Elementor Pro Pricing 2023: Does Elementor Give Lifetime Subscription?

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You wake in the morning, turn on your PC and start working on your web page. You need a tool to help you with all the Website work, and you stumble across Elementor.

Well, guess who is bringing you about the new Elementor Pro Pricing to make all that research a little joyful? 

1 Website

Get Elementor Pro For 1 Website @ Just $49

3 Websites

Get Elementor Pro For 3 Websites @ Just $99

25 Sites

Get Elementor Pro For 25 Websites @ Just $199

100 Sites

Get Elementor Pro For 100 Websites @ Just $499

1000 Sites

Get Elementor Pro For 1000 Websites @ Just $999

FAQs on Elementor Pro Pricing  

Is Elementor Pro worth getting?

Elementor Pro is absolutely worth the money. If you are just starting with website builders and haven't tried Elementor yet, start with the free version. Once you get a feel of Elementor, you will know better if there is a need for you to upgrade or not.

Is Elementor Pro lifetime?

Elementor does not offer any lifetime subscription yet. In future, there might be some chance to do but they have constantly denied due to their revenue model.

How much is Elementor pro renewal?

The renew price is same as that of Yearly pricing of Elementor Pro.

Do I have to pay for Elementor every year?

Yes. Your licence will automatically renew each year. This ensures you'll keep getting premium support, Pro templates, and updates.

Do I need Elementor Pro with Astra Pro?

There is no need to use both of them. If you like building things from scratch, then use Elementor Pro.

What is difference between Elementor and Elementor pro?

With the standard version of Elementor, you can edit the content part only. But with the pro version, you can edit everything on your site including headers, sidebars, footers and custom pages.

What happens if you stop paying Elementor pro?

The code for Elementor's free version is continually updated in order to introduce new features, correct problems, and address security concerns. If you cancel your Elementor Pro auto-renewal, you will no longer have access to our support team, updates, and premium templates that require renewal.

What if Elementor pro expires?

If Elementor Pro expires, you will lose access to privileges and premium support.

When it comes to other WordPress plugins, how well does Elementor corporate?

Elementor is compatible with *almost* every plugin, notably major ones like WooCommerce and WPML.

Is a demo version offered by Elementor?

Nope, Elementor do not offer a demo version. Although something that Elementor does offer is a money-back policy. You can decide to get a refund if you aren’t too happy with the tool within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Do I need to know HTML/CSS to use Elementor?

No, you don’t. that is the best part of Elementor.

What is the cost of Elementor Pro? Does Elementor Pro offer any discount? If you have these questions, you are in the right place. In this article, we have discussed in detail the Elementor Pro Pricing. Let’s find out more.

There is a lot to learn about Elementor, and you can do so by reading our comprehensive Elementor Review.

Yes, it is!

So, as I mentioned earlier, that is what happened to me; I started a web page and am managing it; it has been wonderful thus far, and I assure you that it was only possible with the assistance of Elementor.

You know when you’re working on your website and suddenly notice how normal and average it looks? That won’t be an issue with Elementor around! – Pricing for Elementor Pro


Elementor Pro is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to develop a website more quickly and effectively than ever before. You can do everything visually without coding with Elementor Pro Builder. The Element Builder Theme Builder completely visualizes creating a WordPress site, including the design of the site’s header, footer, and pages.

Elementor Pro is a WordPress website builder that allows you to create a website in minutes. It is a one-time payment that you will never repeat.

Try Elementor for Free Now

How much is Elementor Pro Pricing?

Elementor has a free version that you can use. WordPress.org has a free Elementor page builder plugin available for download.

Well, there is a pro version with three plans because we don’t want you to be confused, do we?

So, there is another version in which you can choose to pay for everything, and then there is a free version with a limited number of features.

Let’s discuss the things the free version offers, shall we?

  • The free version allows for unlimited use on multiple sites
  • Includes a convenient drag-and-drop option for editors
  • The editing is responsive and user-friendly
  • Offers a variety of basic widgets and templates (over 40 and 30, respectively)

elementor pro pricing plans

Here are the new pricing plans for Elementor Pro: 

Essential Plan: 

  • The annual cost of $59
  • Valid for a single website
  • Access to 100+ widgets
  • Access to 300+ templates
  • Includes 10+ template kits for use throughout your website
  • Includes a theme built specifically for your website
  • Includes a builder for customizing WooCommerce pages
  • Includes a builder for creating pop-ups
  • 24/7 support and updates are available throughout the year.

