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Can I Put Udemy Courses on Resume & How To Put It?

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I see that you have finished the Udemy Course! Now if your next step is to look out for a job, a question might be perplexing you, something along the lines of ‘Can I Put Udemy Courses on my Resume?’.

Relax, you’re in the right place, for by the end of this article, I aim to put your mind at ease by answering your doubts!

Now, you may think that there’s no use of spending your invaluable time on an ordinary online course.

What if you can’t put it on your resume?

Couldn’t you just do an internship instead?

Well, you can, but do you know how hard it is to get an internship that will surpass your expectations? I know and trust me, it isn’t as easy as it seems! 

Carry on reading, and you shall find the answer to the titular question of this article! 

About Udemy 

Have you ever wanted to learn a skill, but just couldn’t find the right tutor?

Or do you find the comfort of your home, too hard to give up?

Udemy courses are there for you, whenever you want, wherever you want. Yes, even if you want to learn from your bed, Udemy doesn’t judge! 

Udemy Course Features


Are you still debating whether or not a Udemy course is worth your time and money? With Udemy you get access to world-class teachers, who help you hone your skills into something beautiful!

The course structures are set by experts and even taught by them.

In this not-so-typical virtual classroom, you get access to a supportive community of professionals, who are ready to turn their student, that is you, into a master yourself! 

It’s a dream come true, with top-notch professionals, molding you from apprentices to experts!

You can learn at your pace, and get access to pre-made pdfs and course videos, at a super affordable cost.

Want to learn pottery?

You got it! Want to learn photography? You got it! From archaeology to astronomy, Udemy has got your back.

How to take Udemy Courses?

It is super easy to take Udemy courses online! All you have to do is sign-up on Udemy, choose a course of your preference, complete your payment, if it is a paid course, and you’re all set to increase your treasure trove of knowledge! 

Udemy courses on resume

The courses can be viewed through any browser on a computer or mobile device.

You can even cast it onto a bigger TV screen, and enjoy a DIY course with your entire family!

You just need a stable internet connection, a good browser, and some handy stationery by your side, to jot down the important points. You can start a course right now! 

Can I put Udemy Courses on Resume?

That is a choice that I will leave up to you. While Udemy offers a plethora of courses on diverse subjects, the certificates that you get towards the end of the course are not accredited.

This may pose to be a problem for some hiring managers, who fill in vacancies based purely on credentials. But of late, there has been quite a big shift towards the necessity of soft skills while hiring potential candidates, and Udemy is a platform that encourages that shift.

Soft skills cannot be taught at any University, and can only be developed upon. A lot of skills, imbibe these soft skills in you and make you a more confident person.

Meeting deadlines can be learned from handling many painting commissions at once and teamwork can be learned through collaborative assignments on Udemy.  

Still don’t believe my opinion that you CAN put Udemy courses on your resume?

Well, then carry on reading, for I am about to reveal the amazing benefits that Udemy courses can have on your resume! 

3 Reasons To Put Udemy On Resume?


Here are the top three reasons why I recommend putting Udemy Course Certificates on your resume, from my personal experience:

  • Better Interview

A good company, get thousands of resumes from hopeful applicants, every single day. Most of these automatically end up in the trash, and it’s just once in a blue moon that any resume catches the hiring manager’s eye. 

So your resume should stand out from the others, and show the diverse hobbies that you have. A candidate that’s always willing to learn and hone their interpersonal skills, is a great asset to any company.

You can work your way through the interviews of top companies, and secure a great job, with an excellent salary! 

  • Skill Set Variety

Sometimes, a degree just isn’t enough to set you apart from the crowd of mass-manufactured graduates. So, what can you do?

Become the master of multiple trades!

You may just take up a Udemy course to further a hobby, but you could also use it to build your skills towards a career you always wanted! 

This way, even negotiate a better salary, as you are adding some additional value to a company’s team. You never know what may come in handy at any given point in time! Soft skills are an essential asset to any company, and you will be in demand.

  • Good Reflection of Personal Drive and Soft Skills

With an increasing number of employers stressing soft skills and extracurricular skills, it is becoming a necessity to have a good reflection of these skills on your resume, as they are pretty hard to gauge. 

Putting up your Udemy course certificates reflects that you are eager to learn and are driven by your passion.

It shows that you are a hardworking individual, who is ready to use all the tools at hand, improve your skillset, and make better use of your time. Eager to learn, eager to work! 

