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LeadPages Integrations 2024: Connect With 200+ Apps..

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Are you looking for the top LeadPages Integrations

Before we start about integration, we have given an in-depth review of Leadpages. Rollover to Check our detailed LeadPages Review here. 

Let me begin by explaining the importance of integrations. 

What is LeadPages Integration?

When you create a chain of software linking to each other in order to fulfil your needs, the process is called integration.

There are several reasons a business would require software integrations:

  • A company would have the requirement of migrating from a legacy system to its new database.
  • Setting up an information distribution centre where information should be transferred through an ETL procedure from its creation framework to the information stockpiling framework connecting various contexts, for example, different databases and document-based frameworks
  • Merging different independent backgrounds to make it simpler to repeat procedures and increase uniform outcomes

Which Companies Provide Integration Services?

There are numerous companies that provide software integrations for your website so as to meet your requirements. Some of the major companies are:

  • Leadpages
  • Click Funnels
  • Unbounce
  • InstaPage
  • PageMutant
  • OptimizePress
  • Avionate
  • DemandBase

All about LeadPages

LeadPages include several small separate features but are in some or the other way connected. to know more about lead pages, check out our review on leadpages now.

Leadpages Overview - Leadpages Integrations

The features include:

  • Editing via Drag & Drop
  • Providing hundreds of free templates as well as paid once
  • Numerous marketing integrations
  • It hosts websites and landing pages
  • Numerous marketing integrations
  • Easily test your site and CTAs with A/B Testing
  • In-depth analysis for your website

LeadPages Integrations

There are 14 categories in which Leadpages provides integration services. Let’s go through all of them one by one.

Leadpages Integrations



Google Analytics -Leadpages Integrations



Just paste the tracking code provided to you by Google Analytics in the header of LeadPages. Get all the insights into your site traffic with a couple of clicks.

Google Tag Manager -Leadpages Integrations



You can update the tag on Google tag manager via central location quite easily via LeadPages.

Hotjar -Leadpages Integrations



Hotjar licenses you to have any information with regards to how your planned intrigue bunch is favoring your substance, by organizing the organization with LeadPages and basically sticking the Hotjar following code into the header of each page of your site.


amoCRM -Leadpages Integrations



Consequently, convey information via LeadPages submission to include or refresh your potential leads and assignments within the amoCRM account. 

InfusionSoft -Leadpages Integrations



Link your infusion soft with LeadPages and build amazing campaigns and monitor all your saved contact.

LionDesk -Leadpages Integrations



Gather contact data and send it legitimately to LionDesk with the assistance of LeadPages joining and include/update your contacts without any problem.




Create prospects taking into use Pardot and LeadPages integration to convert your leads into potential buyers. It helps you with decreasing your marketing efforts.




Consequently, send LeadPages form’s information to make or input a contact’s details in Pipedrive as a major aspect of another arrangement and individual related to it.




Salesforce is one of the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM). LeadPages provide integration with salesforce so that you can send the contact information that is gathered by salesforce.




LeadPages integration service gives you the freedom to update your ZoHo CRM list of contacts quite easily.

Digital Advertising

Bing Ads



Bing has a wide collection of users, which is estimated to be 6 million monthly. Easily generate ads via LeadPages and Bing ads integration and reach out to the target audience you want from these 6 million people monthly.




LeadPages help you maximize your reach to your target audience via Yahoo advertising by deploying ads for any page on your website. Just plug in the JavaScript snippet provided to you by Yahoo ads into the LeadPages header and start retargeting your target audience.

Facebook Ads



Make advanced points of arrival and utilize your Facebook promotions financial plan sagaciously with the assistance of LeadPages. You simply need to paste the Facebook Tracking Pixel code to the LeadPages header to start advertising.

Instagram Ads



This works the same as Facebook ads, just copy-paste the Pixel into the LeadPages header.

Google Ads



LeadPages provide you with readymade and optimized ad templates so that you can successfully skyrocket your Google Ad quality score and the sales that your website brings.

Copy-paste Taboola tracking code and start targeting your customer base with LeadPages





With SendOwl LeadPages integration, you can sell your services with a few clicks by combining your eCommerce shopping cart with LeadPages.




Add several Shopify widgets to the website and cart page by LeadPages integration.

Email Marketing




Integrate your website and ActiveCampaign taking in use LeadPages and start automatic emailing to your traffic on the site.




