Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro 2023: Which One Should You Pick?

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So, how do you choose between Elementor free and Elementor Pro? Don’t worry. My detailed comparison of Elementor Free vs. Elementor Pro will answer all of your questions, and by the end of the article, you’ll have chosen the best one for you.

Websites are the main draw when it comes to online marketing or digitization.

Elementor, for example, provides the necessary elements for a website. When it comes to website design, there are many aspects that I look for as a website builder.

We’ve already covered everything there is to know about Elementor in our comprehensive Elementor Review.

Templates, designs, simple customizations, and integrations are all included. These features introduce us to some plugins that can help us complete our tasks.

Today, I discussed one such tool, Elementor, and compared Elementor Free Vs. Elementor Pro versions, both of which are popular plugins for many website builders.

Elementor Free

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Elementor pro

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The version that comes with zero cost. The process of installation is as easy as the cost where you just have to download from the WordPress website WordPress.org.

Elementor Pro is no doubt the advanced and enhanced mode of Elementor free. Either in terms of features or in terms of cost, the pro version surely exceeds the competitor.

  • Templates
  • Widgets
  • Elementor Canvas
  • Editing
  • Pop-up builder
  • Global settings
  • Wide range of widgets
  • Form building
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Device friendly
  • Around 25 basic widgets
  • Various templates and themes
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • Device friendly
  • In-built themes and templates of all types
  • Ability to create plugins for more than 1000 sites
  • Many advanced widgets
  • Limited widgets
  • Limited themes and templates
  • High pricing plan
  • No lifetime service
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Read the comparison on Elementor vs Elementor Pro to get a better understanding of them.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Elementor is a page-building plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, allowing you to visually create complex layouts and design your website in real-time without switching between the editor and the preview mode.

Elementor Pro (Essential, Studio, Expert, Advanced, and Agency) includes all of the Free plan’s features, additional professional tools, templates, and widgets.

Elementor Pro’s features are superior to Elementor Free’s, and you must try it to understand why.

The features offered by Elementor Pro is better than Elementor Free and to know that you have to try Elementor Pro.

About Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that is simple to use. You can use this tool to create almost any website you can think of. Elementor’s best feature is that it is completely free.

Yes, Elementor has both a free and a paid version. I prefer this tool to many paid tools on the market because it is so simple.

Elementor vs Elementor pro

I’m wondering why I wasn’t introduced to this tool sooner, which would have greatly simplified my work.

Given the free of cost, it is important to be aware of the features available in the free version. In the free mode, several templates and themes are available, as well as several add-ons in the pro model of this tool.

The pro version is the way to go if you want to use Elementor to its full potential.

I’ll briefly summarize both versions and how they differ at each level.

After extensive research and personal application, I have presented all the points that will assist you here.

Elementor free version

Elementor free, also known as Elementor lite, is the version that is free of charge. The installation process is as simple as the cost, as you only need to download from the WordPress website WordPress.org.

Features of Free Elementor 

1. Templates

Elementor templates- free vs pro

The free version of Elementor includes many templates. I was surprised to discover that there are over 100 templates to choose from for your website. You can elegantly design and build your website with a few clicks and selections.

After downloading Elementor, we can easily use these prebuilt pages while building the page. You can easily import the entire set of templates into our website.

2. Widgets 

You don’t have to worry about widgets because the free version includes over 30 different widgets. You can find all of the essential widgets in one place, from toggles to columns.

Not only that, but Elementor intends to add a few more widgets to the list for improved page building. We can use these widgets to add social icons, testimonials, images, videos, and other exciting features.

They are easily added by simply dragging them. The Pro version has many more exciting widgets, saving us time and effort while building the page.

3. Elementor Canvas 

Elementor canvas- elementor pro vs free

Elementor free includes a canvas layout to create landing pages or any other pages you desire. All elements on the page, including the sidebar and top widgets, are removed to obtain a complete design page.

Use the full-width layout if you want the header and footer to be visible while designing.

4. Editing 

The most welcoming feature that I always look for is easy accessibility. The editing section of Elementor free provides this quality. Depending on your availability, you can edit the page on a mobile or desktop device.

