Elementor Vs WPbakery 2022: 8 Pros & 2 Cons Compared

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Looking for the comparison on Elementor vs WPBakery? Here is our comprehensive comparison between the two WordPress page builders!


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Pricing $49/month $45 per site
Best for

Web designers who need easy tool with page building capabilities.

Newbies who want to build Page from the scratch

  • Popup builder
  • Comprehensive Templates Library
  • Back-end Editing
  • Responsive Editing
  • Inline Backend & Frontend Editor
  • Downloadable Templates from Template library
  • You can add any WordPress shortcode to the page builder.
  • Responsive Editor
  • Free Plan
  • 100+ Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Multiple Integrations
  • 200+ Add-ons
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Multilingual interface
  • User role access control
  • Lacks intuitive customer support
  • Some third-party integration may cause bugs
  • Steep learning curve
  • Pricing is not as flexible as Elementor
Ease of Use

Easy to get started and build beautiful sites without a single line of code.

If you love Back-end editing, then WP Bakery is easy to get started with.

Value For Money

Slightly expensive but every dollar spent is worth it and offers best functions.

No free trial but you can get a demo. Regular site license for a fixed price is indeed affordable with many functionalities.

Customer Support

Amazing community support and cognizant staff for helping in various issues.

Customer support is amazing and offers medium to reach to the executives for help.

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Page builders have been around for a few years now, and they have made it possible for anyone to create beautiful web pages without needing any coding knowledge.

Page builders are a boon for all naive web designers. It gives easy access to design pages effortlessly by drag and drop builders without the need for coding knowledge. 

However, most of the page builders available today are either too basic or too complex for what you need. It’s only when you start using them that you realize how limiting they truly are.

Read here our WPBakery vs Elementor to find the better WordPress page builder.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Elementor is a page building plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, so you can create complex layouts visually, and design your website live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

Elementor page builder reviews

Elementor also has many features such as: site management, responsive layouts, SEO optimization tools, custom logo options and fonts, advanced grid system and much more! Elementor is simple enough for beginners but powerful enough for experts (and everyone in between).

Get started with Elementor now.

What is the difference between WPBakery and Elementor?

What is Elementor? 

Elementor is a website builder that permits users of WP(WordPress) to design and edit, build their websites by using the drag-drop feature, with an inbuilt responsive way. It is a software company that provides website development services.

Elementor was founded in the year 2016. The company’s headquarters are in Israel.

Elementor Vs WPBaker-Elementor Overview

Elementor is made accessible in over 50 languages and is considered to be the 6th most used plugin all over the world with over 5 million installations. Elementor is considered to be an open-source based platform and offers its services to the top 1 million websites in the world.

Elementor is the website builder that provides high-end designs for your web pages and preliminary capabilities.

Whether you might be a web designer exploring a way to attain perfect websites or a marketer trying to find a way to make your dealings online, Elementor has everything you need, it meets all the basic requirements for building an amazing website.

There is a lot to know about Elementor and for that, you can read our detailed Elementor Review.

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery is the most popular page builder that works on WordPress, this plugin provides front-end and back-end editors which are considered to be its unique features.

With the help of this page builder, you can get access to control your website and design the layout with the drag and drop technique. To use and access, this page builder is easy and doesn’t require any technical and programming knowledge.

Elementor Vs WPBaker-WPBakery Overview

WPBakery provides many other helpful elements which help the newbies to handle it easily. So if you are a person unfamiliar with web designing then this page builder will be of good help to you.

Key Features: Elementor vs WPBakery

Elementor Page Builder Features: 

Elementor contains many unique and simplified features which help the users to create simple as well as complex layouts with varied design and functionality choices. You will be able to create pages quickly within no time.

It aids the users to save their effort and also time. Here you can get a brief about the key features provided by Elementor. So just go through this if you want to know more!

Elementor Features

Huge Widgets Library

Widgets Library is considered to be one of the vital features of Elementor. Elementor provides almost 30 widgets without a premium version for free of charge, and you can add up more widgets with a premium version.

You will have to create and design a full-fledged page even without upgrading to the premium plan.

Easy and Quick Interface

If you look at the interface of Elementor you will acknowledge that it provides such a simple and easily understandable interface. This kinda interface will help you to understand it better and faster.

An easy interface is what the naive users wish for, and Elementor provides it without any limit.

Live editing

This feature is also found in several other page builders, but every so often they fail to present the website’s live display. Whereas Elementor provides a quick interactive design that aids in making the process of editing a lot easier.