Advanced Plan: 

  • This plan will cost you about $199 per year
  • You can use the plan for only 25 websites
  • The number of widgets can go up to 90+. 
  • The number of templates can go up to 300+. 
  • You also get around 10+ template kits to use for your entire web page. 
  • A builder that builds themes just for you! 
  • Also a builder for your WooCommerce. 
  • Another builder for all those popups you possess. 
  • Elementor’s expert’s network profile.

Agency Plan: 

  • The plan costs $999 per year.
  • You can use it for up to 1000 websites.
  • Offers access to 100+ widgets and 300+ templates.
  • Includes 10+ template kits for building your web pages.
  • Includes a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder.
  • Also includes a popup builder.
  • Includes 24/7 premium support and updates throughout the year.
  • Access to Elementor’s expert’s network profile
  • $999 per year.
  • You can use it for up to 1000 websites.
  • Offers access to 100+ widgets and 300+ templates.
  • Includes 10+ template kits for building your web pages.
  • Includes a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder.
  • Also includes a popup builder.
  • Includes 24/7 premium support and updates throughout the year.
  • Access to Elementor’s expert’s network profile. 

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder tool and plugin. Elementor’s unique feature is that it is a drag-and-drop plugin builder.

Still need help understanding? Let’s say you own a website and want to make it as distinct as possible. You can now do this with one-of-a-kind content, odd-looking pages, or both!

Elementor Pro Pricing - Elementor-Overview


Yes! On the other hand, you need to learn how to manage any site-building work. This is where Elementor comes in to help!

This tool enables you to be creative with the skills you already have to create some incredibly beautiful pages for your websites!

Also, this is the best option if you are in a position where you have a small budget and hiring someone to help you out is not possible.

Oh, and if you’re using a different WordPress theme, that’s no problem. Yes, Elementor allows you to keep your current design while reaping the benefits of Elementor’s features!

Features Of Elementor Pro 

The Digital System

  • Customize fonts and global colors easily, applied to any part of the website from a single location
  • Manage the whole system from a single place


  • Use shortcuts to streamline simple tasks and save time

Drag and Drop

  • Easily move elements around with the drag-and-drop feature


  • Save and use templates from the library for added convenience


  • Continue working on a page while keeping it published

Elementor Features

Inline Editing

  • Edit content directly on the screen for easy content creation


  • Divide content using the shapes available for a visually striking design


  • Use SVG icons for lightweight and flexible design options, customizable in size.

Device Size

  • Create margin and padding size for all the devices you would like to work on


  • Preview the font you set to see if it goes with your content and is the right one.

Elemento Pro Pros and cons

Here’s a pros and cons list, to help you with an ultimate decision:


  • Customizable Page Builder – Use the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder to customize every aspect of your page
  • Seamless Integration – Integrates seamlessly with popular marketing platforms such as WooCommerce for added benefits.
  • Professional Themes and Widgets – Offers up-to-date and aesthetic themes and widgets to give your page a professional look
  • Additional Functionality – Access to a variety of plugins to add additional functionality to your WordPress site through Elementor
  • Excellent Support – Offers excellent customer support and documentation and the ability to connect with web designers for assistance with any obstacles.


  • The Elementor platform offers many features, which can be overwhelming for beginners and take some time to explore and get used to.
  • While the themes are updated frequently, some competitors offer more professional-looking themes.
  • There is no lifetime payment pricing option, and customers may lose benefits if they unsubscribe.
  • Some customers complain about the high annual maintenance costs, even if they do not make any changes to their website.

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Conclusion: Elementor Pro Pricing & Plans 2023

Isn’t this the end of the discussion? So, no worries. Let me end this article by expressing how happy I am with Elementor and how excited I am about the new plans I discovered that have some amazing features at a reasonable price!

While Elementor is not cheap, it is one of the best options available, and I can assure you that the money is well spent!

Even if you are a beginner or someone who isn’t a beginner but has yet to learn how to make your page look appealing, Elementor is your saviour!

Of course, Elementor is one of many you must use. But believe me, I am the pickiest person out there, and I have tried other platforms, but only Elementor has been worth sticking with.

So, for those who want to believe me, this tool is simple and makes everything else easier to work with.

As for those who do not want to believe me, I would say the same, only with an addition, “do not take my word for it. Try it yourself!”.

While Elementor can cost you a few bucks, it is one of the best choices one is limited to, and let me assure you, the money is all worth it! Even if you are a beginner or someone who isn’t a beginner at managing websites but has no clue on how to make your page look attractive, Elementor is your savior! 

Price:$ 49

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