Integrate your website with Aweber via LeadPages and optimize your consent-based email marketing campaigns. Classify your subscribers, depending on various activities.




Be up-to-date with BombBomb and website integration and update your contact list automatically via LeadPages integration

Compaign Monitor



This software is the same as BombBomb and works efficiently with LeadPages.

Constant Contact



After generating potential leads using LeadPages, send them you new or updated newsletters with the help of Constant Contact.




Paste the HTML code of the drip email marketing of Convert kit to the LeadPages forms.




Collect the potential leads from LeadPages and link with Emma to build your potential buyer’s email list.




When you integrate LeadPages with GetResponse, you can start adding leads that are generated by your elite sales team.


Live Chat




With Drift, you can decide on a chatbot choice or a live talk alternative with your clients on any page of your site.



Integrate Intercom with LeadPages in just a few clicks and kick-off your chat customer service immediately.


Marketing Automation



E-goi helps you target yours subscribers via Email, chat, or social media. Integrate E-goi with LeadPages and start connecting with your audience.



Using one of the Leadpages tools- HubSpot, you can start effective and business optimized marketing campaigns to attract the new target audience to your business.




With LeadPages integration you can attach your CRM system or Email 

marketing program successfully and take good care of your valuable leads.




With the help of the powerful integration of Marketo and LeadPages, create optimized and well-planned marketing campaigns for the B2B sector.




LeadPages help you connect to more than 1000 apps and integrations that help you optimize your work, diagnose the problems, and automate several processes.





Embed your Gumroad transaction form with your checkout page with the help of LeadPages integration. It gives a smooth payment process procedure to your users.




Leadpages integration helps you to plug in the PayPal “buy it now” buttons on your sales pages to attract your buyers.




LeadPages has affiliated with the world’s leading payment brand and most trustworthy one. Using Stripe along with LeadPages provides you with a user-friendly checkout page.





Make your client book an appointment from any page of your website by integrating Acuity with LeadPages.




Have a new webinar or a product launch to show? No problem, just integrate Calendly with your site via LeadPages and inform your site visitor about all the events taking place through your website.




Have a hotel or a restaurant? OpenTable with LeadPages integration helps your customer book a table or know the reservation timing to your place.




Timetrade is an effective integration to use for travel booking pages to convert your highly optimized page to a booking page. This creates a positive impact on your users.

Social Media




Include like/share buttons to all your blog posts to improve your social media presence. You can also link your Fan page/Facebook page link onto your website.




Running a B2B business? Must have heard of LinkedIn. With the help of Leadpages, integrate the LinkedIn sharing button with and widen your target audience.

LinkedIn Ads



Most of the businesses and working profession people are highly active on LinkedIn. Target your selective audience with the help of LinkedIn ads. Create them with LeadPages and integrate the platform with LinkedIn ads. 

Twitter Ads



Have an interest in Twitter advertising? Use LeadPages integration and divert your traffic to optimized Twitter ads.



Integrate LeadPages with several video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and promote your products and services via Video. In today’s age, promoting content via Video is one of the most successful practices.




Want to convert your subscribers into your webinar viewers? With the LeadPages integration with GoToWebinar, let your traffic know about every webinar you plan via Email, once they subscribe to your website.

Webinar Jam



Get your leads excited about the upcoming webinar and convince them to attend it with Webinar Jam.




Trying to make a creative webinar/event on Zoom? Worried about who will attend it? Try the Zoom LeadPages integration with Zoom and convert your subscribers into webinar attendees.




With this LeadPages integration, add friendly pop-ups and sliders to your landing pages by extracting your website’s source code to LeadPages.



Add catchy CTAs to your Squarespace website using LeadPages integration and link them to your subscription forms.

Other website platforms which Leadpages integrate with are:

  • Weebly
  • Wix 
  • WordPress

Other integrations

ClickSend SMS



When a new LeadPages or a new update is made on your site, with the help of ClickSend SMS, you can send SMS to your subscribers informing about the same.

Google Maps



LeadPages integration with Google Maps allows you to add the location of your business on any page of your website.

Google Sheets



Have a narrative form and want your subscriber or new users to fill it? Link Google sheet with your website with the help of LeadPages integration and make it look catchy so that users are impressed by the form’s looks and not astonished by form’s length.




