this round by being less congested & simpler as compared to OptimizePress.

Which Landing Page Creator Should You Choose?

Each author is responsible for their own benefits. There is not one scene in which there is an unquestionable victor. But if you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are some of my overarching thoughts:

I believe that OptimizePress is the best option for you if you are currently using WordPress and are willing to invest a little bit more time working on your landing pages.

It is less expensive, provides a comparable selection of paid templates, and you will retain ownership of your landing pages permanently.

On the other hand, Leadpages is the best option to go with if you require a tool that is compatible with content management systems (CMS) other than WordPress, or if you just want the quickest approach to constructing attractive landing pages.

You may incur additional costs, but in exchange, you will obtain the very finest user interface. And if you upgrade to one of the more expensive plans, you’ll receive integrated A/B testing, which will really drive up the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Customer Support


OptimizePress has a quick response support team to answer any queries or solve any difficulties you may face. They also provide tons of articles about everything including how-to guides, troubleshooting & billing.

They also have email support to answer any external difficulties you may face. You can also raise a ticket to register your complaints.  


Leadpageshas a very wholesome support team to provide solutions to any problems you may face while using Leadpages. Apart from a very extensive knowledge base, they also provide email, live chat, and telephonic support. Listed below are the types of support given by Leadpages:

  • Email support 
  • Phone line support at working hours (for Advanced plan subscribers only) 
  • Ticket raising
  • Live chat support (for Pro plan and Advanced plan subscribers only)


The customer support of OptimizePress is bad at. But it lacks the personal touch Leadpages provide. So Leadpages are the victors here for providing their clients with a wider range of support.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Pricing Plans


OptimizePress used to have an enticing one-time payment plan. But they scrapped it for price-per-year plans with a three-tier pricing system. The purchasing plans vary with the number of websites and advanced features. It starts with an Essential plan at $99 annually for unlimited web pages to be used only for one website.

OptimizePress Plan

There are 20 premium integrations and over 100 templates available with the basic plan. Additional premium plugins like OptimizeUrgency & OptimizeCheckouts are available with business and suite package plans. 

  • Essential plan – Can be used on 1 personal site at an expense of $99 a year. Includes over 100 templates and 20 integrations along with all basic features to build a landing page.
  • Business plan – This package offers everything in the Essential plan for 5 personal sites at an expense of $149 annually. Additionally, they provide a premium plugin OptimizeUrgency and a course on how to sell your digital products.  
  • Suite plan – This offers everything in the Business plan for up to 20 personal websites at an expense of $199 annually. This also includes premium plugins like OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeLeads & OptimizeCheckouts.  

All plans include plugin updates & email support, and also all future product updates will be made available. They also offer you a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. 

There are commercial plans available for those who want to make a career out of building landing pages. 


Leadpages has a very similar pricing structure compared to OptimizePress. They also have a three-tier pricing system that is either billed annually or monthly according to your preference.

Leadpages Pricing

The base plan starts at $25 a month and offers a free custom web domain and hosting for 1 website. This includes a host of other features like pop-ups, third-party integrations, templates, etc. 

  • Standard plan – Can be used on 1 site at an expense of $25 a month. Includes over 100 templates and 40 integrations along with all basic features to build a landing page. They also provide free web domain & hosting if you opt to get billed annually.
  • Pro plan – This package offers everything in the Standard plan for 3 sites at an expense of $48 per month. It additionally provides A/B split testing, text message campaigns & the ability to sell products on the landing page. 
  • Advanced plan – This offers everything in the Pro plan for up to 50 websites at an expense of $199 annually. This plan also includes advanced integrations like Hubspot and Marketo. 

All plans include mobile-responsive templates, 40+ integrations, real-time analytics, and email tech support. But only the Advanced plan furnishes you with telephonic tech support. They also provide a 14-day trial that is free of cost.  


This is a no-brainer as Leadpages is way more expensive than OptimizePress. Leadpages start at $300 annually compared to $99 for OptimizePress and that is why OptimizePress wins this round.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages: Pros & Cons



  • Very affordable license plan starting at $99. One of the cheapest landing page options available
  • Vast selection of around 300+ templates. Fit for every need. 
  • Seamless one-click integration with a whole lot of software like AWeber, Drip, Emma, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, etc. Tools to extend your market reach
  • Comes with a membership plugin. Create membership sites without third-party tools.
  • The pages you create with OptimizePress will stay with you even if you cancel their subscription.  


  • Leadpages has a very user-friendly drag & drop interface. Even a newbie can create a landing page within minutes.
  • Leadpages supplies you with an option for text message opt-ins. Promote your business more with this unique feature
  • An extensive selection of templates in the template marketplace. Over 100+ unique templates are available for your needs.
  • Amazing support staff to provide answers to any queries you may have. Support includes email, live chat & phone line. 



  • Outdated user interface & steeper learning curve. The landing page builder is difficult to use compared to newer page builders.
  • Slow-moving plugin updates. The updates necessary to fix bugs in OptimizePress can come to a lot faster. 
  • Inadequate support staff. Mixed reviews on the response of the support team & they only provide email support. 
  • Presence of shortcodes. The shortcodes left behind can be difficult to clean up if you ever decide to leave OptimizePress.


  • Very expensive. The monthly charges can take quite a toll on your wallet and makes it difficult for start-ups to use it.
  • Limited trial period. The 14-day free trial is not enough to go through all the features. This could be extended.
  • Integration difficulties. The integrations could go more smoothly as a lot of customers are complaining about problematic integrations. 