RTL and LTL support

Another important feature I look for when creating and building web pages is RTL support. Elementor free has great RTL and LTL support. Aside from that, the translation service is very flexible, with the ability to translate into over 25 languages.

The background features

The background is an excellent addition to your website. You can improve the appearance of your page by using different colors or gradient styles. You can vastly improve your website to appeal to all of your visitors.

I was surprised to discover that we can also attach videos in the background.

Now that you’ve seen Elementor’s free features, you can decide whether to use it for your work.

Let’s take a look at what the pro version has to offer.

What is Elementor Pro?

The term “pro” refers to a champion. Elementor Pro is, without a doubt, the more advanced and enhanced version of Elementor free. The pro version outperforms the competitor in terms of features and price.

Elementor pro will be on your list, especially if you plan on creating websites to attract clients. As my work’s needs and demands grew, I upgraded from Elementor free to Elementor pro.

So, what are the overachievers, and do you need them?

Don’t worry; I’ll review all the features, so you understand.

Features of Elementor pro

1. Theme Builder

As a web designer, I am always looking for great themes. These themes are important not only for the content but also for many other factors. Elementor Pro should be your top priority if you are one of these people.

Elementor Pro-Theme Builder

The theme builder option provides diverse themes that can visually appeal to your customers. In contrast to the free version, which only allows you to edit the content, the pro version allows you to change your entire site.

2. Pre-designed templates

Aside from effective content, I expect to complete my work quickly as a website designer. This is possible when pre-designed templates are available.
These pre-existing Elementor pro template designs save you time by providing the required design without requiring you to design it yourself.

3. Form building

Elementor form builder widget

When it comes to marketing, it is necessary to establish connections through CRM or several marketing platforms. I use the forms available in the Elementor pro version for this purpose. Using the Form Building option, you can create forms based on your preferences and needs, such as a contact form or any other.

4. Wide range of widgets 

The more widgets there are, the more efficient the page! This is my opinion. Elementor pro meets all of these requirements by providing a variety of widgets.

These built-in widgets are sufficient without the need to install additional WordPress plugins.

A Heading, Image, Divider, Google Maps, Icon, Image Icon, and many other basic elements are included.
Many advanced widgets are included in the pro elements, such as Posts, portfolios, Slides, Forms, Login, Flip box, etc.

The pro version also includes theme elements such as Post title, Post comments, Author Box, Site logo, Search bar, and others.

WooCommerce integrations are the direct integrations I focus on. As a result, widgets such as Product Titles, Product Images, Add to cart, Short descriptions, Product Meta, Upsells, Menu cart, and many more are available.

5. Global settings

Global layout settings- elementor pro vs elementor free

It occurs when you want to include the same widget in multiple locations on your website. Otherwise, you would have to change at every point on the website; however, using Elementor pro saves time by avoiding repeated alterations.
You only need to change one widget to see the effect spread throughout the site.

6. Pop-up builder

Pop-ups are a great way to attract and retain your customers. I will tell you how:

  • They boost sales by offering pop-ups that show WooCommerce products.
  • You can elevate your customer list by having integrations with forms. 
  • They help in promoting your brand when pop-ups about ongoing sales reach the eyes of the customers. 
  • You can also enhance conversion rates by creating relevant pop-ups. 
  • Announcements can be effectively made through popups wherein your customers will be notified about new updates and news. 

7. Live Custom CSS

The free version of Elementor only allows you to add custom CSS classes and IDs. However, if you want to see the live changes made in your editor, you should use Elementor pro, which allows you to add CSS to your widgets and blocks.

8. Woo-commerce integrations

WooComerce elementor integration

The success of post-website development is dependent on integration flexibility. Because Woo-commerce is the most popular marketing platform, seamless integrations are essential.

The Elementor Pro version includes a plethora of Woo-commerce and widgets. Using these, you can easily customize your widgets.

Aside from Woo-commerce integrations, Elementor Pro integrates seamlessly with various marketing platforms.