Freemium Pricing

One of the prominent factors to include among the key features of Elementor is its pricing. Well, it is not exactly free of cost, but you can call it a freemium model.

Elementor also provides a pro plan, but you will be able to access more than 80% of the features even without a pro version.

Undo/Redo ability

This particular feature helps you to undo the things when you accidentally delete the whole row or if you wish to fix something. Other page builders save the revisions of your work, but these do not serve as the best choice when you delete something accidentally.

WPBakery Features: 

WPBakery is considered to be a unique plugin that helps you in managing the content of your account and content. It also aids in designing page layouts in a short amount of time without any coding skills and technical knowledge.

WPBakery provides variant features to make it simple for naive users.


Intuitive Frontend/ Backend editor

You will be able to experience good inline editing which aids in editing a page layout simply and easily. You can instantly view the changes and alters you make in the layout using the most famous WYSIWYG editor.

Multiple Themes

WPBakery is a page builder that has the ability to work with any kind of WordPress theme. This implies you do not need to alter from one build to another if you want to switch your theme.

Without the need to understand new tools for each of the wp-websites, WPbakery makes it easy to work.

Downloadable Templates

Are you looking for unique templates which work well with your page layouts? Here you have WPBakery page builder which presents a unique template feature with professionally pre-designed layouts. You can get access to download any templates and use them to create and design your website in no time. 

Responsive WP Websites

WPBakery will take heed of the responsiveness of your website instinctively, so you need not worry about it. This page builder will instantaneously adjust your website to various gadgets, and you even have a choice to view it from the browser window.

Create Own Layouts

This feature particularly in this page builder gives you access to twitch colors, backgrounds, padding, and various other choices to fix with your website identity. It is considered to be a time-saver feature in this page builder.

Elementor VS WPBakery Comparison

Page Builder Element

There are many available elements that are provided by the top page builders. There are ready-to-use elements. And these elements provide you with multiple options to design different structures. The most common key features in these builders are:

  1. Rows, Columns, Sections
  2. Text, headings 
  3. Icons, Icons Group
  4. Tabs
  5. Testimonial
  6. Menu, Sidebar
  7. Images, Video, Gallery
  8. Button, CTA
  9. Progress Bar, Counters

These page builders also include ready-to-use elements that are pre-set layouts for your designed pages, which will make them levelled up page builders.

WPBakery is a famous page builder and has a huge number of page builder elements, with a wide variety of add-ons as Ultimate addons by Brainstorm Force, which offers an extra set of blocks.


Elementor provides approximately 80 different elements. It provides you with a pricing table where you can get to know about the pricing options, there is a separator, a flip box, it also gives you animated headlines and some external WooCommerce Elements.


WPBakery provides more than 80 elements.

It also provides you with a pricing table, animated headline, flipbox, a separator, and several other WooCommerce elements, and added to this it also provides you button group, dual button, and a timeline that manages and stores all your sequential activities.  

Winner: WpBakery

While comparing the building elements provided by Elementor and WPBakery page builder, Relatively WPBakery is considered to be better among the two, as WPBakery offers variable elements and slightly more elements than Elementor.

Customization Options

These customization options are easy to use and provide you with handy access to choose the elements of your choice.

Many of the page builders do propose some options in order to change color, customize font, alter the background, alter margins, lining the above-mentioned elements.


Elementor is one of the top page builders, it provides all sorts of basic elements which are of basic importance. Some of the basic elements are like customizing colors and fonts, background customization, animators, shape dividers, margins, and padding.


WPBakery also provides you all the basic features which other page builders provide. The basic elements provided by WPBakery are custom fonts and colors, shape dividers, an element to customize the background, margins, padding, and several animations.

Winner: Tie

Both Elementor and WPBakery offer various customization options. So it solely depends on you as a user and exploring which one would serve you better and be the easy option for you to handle.

Editing options

The main aim of a page builder is to provide easy access to use, and the interaction should be quick and smooth going. And, they should be able to give you access to view changes you wish to make. 

These are the basic requirements that most of the plugins provide. Among Elementor and WPBakery, Elementor provides you with an easy user-interface whereas you will find WPBakery a bit tricky to access, but once you get used to it, you will find it easier.


Elementor provides front-end editing which is of basic importance in editing. It also gives you responsive editing that lets you view the pages as they will be seen on the page interface and add additional modifications.

Elementor also allies to edit and save templates at your convenience.


