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The Best LeadPages Templates In 2024 (POPULAR)

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Want to know about Leadpages Templates?

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A non-techie entrepreneur nurturing new online business? Are you confused with all the tech stuff? Then the lead page can help you. It is a web page promoting the viewer to take a particular action that you can choose.

It is a marketing tool to maximize your online presence and where you can showcase your product. The lead page takes the viewer to a landing page. The landing page or destination page is where you can present the work you are trying to sell to the buyers.

The main objective of the landing page is to convert the viewers into buyers. Make sure that the landing page has enough information on the product. But don’t overshare or clutter. Stick with the basics. If you’re looking to get an insiders’ view into LeadPages, check our Leadpages review here.

Lead pages and landing pages play a crucial role in increasing your subscribers.

Lead pages can be pop-up ads, links, or Google text ads. Having a good lead page template can increase your traffic. So invest your time to make an exciting and unique lead page template.

Leadpage Templates Overview

Leadpages is one of the foremost capable landing page makers. It is since you’ll effortlessly make a proficient-looking landing page. You’ll be able to make a landing page for anything you simply need.

It can be for you to advance an item or benefit touch you will have. It can moreover be as simple as landing page fair to capture mail addresses. 

Leadpage Tamplates Overview

What are LeadPage Formats?

Leadpages is essentially a stand-alone site that features a month-to-month expense that permits you to make a landing and sales page for your commerce.

Leadpages templates review

They have drag and drop templates, and they have standard layouts which can be encouraged to customize as per your inclination and taste.

Leadpage layout is idealizing for some person who needs simple drag and drops designs, who isn’t utilizing WordPress, or who doesn’t have an online site at all.

Boosted Conversion Rates with your Landing Page

The extreme point of your landing page is to enable change. To achieve that, your page ought to have a focused reason. You ought to not utilize your landing page as a center of all of your company’s offers.

Your landing page may get a ton of activity, but are you changing over those guests into leads? To progress and upgrade your conversion rate beyond any doubt, a few critical focuses such as your landing page need to have are:

  1. Pop up to your site
  2. Avoid diversions
  3. Third-party sign-up benefit
  4. CTA duplicate is strengthened
  5. Offer cash back guarantee
  6. A/B testing of headlines
  7. Commencement clock

Views and Appealing titles

A great landing page needs a catchy and engaging title. Getting an individual who has never gone by your location sometime recently to require the time to peruse your landing page and allow up their e-mail address is no small feat.

You’ll need to perform an A/B test on distinctive titles in order to discover the one that has the most excellent change. It would be unfortunate to send a huge sum of activity to your landing page as it was to discover out that individuals are not selecting in.

The more data you’ll give such as social media accounts, the more authentic your site will look, and the simpler it’ll be to induce transformations. What ought to we have in an engaging title? Here are a few tips : 

  1. Use numbers and realities within the title
  2. Use passionate destinations
  3. Illustrate what the peruser will get 
  4. Use Wh-family words
  5. Make a brassy promise.

Blog Template

Having a well-organized and pleasing blog template can increase blog subscriptions. So, spend some time on it. There is an above fold page (which you can see immediately after opening a page) and a below fold page (the contents are visible only after scrolling down).

Make sure that you give more attention to the above fold page, making it more attractive and pleasing. Keep these few points in mind before developing your blog template.

  1. A page without purpose is nothing
  2. More doesn’t always mean better
  3. Show them the idea
  4. Add summary boxes
  5. Keep the subheadings short and descriptive.
  6. Do not clutter the page.

Webinar Template

A great webinar template is the secret to a successful webinar. Choosing the right platform and audience is very important.

Make sure you have a rough script about what you are going to speak to the audience and let the webinar template reflect your idea. Make a webinar template with enough information to make the audience interested and curious. 


  1. Create a landing page for registration.
  2. Set up email reminders.
  3. Always stick with your audience. 
  4. Offer a unique insight on the topic. Educate and help your audience to solve their problems and queries.

Lead Capture Template

Lead capture helps you to collect the information of the viewer and allows you to contact them. These can be their email address or phone number. Lead capture helps you to know which of the viewers are interested in your product.