Some of them are

  • Drip
  • MailerPoet
  • Convertkit
  • Hubspot
  • Automizy
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Zapier
  • Get response
  • MailerLite
  • MailChimp

Some of the WordPress sites with which Elementor pro integrates well are: 

  • Toolset
  • PODS
  • WooCommerce
  • ACF
  • Yoast

Some of the Social Networking sites with which Elementor pro integrates are: 

  • Google maps 
  • Slack
  • YouTube
  • Facebook SDK
  • Dailymotion
  • SoundCloud
  • Vimeo

If you are still dissatisfied with the integrations that have been provided, you have two options. The first is through third-party add-ons, where you must browse for required integrations. The other option is to create your integrations.

Ease to use: Elementor Free vs Pro

Both the free and pro versions of Elementor are extremely simple to use. These tools aid in the creation of plugins with minimal effort. You do not need to write tedious code using either tool.

When you use the available features, you can expect excellent results without having to scratch your head too much.

So, in terms of usability, you can use both the free and pro versions efficiently and smoothly.

Performance: Elementor Free vs Pro

Elementor Free:

The number of plugin sites available determines the performance speed of Elementor. Given this, the Elementor free version is slightly faster regarding page loading. Compared to other platforms, Elementor free sometimes degrades the user experience due to higher loading rates.

Elementor Pro:

Elementor Pro allows you to create plugins for over 1000 websites. This increases the load on the website, causing your page to load slightly slower than usual.

But don’t worry; these problems are easily resolved using a few techniques. Using PHP version 7.3 and higher, you can resolve the slow loading of pages.

Pros and cons

Pros of Elementor Free:

  • Absolutely free of cost 
  • Various templates and themes
  • Around 25 basic widgets 
  • Device friendly

Pros of Elementor Pro:

  • Many advanced widgets
  • Ability to create plugins for more than 1000 sites 
  • In-built themes and templates of all types
  • Device friendly

Cons of Elementor Free:

  • Limited widgets
  • Limited themes and templates 
  • Limited updates and services

Cons of Elementor Pro:

  • High pricing plan
  • No lifetime service 

How much does Elementor Pro cost?

You should know that Elementor pro offers extensive features compared to its competitor Elementor free with a little cost.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor Pro has three plans such as Personal, Plus, Expert.     

Essential Plan: 

  • The annual cost of $59
  • Valid for a single website
  • Access to 100+ widgets
  • Access to 300+ templates
  • Includes 10+ template kits for use throughout your website
  • Includes a theme built specifically for your website
  • Includes a builder for customizing WooCommerce pages
  • Includes a builder for creating pop-ups
  • 24/7 support and updates are available throughout the year.


Expert Plan: 

  • The annual cost of $199
  • Valid for use on up to 25 websites
  • Access to 100+ widgets
  • Access to 300+ templates
  • Includes 10+ template kits for use throughout your website
  • Includes a theme built specifically for your website
  • Includes a builder for customizing WooCommerce pages
  • Includes a builder for creating pop-ups
  • Access to Elementor’s expert network profile.

Agency Plan: 

  • The plan costs $999 per year.
  • You can use it for up to 1000 websites.
  • Offers access to 100+ widgets and 300+ templates.
  • Includes 10+ template kits for building your web pages.
  • Includes a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder.
  • Also includes a popup builder.
  • Includes 24/7 premium support and updates throughout the year.
  • Access to Elementor’s expert’s network profile.

The pricing plan does not appear user-friendly compared to the expert plan. Despite paying $199, you still need to receive a lifetime update and service plan.

Aside from that, membership is limited to 1000 sites, whereas several tools provide plugins for unlimited sites.

Elementor Page Builder User Reviews 

User review User review User review

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Final Conclusion: Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro 2023

So, we’ve passed over all of the features of each Elementor version and how they differ. But now you must reach a final decision to select one of these quickly.

Your requirements, desires, and expectations primarily determine this. I would state,

Choosing the Right Elementor Plan

Professional Users

  • Highly recommended to opt for Elementor Pro
  • Simplifies work by reducing time and energy


  • A free version is a good starting point
  • Experience available features and compatibility
  • Upgrade to the Pro version later

The choice of elementor plan depends on the level of experience. If you are a professional designer, the pro version is recommended, but if you are new to web design, you can start with the free version.

Elementor Pro Popular Videos

Elementor On Social Media

If your work involves professional touch wherein you have to design pages and websites, it would be highly recommended to opt the Elementor pro


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    1.Features lack useful options.
    2.Format and block library are not up to the mark.
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