LeadPages vs Optimizepress Which Is Better?

The ownership of your content is the primary distinction between Leadpages and Optimizepress.

The quantity of content that you have access to right from the start of your affiliation with the platform constitutes the second most significant difference.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of web design for the future, then OptimizePress can be the best platform for you. You will not have access to as many templates; however, you will gain knowledge and be able to preserve everything that you produce.

Leadpages is the platform for you if you want quick and dirty web pages with less labor involved if that’s what you’re going for. You start off with access to more than 350 different templates.

Even though you won’t be able to preserve the pages you create, you might not need that service anyhow if you’re only making temporary or bulk sites.

Flexibility — Leadpages for MPP, OptimizePress for MSP

This portion is difficult to judge. Both services are flexible and inflexible. The fact that Leadpages is platform-independent is great news for non-WordPress users. It works with any web system. If you don’t have a website, Leadpages can host your landing pages for you.

But if you want to design more than just landing pages, OptimizePress is for you. It features a wizard to assist you set up a complete sales funnel. While Leadpages allows you to create a sales funnel, it isn’t as simple.

Leadpages wins for multi-platform. OptimizePress excels with sales funnels and membership sites.

Which Landing Page Builder Is Best?

Both creators benefit. In most cases, there is no clear winner. If you’re still unsure, here’s my overall take:

For WordPress users ready to invest more effort in their landing pages, I recommend OptimizePress. It’s cheaper, has more paid layouts, and you own your landing pages forever.

Leadpages is the best choice if you require a solution that works with different platforms than WordPress or just want to develop attractive landing pages quickly.

You’ll spend more, but get the best interface. The most expensive options include integrated A/B testing to boost conversion rates even further.

Leadpages User Reviews

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Optimizepress User Reviews

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Quick Links

FAQs Related To OptimizePress vs Leadpages

🎉Is Leadpages easy to use?

Absolutely! Leadpages, while providing a whole bunch of features, remains easy to use. They have a very user-friendly interface that will make creating landing pages feel so effortless. Leadpages also provides you with detailed articles on their blog on how to get started. Apart from blog posts, they also contain detailed videos & podcasts to help you get started. And you can always contact their support staff if you get stuck somewhere.

🥇 Does OptimizePress have a one-time payment plan?

No. OptimizePress used to have an enticing one-time payment plan. But they scrapped it for price-per-year plans with a three-tier pricing system. The purchasing plans vary with the number of websites and advanced features. It starts with an Essential plan at $99 annually for unlimited web pages to be used only for one website.

✅Which among OptimizePress & Leadpages is more suited for businesses?

Leadpages are more suited for business uses as they provide a wider range of support & more features. Leadpages also provide more security and data privacy. However, all these make Leadpages much more expensive than OptimizePress.

OptimizePress vs Leadpages 2022: The Final Verdict

Leadpages wins the battle of landing page builders by winning most of the rounds. Leadpages might be expensive, but it provides excellent value for money.

However, OptimizePress is a great page builder to start with as it is the most affordable option available. Nonetheless, we positively recommend Leadpages as they are vastly superior to OptimizePress in almost every other facet. 

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  3. OptimizePress comes at a very affordable price and also offers with various templates. It’s a content marketing platform that makes it easy to create, manage, and publish content for your business. It’s as easy as putting your content in any editor and publishing it.

  4. Leadpages is perhaps the most well known presentation page developers for little and medium-size organizations. Calling itself “the best, reasonable path for independent companies to associate with a group of people, gather leads, and close deals,” Leadpages vows to help you assemble points of arrival, pop-ups and ready bars without any problem.

  5. Leadpages is a website dedicated to helping you build landing pages for your business. With Leadpages, all you need to do is click and drag your elements onto the page and customize them with their intuitive editor. You can also choose from hundreds of templates that are already made or upload one of your own if you prefer.

    Leadpages offers many different features including A/B testing, heatmaps, form integrations, exit-intent popups and more! I recommend this service because it’s easy to use even for beginners.

  6. I like the thing that leadpages also functions as a WordPress Plugin.
    That will enable you to configure your landing pages and popups from within the admin console. For example, you can use the plugin to specify one of your landing pages as a standard WordPress page. It will even get its own custom URL. You can also use the plugin to make a landing page on your home page. If you’d like to specify that your popup is exit intent or on a time delay, you can do that from within the WordPress back end as well.

    Altogether it will help as much as you want with anything, highly to recommend!

  7. I’ve been a Leadpages customer for years and couldn’t be happier with their product. I got the plugin in 2015, when it first came out and since then I haven’t used any other builder. One thing about Leadpages is that they never overdo anything, but instead add all the features you want in minimalist style so there’s no bloat or complication….

  8. It’s been great using Leadpages, it has helped me in a lot of ways!
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  50. I was very excited to try leadpages out and use it for my website, but little did I know what a let-down it would be. Though the features and tools seem great, and the design of their site is perfect, there’s just too many limitations. The monthly charges are astronomical – even more so if you’re starting a new company – and they introduce limits that take away from potential usages. There’s not enough time with the trial period to really utilize anything other than the free plans which include limited conversions per month. Lastly, I found several complications with integrating Leadpages into my CMS system which led me to give up on them altogether.

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