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Duda Vs Shopify 2024: Which Is The Best Website Builder?

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Do you want to sell your products online but are having trouble deciding on the best platform to create your online store? 

Choosing which website builder will work best for you right now is difficult and time-consuming because there are so many options available on the internet.

The reason for this is that different website builders provide different functionalities. 

Today I will give you my detailed review by comparing the most promising and popular eCommerce website designing tools Duda and Shopify to see which platform is better for creating an online store.

They both have some similar tools and features, but they stand out and provide many unique features to their customers.


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Best for

Duda is an excellent website builder for artists and other small businesses looking for a quick and simple method to establish a distinctive and engaging online presence. Its simple design makes it ideal for usage by digital publications, agencies, freelancers, SaaS platforms, and hosting providers.

Shopify is one of the greatest e-commerce platforms available. Create your own scalable online shop with hundreds of features and thousands of applications. Besides using several online marketplaces and social media platforms, you may sell your things straight from your website.

  • Custom Themes
  • Responsive templates
  • Site import capability.
  • SSL Certificates
  • Modern and Stylish Templates
  • Membership Creator
  • Suitable for multilingual websites
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Creates a backup of your website
  • It provides numerous easily customizable templates
  • Create a backup of your website
  • Free Plan
  • Every Needed Tool for e-Shop
  • Sound support system for customers.
  • You can't make a newsletter using it.
  • Compared to its rivals, it comes at a high price.
  • There is a lack of flexibility in terms of scalability.
  • fails to provide a solid CMS for managing content.
Ease of Use

Duda is friendlier to first-time users and offers a higher level of intuitiveness. It has a logical user interface, which makes it easy for inexperienced web designers to understand.

Shopify is the eCommerce website builder that is the most intuitive to use. It makes all of the features easily accessible, and its integration is remarkable.

Value For Money

Duda is an option worthy of consideration since it provides users with a number of different price options in addition to a free trial.

Shopify offers a free plan in addition to three different options for establishing a company that ranges in price from somewhat lower to much more.

Customer Support

The customer service provided by Duda is exceptional, and the company offers a wide variety of lessons and video walk-throughs.

Shopify provides outstanding help in all areas, including live chat, and offers everything else that is required of an excellent platform.

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In this article, you will find:

  • What is Duda
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • What is Shopify
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Duda Vs Shopify Comparision
    • User Interface
    • Features
    • Integrations
    • Customer Support
    • Pricing
  • Quick Comparision
  • FAQs
  • Final Words on Duda vs Shopify

Quick Review:

If you are in a hurry and want to just know what is best for what, then this quick review is for you.

Duda is a professional website builder platform for Agencies, Saas platforms, and hosts. Also known to be one of the fastest website builders.

Check Out Duda Here

Shopify is an excellent platform for selling any kind of product online. It is a commercial platform that is best for any small business that sells products on a demand basis.

Check Out Shopify Here

Duda vs Shopify 2024: Overview

But before starting the comparison, let’s take a quick look at Duda and Shopify platforms.

What Is Duda?

Duda is a professional website builder platform for agencies, SaaS platforms, and hosts.

It helps businesses create responsively, SEO-friendly websites easily accessed from any device or platform.

Duda - Duda Vs Shopify

Every step of the site-building process has been optimized by Duda to offer its customers high speed and efficiency.

From building sites to managing content and tracking site performance, Duda offers powerful tools that enable users to easily create professional websites in a matter of minutes.


  • Duda website builder is straightforward to use, even for beginners.
  • It provides numerous easily customizable templates.
  • Its drag-and-drop builder does the difficult work of modifying different elements of your website very simply.
  • It provides the facility of automatic backup whenever any change is done to your website.
  • It offers an Analytics tool to monitor your website visits and other data.


  • It does not provide an option for creating a newsletter.
  • It is comparatively expensive to its other competitors.
  • If you want to have your server and have full control over it, it is not for you.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an excellent platform for bringing your business online.

With Shopify, you can create a professional-looking online store with the click of a button, quickly and easily customize it to fit your brand, and start selling products right away.

Overview of Shopify

It has many powerful tools that can be used to manage daily sales, attract more clients, and increase sales.

