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Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration: Is It Still Work?

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Wanted to always build a community of your own? Just been backing out since it’s “too hard”, or you don’t know how to? Then you must take a look at Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration!

With this integration, you will definitely be able to make that happen! That too with ease!

If you have been looking forward to customizing your website in BuddyPress or willing to specify the authentication to your community members.

Curious about BuddyBoss and find more about BuddyBoss here.

Don’t worry we have a solution to your question. The latest stable version of BuddyPress serves all your needs, this version has “paid membership pro-integration” which helps the customers to control access to one’s website.

Glued to your phone or laptop yet? Itching to know more? I am certain that you are at the very least a tad bit curious! Why are you still waiting around? 

Keep reading the whole article to know the keen insights into the ” BuddyPress paid membership pro-integration”  the article says all about BuddyPress and its new version along with how to install and utilize it in a step-by-step process, the pricing details, and all that you need.


Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Fully integrated social media platform.

😩  Cons

Slightly overpriced.


BuddyBoss as a social media platform to compete with community projects with BuddyBoss platform products. BuddyBoss works on E-learning which helps in gathering accurate information and giving results that help in growing your website or business.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration: Overview

BuddyPress is one such platform that doesn’t require any kind of coding, servers, or software to create a forum on the internet.

Overview - Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

BuddyPress provides users to access it in a very easy and simple way. In this manner, BuddyPress has captured the heart of many who are looking to create a community for their website! 

Here is what you are missing out on!

One can set up their forum in BuddyPress in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Customize: users can create their choice of forum by adding colors, logos, and titles.

Step 2: Integrate: BuddyPress effortlessly integrates with your website.

Step 3: Earn: users can generate money through their forums.

In addition to all these, BuddyPress provides numerous features, such as

  1. engaging community members through discussions
  2. implanting trust and loyalty among users, customers, and community members.
  3. provides quality services.
  4. enables customer feedback
  5. to create the essence of your website.
  6. Provide better security and privacy.

But you must be wondering about all the cool things that the BuddyPress integration will give you.

Yes, I am sure you must be.  So here is a list of features that was compiled just for you!

Benefits of Paid Memberships Pro BuddyPress Integration 

Paid Membership Pro with Buddypress Integration is all the tools that are required to grow, initiate, and manage your membership on sites.

1) Restricting the content

A message always gets pinned up when the users try to get access to your protected and restricted content. You can always secure your pages, categories, or even blocks here.

Restrict Content - Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

2) Building the community

Buddypress integration continuously accepts associates to your supporters or clients that come beneath your brand.

Community - Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

The criticism is collected which makes a difference in expanding the engagement and maintenance. By building this you’ll diminish workload, trust, and inbuilt the brand value allowing your other mates to accumulate from each other.

Developing together is the total Mantra and best highlight of Buddypress Integration.

3) Learning online

Paid Membership Learning Online

With this, you’ll share, and classes can be launched easily online. In your brand, you’ll be capable of creating and disseminating courses that are boundless and online. Beneath the roof, propelling the group and sharing information and empowering the one to memorize from you.

4) Set-Up and Customization are the priority

BuddyBoss can pertain to open leveling white source course of action sketched out to get your fixtures and brand. It gets arranged with flexible parts to allow you to modify it for the necessities of your project.

5) Tools for Administration

The membership level is created, and updated manually by users. This is one of the best features as details for the subscription and expiration date are also dealt with as the site of an administrator.

Paid Membership Admin

Perform a beginning consequence of your total part database and keep up your information as a single point of truth. Enrollment data can be traded to utilize in spreadsheets, custom reports, CRM devices, intermittent mailings, and more.

6) Course building is Powerful

Drag & Drop Course Builder permits you to effortlessly make multi-layer courses.

It is additionally the as it were course builder on the showcase that lets you re-use your substance, making it simple for you to spin-up courses! You’ll be able to rename the names to anything you would like.


Hence, it is the best way to learn and build a healthy community for the streams you are about. By the integration of Buddypress, you are exposed to creating value for the members by offering them, online classes.

Hence, Buddypress may be a free plug-in that permits you to include online profiles, client bunches, private message usefulness, and much more to your WordPress location.

Paid Membership Integration

The addition of paid membership pros denies access to particular features of BuddyPress based on membership level. This also gives the benefit of personal customization, and privacy, and builds only a flexible user community.