Leadpages integrations give you an exclusive feature of buying Shutterstock premium images right inside your website to easy your efforts. These high-resolution images would make your website stand out and give you an edge among your competitors.




Slack is a notification app that you can integrate into your website via LeadPages. This helps you to inform your team and keep them regularly updated about all the things related to the website.

Survey Monkey



Generate exclusive surveys and send them out with the help of LeadPages integration with Survey Monkey. It will help you gain awareness of your customer base and let you know all the necessary actions to be taken in the future.




Have a course website? Teachable provides you with the facility of enrolling a student in your course instantly and easily with the help of LeadPages integration.




Add any Trello featured item to a page or create a Thank You card for after transaction process to impact your users and buyers greatly. With Trello and LeadPages integration, this becomes easy and attractive.



Add your good reviews and rating on the site and build new invitations for people to review your product with Trustpilot’s help. With the help of LeadPages, integrate Trustpilot with your website in a few clicks.




Whenever a subscriber subscribes or fills any form on your website, wouldn’t it be great if you were notified about the same? Twilio takes care of it. Just integrate Twillo via LeadPages and start getting SMSs on your phone about all the subscribe activity going on when you are not at work.




You can embed any kind of survey or form on your site as a form, a slider or a pop-up with Typeform. LeadPages integration helps you make the process super easy.




Want some insights on your competitors? See what events are being helped on your competitor’s website or just look at the events taking place around you in the digital world with Webhooks’ help.




The software classifies the new user data and aligns it for you to make it readable. This helps a lot when a new user subscribes or fills any kind of form via the website.




The ultimate customer support provided by Zendesk is of top quality and must-have customer service if you want your customers to be happy. With LeadPages integration with Zendesk, opt-in today for an elite customer service management.

Pros of Using Leadpages Integrations

  • Improvement in the productivity of an employee

Integration software is very specific in the work they do and are made by experts to deliver top-quality performance with negligible error. Having a good computing system for activities like manual data transfer would improve the quality of work employees are exposed to and helps boost their productivity.

  • Live to track every event.

With integrations, the major advantage is that you can audit every change and update it in real-time. You can even manage all things via mobile. Just one simple registration of your mobile phone with many integration software takes a boatload of work off your head.

  • Lower IT management cost

Without integrations, there is a lot of money, energy, and time wasted for manually updating all the servers, which could be tiresome. If you have integrations installed, you need not worry about updating the software as it is taken care of by the company that provides you with the software.

  • Provides spectacular customer care

Almost all the integration software has impeccable customer services, less waiting time, and to the point solution to all your problems about the app/software. This keeps you happy and eases your work and simplifies your problems.

  • Top-notch user-friendliness

Coming to the usage of these software makes it super easy to update, make a change or delete a feature from your feature. All you need to do is just integrate the software with your website and click.

Cons of Leadpages Integrations

  • Issues pertaining to Security

Integration basically brings all the software under one umbrella and puts them is one data set. If your site is exposed to viruses, threats, or hack, the hacker could have all the data you have uploaded on the website.

  • High initial cost

Although the maintenance cost of the integrations is less, the initial plan is pretty high. 

Pricing of LeadPages

Leadpages have three different plan which can be subscribed annually as well as every month.

Leadpages Pricing

  1. The standard plan comes with a fee of $25/month and has a basic set of features
  2. The pro plan has a subscription fee of $48/month and is the recommended plan from LeadPages
  3. The advanced program has a cost of $199/month and is the ultimate pack for all the features and integration offers available in LeadPages.

FAQs Related To Leadpages Integrations

👉 Do we get access to Zapier when we subscribe to any of the plans of LeadPages?

Yes, you get access to Zapier and all 1000+ apps in it when you subscribe to LeadPages.

🥇 Do any of the plans of LeadPages have a free trial?

All the LeadPages plans have a 14-day free trial. To opt-in, just select the program you want for your business and go ahead, fill in your details as well as card details and opt-in for a free trial instantly.

🎉 Does LeadPages provide customer service?

Yes, the customer service is a feature you will get with all the plans standard, pro, and advanced.

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Conclusion: Leadpages Integrations 2024 | Choose the required one.

All in all, having an integrated system is advantageous as it has many features and tricks to grow your business in an effective way. Leadpages provides more than 100 integration platforms, which is why it is one of the top integration services worldwide.

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