It also offers excellent customer service and support, as well as a collection of strong analytics tools that can help you comprehend your customers better and figure out how to best serve them.


  • It has a clean and comprehensive interface and is simple to use.
  • Sound support system for customers.
  • Robust speed and security mechanisms.
  • A lot of themes for the storefront.
  • Shopify offers its own App Store to provide features for different business needs.


  • Does not have a good Content Management System.
  • It is not easily scalable for future requirements.

Duda vs Shopify Comparison

Based on their usability, features, integrations, customer support, and pricing plans, we will now make a stark comparison between Duda and Shopify. So let’s get going.

User Interface


Duda is well-known for its user interface. It offers a drag-and-drop editor so that you can easily place various elements on your website.

It saves you a ton of time and effort by completely eliminating the need for you to use web development languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. by offering a variety of highly responsive designer templates.

Even non-tech users also can use it without any difficulty.


An essential framework for setting up your store on Shopify is already provided. 

The templates that Shopify offers are already optimized for different devices like tablets, desktops, and mobiles, so there is no need for any design expertise.

Shopify User Interface

Instead of building your online store step by step, you just have to add and set the different pieces on your website, which is a convenient thing.

Winner: It is a tie between Shopify and Duda. Both are excellent in user-friendliness.


The features of a website builder should match the needs of your website, as every website builder is not made to create a website of all categories.

Duda Features:

Duda Features

1. Design Control Features

Some of the design features offered by Duda include device-based editing, developer mode for editing HTML and CSS, shrinking headers, copying and pasting elements, content importing, text link customization, favicons, and customized 404 pages.

2. Team Collaboration tools

To successfully collaborate with your team on a given project, Duda comes bundled with amazing tools.

These tools enable you to quickly communicate your ideas and changes to your team members. These consist of comment notifications, comment logs, and team member feedback.

3. Client Management Features

White label editing for your brand’s logo, automatic messages, Content collection forms, and SSL certificates.

4. Multilingual Support

Duda supports multiple languages for increasing the reach of your website to an audience globally.

5. eCommerce and Blogging

In its paid plan, Duda also supports creating an eCommerce site with Ecwid.

Duda only allows Facebook comments on blog posts, but you can add blog elements to your website with just one click.

Shopify Features

Shopify offers the following features:-

Shopify Features

1. Themes & Templates

More than 70 professional themes created by well-known designers like Clearcraft and PixelUnion are available through Shopify.

These themes are easily customizable, and you also have the option to edit HTML and CSS. A Shopify expert can help you set up and create the look of your storefront.

2. Shopping Cart

You receive a free 256-bit SSL certificate with every Shopify store, which helps safeguard all types of information on your websites, such as credit card numbers and bank account information.

Other features under this category include abandoned checkout recovery, nearly 100 payment gateways, and flexible shipping rates.

3. Store Management

Shopify offers a variety of store management tools to help you quickly run your online business, including Customer Groups to organize your customers, Dropshipping, Refunds, and Managing on the go, which lets you manage your business from your phone.

It also offers personalized email templates.

4. Marketing and SEO

Sites on Shopify have been optimized for search engines. For your products and websites, a sitemap.xml is automatically created. Discounts, sales on Facebook, and gift cards are some of Shopify’s features in this category.

5. Inventory Management

The option to use Shopify for inventory management is available. When a product runs out of stock, it automatically prevents you from selling it. It keeps track of your stock counts.


In this case, both Shopify and Duda are winners in their aspects; Duda has excellent features for building any type of website;

However, if we talk about eCommerce-related websites, no one can beat Shopify.


To increase the visibility and conversion of your website, every website builder must offer integration with multiple features and tools on the market.

Duda Integrations

Duda promises integrations with multiple business and site management tools, including voice, AudioEye, Agendize, Paypal, and Google Calendar. 

It also offers integration with Uberall, Yext, and Mailchimp for lead generation.

Duda Integrations

You can also integrate social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Reddit, and others.

Shopify Integrations

Shopify also offers a variety of third-party integrations, which you can find in the Shopify app store.

Shopify Integrations

For example,

the Hubspot plugin can help you drive more traffic to your store, while the Shoelace integration enables you to create customized ads for specific clients to keep them interested in your website. 

Klaviyo is a marketing tool that you can integrate to increase your sales. Additionally, it allows for the integration of various social media channels.