WPBakery is considered to be the slowest plugin regarding front-end editing, but it provides you with a backup that works as an alternative tool. WPBakery offers you back-end editing which is a substitute for front-end editing, it is a unique editing feature provided by WPBakery. 

WpBakery is even slower than Gutenberg editor or their clock editor.

Winner: Elementor

Among Elementor and WPBakery page builders, Elementor is considered to have easy access that is easy to handle. Whereas WPBakery has a unique back-end editor which few of the users find easy.

So regarding which one serves better, you have to check it out based on your interest.

Setting controls

As you know, most of the plugins provide some standard-setting options. And these setting controls will provide you good enough options to create and design numerous websites.

And here there is an important suggestion for you guys, it is always better to design and fix your theme or branding as a measure of overall settings so that the constituents of your work get well with your website.


 Elementor offers various basic control settings. Elementor allows you to use selective elements at your convenience. It also provides some tools which provide default styling. It has a ready-to-use translation element. Elementor also provides access to global settings.


WPBakery is one of the page builders that provide a wide range of options and unique elements along with all the basic requirements. WPBakery gives you the access to use selective elements as other page builders do.

It offers ready translation settings and provides inbuilt or default styling methods. It also provides you global settings which are of basic importance.

Winner: Tie

Both Elementor and WPbakery provide setting options in their own way, both of them have a bit similar setting control system. So there might not be any notable difference even if you choose either of them regarding the setting control.


Elementor Integrations

Elementor integrates with a number of major tools, including email marketing CRM, social networking, and others. Some integrations of Elementor are:

  • Facebook SDK,
  • HubSpot,
  • Zapier,
  • MailChimp,
  • ActiveCampaign,
  • Discord,
  • Drip,
  • Font Awesome 5,
  • Slack,
  • MailerLite,
  • GetResponse,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • ConvertKit,
  • ReCaptcha V3, and
  • Custom Icon Libraries.


It Integrates with +500 add-ons and +15 predefined web page layouts.


Elementor vs WPBakery

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Drag and Drop Editor

😩  Cons

No white label version


Elementor is a page building plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, so you can create complex layouts visually, and design your website live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pros & Cons: Elementor Page Builder vs WPBakery

Elementor PROS:

  • Elementor provides an interface that is user-friendly.
  • It provides an all-encompassing template and library block.
  • Elementor also offers a responsive editing tool that can also be used for preview.
  • Elementor presents many features within the freemium version.
  • You don’t need any short codes to lock-in.
  • PRO Create Post Type Layouts.
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options.

Elementor CONS:

  • Elementor does not offer any whitelabel version.
  • It provides limited customization options.

WPBakery Pros & Cons

WPBakery PROS:

  • WPbakery provides an extensive element set and templates.
  • It offers numerous customization options
  • It has a unique list of elements without extensions
  • WPBakery also includes some social media elements.
  • Multilingual ready.
  • Frontend and Backend editor.

WPBakery CONS:

  • Options are overloaded
  • Shortcodes are present in WPBakery that lead to lock-in
  • There is no notable free version provided by WPBakery

Elementor Reviews & Customer Testimonials

User review User review User review

More Elementor Page Builder Reviews:

Va Nessa recommends Elementor.
I have enjoyed it very much to work with Elementor. I haven’t needed the customer support yet so I can’t review that. The newsletter are full of good tips. I actually read them🙂

Yahya Ayob recommends Elementor.
The best page builder of all times! Love the people behind this brilliant innovation. I’m very happy working using Elementor Pro. Thank u so much!

Andy Bolton recommends Elementor.
I really like Elementor. It’s very easy to use and I really haven’t had any issues with it. The only gripe I have with Elementor is the pricing.
Why can’t you offer a package between the 3 website package and the Expert package. ???

Tanja Kolenc recommends Elementor.
Elementor is awesome. But their support team is even more than awesome … I have contacted them 2 times since I use it and they helped me enormously … always with a speed of light and always being very kind.
Elementor + support team = priceless.
Thank you guys so so much … you are, without any doubt, the best !!!!

WPBakery Reviews & User Testimonials:

Here is what customers say about WPBakery:

This truly is the top of the line plugin for design flexibility. I’ve learned so much about the outstanding and limitless capabilities of WPBakery Page Builder thanks to clear instructions and amazing plugin’s available here on CodeCanyon.

My site is a cut above the rest because of this high-quality design tool.


This is plugin with increadible power and free updates! I’m really glad to be one of the happy customers. GLWS guys, you are awesome!