Best Udemy Courses that will add weightage to my resume

Here is an overview of some popular Udemy courses, that will fine-tune your resume, and help set it apart in the stack of resumes piled up, on a hiring managers desk:

Excel- From Beginner to Advanced

Excel is a tool that is popular across most offices, and at some point or the other, you may have to use it for a project. It helps track your schedules and meetings, expense reports, and even project estimations.

Yes, you may know the basics of MS Excel, but this course takes you to the top, till you are an expert. 

Udemy Excel courses

Adding this to your resume will reflect that you are adept at learning the latest software, and are ready to master your skills. It’s quite a detailed course and is super easy to follow and get a grasp on.

You are taken from the basics to the pro level, at a gradual pace, and nothing feels rushed. It will make a great addition to your skillset! 

Pricing: Rs 8,640

Complete Digital Marketing

This course helps you get the workaround of the world of digital marketing, including but not limited to social media marketing, SEO strategies, and email marketing.

It adds value to companies that are selling products or services online and also makes for a great resume addition if you are applying to a small business or start-up.

The complete digital marketing course 12 in 1

Online Marketing is a great skill that can be useful at any given time.

If the company where you apply is not doing so great on the digital front, you can take up the initiative and up their digital marketing strategies.

This demonstrates your capabilities on the leadership front, and secures a higher ranking position for you, in the company’s future.

Pricing: Rs 8,640

Ultimate Drawing Course

If you’re looking out for a design-oriented job, sketching is a skill that employers keep a keen lookout for. Even if you don’t know how to hold a pencil, this course guides you in the drawing process, from beginning to end, until you become a master of the art.

Ultimate Drawing Course- udemy courses on resume

This course aptly titled Ultimate Drawing is a superb addition to a designer’s resume and can help rope in top clientele, as sketching skills help you convey exactly what is on your mind. Not to mention, your top-notch skills availed from this course will leave everyone in awe! 

Pricing: Rs 8,640

Unique and Epic Videos to Post on the Net

If you are someone who is in love with directing videos and are looking forward to using those skills in your career, this course is perfect for you! But if you have a little problem if your videos are good or bad, no probs! 

That is because when you purchase this course, you also purchase the reasons behind a good and a bad video, which in turn helps you identify them later on.

You will also receive some tips that you can use to improve your video making! And since the course only lasts for 2.5 hours, you can use it and be ready! 

Pricing: Rs 3,200 

Time Management and Productivity 

You know that when it comes to life, time is something incredibly important. So is, manage it. And using it for productivity is always a bonus point. 

This is why this course is wonderful for not only those who have a hard time staying punctual but also for someone who can manage his time. 

Time Management and Productivity 

Why? Because this course gives you reasons behind how your productivity can be 8 times more than how much ever it was. Plus, you can produce the perfect plan based on your style and personality.

You will also learn about taking control of skill sets, your energy levels, and mindset to increase the levels of productivity you produce. Although, the course lasts for 2 hours maximum. 

Pricing: Rs 700

Marketing on Social Media 

For a world where almost anything is possible on Social Media, it is beneficial to use it as a marketing platform! And this course brings you just that! Use different types of tactics for advertising and marketing using the course! 

Udemy social media marketing- udemy course on resume

It helps you understand the working of ads and helps you produce ads on various social media platforms like YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. the course lasts for 8 hours in total and since you get lifetime access to it, use it whenever you want to! 

Pricing: Rs 700

The AI 

When you look around you, you would notice the rapid growth of AI. But are you someone who is fascinated with the working of AI? Oh, well, thank me later because you are going to fall in love with this course! 

The AI  courses- udemy courses for resume

It will teach you the process of building an AI, the Q learning, the deep Q learning, the conventional Q learning, A3C, and creating a self-driving car virtually! The course lasts for 16.5 hours. 

Pricing: Rs 700 

Udemy Courses Features

I hope you got an idea about Udemy and their courses. Before jumping into the individual courses let’s first know some of their common features and characteristics.