Then contact them with more information and offers to convert them into buyers. You can increase sales by

  1. Offering something immediately for their information like an eBook or a free webinar.
  2. Plan your landing page to impress the buyer.
  3. Follow up with the customer and let them know more about what you can offer.
  4. Keep them interested by using highlighting questions and good-quality pictures.

Newsletter Template

It is where you can showcase a large amount of information on a page. Newsletters when used accordingly can provide the buyers with knowledge about your product without bothering them.

And since only the subscribers receive the newsletters they are already interested in your product and you can provide them with more information about the product. Just remember a few points.

  1. keep in mind to use pictures to convey your idea.
  2. Add a very catchy heading.
  3. Provide boxes of information rather than long descriptions.
  4. Use easily understandable language
  5. Engaging language and queries are very much appreciated.
  6. Make it unique with your styling and presentation.

What is the Squeeze Page Template?

A squeeze page template is persuading the prospects that the esteem advertised is worth their email or contact details. Making the guest concurring to connect through push, motivate, and convince causes a high converting squeeze page.

Some of the best ways to attract leads on squeeze pages are:

  • A newsletter
  • A contest or sweepstake
  • A coupon or discount
  • A printable checklist, white paper, or report
  • A free webinar or video course
  • A podcast episode 
  • A proper template, worksheet, or online tool

Things to be taken care of

  • Use social proof
  • Keep it brief
  • Target the right audience 

Opt-in Template

The opt-in template isn’t just more effective but it’s also more ethical. This is called outbound marketing where a brand sends an email after a consumer willingly provides their email address. 

It uses permission-based email collection methods to capture email addresses from willing customers. 

It consists of two types:

  • Sign Opt-in: The single Opt-in method is simple. It allows the customer to sign up for email marketing. A respected person fills out the signup form, give submit, and information is saved in the audience of a whole.

       Behind the scenes, the signup form also saves important information like the contact of customer’s IP address and their data and the time when they would sign up. 

  • Double sign – up: Double sign up has a few more steps but still simple to sign up. It includes a configuration step where the contact receives an email and has to confirm the signup. 

The advantage of this process is that the brand knows if the email address is valid, monitored inbox. 

Product Template

This template incorporates a range of effective formats that will offer assistance to present and communicate the high-level features plan of all the products. 

There are 7 product template formats: 

  1. Product feature map: ALPHA to Minimum viable product(MVP) and MVP to phase 2; (the introduction of a new product which permits a team on the collection of maximum learning about consumer behavior with the minimum and least effort) 
  2. Rollout road map: Show the product launch plan on side 1
  3. RACI: Set out the product roles and responsibilities, simply, quickly! 
  4. Business model canvas: Characterize your business model on 1 side of the paper
  5. Learn canvas:  Characterize your startup business model on 1 side of the paper 
  6. “Five product levels” for marketing: Clarify the diverse perspectives of your product to assist marketing.
  7. Four product levels: A four-level view of your product to back marketing. 

Sales Template

The sales template is the opportunity to showcase their business skills with their unique strategy to meet a client’s needs. Developing strong proposals is not a quick or easy quick but if it’s done well, it is the key to business success. 

Key features:

  1. All proposals should be written using a business writing style
  2. Be precise and concise 
  3. Use active voice
  4. White space 
  5. Tiered information 
  6. Add thoughtful graphics and design.

This also helps to organize and streamline sales and marketing functions. This template even includes the forecasting of sales which are stated as under. 

  • 1.Define the terms
  • 2. Clarify and communicate brand sales stages
  • 3. Make sure CRM is the only source for the forecast
  • 4. Go beyond pipeline and bookings

Product Based Landing Page Development

This is used to sell products or services through following a link in an email, advertisement, or some other digital source or after being redirected from search results. 

Key to a successful landing page:

  1. The proper Form 
  2. Explain what you need it for
  3. Deliver the promised information via the product contact details 
  4. Ensure the form is placed in the most  appropriate position
  5. Form not too long, not too intimidating, not asking for too much unnecessary information
  6. Ensure the content is connected to the ad (The right content for paid advertising landing pages)
  7. Give the visitor something meaningful for their contact information, something would want and benefit from
  8. Demonstrate that you understand their problems
  9. Explain how we can solve their problem
  10. Prove it
  11. Establish your credibility
  12. Finally, reap the rewards

Thank You Template

This template’s purpose is to allow visitors a link to lead for what they selected and expressing gratitude toward them for the signup. 


