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Best LinkedIn Learning Paths 2024

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LinkedIn Learning is a famous eLearning platform that helps students enhance their professional abilities and employment chances.

LinkedIn Courses span almost every topic imaginable and include both individual classes and customized learning routes. We’ll go through the 4 best LinkedIn learning paths for developing your business, development, IT, and leadership abilities.

LinkedIn Learning has over 15,000 courses, all of which are taught by experts in respective industries. More LinkedIn courses are being uploaded all the time, and since Lynda Learning was acquired, those courses have been transferred to LinkedIn Learning as well.

The platform focuses on linking potential employers with newly qualified learners, and it provides students with a wide range of social interaction options. Following the successful completion of each lesson, a certificate is provided.

Best LinkedIn Learning Paths

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Best LinkedIn Learning Paths 2024

1. Become a Project Manager

Project management (see course) is a challenging profession that necessitates practitioners to be multi-skilled in a variety of disciplines. Project managers must be outstanding leaders, communicators, and planners, as well as problem solvers.

become a project manager

To complete a project on schedule, on budget, and within scope, you’ll need a lot of flexibility, the capacity to adjust to unforeseen circumstances, and the ability to deal with conflict. All of these concerns are addressed in LinkedIn’s Become a Project Manager course.

Experts in the area chose 18 LinkedIn courses (items) to completely discuss answers to all of these issues. Sessions might last anything from 30 minutes to an hour. Each module or item has a clear aim, and you’ll be able to put your new skills to the test by completing the tasks.

After completing all of the training sessions, a Certificate of Completion is provided.

2. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Anyone who wishes to make a successful career in this industry needs to obtain official certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Sandy Mitchell, a multi-award-winning project manager, will ensure that you are adequately prepared for the infamously difficult exam.

Over the course of six hours, all of the important challenges mentioned in the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide are reviewed step-by-step.

Even topics not addressed in the handbook but which may appear on the exam are covered. Because the training sessions (15 of them) are brief, any of the LinkedIn courses can easily fit into a hectic schedule.

Extensive study materials, exercises, and practice exams will prepare you to take the official exam with confidence. In the process, you’ll also meet the 35-hour education requirement for taking the exam.

This LinkedIn course can be used by certified project managers to meet the requirements for keeping their certification.

3. Become a Leader

Modern companies have shifted away from a hierarchical management structure and toward goal-oriented teams. Teams have their own dynamics, and outstanding leadership is required if the team is to function effectively and efficiently.

Become a Leader

Become a Leader (see course) will prepare you to take on leadership roles with confidence and to develop and implement your strategic vision.

Over the course of nine instructional hours, a group of professionals offers the 10 learning content pieces. Sessions last about one to one and a half hours on average.

Because many managers struggle to shift from being managers to being leaders, the training begins with this topic. Each session builds on the preceding one’s principles, ending in a session on how to lead with intention.

This LinkedIn course isn’t just for current managers. Anyone who wants to grow as a leader can benefit from this book.

4. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Project managers and team leaders must be able to rapidly and effectively solve challenges. Some projects are complex, requiring the consideration of numerous aspects. Problems and snags are unavoidable because it’s impossible to plan for every possible scenario.

Six LinkedIn courses totaling nearly four hours of teaching make up ‘Improve Your Problem Solving Skills.’ The sessions take anything from 30 minutes to an hour.

The course takes an interesting approach to the subject, demonstrating that problem-solving may be approached from a variety of perspectives and that many aspects must be considered. Four professionals discuss critical thinking, strategic planning, and decision-making processes, among other issues.

Problem-solving is not simply the job of the project manager or team leader; all members of the team should contribute to the solution process. As a result, this training will help anyone.

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