Udemy featured courses on resume

  • Recently, Udemy is providing 15 various courses lining up from technical and software development to music’s, and each main categories has 15 subcategories, for instance, different courses are available for beginners, suppose a student select a course of the piano so there is a minimum of 30 individual courses are available and among them, the student can choose any of the courses he/she is interested in. 
  • You can select your desired course without knowing any basic knowledge. The course is itself starting from basic knowledge.
  • Courses can be handled from any convenient device either it is mobile phone, tablets, or desktop. 
  • Approximately 10% of courses are offered free to you, after the completion of 10% rest will cost below $200 and some rare courses are available at $1000 which is exceptional and exclusive.
  • Immediate access to the courses are available after you have paid your tuition fees, all the fees are available in the form of documents, pdfs which are electronically pre-saved so you can download it easily without any disturbance.
  • If you wish to repeat any previous course for your benefits or doubts, you can easily have lifetime access to the enrolled courses without paying any extra charges. These features I found very useful because it is beneficial for the students not to miss any series of courses because of their packed schedule, and they can easily switch to the series whenever they have free time and without any interruption. 
  • The self-paced feature makes you learn your enrolled course several times. The courses are taught in a video of 5 to 15 minutes. Whenever you can you can pause, or replay the video as many times you want. Also, quizzes are held after the interval of every series of courses to test your learning’s and through this, every tutor’s quality of teaching can be recognized.  

Pros and Cons


  • You get to choose from multiple courses on the same topic. Not only do you get to choose from a wide range of options but you also get to read the course description which makes your choice easier. So you can make a wide choice for yourself.
  • It is highly affordable compared to the offline courses which cost you a fortune.
  • The quality of the courses is highly competent to all the other learning platforms and offline institutes.
  • Unconventional topic to learn which you won’t find otherwise in any institution. 
  • You can access the best teachers from the comfort of your home. 
  • Cuts down all the geographical boundaries and helps you connect with teachers and coaches globally. The same is applicable for the teachers, whose knowledge is no more constraint to a class but all the students around the globe. 
  • You also get a 30 days refund policy if you feel that the Udemy platform has disappointed you and didn’t meet your expectations.
  • You also have the facility of free courses. Don’t worry! Even the free courses are super enriching and insightful.
  • You have lifetime access to all the courses you have paid for life.
  • You can access two or more than two courses at the same time, with no extra charges.
  • They provide you with a certificate after the completion of the courses. The certificates validate your hard work and success in completing the courses. 


  • The Udemy Certificates are not accredited. You might face an issue if you are planning to attract your certificate to your resumes. Some companies do not consider the Udemy certificates to be valid proofs for your skillset.
  • You can not determine the quality of the course. Since Udemy is open to all teaching platforms where anyone can come and share their knowledge it becomes difficult for the users to differentiate the quality content from the low-key one. The courses by inexperienced creators are usually poor in quality.
  • If you are selling your course on Udemy you do not get 100% of the all the revenue generated, Udemy deducts a fair share of the amount before it reaches you.

Quick Links:


⚡Can I access the Udemy courses on my phone?

You can access Udemy from any device of your choice. It can be a television, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For mobile users, they can access the courses through the Udemy application. Don’t worry! The phone application is available for both iOS and Android users.

🎉 How can I avail of the Udemy practice test?

To give the Udemy practice test to assess your learning and knowledge gained, you have to switch to the Udemy Pro subscription. Once you have switched to the Pro plan you can see the option for practice test in the dropdown menu in the left-hand side corner.

✅ What is the billing procedure?

Once you have completed your free trial you will be charged for your courses. Even if your billing starts in the middle of the month you will be charged after the completion of 30days. For example, if you start your paid course on the 8th of this month you will have to pay next on the 8th of the following month.

Conclusion: Can I Put Udemy Courses On Resume? 

Udemy is a great platform, for beginners and experts alike, to weave their skills into beautiful masterpiece refined skill sets. It offers a wealth of knowledge, taught by experts in diverse fields, that you can access right from the comfort of your home. 

Most of the courses are affordable, structured well, and are easy to get a grasp of. They add to the weightage of a resume and help you land better interviews, and secure a higher paying job. 

By adding your Udemy course certificates to your resume, you set yourself apart, with your varied skill sets and hobbies, and show that you are ready to go the extra mile to follow your passions. 

So, don’t think twice, and add those certificates to your resume! I have experienced the benefits of this, first-hand, so trust me. 

Udemy Courses on Resume


Udemy is a great platform, for beginners and experts alike, to weave their skills into beautiful masterpiece refined skill sets. It offers a wealth of knowledge, taught by experts in diverse fields, that you can access right from the comfort of your home. 

Out of 10




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