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5 Best BigCommerce Alternatives 2024: Extreme Comparison

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Are you looking for the Best BigCommerce alternatives? You’ve arrived at the correct location. It’s difficult to choose the best eCommerce platform.

It’s tough to tell which solution is ideal with so many alternatives available, including both open source and hosted services. There are many options available, whether you need inventory management and SEO features or just want to add a shopping cart to your current site.

BigCommerce distinguishes out as one of the most appealing e-commerce sales solutions available. While BigCommerce is a sophisticated and popular e-commerce platform, there are a variety of reasons why you may be contemplating and assessing alternatives for building a new online shop or transferring an existing one.

If you’re in this situation, you’ll find my list of the best BigCommerce alternatives, along with a brief assessment of each, to be quite helpful.

5 Best BigCommerce Alternatives 2024

Let’s have a look at the 5 best BigCommerce alternatives so that you can judge on the basis of features and find your idol.

1. Shopify

Shopify is a solid option for BigCommerce since it is the market leader in the e-commerce platform field today. Shopify is a platform worth considering for any online business, with prices that are about in line with the industry average ($14/month to $179/month).

Shopify is undoubtedly the most well-known eCommerce platform on the planet. With Shopify, you can create a range of excellent online shop experiences fast and effortlessly, replete with customizable aspects to help your brand stand out.

Overview of Shopify - Best BigCommerce Alternatives

Shopify is also one of the most adaptable solutions on the market, with a plethora of applications and add-ons to customize the operation of your site.

It’s tough to imagine a firm that wouldn’t profit from Shopify. It’s ideal for both beginners and expanding businesses.


  • A wide choice of options is available for all types of businesses.
  • Customization possibilities are many.
  • There are several connectors and add-ons available.
  • Opportunities for multi-channel sales
  • Experience with a hosted eCommerce store


  • Ordering possibilities are limited.
  • Scaling has some restrictions.

2. Wix

Wix is one of the most user-friendly e-commerce and website-building platforms available, making it ideal for those who want a lot of features without trouble.

Wix is a hosted, rather than the open-source, solution that takes care of all the complicated aspects of maintaining a website for you while also providing you access to features like a secure shopping cart, customizable website templates, inventory management, and SEO.

Although certain customizing features are lacking, it is an excellent tool for novices. If you’re a small company owner searching for a cost-effective solution but don’t want to deal with the intricacy of Magento, Wix is a great option.

Wix Main - Best BigCommerce Alternatives

Wix provides a user-friendly website builder, a large number of plugins and applications, and a variety of payment channels to pick from. Your business may also be linked to your social network sites.

There are transaction costs to consider with Wix, but you also receive a lot of bandwidth and an SSL certificate to help sweeten the bargain.

Overall, Wix is a great option for BigCommerce that has lots of space for expansion. You may even hire AI to assist you in the creation of your website!


  • There are several drag-and-drop theme possibilities available.
  • Customers should be able to make secure payments.
  • There are several plugins available for company owners.
  • All-in-one solution for selling that is simple to use.
  • For novices, there is a free plan available.
  • There are several discount and promo code choices.


  • Some e-commerce business capabilities are missing
  • Data exporting may be difficult.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace has some of the most affordable costs in the market ($8/mo. to $24/mo. ), yet it does not skimp on functionality.

In fact, in addition to the conventional e-commerce functionality, Squarespace also offers certain specific extras for professionals like painters, musicians, and bloggers, making it a viable BigCommerce option.

Squarespace is a popular alternative for people who want to make a statement with their website. On Squarespace, you’ll find a plethora of beautiful layouts that will help you make the greatest possible impression on your audience.

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is a simple and adaptable website builder that is ideal for small businesses and freelancers. A large number of plugins are also available.

Squarespace has G-Suite connectivity and cover-page builders, in addition to all of the e-commerce shop features you’d expect from a contemporary builder.

There’s a Getty picture installation component, as well as loads of blogging tools, so you can position yourself as an industry thought leader.


  • Professional templates that are stunning.
  • There’s a lot of blogging and SEO capability here.
  • For novices, there is a good selection of price alternatives.
  • Customization options are many.
  • There are other features, such as the ability to create a cover page.


  • Scalability is limited.

4. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop may be a good option for BigCommerce since it has all of the typical e-commerce platform capabilities, rates that are comparable to the industry average ($19/mo. to $129/mo. ), plus some unique features like affiliate marketing and drop shipping support.

Shift4Shop, formerly 3DCart, is a superb BigCommerce alternative and a perfect solution for new company owners. There aren’t many expensive expenses to worry about if you have a restricted budget for putting up your online businesses, and there are no transaction fees.

Shift4Shop Overview

Shift4Shop offers a wide variety of functionality, from extensive admin capabilities to shop optimization. Shift4Shop enables businesses to accept over 300 different payment processing alternatives, as well as services such as real-time delivery.

You’ll receive SEO-friendly websites, as well as a variety of cross-channel selling alternatives. Plus, everything is quite simple to use.

Shift4Shop is also well-suited to content marketing and SEO needs if you wish to boost your position in the market with thought-leadership pieces.


  • Lots of cross-channel selling to drive revenue Excellent for content marketing and SEO
  • A wide choice of payment options is available.
  • For developing businesses, there are a plethora of customization options.
  • Pricing that is both affordable and free of transaction fees


  • For large businesses, this is not the most scalable shop.

5. Big Cartel

Big Cartel, which offers industry-standard e-commerce functionality, is even free to use if you just sell 5 things.

You’ll discover that their monthly plans ($9.99/mo. to $29.99/mo.) are somewhat less expensive than the industry average for selling a larger number of items (up to 300). Big Cartel is another well-known e-commerce platform for a wide range of enterprises.

There is a free plan available to get you started with this e-commerce software, and there are loads of wonderful features to discover. Big Cartel will handle a variety of sales procedures for you, including credit card payments, domain name hosting, and SSL certificates, similar to other market-leading products.

Big Cartel Main

Big Cartel, like Shopify and Weebly, offers a completely hosted experience, so you don’t have to create your own retail setting from start. This solution is intended to provide you with everything you need in one convenient package, allowing you to spend less time learning and more time accepting payments from your diverse client base.

Big Cartel has no transaction fees, and the back end is sleek and straightforward, allowing you to handle an infinite number of goods and keep track of your inventory.

Big Cartel doesn’t have nearly as many add-on choices for things like abandoned cart emails and SEO. It remains, nevertheless, one of the top Bigcommerce alternatives.


  • You may get started right now with a free plan.
  • Support for your own domain is fantastic for creating distinctive website designs, and the back-end infrastructure is simple to use with no transaction costs.
  • Inventory management that is simple


  • Basic coding skills are required.
  • Customer service choices are limited.

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Conclusion: Best BigCommerce Alternatives 2024

Whether you’re searching for a basic WordPress website, an open-source e-commerce platform, or something that just adds selling possibilities to your current sites, there are plenty of competitors out there.

As mentioned in the headline of this post, I’ve listed the 5 Best BigCommerce alternatives above. I hope you’ll find at least one of them to be a suitable fit for your needs.

Is there anything more you’d want to say? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please leave a remark using the form below.

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