What do you need to make this membership integration possible?  

This requires a buddy press and the paid membership pro from your installed plugins and needs to be activated.

Installation of paid membership pro:

The installation of paid membership pro is as simple as creating a website through BuddyPress.

Everything that you need to follow  is

  1. Download the latest stable version of this plugin
  2. Decompress the downloaded zip file on your PC
  3. copy these extracted files into your BuddyPress installed directory/ plugins/wp-content of the site.
  4. Click the Plugins option in your WordPress and activate it.

How to use:

Now let’s check out how to use the BuddyPress paid membership pro.

1). Page settings

PM Setting Up Pages

page settings extension provides the customers to get notification when they use unauthorized features of BuddyPress. It shows as ” access denied “.

  • Follow these instructions to create the page  “access denied”

Click on membership> page settings>generate a page

make sure to include this shortcode in the page context. [pmpro_buddypress_restricted]

  • Don’t leave without savings settings so save it.

2). Membership level settings:

Paid Membership level

  1. Click on memberships> membership levels and select the option level to edit.
  2. Find “BuddyPress restriction ” and alter the option of  ” unlock BuddyPress?” To the choice you wish.
  3. You get the option of allowing your customers to utilize the features. Either you can allow all your community members to utilize the features or you can allow certain features to specific people who attain the level of membership.

3). Managing members and groups in BuddyPress paid membership pro:

  1. Go to membership> membership levels
  2. Click the option” level to edit “
  3. Under the heading “BuddyPress group membership” choose the required group to be added.
  4. You can directly add  members with just one click on “add to these groups”
  5. You can even invite your members through the “invite to these groups “option.
  6. And then save all the settings.

4). Creating and assigning member types by membership level

  1. Go to membership>membership levels.
  2. Click level to edit
  3. In, the section ” BuddyPress members types” choose the type of membership that you wish to assign to the members.
  4. Now save all the settings.

Note: these features are created and altered only with custom code.

5). Non-member user settings:

It’s not sure that all your members approach paid membership pro. So this add-on helps  you to dismiss the members without the membership level

  1. Go to membership>PMPro BuddyPress which is available on the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click in “non-member user settings” select “unlock BuddyPress?”, and alter it according to your choice.

6). Use the BuddyPress registration process:

This add-on guild you to know about the process of registration.

  1. Go to membership>PMPro BuddyPress
  2. Alter the option from “registration page” to “use BuddyPress registration page”
  3. Again save all the settings.

7). Show the level name of the member in the BuddyPress profile

Paid Membership Level Ordering

  1. Go to memberships>PMPro BuddyPress available in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on” show membership level on BuddyPress profile?”
  3. And select “yes”
  4. Save all the settings.

Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration: Pricing

The good thing with BuddyPress is the transparent pricing structure that will allow you to pick which one you need based on your budget and the type of available features! Buddypress Integration comes with three plans:-

Pricing - Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

Here are some main features listed which you will get regardless of the plan you choose:-

1) Downloading the plug-in      

2) Payment to like 6 gateways

3) Ads up to 19 free

And yes in all these plans, some features are there which tops as the hottest features. So, just do not forget!!

1) Forum Activation

2) Membership Management System

3) Quick interface

4) Responsive

5) Wonderful responded staff

Now, let’s deep down into the plan one by one.

It has three versions of the plan.

1) Buddypress Integration Free Plan

2) Buddypress Integration Plus Plan

3) Buddypress Integration Unlimited Plan

1). Buddypress Integration Free Plan

When you choose Buddypress Integration, this is the first-ever plan to be offered.

Unique perks of the Free Plan are:-

1) It has an amazing member-like theme.

2) Providing Documentation.

3) Knowledge and forms of E-mails are things for customer support.

2). The cost of the plan is free.

So, this whole go for the Free Plan

So, let’s move forward!!

3). Buddypress Integration Plus Plan

So, here goes the second plan you can choose from.

Highlighted advantages of this plan as compared to the first one:-

1) It consists of 65 Plus Ads One.

2) 1 to 5 sites get support and updates.

3) Support tickets are unlimited.

5). The price of the plan starts at $297 per year.

As it is clear the price had doubled so as the benefits.

Now let’s go to the last plan.