Winner: Shopify is the winner here.

Customer Support

Having a sound support system is essential.

If you get stuck at any step during your project’s development, then your website builder should be such that it provides channels for immediate help.

Duda Customer Support

Duda offers a variety of ways to connect with and assist its users.

Duda Customer Support

It offers the option to submit a request if you need some one-on-one assistance with your issue and has a comprehensive knowledge base that can be used to understand how everything works and what each feature does in detail.

Support is also offered via phone and live chat during set hours.

Shopify Customer Support

Shopify strives to deliver phone support around the clock. Additionally, email and social media are two ways you can get in touch with it.

Shopify Customer Support

If you need prompt responses, they also offer live chat support around the clock. They also have a help center with a variety of hints and information to help you along the way.

Winner: Both provide massive support to their customers, but due to the availability of contacting Shopify anytime, it is one step ahead of Duda.

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One of the first considerations when choosing a website builder plan is the price and available features in the plan

 It should be set so that it fits within your budget while still offering all the features you need.

Duda Pricing Plans

Currently, Duda offers four pricing plans and an additional plan for completely customizing your purchase. The four plans are:

Duda Pricing

1. Basic Plan

You have entry-level options with the basic plan. It gives you access to the website’s multilingual features and content library. The monthly payment is $19.00. You’ll receive

  • Single Website
  • Websites hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Email support provided

2. Team Plan

Our second option is The Team Plan which comes at $29.00 per month and includes:

3. Agency Plan

Duda’s third plan is Agency Plan costs $59.00 per month for agency owners. In this plan, you will get

  • four websites and AWS hosting 
  • Priority Support via chat, phone, and E-mail
  • Brand on each part of the platform
  • Access to client & team management features
  • Dynamic pages will be connected to the customer data
  • Widget Builder

 4. Custom Plan

The price of the Custom plan is negotiable. You can create and modify this plan as per your requirements. In this plan, you can get the following:

  • Discount pricing on a tiered basis
  • Duda’s robust Application Programming Interface access provided
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • The integration provided with the external datasets
  • Onboarding and account management
  • Includes limitless access to client & team management features
  • Complimentary premium managed service.

A 14-day free trial of Duda is available. You can upgrade to a paid plan after the trial is over and keep using Duda.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Along with offering a free trial for a certain period, it provides the following plans:

Shopify Pricing Plans

1. Basic Shopify: 

It is $29 per month. This plan includes every major element you’ll need to launch your new online business. It also offers two employee accounts.

2. Shopify:

This $79 per month, the plan involves every feature a developing company will need to reach more customers and achieve high conversion rates.

These $79 monthly plans include all the features a budding business will require to expand its customer base and increase conversion rates. 

This plan allows you to increase the number of employee accounts to 5.

3. Advanced Shopify:

This plan costs $299 per month. All of Shopify’s cutting-edge features and tools are accessible in this plan. 

Businesses that are already established and aiming to grow should use this plan to scale long run.

Winner: Duda is the winner here as it provides more affordable pricing options.

FAQs About Duda vs Shopify

Does Shopify support multiple languages?

Yes, Shopify offers to make the websites appear in the native languages of your customers.

Is Shopify suitable for beginners?

Definitely, Shopify is easy to learn and provides a lot of help and support in starting with it.

Can I migrate my existing site to Duda?

You can recreate your website using Duda but can't migrate.

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Final Words: Duda vs Shopify 2024

The conclusion we can draw from this Duda vs Shopify comparison is that both platforms are excellent in their own right.

The Duda website builder is intended for people who want to create a custom website for business purposes, launch an online venture, or work with agencies that provide website design services. 

By contrast, Shopify’s main goal is to create an online store to increase sales.

Because of this, the features it offers are primarily business-oriented. As a result, Shopify and Duda are both among the top website builders.

Shopify is best for eCommerce websites, and Duda is best for designing personal, professional, and small-medium business websites and there is no debate about it.

Therefore, you can choose Duda if you want to design a website for any purpose other than creating an online store. 

On the other hand, Shopify is unquestionably the best option if you want to launch, grow, and scale your online store. 

If you find this review to be useful, please like and share it. And feel free to share your opinions below.

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