  1. Deliver guaranteed content offer and set expectations 
  2. Display site navigation menu
  3. Provide extra content
  4. Move the leads further into buyers journey by supporting them
  5. Include social option

Choose a custom thank you page template user friendly across all devices. 

Also, for more being generic, connect a generic thank you to a form. 

The big deal about your thank you page is that it marks crucial moments in the customer journey.

Video Template

Videos are the things that make or break a business, especially in the twenty-first century. Video creates a brand though representing its brand personality and gaining clients’ trust.

Did I mention this is not all videos can do for you? It will also help you in another way. 

SEO! The thing most people in this business know will be defining the fate of their brand. Without proper SEO, your page won’t rank on SERPs.

And if you don’t rank you know what happens. Less traffic and fewer customers. 

So it is very important to understand the concept of video templates. It creates a page that calls out to the visitors of your page, encouraging them to collaborate with you.

As with the increased SEO benefits; with Leadpage Video Templates you are sure to gain more leads and sales.

Leadpage Pricing 

Leadpages offers the best pricing plan to grow your business as compared to other landing page creators.

Initially, they offer a 14 days risk-free trial after that their plans are divided into two categories monthly and annually as per the convenience.

Leadpages Pricing

Monthly plan:

Standard plan  – 37$/ month 

Pro plan            – 79$/month 

Advanced plan – 321$/month  

Annual plan: ( payment is done annually )

Standard plan  – 300$/year ( 25$/month)

Pro plan          – 576$/year.    (48$/month)

Advanced plan – 2388$/ year (199$/ month ) 

 If you intend to grow your business with full efficiency just go for an annual plan. 

Leadpage Templates: Pros and Cons


  1. A simple to utilize drag and drop builder to construct landing pages 
  2. You can moreover make popups and caution bars with the same tool
  3. Free facilitating. They will guarantee your location landing page rapidly and changes over better.


The as it were con of utilizing Leadpages is that the builder could be a bit inflexible. It could be a drag and drop builder that can be exceedingly customized, but it can, in some cases, be challenging to move the widgets around and put them precisely where you want. 

There are other devices like Unbouncethat assist you in constructing landing pages that see right the way you need them to. And after that, there are those like Instapagethat are even more progressed.

Leadpages Customer Reviews

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FAQs On Leadpages Templates

👉How much time can Leadpages Templates save my organization?

Leadpage can help shave off a lot of time from your development process. With pre-existing templates and a code-free environment. You can handle your landing page design in virtually no time at all compared to the weeks of hard work that is otherwise poured into making an appropriate design.

💼Will I be guaranteed to get more leads through Leadpages?

Yes, you most certainly should see an increase in emails and phone calls from prospects who are interested in your business, product, or service. It can be said beyond a doubt that will increase as Leadpage incorporates all the best SEO, and marketing tactics to ensure this.

💥Is Leadpages Templates worth the money?

Now this question doesn’t even need to be answered. The money you invest in Leadpage will be directly beneficial to you and your business or organization. It will make back the money you put in with just a couple of phone calls which could lead to one of your biggest clients!

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Conclusion: Leadpages Templates

Leadpages is one of the best landing page-building computer programs out there. It isn’t too costly, and as examined over, it includes a ton of other highlights.

If you’re genuine approximately lead and deals era and are trying to find a builder that will do the work, Leadpages is the most acceptable option.

But on the off chance that you need something that will take things to another level, there are way better instruments out there like Unbounce.

And in case you’ve got a tight budget and are not ready for a builder right presently, it’ll be way better for you to go with something like Convertkit. It is an e-mail computerization program that moreover lets you make landing pages. But they don’t have a drag and drop builder. So, your plan choices are restricted.

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Leadpages Templates


Leadpages is one of the best landing page building computer programs out there. It isn't too costly, and as examined over, it includes a ton of other highlights.

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