6). Buddypress Integration Unlimited Plan

Very last plan to pick from Buddypress.

The upgraded feature of this plan is:-

1) Here, you get access to unlimited sites which support and update.

Advanced features to go along with this plan are:-

1) It has a license key PMPro.

2) Install and Updates are just one click away.

3) Have recipes for advanced coding.

7). $597 per year is the price of the Buddypress Integration Unlimited Plan.

Regardless of whichever plan you choose, you will always enjoy Buddypress Integration

Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration: Pros and Cons 

Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, the same as this one. Let us look at its benefits as well as its shortcomings in the section below!


  • Fully integrated social media platform.
  • Established within the e-learning community
  • Custom solutions
  • Helps with specific projects
  • Can operate on just about any type of platform with the help of WordPress
  • Everything is managed on the front end.
  • Beautiful private messaging system.
  • Modern forum design.
  • Offers a free version that helps build trust with the brand.
  • Users can easily choose from tons of integrations that are allowed.
  • The company showcases a wide array of ranges when it comes to Extension Add-Ons.
  • Offers ease and options when it comes to payment gateways—each providing unique interfaces and transaction environments.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Even though the pricing is high, the value you receive is just like buying a Facebook that you own and getting access to support.
  • It is the only platform that gives you the flexibility, control, and freedom you need to create a successful platform. 


  • Lacks email features.
  • Provides uncomfortable communication services.
  • Slightly overpriced.
  • The cost of one plan, says VIP plan which costs $8000 is very expensive as compared to the advance or the starter plan.
  • The dark version can be introduced as an additional good feature.
  • To insert content dynamically showcases loopholes.
  • Testing and Project Management can be improved.
  • Some over-promising clients are not even on the road map.
  • The BuddyBoss theme in which CSS style functionality of free platform costs extra. 


The pricing of the BuddyBoss theme will be comparatively high to WordPress themes but the value one will receive is immensely productive.

It is just like buying a Facebook platform that you own and can get access to support whenever required or needed. The support you get at BuddyBoss will be commendable.

Customer support is always around whenever you face an error or any type of issue or problem within the website. They will be available 24×7 hours with people working at different time zones through different shifts globally.

Quick Links:

FAQs On Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration

👉 Is it required to resume the license?

You do not have to be overhauled and recharge your permit. It happens consequently after 1 year. From the date of purchase of the package, your permit is substantial until one year. With a dynamic permit, you will proceed to get programmed overhauls and support.

👉 How can I cancel my subscription?

After the buy of the arrangement, you will anytime cancel your membership. The permit key will not be actuated naturally and will lapse after 1 year from the date of buy. Once the permit is terminated, you won’t be getting any back or overhauls, say any security update. Yes, but from your account region physically your permit can be re-established by enacting your subscription.

👉 Is it possible to migrate from one’s membership system?

The company allows its users to completely change their boats and export/import credible and sensitive data according to their personal needs and requirements. For further details, one can always refer to their User Manual.

Conclusion: Paid Memberships Pro Buddypress Integration 2024 

BuddyBoss is a social media platform to compete with community projects with BuddyBoss platform products.

BuddyBoss works on E-learning which helps in gathering accurate information and giving results that help in growing your website or business.

It also helps in marketing which enables us to manage products and promotions to get sales to grow our brand successfully globally. BuddyBoss uses WordPress plugins by building custom solutions to address specific project needs.

BuddyPress is a community-first plugin, that adds social-network-like features to WordPress.Some examples are friends management, connection requests, messages, etc.

The team is disturbed across ten different countries and regularly sponsors Word camp events globally. BuddyBoss is used by thousands to manage their content.  You can also sell your content at BuddyBoss which helps in growing your business.

Paid Membership Pro is a basic and easy to adapt software that focuses basically on targeting newcomers that look forward to creating a mark of their own.

With tons of integrations ready at one’s disposal and multiple extension add-ons to avail of, it is one of the best products in the market.

Although it might lag in certain aspects like lack of “attractiveness” and communicative features,  it remains the best in the game—especially if you are looking for some free advice and guidance to start with.

It is easy to use and free but the themes and plugins are not free for use we need to pay if we have to use it.

One can use a social media platform Facebook properly; they can surely use the BuddyBoss theme compared to other themes where you’ll have to design everything in the front end. 

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