Used several page building plugins… not one can compete with WPBakery Page Builder. Support is Excellent, Flexibility of plugin is Incredible! I have not found a difficulty with this plugin after 2-years of usage. Great work… keep it up as the upgrades are seamless and enhance the functionality. Very Nice!


The features included in WPBakery Page Builder are top class and can not be compared with any other available page builder in the market. WPBakery Page Builder has no match.


WPBakery Page Builder is the most flexible WordPress design plugin I have found. I am not a coder but found the drag and drop user interface intuitive. Great plugin!


This plugin is amazing it makes laying out websites child’s play. I have never used a plugin that is so advanced and user friendly great for WordPress and it automatically makes all of your content responsive. I know how to code and am I somewhat of a serious web developer. But I still use this plugin because it saves so much time and hassle.


Quick Links:

FAQs On Elementor Vs WPBakery

☞Are there any alternative options for Elementor ?

If you are a person who is having similar doubts, then don’t worry, here is your answer. Yes, there are many alternatives. For example, there is an alternative option for these page builders and it is known as beaver’s builder, it also has the ability to perform similar activities that WPBakery and Elementor does.

🥇 Will I be able to edit the blog pages using Elementor?

If you are a person trying to find out if you can edit your blog pages using Elementor then worry not, because you can . Yes, you can edit them and you will require a theme builder to do the editing work.

🏆 Is there any option to include WPBakery page builder in your theme?

You can include WPBakery page builder into your theme. You will be able to know how to do that once you acknowledge the theme integration system, which is provided by WPBakery.

🙌 Does It Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

They provide a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on their Services. If you are dissatisfied with their Services, you may seek a refund and discontinue using them within that time period. You retain ownership of software distributed under the GPLv3 license.

🤔How Much Does Elementor Cost?

$49 per year is an attractive amount to pay to upgrade to Elementor's pro edition. It costs just $99 for a three-site license and $199 for a 1,000-site license. All WordPress users may install the free version of Elementor to get acquainted with the plugin's capabilities and limitations.

What is the difference between WPBakery and Elementor?

Elementor has the same options for columns, rows, and elements. WPBakery has different options for each of these categories. You can add custom CSS to Elementor elements. With WPBakery, you can only add custom classes.

👉 Is Elementor faster than WPBakery?

Yes, Elementor is exceptionally faster than WPBakery.

💥 Can I use Elementor and WPBakery?

Yes. You can also use Elementor and WP bakery together.

Conclusion: Elementor Vs WPBakery 2022 | Which One Wins The Battle?

As per my user experience, out of these two, Elementor is considered to serve as the safest choice. Elementor has a reasonable set of features that are easy to get access to and easy to handle. Elementor also contains an intimidating free version so that you can check it out and try it. Even though it has only a finite number of features.

Whereas, WPBakery stands out as one of the most popular page builders as it was the earliest plugin. It has many intimidating features which make it difficult to opt and choose among the features. If you wish to create and build an exclusively advanced website, then you can try it out with the help of WPBakery. 

As mentioned earlier to choose better among the two you will just need to explore both of them individually and then see which one will suit you better.

Elementor Popular Videos

WPBakery On Social Media 

Elementor On Social Media


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  1. Elementor is THE best web designer for me. I have been utilizing it on my site since 3 years now. Evaluating is sensible and highlights make your site look stunning.

  2. Elementor is powerful, intuitive, and affordable. It’s a great tool for any freelancer or small business owner.

    Elementor is an all-in-one WordPress Page Builder that has everything you need to create a beautiful website without the hassle of coding.

  3. Elementor contains numerous remarkable and worked on highlights which assists the clients with making straightforward just as unpredictable formats with fluctuated planning and usefulness decisions. You will actually want to make pages rapidly inside no time.

    It helps the clients to save their work and furthermore time. Here you can get a brief about the key highlights gave by elementor. So go through this on the off chance that you need to know more!

  4. Elementor is far better than the others. It’s free. What’s more, most new sites will not have to move up to Pro.
    It’s anything but an extraordinary scope of highlights and is not difficult to utilize.
    Highlights, for example, inline word processing and continuous reviews give you a genuine ‘what-you-see-is-the thing that you-get’ altering interface.
    The capacity to change your work area, tablet and versatile perspectives independently.

  5. Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder with intuitive design, powerful page builder, and 100+ pre-made layouts that let you create from scratch or customize. It’s the best option for designers, agencies, and marketing professionals.

  6. There are some downsides to Elementor:
    Pre-Defined Templates ought to be more.
    Progressed SEO highlight ought to be incorporated.
    Customer support is not good.

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